Long Forgotten

Chapter 8

“Argh…. Who could be ringing the doorbell this early in the morning?” I yelled into my pillow in frustration. I took a quick glance at the clock hanging on the wall. It’s only FREAKING six in the morning!

“I’ll get it…” Haruhi muttered grouchily as she dragged herself. She was sleeping with me; since my bed was huge (it could fit 4 people).

“Ignore it… It could even be the host club…” I mumbled frustratedly as I held on to my other pillow to cover my ears, but Haruhi had already gone downstairs to check who was (or were) disturbing our sleep.

I sighed and got out of bed as well. My bangs were covering my eyes and I felt anger rising in me. Whoever dares to disturb me this early in the morning will have to answer to me! I stormed down the stairs and saw the culprits, and Haruhi was tackled by them, as usual.

“ARISA!!!! MORNING!!!!” the noisy, as usual drama queen rushed over to hug me.

I shot him a death glare and he froze halfway before he reached me and disintegrated a few seconds later; with him mumbling “my daughter is mad at me…”.

“~Wow! Arisa’s glare is even worse than Kyoya’s or Honey-senpai’s in the morning~” the twins grinned as they appeared beside me in attempt to lean on either side of me, but I swiftly slid away, causing them to fall onto each other.

“Don’t touch me.” I growl unhappily. “What are you all doing here this early in the morning?”

“Tama-chan said that we should all go to the commoner’s mall near your house! So we came early so that we could have breakfasts together before going there!” Honey exclaimed energetically as he hopped down from Mori’s shoulders.

“You can go with Haruhi for breakfast and I’ll meet you guys at the mall later.” I grumbled as I turned, heading up the stairs and back to my room.

“Why?” Tamaki immediately recovered from his state and appeared in front of me.

“Because I don’t eat breakfasts.” I snapped and continued my way back up the stairs.

I heard a snap of fingers and I was immediately wound up by a pair of redheads.

“~You’re still going to go with us.~” they insisted and dragged me out of my house along with Haruhi.

“LET US GO!” Haruhi and I shouted.

“~And why do we have to?~”






At the café near the mall…

“Irrashaimase!” the manager shouted excitedly from the kitchen as we entered the cafe. An aroma of bread and cakes that were just freshly baked

“Ohaiyo Chef-san!” I replied playfully.

“Arisa!” a blonde old man, wearing the chef attire came out from the kitchen and hugged her. “It’s been a while since you’ve been here! So how was school? Have you made any friends? Oh! Would you like to try my new desserts? Oh! Are these your friends?”

“One question at a time Amigos-san!” I giggled. “I don’t which to answer you first! Ok. These are my friends; Haruhi, Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin, Honey-senpai, Mori-senpai, Kyoya-senpai and Tamaki-senpai! And guys, this is Amigos Portobello-san!” I introduced them.

“CAKE!!!” Honey shouted and rushed to the counter to admire them.

“Wow~” Haruhi followed Honey and stared at the cakes.

“New cakes?” I asked.

“Yap! You want to try them all don’t you?” Amigos-san teased. I nodded my head anxiously like a little girl who was waiting for her first slice of sweet.

“But Arisa, didn’t you say that” Hikaru asked.

“You don’t eat in the morning?” Kaoru added.

“It’s a different story (for her) with cakes!” Haruhi and I stated.

“Seems like we’ve another one who likes cakes,” Kyoya said.

“NOPE! It’s LOVE!” I rebutted and handed them the menu.

Kaoru’s POV:

Everyone had ordered their breakfasts. Tamaki ordered bacons and egg with coffee, Kyoya just ordered toast with coffee, Hikaru, Mori, Honey, Haruhi and I ordered pancakes with orange juice. Arisa just sat beside me and watched us eat, while waiting for her cakes to be served.

“It’s HERE! YAY!” Arisa suddenly cheered beside me.

Everyone looked at here as though she was some alien. We’ve never seen this part of her before. I could see Kyoya taking out his coughcoughDeath Notecoughcough and start jotting down some information again.

“Here you go,” Amigos-san said, placing a plate with e cake beautifully decorated on it.

It was a slight pinkish cone-shaped cake with a small strawberry on top and a pair of wing-like white chocolate placed on it as though the cake is ready to take off on its own.

“WAAA SUGOI!” Haruhi, Honey and Arisa shouted as everyone admired the lovely piece of cake.

“Itadakimasu!” Arisa exclaimed eagerly and took a bite of the cake. Her eyes began to sparkle as her savored the flavor.

“Sugoi! A fluffy fluffy sweet taste; the snow white cream mixed with ichigo (strawberry) sauce in the cake made me felt like I’ve just walked pass a strawberry kingdom! It melts in my tongue, the flavors mixed together so amazingly; a little sour with sweet that lingers in my mouth taste like first love!” she rambled dreamingly.

She looked so adorable! Wait a minute… Did I just say adorable?

“Tres bien! I had named this cake as ‘first love’! It seems your sense of taste is as strong as before!” Amigos-san praised.

“Amazing Ari-chan! To think that eating cakes will make you feel like that too?” Honey wondered. “Why didn’t I feel like that when I eat them?”

“Having such a strong sense of taste does not come by for everyone! It’s a talent I must say!” Amigos-san pointed out. “It’s likely through genes; from your parents’ maybe! Mine was passed down from my grandfather!”

“Can I try a bite Arisa-chan?” Haruhi asked and Arisa nodded.

“I want to try too! Can daddy try some?” Tamaki suggested.

“~We want to try too!~” Hikaru and I said.

“I want to try too!” Honey added with Mori nodding beside him.

“Might as well try what’s special in it.” Kyoya stated as he closed his book and adjusted his glasses.

“You guys can have them,” Arisa replied, somewhat lost in thought as she pushed the cake towards us. “Amigos-san, can I have the usual?”

“Coming right up!”

Everyone except Mori, Haruhi, Kyoya and Arisa began fighting over who should try first, and it went on and on. Though somewhere within the fight I saw Haruhi placed a hand on Arisa and mouth to her something on concern with Arisa replying through a nod.

“Your usual,” Amigos-san said as he placed Arisa’s order on a single seat table near the window.

“Thank you,” Arisa mumbled back as she went over to that table and started having her ‘usual’. It was a plate of brownie with an ice cream on top.

Everyone stopped what they were doing as they watched her staring out the window, watching the passers-by walk pass.

“What’s wrong with Ari-chan? She seems sad…” Honey questioned quietly to the others who were about to ask the same question.

“Is she sad because we took her cake away?” Tamaki panicked.

“~Didn’t seemed like it.~” Hikaru and I deduced.

“Yeah,” Mori added.

“She’s fine guys. She’s just thinking about some stuff.” Haruhi assured us.

“How?” Hikaru asked.

“Do you know?” I added. (Please remember that Hikaru always speak first! ^^)

“She always eats brownies and sits at that exact spot when she is thinking about something or when she’s upset or depressed or pissed off.” She stated as a matter of factually. “And no matter what you say or talk to her, she won’t seem to be able to hear you though when she’s like that. It’s like as though she’s lost in her own world! After she finishes them, she’ll be in high spirits again. It seems that brownies always cheer her up!”


I looked at Arisa deep in thought; she seemed to be pretty upset ever since Amigos-san said about having a great sense of taste is probably passed down from her family. Was there something about it that made her unhappy about it? Does it have something to do with her family? Matta ku… girls are so difficult to understand. One moment they’re over the moon, and the next it’s like they are in hell. Seriously weird… Wait, why do I care so much about her? I feel heat crept up my face. I’m really turning weird when I think about her everytime…

I got up and went over to sit opposite Arisa at her table, trying my luck to see if what Haruhi said was really true.

Arisa’s POV:

Something that I take after from my parents? I snorted and took a bite of brownie with a little ice cream on it.

Yum~ this always make my day wonderful!... mmmm… so what if I were to take after them? To me, they were long dead. Besides I don’t even now what they look like. Tsk.. why should I even be reminded of them!

I dug a spoonful of brownie together with the ice cream and put them in my mouth in frustration. Damn... thinking of them always spoil my mood!

I dug another mountain of brownie and ice cream and shove them into my mouth to make myself feel better. Just then, I felt someone touch the corner of my lips. I blinked away from my thoughts and saw Kaoru sitting beside me grinning as he wiped the corner of my lips with a napkin.

“Waa!” I shrieked, almost falling off my seat. “S-s-since when did you get h-here? Are you a ghost or something?”

“For your information, I’m been here for…mmm… let me see… ten minutes,” he glanced at his watch and teased. “You’re the one in your own little world Arisa-chan? Hmmm? What or who have you been thinking of? Perhaps me?” He leant closer to me and lifted my chin with his hand, causing my face to flush.

“D-definitely not you!” I huffed and ate my brownie, getting a chuckle in return. I turned to the window and watched people walking pass the café so that he could not see me blushing.

“Say… where are the others?” I asked the redhead sitting opposite me without turning to look at him.

“Oh. Tono and the others had gone ahead to the mall. Haruhi said that when you sit here and eat your dessert, it’ll be difficult to call you back to the ‘present world’” he stated.

“Then shouldn’t you be joining them with your other twin?”

“Then you’ll be all alone. Besides, he’ll be busy trying to irritate Tono by snatching Haruhi away from him.” He snickered.

“Thanks…” I said smiling and took another spoonful of the heavenly dessert.

“Hey, is that really nice?” Kaoru pointed at the brownie and ice cream.

“Huh?” I looked up in confusion.

Kaoru laughed and took a napkin to wipe off the cream off the side of my lips, with me muttering thanks in return.

“You look like you’ve just won a prize or something every time you eat them.” He stated. I popped a spoon of brownie and ice cream into his mouth before he could protest.


“Yummy right? It keeps you happy when you eat them! When I used to be depressed or just upset or irritated, I’ll always have this weird craving for brownies! So I’ll be looking for them. Once my mum brought to eat this and you can say, I got addicted to it!” I grinned and finished up my dessert. “DONE! Let’s go find the others now!”

I got up and hooked my hand around Kaoru’s and walked out of the café after saying goodbye to Amigos-san.

Wow, it really keeps your spirits high… Kaoru thought as we walked to the mall which was a few streets in front of us.

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