Long Forgotten

Chapter 9

“Oh no! It’s just so close!” I whined as Kaoru cursed.

We were at the arcade. At first we were trying to find the others, but we ended up here when I saw a huge cute teddy bear in the toy catcher machine (sorry, I’m not sure what the machine is called actually xp)! It’s so adorable! I swear! Ok, maybe I’m just over-reacting. But to me, it’s really cute! I can’t resist such an adorable bear can I? Hehe~

I’ve been trying for almost more than twenty times to get that bear but the bear just kept slipping out from the catcher.

“Let me try,” Kaoru said and I stepped aside for him to control the machine.

We watched eagerly as the catcher reached for the teddy bear and prayed hard that the bear would not fall out. I had practically shut my eyes because I was so afraid that it would fail again, but the next moment, I felt something soft crushed onto me. I opened my eyes and saw that we had got it!

“KYA!!!” I screamed, immediately rushing over to hug Kaoru. “THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! OH MY GOSH! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!”

Many who were playing had paused from their game and turned to look and us.

“W-welcome…” Kaoru struggled to speak as I continued to hug him.

When I finally let go, he sighed in relieved that he could finally breathe.

“Let’s go and play other games!” I went on and dragged him into the arcade with one hand and holding my new cuddly teddy bear on my other hand.

In the entire hour, we played basketball, car-racing, dance-dance revolution, the house of dead and also took some neo-prints. It’s was really fun; something that I’ve never experienced before actually. After that, we were deadbeat, so we walked around the mall and went into different shops to look around.




Kaoru’s POV:

Boy, I didn’t know going to the arcade was this much fun! I thought as Arisa and I walked out if the arcade after somewhat like an hour in it. Arisa was holding the teddy bear beside her. She looked so happy now. It’s so cute! I’ve never really seen this playful side of her… What am I thinking again!

“Hmm? What’s the matter? Is something on my face? You’ve been staring at me since just now.” Arisa asked, snapping me out of my thoughts

“N-nothing…” I replied in embarrassment and looked down only to realize that we had subconsciously ended up holding hands! A-and it felt nice…

I smiled and followed her into a shop which sold accessories. She was examining them closely.

“Kawaii! Kaoru! Isn’t this cute! It’s so unique!” she exclaimed, holding up a ring to show me. I nodded.

There was a blue star along with a smaller purplish-pink star beside it. The blue star seemed to glisten like her eyes.

“You’ve a great side Miss! This was personally designed our store’s manager! This is the necklace that is part of a set with it!” the sales lady explained as she brought out a necklace to show us. There was a shape of a teardrop with crystals on it and in it, there was a blue star.

“It really suits you,” I stated.

“Just like what your boyfriend said Miss, they really suit you.” The sales lady persuaded.

“He’s (I’m) not my (her) boyfriend!” we rebutted immediately, our face turning red.

“Ara ara. You two even talk in harmony.” The lady teased, making us blush even more.

I quickly recovered and cleared my throat. “We’ll take that.” I paid for the set of accessories and handed them over to Arisa before she could protest.

“Wait! I’ll have to pay you back!”

“Treat it as a gift from me then.” I replied and lead her out of the shop.

“Arigato!” she beamed.


We’ve been exploring the mall and looking for the others.

Sigh… I wonder where the rest had gone to? Hope Hikaru is alright… Think he’ll probably be playing a joke on Tono again…

“Ne, Kaoru, where do you want to go next?” Arisa turned to me.

“Mmmm? Oh, I’m not sure… Where do you want to go?” I snapped out of my thoughts.

“Mmmmmm………” she stared at me curiously and yet seriously at the same time. She’s so cute! I felt my face heat up.

She turned and looked around as thought she was looking for something and suddenly pulled me into a cake shop.

“Huh? Cakes again?” I asked alarmingly as she giggled.

Arisa’s POV:

“Ne Kaoru, where do you want to go next?” I turned and asked the redhead behind me.

“Mmmm? Oh, I’m not sure… Where do you want to go?” Kaoru said distractedly.

I scrutinized at him and frowned. He seemed to be in deep thought. Probably thinking about Hikaru? I guess that’s what about twins or siblings… Boy, they’re only a few hours apart and he’s worried about him already…

I turned around, looking for something to somehow cheer him up. Ah! CAKES! Hehe~ Cakes can make anyone feel better!

I dragged Kaoru into the cake shop and began choosing the cakes to take away. After what seems like forever (to Kaoru I guess), I walked over carrying seven boxes of cakes to Kaoru, who was sitting boredly near the window with my teddy bear.

“Here!” I handed him a box of cakes.


“It’s for you and Hikaru!” I grinned. “You’re worried about him, aren’t you? Cause you spaced out just now, so I thought that you were thinking about him.”

“Souka. Arigato!” he beamed. I smiled back.

“AH! ARI-CHAN! WE FINALLY FOUND YOU! SEE TAMA-CHAN! I WAS RIGHT!” Honey announced as he burst into the cake shop.

“Right about what?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Honey-senpai said that you’ll most probably be in a cake shop, or somewhere where you’ll have fun,” Haruhi explained.

“I guess I’m either a glutton or someone who only plays to you huh?” I responded depressedly.

“No, no, no, no! That’s not what we meant!” Tamaki immediately came over in denial.

“Where have you all been? We’ve been looking for you.” Kaoru asked his twin.

“I’m so sorry for leaving you, Kaoru…” Hikaru lifted up and hold Kaoru closed to him.

“Hikaru…” Kaoru answered affectionately. Haruhi and I shook our heads as we see the twins played their brotherly love in the café. The other customers and even some passers-by were swooned over by the act.

“How can they even have the guts to do this in public?” I asked Haruhi.

“Hmm… I’m not sure either. They’re probably more thick-skinned?” Haruhi deduced, causing the both of us to giggle within ourselves.

“Oh! Before I forget, here Haruhi!” I handed the second box in one of the bags I’m holding on to. “For you!”

“Gosh! Thank you Arisa-chan!” Haruhi exclaimed and she beamed at the cakes in it.

“Here, Honey-senpai, Mori-senpai, Kyoya-senpai, and Tamaki-senpai!” I said as I handed them their box of cake respectively. “They should suit your tastes!”

“Sweet and colorful cakes for Honey-senpai and Haruhi. Less sweet cakes for Kyoya-senpai, traditional cakes for Tamaki-senpai, since you’re always blabbering about Japan and stuffs. Hmmm…. Sorry Mori-senpai, I’m not sure what you like so I chose different types for you. Hikaru, you’ll share the cakes with Kaoru, so I’ve just chose different types of you guys too.”

“Arigato,” everyone burst out.

“Doitashimashite!” I replied. “Now, can we go back?”


“The car’s here.” Kyoya stated. Wow, that’s fast.

“It seems that it’s raining outside.” He added.

Boohoo… Rain…

I dislike the rain. Rain always made my mood go bad, well somehow… It prevents me from seeing the surroundings clearly. To put it simply, it prevents me from seeing the scenery.

We were all sitting in the car (or you should say limousine). Tamaki and the others were still excited about the trip at the mall just now. Apparently, they went to the pet shop, supermarket and other boutiques. In short, they had been running around the mall exploring the ‘commoners’ world’.

Sigh… I was sitting in a corner of the limousine, looking out at the window.

“Are you ok?” Kaoru asked in concern, he was sitting opposite me.

“Hmmm? Yeah…” I replied and continued looking outside. It’s pouring even heavier than before.

As the car drove pass an alley, I saw something grey moved.

“Stop the car!” I jerked up and shouted to the driver, shocking the rest too.

I hopped out of the car, ignoring the others’ protest and ran into the alley. I walked to a corner where a cupboard box had fallen on its side, making a cover for the little creature in it.

“Poor thing…” I muttered, holding out my hand to cup it into my arms. The puppy whined pitifully. One of its legs was bleeding badly. “Don’t worry… I’m here…” I stroke its head to comfort it.

“Arisa!” everyone had run into the alley after me.

“We need to go to the vet now!” I asserted. Everyone nodded and we went back into the car to the vet.

“Just need to make sure its wound doesn’t come in contact to water and change its bandage regularly and it’ll be alright.” the veterinarian stated.

“Arigato gozaimasu!” I said and bowed, holding the puppy gently close to me.

“Kawaii ne~” everyone except Kyoya and Mori said.

I nudged it with my cheek as it wagged its tail. I looked up and took a step back.

“W-why are you all staring at me like that?!” I remarked. They peered at me and the puppy so closely.

“You two look somewhat a like!” they deduced.

“Eyes.” Mori stated.

“No that you say it, they really look alike!” Haruhi confirmed and everyone nodded profusely.

“Eh? Hontoni?” I lifted the puppy up carefully and looked at her. “Hmmm…. I guess maybe?”

“What are you going to name her?” Tamaki asked.

“Hmm… Aoi?” I suggested.

“It fits perfectly,” Kaoru pointed out.

“I think mum is going to like her very much!” I beamed.

After everyone had accompanied me to buy some dog food for Aoi, they sent me home. Well, as usual, my mother was not at home because she was still stuck at the editor’s office to touch up on her latest draft and my father was still working in the office.

“Jaa ne my darling daughter! Thank you for the cakes! I’ll definitely cherish them and slowly savor it!” Tamaki expressed dramatically.

“Arigato Arisa-chan! My dad and I will definitely enjoy it tonight!” Haruhi smiled.

“We’ll see you tomorrow! Thank you for the cakes!” everyone exclaimed as they left.

“You’re welcome! See you!” I waved them (while Aoi barked them) goodbye.

Oh! I almost forgot!

I pulled Kaoru back for a while, pecked him on his cheek before anyone noticed.

“Thank you very much for today…” I murmured and carried Aoi back to the house before Kaoru could say anything.

Boy… what was I thinking? I leant on the door behind me.

“I was going to thank him only… But I …” I told Aoi as I felt my cheeks flushed.

It felt really sweet though… I giggled to myself.

“It seems I’ve gotten another step closer to someone ne Aoi?” I asked the cute puppy in front of me, which was wagging its tail happily at me. “But…. I won’t get hurt right?”

“Arf!” Aoi barked as if in agreement.

“Hehe~ I guess you’re right… I’m just being silly… Come on! Let me show you around! Though, you’ll probably be better than me in getting around the house. Hehe~”

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