The Reaper Prince


One-shot - Jazz is introduced into the world of vampires by Jared Nomak, son of Eli Damaskinos a vampire elder. Patient zero of the reaper strain, he aims to make the vampire elders pay for what they did to him. She'd met him before he was infected and fell hard for him. One night of the strange and unusual and she's ready to join the world of the undead. To become one of them... Jared never thought that he'd ever fall in love, he'd live out his vampire days alone. Until he met Jazz, partying with a group of vampires, who'd made dinner plans with her and her friends as the main course. He'd saved her and was taken with her "get out my way or get run over" personality. Jared wouldn't turn her, he would love her, have a purpose as her protector. Until his father gave him another purpose, kill all the leaders of the vampire nations. Jazz has found happiness at last and she'll be damned if some old dusty ass vampires have stolen it from her. She's made it her mission to find a cure for the reaper strain, with the help of another vampire Lighthammer (Ales).

Madame Noire
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Chapter 1

“He’s sexy as hell, and he’s checking for you.”

I’ve been dragged out of the hostel with my friend and a few friends of her’s that she’d recently met. My gaze wandering the overcrowded room I spot Mr. Sexy.

OMG... he’s a god, extra tall, an amazing physique, and damn am I glad that I came out tonight. An enormous historic building with multiple floors of every debauchery that you can think of.

“Come on, let’s go talk to him.” Says Tara, leading me over to him. Navigating our way through the crowd of dancers, we come out on the other end. We’re both searching for him when I spot him heading into another part of the building.

Pointing the way, we intercept a tray of drinks stealing a few cups as the girl heads past us. Keeping up a steady pace, but a casual distance from him we end up in a semi-darkened room.

It’s eerily quiet in here, the door closing behind us as the familiar scent of hashish permeates the room. Old nickelodeon’s play on the screen, silent black and white cinematic sex features.

Giggling like two schoolgirls, hand in hand we make our way back out the room. Mr. Sexy’s waiting for us and startles the hell out of us. We saw him go into the theatre room.

“Hi.” Says Tara, all friendly-like.


“We were looking for you.” I add.

“And here I am.”

He’s gorgeous towering above us, I reach out to touch his exposed chest. My fingers explore his solid frame, I know who I’m going home with tonight.

Not very talkative, his direct gaze pale eyes that seem almost yellow in color, facial tattoos, the longer I watch him the more uncomfortable he makes me.

“We’ve been searching for you, look what we found.” Interrupts a guy, he’s attractive also and has two of Tara’s friend’s on his arms.

“They’ve invited us back to their place.” One says her body pressed against the male’s.

“Are ya’ll coming?” Asks the other as the guy nuzzles her neck.

“Yeah.” Tara replies to their retreating backs.

One long lingering look from Mr. Sexy and he follows behind them.

“Hey wait.” I state, with a hand on Tara’s wrist stopping her from leaving.


“You’re just gonna go with them?”

“Hell yeah, did you see them? Sexy hangs with sexy, and I am so getting laid tonight.”

“We’re in Prague, like seriously? Hello... are you trying to become an organ donor?”


“Organ harvesting?”

“As long as I get me some of Mr. quiet and mysterious, I’ll die happy.” She says, making a show of plumping her breasts and smoothing her hair.

“Now, are you coming or are you just gonna let me have the Viking?” She adds, with a playful smile.

I don’t know what to say, the girls are more than a little tipsy and high. Our group of seven coupled with Ales the one I call Mr. Sexy, Chupa, and an Asian snowman, there’s more than enough attention from them for us all.

They have no problem keeping the girls entertained as they seem enamored of us. Doting on us in an almost caring way, whispered words that please the ears.

“Lighthammer, you mind taking one of these beautiful women off my hands? I only need two.” Says Chupa, with a wicked smile.

One of those beautiful women happens to be Tara. Ales aka Lighthammer motions with a nod of his head.

My gaze wandering to Snowman his three are well on their way to being completely naked.

Seated across from Ales, a presence in my peripheral vision disturbs me. A rush of air and she’s seated next to him. A pretty small redhead, who’s gaze is chilling.

Kissing him, her message is received loud and clear. I go from chill to pissed in 2.3 seconds.

He gave me smoldering hot interested in me vibes, I know that I didn’t read him wrong.

Not much for words, he did manage to keep a conversation going. He could have mentioned a girlfriend.

Going to my feet in a rush the table shakes, drink in my hand I’m on my way to tossing it in both of their faces.

“She’s a feisty one isn’t she?” A blond long-haired fellow with a Scottish accent interjects.

He’s joined by another muscular man.

“I want her.” He adds.

These men must not be fans of shirts or they love to show off their abs. Either way, I’m definitely appreciative of it.

“And who are you?” I ask.


“And are you really?”

A few chuckles scatter the room.

“I can be, I’d be more than happy to hear your sins.”

“There you go, Priest...” Chupa’s cajoling isn’t needed. Priest’s accent alone is enough to get the juices flowing.

Giving Ales and his female friend a cursory glance, I accept Priest’s offered hand.

We’ve not made it two steps out of the room, the door’s barely closed when a crescendo of screams assault my ears. “What the...”

Trying to go back in to see what all the commotion is about, I’m tossed back into the wall. The wind knocked out of me, I try to get my bearings.

The pain forces me back down when I try to rise. A blur and he’s kneeling in front of me. “If you play nice, I just might make this quick.”

Moving away from him, my hand makes a connection with something sharp. Pulled up by my shirt, I stab him in the neck with the object.

My body slams into the floor before I see a blinding white light and then all goes dark.

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