In My Hands the Means


L has asked an acquaintance/common assister to once again help him with a case of his. Soon he finds she's connected to this case in a way he never would have expected. Rated for lang, gore/violence,

Other / Romance
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Actibus immensis urbs fulget Massiliensis

As I lay on the floor staring up at my ceiling I wonder how I got there in the first place. Then the memory replays in my mind that I had stayed up all night again working on a case with L.

It was something I had been doing for the past week.

I was someone who typically worked alone but I made an exception with him. Every now and then I helped him with his last couple of cases over the years including the Kira case. My guess was he was comfortable working with me since I was more than used to his oftentimes unorthodox methods of doing things. Then again, he was used to my habit of falling asleep at the most random and inconvenient moments.

The Kira case had nearly killed him, if not for my insistence on him making certain choices. War would have left himself wide open for the kill had those words not been exchanged.

L's current case involved a murder that appeared to (once again) consist of more than one person. There were at least four people working together in this new disaster. As a bit of a literal term the case had earned the title of 'The Quad Murders of Tokyo' because it seemed that one day out of the week, four bodies would pop up in four totally different areas.

"Good evening, Myles."

The sudden words made me jump and turn my head in all directions. My hands reached up to find that I was still wearing my headset.

"L." I muttered almost questioningly looking at the screen with the bold letter on it. . I have known him for many years but have never actually met him face to face. Whenever he had a case he wanted assistance on, I usually ended up getting involved after an anonymous message from him. For a least a decade or two, he's been known as the world's greatest detective because he solved cases around the world... as long as he was personally interested in them. He was an odd sort of genius, though, with strange quirks and a knack for stating the obvious every now and then. In a way, he was the closest thing I had to a friend.

"I hope you slept well. You fell asleep while explaining a thought again." The distorted voice said.

"Yes, thank you...and I'm sorry about that." I chuckled sheepishly.

"It's fine. Do you remember what we were talking about before you dozed off? It sounded like you had come up with a plan of some sort."

"A plan..." I let my voice trail off.

"Well, think about it while you get something to eat. It's the best idea since you just woke up." My head snapped in the direction of the laptop.

"How'd you guess that?"

"Your breathing pattern changed. If it wasn't for that I never would've known." He explained, and I nodded more to myself than to him.

"Yeah, you're right, I guess. Be back in an hour then." I replied removing my headset and walking into the kitchen. L and I weren't all that different. We solved cases for a living, were proven geniuses, and hardly knew anything personal about the other. For example, he knew nothing of my boyfriend Avent, my age, or even my gender. As for him I didn't know of any significant others he might have, his age, or about any family he might have. Things like that. We definitely haven't seen each other's faces. He lived in Japan and I lived in Marseille.

Now don't get me wrong I've often wondered about meeting him and working with him in London (where he mentioned growing up), seeing the sites there, and, well... finding someone that shares my hunger to see that criminals pay for what they do. I didn't know about L but I had grown up with a strong sense of justice...which is why I am here now, sipping deliciously sweet, hot, creamer-filled coffee trying to thoroughly contemplate something that no one would usually want any part in.

Taking a sip and walking over to the table in my living room, I look over the pictures L sent me via fax. They were pictures of the two group murders that had gone on in the past week. They seemed to happen every Saturday at exactly six PM...well, so far at least. Personally, I believed we didn't have enough information to make assumptions just yet and I didn't care how accurate L's assumptions usually were. To me there was always a possibility that something could change and screw up every conclusion we've come to.

My phone rang and I saw that it was Avent. He was just the person I didn't want to see. I didn't exactly have time for this. People were being murdered.

": Hello, Avent.:" I answered dully. Why couldn't he leave me alone right now? I was in the middle of a murder with no leads or possible suspects.

": Hey, I'm coming over for a bit. Hope you don't mind." He replied. I walked over to my door and opened it to see him standing there.

": Do I have a choice?:" I inquired into the phone rhetorically.

": Not really.:" I hung up and stood in my doorway just staring at the man I had met through an old ex-friend who wanted to get me out of the house. Avent was nineteen, but looked a bit younger, with his large eyes that were a deep blue and his bright blonde hair, light and soft to the touch. It was cut short and went down to just the top of his ears, having the slightest curl that I used to love to twirl around my finger. Looking at him now in a foreign light after hearing what he did. The air between us was different now... tense, but he probably didn't even suspect that I knew. I waited for him to speak first just to see what he would say. Why was he here anyway? Didn't he know I was working?

": What are you doing here, Avent? I just woke up and I need to-":"

": Don't say work! You've been doing that nonstop for the past week.:" Avent cut off. To think he used to complain about me not working enough. I know this is a complaint in and of itself but humans complain too much. A light bulb flipped on in my head when I realized he was testing the waters between us. He wanted to see if Mimi had told me. His voice and eagerness to cut through conversation told me that he was hiding something... or a few things.

": That's because when I do work I do until the job is done.:" My simple shrug made him pause.

": Aren't you going to let me in?:" He questioned and I sighed. So, he didn't think anything was up. This was only going to make things more difficult.

": Yeah, sure. Come on in, but give me a minute, okay? I need to close things down for a bit.:" I told him before disappearing into my room once more.

"L, I need to go. I'll talk to you about this as soon as possible. Right now I have something to...attend to." I made sure to word it right.

"I'll hold you to that." He muttered before I turned everything off.

": What is it you do, anyways?:" Avent inquired as I walked into the kitchen and sat next to him. His posture was attempting to not look as strained as it was... and was that cologne I smelt from him?

": I work on things that interest me.:" I stated. How was I going to go about breaking up with him? My boyfriends' usually broke up with me because of lack of communication in the relationship (because of work) or because they had found I wasn't a person of many good qualities.

": Like what?:" Avent said with his mouth full of beignets he had brought with him.

"Like poisons, symbols, and psychopaths." I muttered under my breath. I had never told him of my little job because of the risks that came with it, and it wasn't like he was over every day so I didn't have to work too hard to hide it. I could be an otaku for all he knew. Not like he ever paid any particular attention to it.

": What was that?:" He asked and I was so glad that he didn't know English.

": Oh, nothing. These beignets are amazing.:" I gushed in an attempt to throw him off topic. There was a deeply seeded need to find out more about this man's intentions.

": Thought it might help me buy my way into your house for the day.:" Avent grinned with his blue eyes sparkling; he wanted something.

": Now why would you have to do that?:" It wasn't like I didn't already know or even that I was suspicious... it was actually kind of obvious when I thought it all out without the case jumping my brain. This guy was hardly worth the brain power.

": I had a feeling I wouldn't be let in otherwise.:" This wasn't about the beignets. I'd hardly even noticed he had them when he walked in with my mind focused on the data I had been putting together in my head from the case. Was it cheating if I thought about another guy more than him when the guy I was always thinking about wasn't my boyfriend? I didn't think so, since I just so happened to be working a case with War. To me it just seemed to be inevitable to think about War when I thought about a case.

": Why do I have a feeling that there is more to this than you are telling me?:" My question made him smile and I could swear that I saw a twinkle in his eye. Did he really think he was home free?

": Well, I was in the neighborhood and thinking of you, so...:" His voice trailed off.

": You want sex.:" I finished bluntly, and his eyes snapped to my face; how typical. He had been sending me signals through his actions and I had avoided each and every attempt as swiftly as possible. It had really only been a matter of time before he actually decided to try telling me. He had never been the type to be straight forward... or very perceptive. It was a bit hard to believe he was trying to get me to sleep with him after the call I got from Mimi. Now that I knew how much he was trying to milk this...I had all I needed.

": I had a feeling it would be like this.:"

": We're in a relationship and your friends love me...:" The excuses he made up often times worked, but then later on I went back and actually thought about the things he said I found that it was all just a part of his bullshit plan to get me to do something or other.

In this case, it was sleep with him.

": Of course my friends love you, Avent. You're so charming and kind when they're around.:" I hoped that my sarcastic mocking and the look in my own eyes sent the proper message. I didn't even know why I was with him anymore. I used to think I loved him enough to even marry him, but now just the thought of sleeping with him made me sick.

": Is there someone else?:" He asked, raising an eyebrow at me and I could sense the dangerousness of his question. This was another sign Mimi hadn't been lying the last time her and I had a phone call because Avent would only ever ask such a thing out of guilt; he tended to use psychological projection and get defensive without realizing.

": No, I just don't want to sleep with you.:" Knowing the things I said frequently angered the people around me never seemed to stop me from saying them, so the deep frown on his face didn't surprise me one bit.

": Well, if there isn't someone else then why won't you sleep with me?:" Even if I had someone else, I still think he'd try it... considering what I heard from Mimi.

": Do you really want me to tell you? I won't sugarcoat it for you.:" Warning him what I was about to say next was something I did often. This time, though, I had a feeling that he wasn't going to enjoy what I said afterwards nearly as much as the other times.

": It took a bit of thinking but I have come to the conclusion I'm not in love with you. I have no attraction to you whatsoever and I'm sorry for wasting both of our time. Please leave now so I can get back to work.:" Okay, I know I could have said that in a nicer tone, but I didn't want to seem like I cared when I didn't. I was sick of his crap.

": That's it? You're just going to break up with me because I want to sleep with you and you don't feel the same way?:"

": No, there are other reasons.:"

": Like what?:" I knew it was a bad idea to say it but he was literally asking for it.

": You're boring and ridiculously impatient when it comes to something you want. Also, you're manipulative and don't even try to understand that some things about my life are personal. You lack the ability to give me space." Now that I said it, I felt great and even smiled.

": You're insensitive, crass, and overly secretive. I can't even being to explain to you how often you let your pride control you...not to mention your job." He retorted, and I shrugged.

": At least I'm faithful.:" Made him stop in his tracks, and the triumph he had started to feel was probably leaving him faster than it had built up.

": Mimi told me everything last night through tears; she wouldn't stop apologizing. Now, if you're done throwing a fit,:" I sighed." could you please leave? I really do need to get back to work.:" His face changed after I let him know I had been informed of his little rendezvous.

": I didn't fucking cheat on you with Mimi. That bitch was probably drunk when she decided to call you and make up that shit.:" Avent fumed.

": How long have we been together, Avent? I believe it has been almost a year. Don't you think that's enough time for me to be able to tell when you're lying and when you aren't?:" He wasn't drunk now. It wasn't something he did... or anyone else I knew for that matter.

Not in France.

": You don't know anything about me. You're always in your room.:" Was he really going to try that? I stayed home most of the time, but I wasn't always in my room. This was about the time where that cute boyishness of his faded to bratty five year old.

": You're doing it now too. You aren't looking me in the eye and seem to have become extremely fidgety. You keep your hands crossed over your chest protectively and have moved what seems to be a comfortable distance away from me. All are things you do when you're lying.:" He glanced at his arms, uncrossed them, and glared at me.

": So, you're just going to push me out of your life?:" This was reaching the level of ridiculous tantrum quickly.

": Technically speaking, yes. Please, don't forget that this was your fault and your choice...screwing it up anyway.:" Then I turned to walk back into my room only to be grabbed and pushed into the wall roughly. Avent's lips were on mine soon after and if the circumstances were different, it might have turned me on, but...

": I'm sorry, babe. We were drunk, okay? She doesn't mean anything to me.:" He pressed himself against me and I turned my head away from him as his hands moved to my waist. This was different from what I had been expecting him to do. Knowing him and the way he was he should have already slammed to door on his way out muttering profanity under his breath.

": Forgive me, will you?:" I could feel his hot breath on my neck and that's about the time I saw his eyes. His pupils were so dilated I almost couldn't see the blue of his eyes. I couldn't tell before since his eyes were naturally dark.

"You're high!" I exclaimed as I tried pushing him away with all my strength. I knew I had spoken English but I don't think it would have mattered either way. This also explained why he reeked of cologne; he never would've doused himself in with a clear mind.

": Come on...:" He trailed before I felt one of his hands slip under my shirt.

": Avent, I know you're high but this is rape.:" My voice was cold as I stood there rigid and unresponsive. He pushed himself away from me almost immediately, giving me a look of what looked to be astonished anger.

": Fine, I'll leave. Mimi was probably better than you would have been, anyways.:" Avent sneered before walking out the door and slamming it behind him. That was how he usually got when he didn't get his way. I then realized I had tears running down my face and was hyperventilating. I had dealt with so much worse from exes so I found myself unable to comprehend why I was actually reacting this dramatically. After five minutes, when I could move again, I drank some water and sighed. How long had Avent been doing drugs? That was something I had not expected him to do...the drugs or the near rape incident.

"I need to get back to work." I ordered myself, shaking off what had happened only a minute ago.

"I don't have time to have an emotional breakdown." It was hard for me to deal with emotions, especially my own. I was a thinker not a feeler. I had learned years ago that dissociating from my emotions was easier to do than dealing with them as straight forwardly as I had dealt with Avent.

When I strolled back over to the table and looked at the paper, I noticed this case looked vaguely familiar. I picked them up and brought them into my room as I seemed to do better while either sitting on the floor or in other odd ways. I plopped down on my bum and practically burned a hole into the pictures as I wracked the brain I already had working overtime for anything likely to fill in the blanks.

Painful images flew through my head causing me to flinch and I pushed the written data I had gathered on the case out of my way. I was only minutely surprised Avent hadn't noticed them lying in the open when he was so curious as to what I did.

Then again he did have something else in mind when he showed up.

The way I saw it, he had just been seeing if he had been able to get away with it. Mimi had been drugged... probably while they were out drinking. She was a social drinker but not a drunk, which was why I wasn't pissed at her. If anything, I was thankful to her for helping me find out his true nature. I wouldn't have to deal with him bugging me again anytime soon either.

"Typical man." I uttered under my breath before glancing at the papers again and not only did the images fly across my conscious again, but I knew why.

I had seen almost the exact same case before.

I was surprised when Myles signed back on just twenty minutes after saying they had something to deal with.

"Have you Googled their behavior?" Even with their voice distorter Myles sounded off. Myles was usually very calm, collected, and pleasant to talk to since we both shared the trait of speaking our mind even when it wasn't favorable to. I mulled over possible reasons for the change in Myles's tone, but had little to work with.

From the first words they spoke it was apparent I was not only right, but they would not give in easily if simply asked. Though, I'd worked with them more than even Misora Naomi, I knew little about them. This change in them may prove unpredictable and thus become an issue.

"No, I haven't. Something in your voice has changed, are you alright?" I questioned, and they sighed.

"No, I'm not, but I would like to keep my reason for being so to myself." I pondered this tugging at my bottom lip with my index finger.

"Very well. So have you remembered what you were going to tell me last night?" There was a brief silence on the other side.

"Yeah, give me a few more seconds. I'm looking it up now." The sound of clicking keys met my ears and I waited for them to speak again.

"They're sacrificial killings..." I heard them mumble.

"Where did you find this?" If I knew what they looked like I could probably picture them shake their head on the other line.

"About ten years ago something similar happened around France. This very part of it, actually. Many became victim to it as the people are chosen specifically and are all connected in some way."

"Why are you just now telling me this?" I heard Watari push in a cart of sweets and plucked some dango from it.

I hadn't thought there'd be a possibility of this being a copycat.

"Because I just now remembered happened ten years ago, L. My memory has never been terrific and this isn't exactly something I love to reminisce about." Cold statements like that made it hard for me to think they were lying.

"I understand, Myles. I did not mean to offend, I am simply being cautious. You do realize how farfetched this sounds." I heard them sigh again.

"I's just this case brings back gruesome memories you couldn't even begin to comprehend unless you had dealt with it yourself." There was more to this than they were explaining.

"How are they connected?" I asked, changing the subject while munching on the dango.

"It is not easy to explain. The victims all have what one of the murderers claimed to be ' pure innocence'. What doesn't make sense is these people were caught years ago and are all deceased. Do you suppose this could be a copy cat murder?"Myles seemed to know this was quite a reach, but was right to ask as we couldn't risk overlooking something.

"If that is what it is... then these new murderers are connected to the original murderers. Meaning they are either immediate relatives or close family knowledgeable of what they were doing ten years ago and decided to do this again now thinking everyone forgot about it and wouldn't suspect them. Though if this is true then it would also mean we have to look for these people within the Kanto region." I stared at the ceiling as I mulled the possibility of this over.

"How likely is it that this is true?" They inquired quietly.

"Nearly fourty percent." I answered flippantly, throwing a number out there.

"It sounds higher, but now all we need is proof and before they find out what is considered ' pure innocence'... the ages are averaged between sixteen and twenty-three. People that are truly pure and innocent are rare in this world enough as it is..." Their voice faded off.

"Do you know their motive?"

"Sacrificing them to God by convincing them they're too good for this world before they kill them." Their voice was flat yet disturbed. Someone close to them had probably been murdered during the case that went on ten years ago. This was likely to have been the reason they became emotionally withdrawn. I took a short look at the clock provided at the bottom right of the screen, reading that it was one in the morning. Myles and I had been talking for almost five hours now as they had woken around eight or nine in the evening. They usually fell asleep sometime between six and eight A.M. and I knew this because I had actually started to mentally document the exact times in which they fell asleep in the past week.

"Could you send me any of the evidence you have obtained at the crime scenes?" I then heard them ask. "It will help me to remember how they killed them ten years ago, if it was done the same way as before." They explained.

My gaze fell on Watari, who had heard it and he nodded, understanding my silent order.

"It's being packaged as we speak." I told them.

"Thank you, L." A few moments later they added." I need some wine...I think I'll have red this time." This was so common for them to murmur, I knew it as a craving of theirs that seemed to help their thought process. After hearing some shuffling, I knew they no longer had their headset on and were likely in their kitchen again. They didn't seem to eat much. In the last five hours all they had eaten was their version of breakfast but I had no idea what that consisted of.

"Watari, I want you to know I'll soon request that Myles come to Tokyo and when they agree to do so I would like for you to pick them up from the airport." He smiled and nodded.

"Of course." About fifteen minutes later I heard more shuffling.

"L, there is something else I want to tell you about this case, but can't right now as I would lose my breakfast. It is only somewhat likely to happen anyways."

"What do you mean?" I had gone through several dozen dango and was now building with the sticks as though they were Lincoln logs. I had already started a base for the box I was almost absently making.

"I mean it's likely this will get worse than it is now after the tenth Saturday." One of the sticks almost rolled out of place, nearly ruining my stick box.

"Myles, would it be too much to ask if I requested you fly down to Tokyo?" The hesitant pause was expected.

"Yes." I turned my eyes to the computer screen.


"Because you don't need me there. The Task Force you assembled is much more effective than I would be." Their words were said simply and yet there seemed to be more to his/her reason.

"They specialize in a different area than you do, Myles. You are more learned in computer technology than any of them, you would be less of an emotional asset as you seem to have them very well controlled (for the most part), and your intelligence is needed here."

"I do not want to go." They restated." I live here, work here, and am most comfortable with these surroundings. Also...out of all of the things you mentioned about me none of them would be any more effective if I went to Tokyo." I listened to their reasoning carefully and placed another dango stick onto the unsteady, more 3-D square in front of me.

"We do need you here, Myles. Things would go much faster and be much more efficient if you were here to see and hear everything that goes on during this case. I do not like explaining evidence, plans, and the sort more than once if I can help it. It is a waste of time and energy." I heard her sigh, making it clear that she was about to surrender.

"Fine, L. You win. I'll see you in Tokyo."

"Pack now and leave within the next few hours. Find the soonest flight and get a ticket to board it."

"I know, I know." They sounded almost teasing as they drank what I assumed to be the wine they mentioned before.

"I wonder if I'll be able to surprise you." Was the last thing I heard before I saw a box pop up onto the screen that said disconnected in size twelve Old English Text MT font.

I was half asleep when I sat in my reserved spot. It had taken me two hours to get driven here as I didn't live close to any airports. I checked my watch idly to see it was nearing half past four in the morning and then set my eyes straight out the large window in front of me. The sun was rising, turning the sky bright colors that mostly reminded me of orange, raspberry, and grape sherbet. Before long I knew that this beautiful view that I hardly ever saw would be gone and so I took out my IPod nano and moved it slowly back and forth across the horizon, stopping it at the midpoint of my view. One of my habits was documenting things I thought were most beautiful and rare in my life. I did this because I hadn't been able to do so in my past and later found I regretted not doing so.

Going through my other videos after boarding the plane I picked one I had taken a few years ago of a girl of about eight being pushed on the swings by her mother. Each video held a piece and each piece made a puzzle of all the things I lacked if one was really able to see them. This particular video described the childhood I never had. I was orphaned at the age of seven and every time I think about it...

": Excuse me, Miss? Is this seat available?:" Broke my attention from the device. Looking to my right I saw a small girl of what I guessed to be twelve at the oldest. She had long brown hair, a heart shaped face, and large round blue green eyes surrounded by long dark eyelashes. She was smiling at me so sincerely that it caught me off guard. I wasn't used to children. Sure I had seen my fair share in my life, but hardly ever had I had contact of any sort with one.

": Yes?:"

": OK!:" She plopped down in her seat and continued to look around the plane with awe as I quickly peered around for anyone possibly related to her.

": Have you ever been on an airplane before?:" Her question almost made me smile.

":Yes, a few times.:" I nodded, and she beamed my way toothily. She had recently lost one of her teeth, and on a child so young it was probably considered not only adorable, but a sign of growing up.

": Really? This is my first time...what's it like?:" I wondered if all children were filled with so many questions.

": You'll find out soon. The plane will be lifting off soon. Look over there.:" I motioned to one of the flight attendants.

": You see her? She'll tell us when the plane is about to lift off. The walkie-talkie type device in her hand is connected to speakers so that when she tells us we will all be able to hear her.:" The girl nodded slowly as she stared at the woman with large eyes, as though absorbing everything. I had half a mind to ask her about her parents but for reasons I could not explain, I decided not to.

": Oh! I almost forgot. I'm Susanna but my friends call me Susie. What's your name?:" I actually smiled this time.

": I am Myles, but you may call me Fleur.:"

": That's a rather large name difference, but I like Fleur because it's pretty. But it's nice to meet you, Fleur. Can we be friends?:" When she said that, I couldn't help but stare at her. When I regained my composure I nodded almost robotic-ally. Susie clapped her hands together as if she was about to pray.

": This makes me so happy!:" She exclaimed, and then the woman I had pointed out to her started talking into the walkie. She spoke first in French and then repeated what she said, but this time in English. I heard Susie chanting ' The plane is starting up' again and again as she clapped jovially beside me. I was mildly envious of how easy it was for her to be happy. An hour later I surrendered to sleep.

When I woke up, Susie was nowhere to be found, but my guess was she was using the restroom in the back of the plane. I peered out my window and saw the circles, squares, and rectangles of earthly colors going past me. It was a cloudless day and it made me relax a little. I liked dark cloudy weather as it was unpredictable and predictable at the same time. In the end, it was either going to do something or just stay there to blanket the sky with its beautiful bruise colored hues.

Hours later

": You're finally awake! You've been asleep for awhile. What time is it?:" She questioned, and I wiped the sleep from my eyes and whipped out my cell phone. It was a little past noon and I had fallen asleep around seven so I had been asleep for an estimated six hours. This was a flight that would take at least thirteen hours and the plane had left at five, meaning we would arrive in Tokyo around six or seven P.M.

": It's noon.:" I replied before I forgot. Then my stomach grumbled like a cat in a pet shop would if you repeatedly didn't listen to the ' Do not tap the glass' sign. Susie giggled at this before her own stomach growled and then she stopped, blushed slightly, and then continued to giggle.

": I'm going to get a little something to eat. Would you like for me to get you something as well?:" The girl's chartreuse eyes sparkled as she intertwined her small hands together with her fingers and I took that as a yes.

": What would you like?:" I asked her, already knowing what I wanted. Something sweet and mind clearing sounded splendid right about now.

": Ummmm...I would like to get Skittles, please.:" I almost laughed at her mannerisms. Susie was so adorable. Energetic but adorable.

": Is that all? Do you want anything to drink?:" The young girl shook her head.

": No, thank you, Fleur, just Skittles...the tropical kind. They're my favorite!" She was bouncing in her seat. Calling over a flight attendant I ordered Susie's Skittles and a bowl of vanilla ice cream with a small glass of white wine. The woman asked to see my ID and when I showed it to her she smiled, told us she'd be right back, and walked away. While this was going on I had glimpsed her nametag and it read 'CHIMERE', which meant dream. I thought it was a suitable name since it seemed the only way her hair could stay in such a soft yet firm curl was in a person's dreams. Chimere was a very nice woman, like the rest of the attendants, but seemed younger than most of the others on this flight.

I let my head drop at my inability to stop working when I should be using this time to relax.

": Thanks so much, Fleur.:" The little girl beside me smiled, hugging me sideways.

": You're welcome.:" I examined her hold on me and came to the conclusion that I shouldn't try to get out of it and wait for her to let go of me on her own, which she soon did.

": What's in that?:" Susie questioned and I knew she meant my glass.

": Something you can't have and won't like.:" I said as I took it and poured it into my ice cream.

": Why do you say that?:"

": Because it's alcohol and I may go to jail if I let you have any.:" I told her. It really depended on where we were right now. Drinking laws were weird.

": Oh, that stuff is icky.:" This caused me to pause in my devouring of my wine covered ice cream and chuckle a bit.

": I told you you wouldn't like it.:" Then I resumed my wonderfully cold consumption of the dish before me.

": Fluer?:"

": Hm?:"

": How old are you?:" She asked, and I paused.

": Seventeen.:"

": Don't you have to be twenty-one in order to be given permission to drink that stuff?:" My gaze moved to her big expectant eyes.

": In places like America, yes.:" I replied.

": I do not understand.:"

": And you don't need to right now.:" I smiled with another small chuckle.

": Where are you parents? Are you going to see them in Japan too?:" This answered one of my own questions. Her parents were still alive after all.

": No, meeting a friend I have never met before.:"

": How will you know it's him when you see him?:" After all her questioning, I had concluded all children were as full of inquiries.

": It shouldn't be too hard.:" She soon fell asleep again around the time I had finished my snack. My eyes on the view outside of the window. What kind of person would allow a child of her age to get on a plane by herself?

I sighed and shook my head as I knew I needed to think about the case even if it hurt my mind. I mean sure remembering it was painful but it seemed like it would be more emotional pain than physical. Looking back at Susie, I was glad she was not a part of this in any way. It was nearly impossible to sit in any other way in this seat as I pondered the case, so I habitually touched my fingertips together. There were four people involved... so there only needed to be one from each of the original killers' families to take over.

When I started to get into deeper thought about the Sacrificial Murder case I failed to notice the plane had landed and people were getting up and exiting the plane. Not only that but I had also failed to see that Susie had awoken.

": We need to get off the plane now, Fleur. We're in Tokyo now and my mommy and daddy are waiting for me.:" She said as she shoved my shoulder slightly to drag me back from the strong hold of my thoughts.

": Thank you, Susie.:" It was then I realized I would probably never see my bubbly new found friend again after she met up with her parents. Walking off the plane, I noticed I didn't feel all that upset about it as much as I knew I would miss her a bit.

"You'll see me again. I'll visit you!" She called out in English.

'She knew how to speak English the whole time?'

As soon as we got into the airport, she ran to who were probably her parents and I watched as her father picked her up and spun her around before setting her down where she hugged her mom who also picked her up, but instead of spinning her around in a circle she just hugged her close. Then she turned around and waved at me, flashing one more toothy smile before walking off with her parents.

I turned away from the scene and looked around. I found an elderly man with a mustache, grey hair, and a sign that read ' Myles'.

"You aren't him." He chuckled and shook his head.

"You must be Myles. I am Watari. It's nice to meet you. I'm going to drive you to where ' he' is." He smiled.

"Nice to meet you too, Watari."

"Shall we go?" Watari was a very kind man and I decided that I liked him as I followed him out to the limo.

"Won't that attract attention?"

"This is Tokyo." He had a point there. The black limo had almost as black tinted windows and I got in the back and sprawled out on the seat close to the window between him and me.

"May I ask how you knew I wasn't L?" I shrugged my shoulders.

"I know people, Watari. You do not have the slightest bit of 'almost an evil genius in you'. You are smart but I also know that L would never have picked me up from there in person." There was a pause before my stomach growled.

"Can we stop somewhere? I need some thinking food." I mumbled with a hand on my forehead. I needed more sleep.

"It's a little late for that. We're here." He informed and I looked to my left and saw the building.

"Well, I guess so." Watari opened the door for me and we walked into the tall structure.

"L has been waiting for your arrival. He's just through that door. I'll be there in a minute with a meal for you. What sort of drink would you like?"

"A daiquiri...any flavor." Not believing he would I walked on towards the door he had pointed out.

Entering the room I saw the dozen or so computers, the cluttered desk, the couch in front of a TV, and no human beings. This made me blink, look from my left to my right, and then I sat in the chair and was about to start typing something when I heard a door open. I thought it was Watari coming back from making my drink and ignored it. This was a mistake in and of itself as I felt them stop behind me and when I finally turned around, I saw a man with spiky onyx hair, large dark eyes with bags under them, and a surprised look on his face. This had to be L.

He had posture that was far from ideal and didn't have socks on. His clothes were baggy but clean and he seemed too thin with all the food I hear him eating when I had a strong feeling he didn't do any exercise.

"Told you I'd surprise you. I'm Myles."

Ok...that's it for chapter one! Hope you liked it. Tell me what you think! I'll be writing more soon. If you do review tell me what part of it you liked most okay? I'm always curious about that.

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