Chasing Demons

Chapter 2

Had Thor finally found out that I was no longer in Asgard and had asked his friends to go search for me? No I couldn't go back there not after finally feeling relaxed and welcomed here, I couldn't face Odin again knowing what was in store should I be returned home. The phone rang and we both jumped at the sound.

"Hello this is Doctor Banner." Bruce answered

He listened carefully to what he was being told before saying goodbye and hanging up.

"Their looking for you. So is S.H.I.E.L.D."

"What why SHIELD?"
"They know your here and are probably hoping to capture you before you do any trouble."
"But I'm not here to cause harm. Oh please don't let them get me Bruce I can't go back not after everything that I tried so hard to forget about."

I felt myself tremble again in fear of what was in store should I be captured. I could already feel the draft of the dungeon, the sting of the chains, the laughter of the tormentors and tears brimmed my eyes.

"Don't worry Loki I wont let them hurt you not anymore."

Surprisingly he came over and hugged me comfortingly but that did not stop the tears from falling. He showed me the room under the house should they come here looking for me. If that happened then I was to sneak my way downstairs and hide in the small room that was locked from the inside. We never left the house after that day, the blinds were never opened and we waited in anticipation for the day to hear that the search was off and that they thought that I was no longer on Earth but in one of the other realms, the only other realm I would be in if not Asgard or Midgard was Jotunheim but there wasn't much point in me being there it wasn't like the frost giants would welcome me even if I was one of them I was still far to small to be one of them and after all I had killed a couple of them, but I had also helped them invade Asgard only to kill them in order to seem the superior son.

Oh how I regretted so many choices that I had made and wondered what had happened to the young boy who would read constantly, who seemed so happy, and had no doubts in the world? Why did I let myself become this monster that was always hunted and never saw rest? Neither one of us slept since we heard that dreaded phone call and it only got worse for it was even on the news that should anyone see or have information about my whereabouts they were to call the Avengers or SHIELD.

"This is getting bad. They really want you captured." I was terrified of what was happening it was terrifying being hunted wondering if they would find you or would you get by free?

But neither one of us was prepared for what happened next. Things were beginning to settle down and we started to hope that maybe they were finally giving up the search that was until there came the nock on the door. For a moment we both froze but when Bruce looked through the door hole to see who was there I quickly went invisible and made my way quickly downstairs as quietly as I could while he tried to get agents of SHIELD to leave thinking that Bruce had no idea of my whereabouts but it was clear that Colsin was not buying the doctors story and had the agents search the entire house for me.

I heard them through the room's door and I covered my mouth to prevent any sound but I couldn't control the sound of my quickly beating heart that felt like any minuet it would explode or burst from my chest.

"He's not down here!" someone yelled

"Fine thanks for letting us search sorry to disturb you doctor."

With that the door was shut but I didn't move in case they were trying to trick me to come out of hiding. In the room I waited and waited finally Bruce opened the door and I stood, following him back upstairs to the living room.

"That was close. Thank gods you have that room Bruce I owe you for this generosity that you have graciously showed me."
"I'm glade to be able to help you Loki, I know what it feels like to be trapped and hunted and its not fun. I hated being caged in and I wasn't myself I was Hulk at the time and we both hated it we wanted to smash them all into the ground for treating us this way I think that was the only time we ever agreed on something."

However the search was still going on and even though we had no trouble for a few days afterwards I still slept in the secrete room under the house just to be safe. However it was only when we thought it was safe for me to come out were we wrong. It was so fast and I had no idea that it had happened. They came in and I was sleeping when they took me away. When I woke I was bound and thought to be in Asgard but I was also blindfolded which proved that I was still in Midgard, but where I did not know but all I wanted was to escape, I struggled against the bounds but they were steel and they were to tight for me to break out of but I continued to struggle hoping to get free some way but stopped when I heard laughter.

"You truly are afraid aren't you? How pathetic to think that one of our greatest enemies would become nothing more then a pathetic, terrified, child."

It was Coulson speaking and I felt a tad better knowing that I was a prisoner of SHIELD instead of the Avengers, I knew that no matter what they weren't going to let Thor take me back to Asgard, they definitely would have other plans for me but again I knew it would cause me pain and that was exactly what I was trying to escape from was all the pain and torture.

"Stop struggling your not escaping nor matter what we've made it impossible for your kind to escape from this room. No one's coming for you and no one will save you cause none of them care about you get that through your head and give up already."

I stopped struggling against the bounds for he was right but what about Bruce? Was he searching for me right now? Someone had to be looking for me and would think to look at SHIELD for answers no doubt the Avengers would try and break me out wouldn't they? Or were they going to let Coulson deal with me? Was I truly that alone and unwanted but did it really matter what pain I went through it's not like I haven't suffered enough but why can't they see that I'm trying so damn hard to change who I was? Why can't they just leave me be I haven't cause any trouble here why couldn't they just let me be? After all it's not like I had any plans anyways I just wanted to clear my mind of everything that was happening, I just wanted some peace, some time to get away from it all.

No someone would come for me I just know it, Bruce would save me he has to be on his way right now to come and get me. Even if he showed up as Hulk it would mean that I would be saved and that was all I wanted was to know that I truly meant something to someone. I had trusted Bruce with my life hoping that he would keep me safe and now that I was now a prisoner he had to be on his way to fix this, I just know it he has to be coming, he has to be. But he was late for Coulson had already enacted his plan for torment. Everything that I had gone through in Asgard I went through again and again as he tried to get me to admit what my plans were but again and again I claimed to have no plan for destruction only to escape Asgard for some time but it was clear he didn't think so.

Every wound had been torn open and I felt the fresh blood sting my skin as tears escaped my eyes. I didn't care if I showed him weakness I was weak, I wasn't strong like I used to be I wasn't who I was before no I was weak and I was afraid of what would happen, afraid of how long this pain would keep going. Hurt knowing that Bruce wasn't coming for me anytime soon, perhaps he truly didn't care much about what happened to me after all and everything that we had shared together was all an act to get me to confess my deepest secretes.

I heard screams and gun shots from outside the room where I sat limply with tear streaked cheeks and bloodstained skin. The chaos outside I zoned out not caring who was there or what was going on but I heard the door open and felt big, strong hands lift me up but did not un-bind me, instead I was carried out as more gun shots fired and more screams as bursts of anger could be heard from my savor.

"He came after all." I thought smiling under the gag as I felt myself black out.

When I woke up I was back at Banner's home and he was by my side cleaning the several wounds that I still had from SHIELD.

"I'm sorry for not coming sooner. I had been drugged to sleep longer and it took me a moment to realize what had happened. I let you down, I'm sorry."
"Stop apologizing I'm very glade that you came and saved me. I didn't really think you would come anyways, I believed that I would be left there to face my past torment all over again but instead you..Hulk came and saved me. Thank you."

I placed my hand on the doctors shoulder and our eyes meet.

"I'm guessing you've seen all my scars by now." i said

"Yes. You were pretty beaten up not only from Coulson but from before I had no idea that this was what happens at Asgard, if I knew then I would never have let Thor take you back."
"Even though Thor knows what I have been through not once has he ever come visited me to see if I was doing alright he too abandoned me that's why he always said that I needed to go home for a right punishment he too no longer cared much about me either."
"It's wrong for you to be treated this way no matter what it was that you did no one deserves that kind of punishment. How have you survived past all of that pain?"
"Experience has taught me well. I just embrace it, try to seem strong in the beginning and when their gone let the pain wash over me."
"I can't imagine the pain you've been through. I'm truly sorry you had to go through all of that."
"It no longer matters it is in the past and yet it is what haunts me even now. But being here with you has gotten me to look past all of that, you've gotten me to forget about it and reminded me that there's more to life then the pain."

I looked up at the ceiling as he continued to heal my injuries. But my torment wasn't over quite yet even with the pills I was haunted by nightmares of the past and of Coulson yelling reminding me of how weak I am and ow un-wanted I am. I would wake to Bruce gently shaking me begging me to wake up. He would then stay with me talking to me no matter how tired he was he would stay there by my side and make sure I was alright.

He truly is an incredible person never have I ever felt so comforted and safe, never have I ever felt like I actually mattered to someone before. THere was something about Bruce that seemed to take away all the pain and push it to the back of mind as a distant memory and I could focus on what was happening now. Even after my wounds had been healed I was still weak and it hurt to move and yet my troubles still weren't over quite yet. There was a nock on the door and I heard people filling in quickly after the door had been broken down. I listened to the running feet hoping that they wouldn't come here and find me in the secrete room but I was wrong for the door was slammed open and standing there was Stark.

My heart beat faster and I was overcome with fear and pain as he stepped closer but stopped.

"Back away Stark I don't want to hurt you."

Stark turned to look at Bruce who was standing behind him with no weapon but fists clenched tight as his skin took on a tinge of green.

"Bruce he's an enemy and the quicker we get him to Thor.."
"NO. I will not allow you to turn Loki over to Thor. We were wrong Tony we should never have let Thor take him away."

"What are you talking about?"
"I know Loki now he's told me everything and I'm not letting you hurt him any more."

Bruce walked closer to Stark and past him to stand in besides me.

"What lies have you been telling him trickster?"
The old insult struck my like a thousand blades, and it hurt to know that there was a time when I was indeed a trickster and I played cruel tricks on people that got them hurt and broken such as I was now.

"He's changed Tony please believe me I saw what SHIELD did to him and he's hurting please don't make him suffer more then he has."

Stark closed the door and stepped closer.

"Show me." he commanded and Bruce pulled the white sheet back far enough to show all the scars and bruises that covered my pale figure and as I looked up at him I saw defeat in his eyes.

"Alright I'm going to choose to believe you. But he's not safe here you know that."

"What are you suggesting?" I managed to ask

"I have a secrete home in the bahamas that only I know about. He'll be safe there."

"Thank you Tony." Bruce said

"I'll come back tonight and we'll take him there. I hope you're telling me the truth Bruce."

With that Tony left and I could hear him tell the others that I was still no where to be found and that they would continue searching somewhere else. For the rest of the day Bruce and myself stayed in the small room waiting for Stark to return. All the while we waited in silence refusing to speak should someone hear us and tell SHIELD where I was or find Thor and inform him. But never would I have ever imagined that two of my old enemies would be trying to help me escape everything that was trying to attack me and drag me back down to hell. Never would I have imagined that any of this would ever happen and yet it seemed that the fates were playing some cruel game and wanted to see how I would react.

When we left with Tony in his private jet I expected the Avengers or SHIELD to be waiting outside the door but there wasn't a soul to be seen and the crisp night air held a sense of urgency as if they too were escaping something of their own and with that urgency we left New York behind us and headed off towards the Bahamas where Stark thought I would be safest but would I still see the same hospitality that Bruce had given me or would Stark continue to believe that I was an enemy and that was all I was capable of being?

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