Chasing Demons

chapter 8


I meet his gaze and was trapped right away by their piercing emerald green, the way the shone in the low light of the room, my heart beat a little faster as it always did when I was next to him. His face all together was perfect, his skin was smooth, eyes an entriguing green, his cheeks slightly pale, his lips...They sat perfectly as if waiting for something new, something different to happen. My blood began to boil in my skin and I couldn't pull away, couldn't take my eyes off of his.


Why did Banner's eyes have to be so beautiful? Why must they shine brighter then any star in the sky? I felt myself move closer to him, not being able to stop or pull back, it was as if his eyes were pulling me in closer inviting me to have a closer look.


The gap between us was slowly beginning to close and my heart began to race faster and faster.


I don't know if I was afraid of what was to follow should this gap close completely or if I wanted this just as much as he. I trusted Banner with everything that I had and the only thing I ever had was my very heart which now beat faster and faster.


We were getting closer together and I thought my heart would stop. I closed my eyes as did he and we leaned in closer prepaired to close the gap.


I watched Banner close his eyes and closed mine as well waiting the moment to feel the gap gone and to feel nothing more then a new type of warmth and care.

"Hey guys...I got...Bad news!"
We pulled away quickly as Stark came running in, damn it Stark you couldn't have waited a few more minuets before rushing in. By the time he found us in the living room it had looked as though nothing had happened between me and Banner, I was still wrapped in the blanket but Banner's arm was no longer around me and he sat a little more distant then usual.

"What is it Stark?" I asked with as much irritation as I could

"I just...saw Thor and the others...outside coming this way."

So he did come after all. I thought I would be happy at hearing such news but now it was to late and I hated knowing that Thor was here, hated knowing that he would drag me back to Asgard, hated knowing that I would no longer see Banner. I knew freedom was a lie, it was something that I would never have and now the fates had played a cruel card against me seperating me from the very man I now loved and didn't want to leave and yet here Thor was to do just that. I looked over at Banner but when he looked at me his eyes held that familiar brightness that reminded me that everything was going to be ok.

"We can't let him take Loki away Tony we have to stop them."

Banner had moved closer and I only realized this by his arm suddenly around me protectingly and after a moment Tony understood adn nodding his head he went back out to try and stop them from coming back and taking me away. I rested my head once again on Banners shoulder, I didn't want to go back, I didn't ever want to leave Banner but I knew that Thor would never understand why I didn't want to go back to that place he called 'home' that wasn't what it was it was a prison, a palace made of cells used for torture it would never bee called 'home' to me. This however was, here I felt safe, warm, protected and wanted, here was where I wanted to stay for the rest of my life with Banner. I felt tears fight to brim my eyes at the thought of losing all that I had just gained, thought of the torture I would have to endure, I thought about all that I would have to go through before I could return.

"Hey don't cry it'll be ok I swear Thor's not going to take you away not if Hulk and I have anything to say about it."
"My brother will not reason with you Banner. No doubt Odin has told him some lie to make him determined enough to hunt for me and now that he's found me..."

I buried my head in his shoulder not wanting him to see the tears that slowly streaked my face at the thought of facing Odin or hearing what lie he spun this time into Thor's mind. But Banner lifted my chin and wiped the tears away smiling as though nothing wrong was going to happen, as though Thor really wasn't here he wasn't even nervous to face Thor at all. Looking down at his hands I saw a familiar tinge of green but it didn't move it just lightly streaked his fists, he was mad, mad that Tony had ruined a lovely moment, mad at Thor for coming, mad at them all for what they have done these past few weeks. The green hue comforted me knowing that all that has happened did make him mad and that he was going to give them all a piece of his mind, yet at the same time it was strange knowing that Hulk was now going to protect me that he was going to fight for me and not against me like he did when I tried to conquer New York.

The door downstairs opened but did not close so I knew it wasn't Tony, then there were the heavy footsteps quickly coming up the stairs, it was those feet that had scared me and I quickly ran into the shadows of the far corner and hide myself in the most powerful invisibility spell that I knew, I didn't care how much strength and energy I would lose by preforming such a spell I would do whatever I had to not get discovered giving Banner all the time he needed to redirect Thor away from here.

"Good friend Banner who are you today."

Thor had made his way into the living room where Banner now sat where I had moments before wrapped in the very blanket as snow fell heavier outside.

"I'm doing fine Thor and how about yourself?"
"I am in search of my brother Loki, he has left Asgard for much time and I wish to bring him home have you seen him?"

Banner looked up at an angle thinking, he was acting as though he knew nothing and it was really good acting.

"Sorry Thor I haven't seen him anywhere. Which I could help but I don't know where Loki could be he's not in New York."
"Thank you good friend however I would kindly appreciate it if you would please stop lying to me I love Loki very much and wish to take him home."

"I know Thor and I would love it if you did take him back to Asgard that way he wouldn't be able to cause anyone any trouble but like I already said I don't know where he is."
"Then what reason have you to be here in the Man of Iron's home?"
"We're working on a science experiment for Clint's arrows. We're hoping to make them explode much bigger causing more damage."

"Again please stop lying."

This time Banner didn't say anything I should have known that by now Thor could easily detect a lie I was the master of lie's that's what I was known for, Loki the god of mishchief and lie's. Thor eagerly searched the room trying to detect me and as his eyes fell upon the corner in which I hid I momentarily stopped breathing and covered my mouth to prevent me from making any noise. His eyes then looked past me and he continued to search the room.

"Please come out of hiding brother I wish to take you home I miss you and Asgard is lonely without you there even if your not causing trouble I miss the silence of your room knowing that you are still there, still well."
I didn't care what Thor said, I didn't care how he said it I didn't want to leave Midgard, I wanted to stay here with Banner. I wanted to keep this thing we shared this warmth and safety that I couldn't get anywhere else but here. It was something that I had searched for for my whole life and only now when I needed it desperatly did I finally find it.

"Loki please come out or I shall have to hurt Banner and I do not wish for that." he began to swing Mjolnir and I heard the air outside crackle as lighting began to form in the clouds.

"Wait what?" Banner said scared of what Thor was playing at

"I am sorry Banner but I know my brother has changed greatly over the years. If I must hurt you to make him come out of hiding then I will do so."

Banner held up his hands as if in surrender "Wait Thor just think about this for a moment ok. I'm Hulk I beat up Loki the last time he was here would it make sense that he would be here?"
"I care not for Loki's reasoning but I sense that he is indeed here in which means that he has indeed come to you for help but I will take him home and leave you to be free of his mischief."
"Thor seriously think about what you're doing here. Think about what could happen lets just say that Loki is here and you strike me with lightning there are a few things that could happen. One I could go Hulk and smash you into the ground like I did with Loki or two I could Hulk out and if I didn't manage to hurt you the first time we could possibly destroy New York...again."

"That is why I have not hurt you yet I know that Loki will come out and when he does then we will take leave and I will make sure he does not come back to hurt you."
"Who says he's hurt me?"

"Loki end this madness and come home."

What was Thor doing? He knew that if he angered Banner any more then he would have to face Hulk and I had no intentions of giving up my hiding spot but it was becoming clear that Thor was seeing right through my disguise.

"Loki please no more illusions I do not like threatening you nor Banner." he came towards me "Please come home."

He reached out his hand and I felt it rest on my shoulder but it was a foriegn hand and I didn't like his touch only Banner could do that, I only liked it when he rested his hand on my shoulder because it was soft and comforting but Thor's was strong and rough far to comanding. I slipped past him which was a mistake but what else was I suppose to do? Thor aimed Mjolnir and lightning streaked past me almost hitting Banner but I made another mistake and ran in front of the bolt letting it strike me instead. I've only been hit by lightning from Thor only once before and that was when we were younger and that was by accident and now this had become a personal battle. My spell dissapered and I sat on my knees hunched over as electricity surged through me. It hurt but I still stood in front of Banner protecting him as he has done countless time for me in the past.

"Loki what are you doing?" Banner asked

"Thor if you wish to drag me back to hell then fight me but I will not allow you to hurt Banner. Not after all that he has done for me."

"Do not worry Bruce this is only my repayment for the kindness you have shown me. Like I said before I've sparred with Thor countless times I will not allow him to hurt you."

His hand found my shoulder and he smiled, nodded, and moved out of our way.

"Loki what is this trickery?" Thor asked

"No tricks brother I wish to have a simple reason to be dragged back to that place and if that reason is for fighting you then so be it but no one will hurt Bruce not because of me."
The invisibility spell had taken much of my power but I still had enough to fight Thor and if that meant using simple spells then that's what I would do. I had read every book on magic that exsisted in Asgard and I knew all the spells, I had the upper hand still and even if I lacked most of my proper strength in the art that didn't mean that I couldn't hold myself up in a fight.

"I do not wish to fight you brother."
"Or course you do for if you didn't then you wouldn't have come, wouldn't have tried to take me away or hurt Banner. All of those things have inquired that you do intend to fight me."

My hands took on a tinge of blue and where surrounded by an emerald green glow, I was determined to fight this battle and I was going to win I don't care if it kills me afterward just as long as I get the point clear to Thor that I wasn't going back no matter what and I sure as hell wasn't going to leave Banner. Spell after spell I cast giving Thor almost no room to attack or block my flurry of spells. Some he did manage to block with Mjolnir but they would bounce of the walls or break something I had to put up a protective shield around Banner so that he wouldn't get hurt, that costed me more energy but I didn't care I didn't want him to get hurt.

"Loki this is madness please just stop this at once."
"No Thor not until I've won and you see that I am never going back."
"What purpose do you have in staying here I am sure the good Banner does not wish for you to stay here and trouble him."

I stopped for a moment, it was the very words that they kept repeating that I wasn't wanted here, that I was just causing trouble and Thor took this oppertunity to strike back but I couldn't get my footing to defend myself I was to taken back by those words.
"Loki fight him he doesn't know the truth but you do and so do I please you said you wouldn't leave."

I looked over at Bruce adn fear had taken over his eyes, it was the very fear and pain that had haunted mine for eternity. I didn't like that look and I wanted to wipe it away, wanted to destroy it from his very eyes so that once more I could see them shine. I turned back towards Thor and struck back pushing him off of me, Bruce was right Thor didn't know what ahd happened these past days and he didn't know what was between me and Banner. But I knew, I knew what had happened and it was the very thing that I was fighting for. I found new strength upon hearing Banner speak up and once more attacked Thor with as many spells as I could.

"Brother what is the cause of this new found strength?" Thor asked almost out of breath

"I have something worth the fight and I will not lose for that very reason."

"That's my Loki." I heard banner whisper adn I was filled with great joy upon hearing them, that's right I was his and I wanted nothing more in the nine realms then to stay here with him. The battle continued but whether it was intended or not somehow Thor had managed to push our battle outside into the freezing chill of the snow.

"Loki!" Banner cried

The memories flooded back, the scene turned to Jotunheim but this time Thor was there and so were the guards. They all had chains and I could feel those chains wrap around me as I continued to fight as seeering pain ran through me but I was still going to fight and I was going to win.

"You knew all along didn't you?"

"Of course I did and I do not wish to hurt you in such a way but you must come home."

He knew of what the frost meant to me now, it was no longer a protective barrier or my past but it was now a form of torture that I had endured for years and Thor was using my punishment against me, he was trying to hurt me, he wanted to hurt me and it was working. I notice my skin turning blue again, felt the searing pain run through m viens, I was losing strength, losing power. I couldn't take all of the pain and I began to fall to my knees.


"Shut up Banner I did not want to use such means but it is best if he leaves Midgard and does no more harm."

I was losing strength as Thor came over and I felt the cold familiar chains bind me once more but I was to weak to try and free myself, I was losing consiouness but in my last amount of strength I looked over at Banner.

"I'm sorry." I whispered

"I'll save you Loki."

No he wouldn't not this time.


What the hell was Thor doing? Loki practically begged not to be taken back and even though Thor knew what the falling snow could do to Loki he used it against him, against his own brother. I saw my skin begin to completely turn green and I didn't care both of us were angry at what Thor was doing and we wouldn't just sit here and do nothing.

"Thor I'm warning you leave Loki here."
"You do not frighten me Banner Loki will no longer trouble you. He will return home."
That place wasn't home, it was a torture cell to Loki and I wouldn't let him go through all of that pain again.

"You don't understand Thor I made him a promise, a promise we intend to keep."

My skin turned green and I felt myself change into that terrible monster that had frightened New York several times.

"Put Loki back puny god."

Thor turned around to face his new opponent, I've tried to fight Thor before and it didn't go to well but that was then and now I had a better reason to fight the god, I had to save Loki had to keep my promise to him. I was going to prove to him that freedom was possible and nothing was going to hurt him any more but I couldn't do that if he was taken back to that cell that had tortured him for so long.

"I do not wish to fight anymore Banner..."
I didn't give him time to finish before I picked him up and just like I did to Loki I slamned him repeatidely into the ground flinging him cnostently into the walls and floor. For a moment he laid in the floor before getting up.

"Hulk no want Loki gone. Loki stay."

Thor got up and put all his strength into the fight, btu the electricty that ran through my veins was nothing just mere pricks here and there, I wasn't going to let him take Loki away not after finding such comfort and safety, not after all that I had gone through to protect him, and especially not after the feelings we shared for each other. I was going to keep my promise and i was going to save Loki one way or another. I took a few more punches at Thor and as he stood he wiped blood away from his lip, fire was raging in his eyes.

"I see that you are serious good friend but never the less Loki belongs in Asgard."
"Loki belong here! Here Loki stay!"
I ran at him but I misinterpruted the smirk on the gods face for as soon as I struck he lodged a needle in my shoulder and pulling it out did I realize what he had injected me with. I began to turn back to normal and I fell to the floor.

"I did not want to use such means against you doctor but Loki will not be staying with you. He is coming home."

I slipped into darkness as he walked past me to get Loki, I had to stay awake though I had to fight if I let Thor walk away with Loki then that was it, I would never see him again, would never be able to set him free, to show him true compassion, I would never hear his laugh or see his eyes sparkle in the light, would never be able to hold him tight, or wake him from a nightmare. I would never be able to do any of that or to truly act upon my feelings for the god, I had to fight, I had to stay strong for Loki.

"J.a. .. ." I said with the last amount of strength and then I heard it, the alrams, the sirens, Jarvis went crazy alerting everyone that there was trouble at Stark tower but I knew that if they came they wouldn't see what the problem was for Thor would be walking away with Loki, but Tony would know the problem, he would fight he had to fight he was the only one left that knew the truth about Loki, he was the only one left who could fight for the gods freedom.

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