Con Brio: A FireRed Randomized Nuzlocke

Chapter 3

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, you look like a mankey, and you smell like one too!" A young Gary Oak sang to an even younger Clover sat at a kiddie table in front of her house.

The weather was pretty hot, but so was the norm for summertime Pallet days, with a hearty sun beating down on them. Leyla was sitting at the porch, talking with Mrs. Oak as they watched their children play.

Clover blew out the candle on the easy-bake oven cake, smiling from ear to ear as if she had won the lottery. She was sweaty but didn't mind it, not if Gary was playing with her. He had been busy for a while- his parents finally got time off work and they had been on vacation in Cinnabar for almost a month. He even made a little cake for her.

"What did you wish for?" Gary asked as he took out the candle from the tiny cake.

There was also another reason Clover was happy. Very, very happy. "I don't know if I can tell you, because it might not come true!" She giggled, rocking from side to side in her seat.

She was absolutely, positively, extremely giddy- it was better than Christmas! And she loved Christmas the most- well, almost the most, but she loved her mother just a little bit more.

"Aww, come on, Clover. I can keep it a secret, I promise!"

She sighed, defeated. "Okay, but you can't even tell my mama! I wasn't supposed to be up so late, and she might get mad if she knew."

The eager little Oak nodded, hand over his heart. "Scouts honor!"

Clover looked at her mom for a second, who was sipping her tea as Mrs. Oak energetically recounted one of her many stories. "Well…" She hesitated for a minute, before moving her eyes back to Gary, who looked serious. "I heard crying last night and I got worried that maybe Mama was having a bad dream! So, I creeped out of bed and down the stairs- it was scary and kinda dark, but for some reason, Mama had the lights on. She was on the phone downstairs and was talking and yelling but not in her loud voice, and she mentioned someone as 'Clover's father' and I'm Clover! So, maybe, just maybe, my daddy might come today! Since it's my birthday and all."

Gary, who had both parents married happily, seemed to be thinking about it deeply. Clover didn't think he was able to quite understand why she was so excited and desperate to meet her father, but he was heavily thinking about it, which was more than enough for her. He almost said something, but stopped and stayed quiet for a minute before saying, "Even if you daddy doesn't come, I can pretend to be your daddy until he comes home!"

"I don't know if you're old enough to be a papa, Gary." She bubbled with laughter, giving him a grin.

"Oh," he murmured, a little downtrodden. "Well, that's true, isn't it? I wonder if there's an age limit. I'll ask Daddy tonight!"

"Are you ever going to tell her, Leyla? She might have false hope, you know." Mrs. Oak asked her friend, watching their children from the porch.

Leyla sighed, running her long chestnut hair between her fingers. "I don't know, Mary. I don't want her to know anything about that rotten man, to be honest. He may have once been a nice guy, but after what experiments took place, I can't even think of him as human."

Clover's father never appeared.

Aidan woke up being shaken by the newly dubbed Elliot the shellder and Fae, both looking a little bit panicked.

"Guys…?" He croaked, slowly sitting up. "What's wrong?"

Fae rubbed one of his cheeks and then he realized that it was wet- he had been crying. "Oh, sorry. I just had a sad dream." He wiped the tears away- he didn't normally have bad dreams- and for some reason he just could not stop crying.

He didn't even feel that sad- it had been a nightmare. Of That night. It wasn't even his place to feel sad. "Hey… why do you think people bully?"

Fae and Elliot both looked surprised at the question- Aidan wonder what would have been the best course of action to keep them from being worried. They probably thought he was dreaming about being bullied, even thought it wasn't really related. He probably needed to work on what he said to his pokemon- whoops.

It was funny. Barely more than a week of training, and he was gifted with two adorable individuals who for some reason cared for him quite a bit- it was unusual. In the training books he had been reading, usually it was hard to get wild pokemon to be civil, much less actually care for your state of being. Fae, he could kind of understand since she had been breed to get attached for a trainer, and the rattata incident had probably bolstered their relationship- but he was still a bit confused about Elliot.

Elliot was shy- Fae had even told him several times that the pokemon was watching from afar during their week of training. Elliot even fought off Fae for him- and both trainer and shellder alike were slightly terrified of the pink pudge.

"I'd punch them in the face, Master!" Fae smirked confidently, standing tall.

Sure, the pokemon was dearly attached to him, but there was some major issues with her that would take a while to work out. "That's not really…" Aidan sighed and gave up on the sentence halfway through. Even if she had answered the question he had asked, it'd probably be something like Only the strong survive! I'd punch them in the face! or I don't know, Master Aidan, but if they came at me, I'd punch them in the face!

"Their actions aren't good but they may have a reason for it. Still, and bully is a bully. Fae should punch them in the face if they deserve it." Elliot remarked mildly, wiggling his tongue a little as he talked.

Aidan flopped back on the pokecenter bed, fairly certain it was the same as a hospital bed. "Right?" He groaned, exhausted. He really wanted to go back to sleep and ignore his responsibilities, but he had a shopping list he needed to whittle away at.

"Master Aidan, why do you have to carry him with us on our stroll?" Fae whined, pointing at the shellder in his arms.

Aidan wondered if this was what parents with more than one child felt like, wanting to tape the cleffa's mouth shut. He loved her and all, but she acted like a three year old any time he tried to give the shellder attention. "Fae, he is a part of this team just as much as you or I. Be nice, okay?"

She giggled and gave him a sly smile as if they were sharing a secret. "But you don't really mean that Master Aidan, do you?"

Aidan wondered if he needed to change his trainer license to a nanny license at this rate- and he wasn't even being paid for it. "For legends' sake, Fae. I did mean it." If she made a similar remark in the next minute, he swore she was being put in the ball.

"Aidan, if it's easier to put me in the ball, it's fine. I don't mind." Elliot generously murmured, sounding upset but not acting on it.

Unlike the selfish cleffa, the shellder didn't hardly ever defend himself, and generally avoided any confrontation at all, with the exception of Aidan being the subject. He was pretty skittish and didn't let himself get angry- Aidan wasn't very sure and he didn't have enough time with him to confirm, but the trainer was getting the feeling the pokemon had a very low self esteem.

Aidan almost walked into a pokemart when he saw a near reflection of himself- but with long hair, a little bit of boobies, and some chub. Oh, crap… He thought, wondering if it was too risky to shop at the store. Eventually, and probably not too much later in time, he was sure it would go away, but for now, it was a danger.

"Hey, Master, that looks like you!" Fae cheerily said, tiny legs swinging off his shoulder.

"I noticed." He grumbled, tuning out something Elliot said in favor of analyzing the information on the poster. It was pretty detailed- last seen, weight, and possible places were all listed. It was half against everything that he was standing for, but he nabbed a pull off with a familiar number on it.

Not interested in the bickering around him, he checked out the poster next to it. The girl looked kind of like Clover herself, but she had longer hair, bigger breast, and in the picture, she was wearing a sleek black dress, gloves, and black boots- she looked really professional. Professional at assassination or desk work, Aidan wasn't sure, but she was pretty. Her name was Verde- and her eyes being so green was probably why.

An officer Jenny turned the corner across the street from Aidan, and so he almost walked into the mart to hide, when someone was coming out of the mart at the same time as him.

It wasn't hard to identify her- after all, he had just seen her poster. "Y-you're Verde." He sputtered intelligently, looking from her and her poster and then her again.

"Aidan?" Elliot asked, shifting slightly in his arms.

Her eyes got big and she looked at her poster and cursed, and then looked at his own poster.

"Huh. You're this Clover person, aren't ya?" She questioned, almost in a relaxed manner. Aidan then noticed her height- she was at least half a foot taller than he.

Aidan sighed. "Come on, that's not even fair." The chick was even in the same clothes as she was in her picture. He was crossdressing, cut his hair, and even made a fake identity!

Stomping came from across the street and before he knew it, Verde was dragging him away from the scene. "Shit!" She yelled, turning a corner.

Aidan was sure glad she did, but he honestly wasn't certain how much of it was him running or her arm power basically toting him like a purse. Officer Jenny's weak demands were being yelled far behind them, but that wasn't very reassuring in such a small town if backup was close.

A hour of running later, Aidan found himself in the midst of Route 2, the place he had originally planned to venture to in the next day.

He was sweaty and out of breath, but finally the she-demon had released his numb wrist.

They panted and regained their breath for the minutes following, somehow absent of a annoying cleffa and timid shellder. Aidan almost began to panic, when he realized he had placed them in their balls mid chase.

"How did we even out run an arcanine?" Aidan groaned as he let himself fall on his butt- he was exhausted. Verde was seriously fast, and Aidan was seriously lazy most of the time, which meant he was very not fast.

Verde gave him a grin. "Smarts and ingenuity, my friend. But that was some damn shitty luck, holy crap."

"That's not even the half of it." Aidan whined, suddenly noticing what was missing. "I left my bag in my room at the pokecenter, and I didn't even get the stuff I needed. I have to go back to that." He didn't think there was much of a way he and his team were going to survive Viridian Forest without potions, antidotes, shelter, and food. But he also couldn't think of a way they could outrun a arcanine again and live, either.

He was even glad he left the pink plop of fury in her ball, because if he could hear her screaming bloody murder at him in his head, he was sure she was going to be at least twice worse than that.

Verde walked up to him, in a classic thinking pose of chin in hand. "I guess since it's kind of my fault, I can get whatever you need."

"S-seriously?" Aidan was kind of shocked- he wasn't sure why, but a feeling in his gut told him that she didn't do things for free most of the time.

"Yeah, I mean, your crappy disguise probably would've fooled them for at least a little bit longer." She said, sighing. "So I don't mind."

"H-H-How is it crappy?!"

The two discussed the matter in detail- Verde was going to borrow his keys and money to buy the supplies and grab his bag, along while Verde also picked up her own stuff that she left.

"I need collateral." Aidan stated, trusting his gut that she probably would leave him there to die without an incentive to do what she said.

She gave him a really big, genuine smile- and tossed her three pokeballs at him. "You aren't half bad, kid. I'm taking Waterloo- my wigglytuff- with me for escape if necessary, but that'll be all. Now, undress."

"Ex-excuse me?" The boy coughed, unsure if he had actually just heard what he had heard. Surely, she hadn't just told him to undress. That was just… really, really weird.

"I need a disguise, and I didn't bring anything but my pokeballs with me." She explained as if she were talking to a slow child. "So get out of your clothing. I'll trade with you so you aren't naked."

Aidan couldn't believe this was happening. "B-B-But-" He sputtered, mortified. He always changed in a bathroom, with the door locked- he didn't particularly hate his body too much, but he was extremely embarrassed about it. And in front of other people- oh legends his face was turning stiff just at the thought.

"It's not like you have a d-"

"Don't say it!" He cried, wanting to dissolve in the wind at that very moment.

She gave him a curious look. "Do you?"

He shook his head, placing his face in his hands. If only he could died of heart attack or something- he didn't want to do this. He did not want to do this at all- but unfortunately, it was necessary and he knew it. "Can we… It's just- we're out in the open in broad daylight!" He whined, so ready to be out of the situation he was about to cry.

A little while later, Aidan found himself waving Verde a momentary goodbye, now in a loose dress that was supposed to be skin tight- everything was too windy after being in pants and a shirt plus a vest- it was almost like being naked. Aidan was uncomfortable, but he couldn't do much more than pray it would be over quickly.

"Ey' little bitch." Aidan looked around to see one of Verde's pokeballs open to see a blastoise, of all things. It towered over the small trainer. A ditto and a nidoqueen joined in the Super Tall and Threatening bunch.

"H-Hello." Aidan was terrified. Verde either stole them (which considering how many powerhouses were around him, he rather doubted that theory) or she was a badass. Aidan kind of wanted to stand up for himself, but all he could think was yes, I am a little bitch, so please don't hurt me.

Before he knew it, Fae was out with her little arms struck out, as if she were a barrier of some sort. "What business do you have with Master Aidan? Spit it out or die already."

Aidan was still too busy being terrified shitless by the two entirely ridiculously large pokemon before him. If he hadn't he'd probably would've scolded the cleffa, but she was the one easily threatening gigantic pokemon on his behalf, so he figured this one time would be a-okay.

"We're booooored." The nidoqueen complained, rolling around on her stomach like she was a little nidoran, appendages flopping and all.

"Stupid clam, come out here and fix this problem."

"NO." The trainer hadn't even known pokemon could talk so loudly inside their pokeballs.

Somehow, the situation deteriorated in a strange game of capture the flag- or rather, capture the human.

Each behemoth of a pokemon had a pink pudge on their team- Kronos the blastoise with Fae being the team mastermind. Queens the nidoqueen was running around with not one, but two Aidan's in her grasp. It was basically more chasing and tomfoolery than a structured game. It was going on for about 20 minutes solid when the hapless trainer heard a confident meow.

"Oh, that game looks totally bitchin'! Can I play?"

Fae laughed- it almost sounded maniacal. "If you help me acquire my trainer back, I'd even let you join the team! I'd do anything I can to repay you if we get Master in our possession."

It took a while- mostly because Aidan was completely terrified he was going to die of fright seeing that creepy smile on almost an exact replica of his face, or the possibility of being poisoned to death by the jolly Queens' skin- but he could now see a skitty on the blastoise's shoulder as well.

Eventually, Aidan was saved from the madness- the skitty had unleashed a thoughtful adorable charm and tail whip combo, causing his large carrier to drop him like a fly to croon over the cuteness.

The cleffa marched up to her trainer- Aidan couldn't see her face, but he was sure it was full of pride. "Master, Master Aidan, did you see that? I saved you! Didn't I do a good job? … Uh, Master Aidan?"

The trainer was half asleep from exhaustion in the dirt, mumbling incoherently under his breath.

"Did you always look this way?"

He merely turned his head to see Verde talking to his ditto self, back with his wonderful clothes, pack and with a bag full of shopping supplies.

A little while later they were all around a campfire, Verde and her team, along with her wigglytuff, Waterloo, and Fae, Elliot, and the newly and forcefully named Skittles.

"Where is it?" Aidan growled at Verde, holding out an expecting palm.

"I was mobbed on the way back, you see-"

Aidan rolled his eyes. "Just return my money, will you?"

Dinner was fairly quiet- beans again, and simple questions from Verde over Aidan's general life- he guessed the poster and his current self would make anyone a little curious- but he was so tired.

He recounted the hectic day's events- he didn't think he had ever had a day so full of complete nuttery. Waking up crying, not only seeing his own poster, but meeting the chick on the poster next to it- and then being chased down by the entire Viridian police force itself for legends sake. And not only that, but then changing clothes with Verde- thankful, Aidan had his back now- and then being the human flag in a perversion of capture the flag. And then that skitty literally popping into one of his pokeballs and naming itself in his pokedex. That last part was just as hard to believe as the rest of it- but the skitty was nice.

"Stand back, bitches!" The skitty commanded, walking toward Aidan.

Skittles has a really foul mouth though. Aidan thought to himself, just about ready to pass out- Verde was giving him a concerned look. Had he not been paying attention at all? Whoops.

"Sir trainer dude guy, I'm starting to think you may have a small motherfucking concussion." Skittles said.

"Er… must you cuss so much, Skittles?"

The skitty's eyes seemed to to widen- somehow, and they weren't even open- in surprise. "Oh, sorry trainer guy. I read in a bitchin'- oops, sorry- book on psychology. Apparently the appliance of curse words makes one more honest or something like that- and I strive to be the best mon'' I can, y'know? I can stop if you'd like."

Aidan couldn't help a smile- the pokemon was hard not to like. She was constantly laughing, grinning, and he was kinda grateful that Skittles decided to join his team on a whim. He had asked her about it earlier- and all she could offer as reply was that it seemed like fun. "Mm, no, it's quite alright. Sorry. I'll get used to it. And I'm just tired- what's going on with all the medical stuff, anyway, Skittles?"

The skitty's tail wagged. "My old pop's- he was a hospital pokemon. The place was nasty cray, like you wouldn't fucking believe, but between him and his trainer, I learned to read and some vocab of the place. And let me check you out, at least, trainer guy."

Aidan subjected himself to being doctored by a skitty- probably one of the stranger things he'd done, but he didn't mind. He much preferred the funny Skittles to any doctor- Aidan hated sterile places. They made him upset, although he didn't really have a definitive reason for it. "It's Aidan, Skittles. You don't have to be so polite."

It was rather quiet. Verde was talking with her two power houses, the fire was crackling, and the nightlife of the forest made sounds, but beyond that- Aidan realized what happened to be not loud and obnoxious and irritating.

"I reckon you're okay Aidan guy, you're just suffering from over exhaustion and slight sleep deprivation. Once you conk out and get some of those bitchin' z's, you'll be peachy as any motherfucker, you have my guarantee. Oh- and you should try eating some fatty foods or red meats-"

"Where are Elliot and Fae?" Aidan blurted, unable to hold back his question any longer. He was worried- that combination only ever meant trouble and a headache, and not hearing them was more of a problem than not.

"They went in the forest with Dilly and Waterloo, don't worry. They just went to walk around the area. You should get some rest though, Aidan- you really don't look too good." Verde said, looking up from the fire she was tending.

He snorted. "Thanks. And I will- just, in a little while." Aidan normally would've, but he felt that he should at least look for them. He wouldn't be too worried about Fae- but Elliot had yet to receive any training, he knew the most basic two moves and, well, Fae was with him- that was a danger in of itself.

"Well, I tried." Verde yawned, sounding ready to turn in herself.

The trainer went on a mostly leisure stroll with the skitty in his arms, neither talking. Skittles was purring, though, and it was warm and nice- Fae was always on his shoulder or making a unsettling, rude comment onsomething, and Elliot, while nice quiet company, was at least 50 percent shell- not the most comfortable of creatures to hold.

He just met the pokemon and they got along pretty well- then again, the skitty was something of a marvel in that department. She seemed ready to adapt to make everyone around her happy and well- she would make a get medical pokemon one day.

"Aidan, you really should gain some weight. You're at the beginning of the climax of puberty and so skinny- for a human female, it really isn't advisable." The skitty softly murmured, moving slightly.

Aidan looked down at the pokemon in wonder- she really was good with the health stuff. Well, then again- he had been in a dress, but after that, he changed into his normal clothes. "I'll consider it, I guess." The trainer half-lied, now feeling a little self-conscious. "Have you thought of going into the medical field, Skittles? You'd be great there."

The skitty took a beat of silence to give her answer. "I guess I would, huh? But… I want to experience a lot, y'know? Live lively."

Aidan smiled again, finding the reply fitting. "Live mcfucking wild, huh?" He tried mimicking the feline.

"You should put that on my grave." The cute cat pokemon laughed, causing her purr to stumble.

Before the trainer could scold her for talking about her life so lightly, their items of interest appeared.

"What did you say, you stupid clam? Say. It. To. My. Face."

Aidan could see Elliot trembling in his shell, as the trainer had expected after Fae's threatening reproach. "I-I think I j-just called you a pink pudge, that's what. Y-you can't only give me a shitty nickname! It's not fair!"

"How dare you call it shitty! Only I can say that you no good, stuuupid clam!"

The pokemon he recognized as Dilly the ditto, sighed. "What are y'all, hatchlings? Shut it already, will ya'?"

Even from this distance, Aidan could see the dark face of Fae unfolding. "Did you just threaten me, you rubbery pink funk?"

"Come on, pink pudge, I see Aidan! Leave Dilly alone, come on."

The cleffa gave her teammate a sneer, muttering something under her breath before running up to Aidan. "Master Aidan, Master Aidan! Look, we found this berry that supposed to work well on poisons!"

"Just on pokemon poisoning, pink pu- er, Fae. Besides- you didn't help at all, and Waterloo did all the work."

Aidan was tired, and finally seeing his pokemon all in one piece, he just kind of collapsed to his knees. He supposed he should've been pulling Fae away from Elliot and forcing the two back to a terse partnership, but he was too tired. He was only going to close his eyes for one moment… Just for… a little second...

(Enter: Pickles, South-east Viridian Forest)

Day One:

A human entered forest today. He looked like baby-adult, had pink star and clam with him, and a pink kitty too. His team was cute like him. He was inside like baby- he tried not to cry when pink star beat him up.

Clam had become next punching bag. Smart pink kitty laughed some.

Another girl. Older. Adult girl. She had the death smell on her. Not predators like today, but cute human baby-adult worried Pickles, so Pickles watched them for their first day in home.

The pink star pouted- she was not in fights, but Clam did, many. Pink star called Clam, Clam too. Pickles was happy because everyone had many names and it confused Pickles a lot. Pickles was Pickles and others were two or three things or maybe more and it hurt Pickles in the head.

Death-smell adult girl was nice to cute human baby-adult, and watched him with care. Pink Star did too. Pink Star looked cute, but was angry and punched a lot- mostly at human baby-adult.

Cute human baby-adult had a nice smell.

Pickles wanted to play too but he needed to find yummies to eat, so he left.

At night Pickles brained on what the Clam and others were doing. They seemed like fun. Pickles did not know why so much interest in baby-adult human, so Pickles wanted to continue watching.

Day Two:

Pickles woke up extra early to sniff up about the cute baby-adult human. He smelled good, but did everyone only like his smells?

Death smelling adult had not yet sniffed out Pickles, so Pickles thought not, because Pickles had been watching them close on this day.

Baby-adult human slept the longest. Pink Star woke up first, nuzzling human for while and moving Clam away. She tried to move Pink Cat as well but baby-adult human had his arm around it. Pickles wanted to help, but Pickles had no arms.

The deathy smelly dangerous adult girl went other place midday, leaving baby-adult and his pokemon.

Baby-adult was named something like Me-star Eye-dam by Pink Star. It hurt Pickles head to switch it, but since Pickles won Clam, he thought he could do Me-star Eye-dam.

Me-star Eye-dam and Clam won a fight over the bug stealer, and bug stealer was like a predator. Pickles did not like it so he inched closer and closer over the next half-day.

Yummy time came and they ate- and Pickles could smell the bug stealer. Pickles did not like the shiny claw in the stealer's hand going into the Me-star Eye-dam. Pickles did not like red stuff or owies and he liked Me-star Eye-dam, and the Pink Star and Cat and Clam too, so Pickles went to fight.

Pickles did the water gun thing at the bug stealer when he was in eye distance of Me-star Eye-dam. For someone with an eye in their name, Pickles was upset he could not see very well.

"Pickles stop!" Pickles said when he stopped the bug stealer and his shiny claw. Pickles hoped his voice reached their ears.

Clam and Pink Star- mostly Pink Star- bit and punched the bug stealer til he ran away and rest of day peaceful. Pickles got to play with them.

At night yummy time, Pickles did not want to go. Eye-dam gave Pickles food and everyone was fun. To stay, Pickles had to go into a ball thing and come back out. Then, for a weird 'name' thing, they called Pickles a 'wooper' and it made Pickles upset.

Pickles was Pickles, not wooper. Thankfully, Pink Cat stole the red square from Eye-dam and put in Pickles for Pickles. Pickles was confused, but after, everyone called him Pickles so it was okay.

Pickles liked how nice the Pink Cat was, so Pickles tried to call Pink Cat 'Skittles' or what it was. It made Pink Cat Skittles happy so Pickles didn't mind too much.

Week Three:

Pickles and Pickles friends found the noisy place. Eye-dam called it a 'city.' He was very happy to not be in forest anymore.

Pickles didn't like Pink Star Fae. She was mean and bullied Clam and Eye-dam, but she did not hurt Pink Cat Skittles for some reason.

Dangerous adult came and left a lot, but she was there everyday. It confused Pickles, but everyone had trouble understanding Pickles, so Pickles could not ask.

Pickles would miss Pickles home, but Pickles would be happy to leave. They were nice, and dangerous adult person was not scary to them. And, Pickles could get away from Mama. That also made Pickles happy.

Skittles tried to explain to Pickles what a 'gym battle' was, which they would do in the noisy city place. It confused Pickles, but it sounded like big battle, and Pickles was excited.

Eye-dam was fun to fight with. Pickles got hurt sometimes, but Eye-dam would worry and cry a bit, and not like Mama. Eye-dam never hurt Pickles, and hugged Pickles, and was very nice to Pickles. Pink Cat Skittles taught Pickles about a lot of stuff, and made Pickles laugh although Pickles did not understand many of his jokes. Clam told Pickles 'folklore' and scary stories and was fun for Pickles. Pink Star Fae was not nice and a little bit like Mama, but she was strong and Pickles knew she wasn't a bad pokemon. She was very fond of Eye-dam and had funny word fights with Clam.

Pickles was more than happy to leave home, and go with Eye-dam and his friends.

Aidan hated forests. They were itchy and enclosed. Sure they were pretty at first, but all the night noises were very not worth it.

He vowed never to go back to the Viridian Forest if he could help it. It was a whole three weeks of his life he would never get back- but, it did come with perks. He somehow caught a wooper- a strange little guy called Pickles, who was surprisingly strong. He was pretty young- Skittles told Aidan he was only about seven or eight months old. He also had never had much interaction with humans before- the cute little guy still spoke in third person and everything.

Fae was kind of creeped out by him- it was kind of funny. She didn't mess with Skittles because- well, Aidan was pretty sure it was impossible to hate the skitty.

Elliot was still coming out of his shell- no pun intended- but he was becoming less nonconfrontal with Fae, which was a huge plus. He hadn't won yet, but he was stronger- Aidan was pretty happy the long hours of training were actually helping the guy.

Skittles didn't seem to like battling a whole lot- she offered to, but Aidan declined. The pokemon wasn't that underleveled and Aidan wasn't desperate, with three other member to attend to. Level four wouldn't kill him, Aidan was pretty sure.

Almost everyday of the three weeks they had spent in Viridian Forest, Verde left to do 'promiscuous things', Aidan stopped asking after that. If anyone could get up to 'promiscuous' events in a forest, they earned it to keep from being snooped.

When they left the forest, Verde had said she had business in the city to take care of, but if Aidan needed money, she had a job for him.

Aidan hadn't really thought about it when he was in the forest, but the little crumbs of money that the bug fanatics dished out after losing, was most certainly not enough to replenish his wallet. And, being the forest for so long, he had long lost his potions, foods, and antidotes in the midst it.

Basically, he was broke, he had no supplies or money to buy some to face the gym leader, and there were absolutely no trainers he could fight to get money. Aidan had actually tried to fight some too- there was a hot spot at the city exit to Mt. Moon, but a police officer wouldn't allow him to pass, for whatever reason.

So, Aidan decided to take the job.

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