The Sega Saga Book 1

The Green Door

A long black limousine rolled into view from the long roads leading away from Station Square. Normally people foreign to Station Square would be curious on the details of the limousine, while others- people from Station Square- know the exact and only person who often rides the long car: Christopher Thorndyke.

Those who know the twelve-year-old boy would be quite surprised to find that instead of the boy and his small company of friends, they'd find Sonic, Sam, Flower, Amy, Cream, Cheese, Tails and Knuckles all spread out in the different sections of the automobile. If you'd never heard of or seen the figures mentioned above, it would be quite a surprise indeed.

But then your heart would float alongside your body as you hear some of the anthropomorphic characters singing- Sam, Flower, Cream, Cheese and Amy- various karaoke songs. Your eyes would wonder what the red echidna was thinking, or why the yellow fox paid more attention to his hands than the karaoke songs, or perhaps what the blue hedgehog had done to tire himself as he snored heavily. It was almost like seeing a family going on a road trip, which, in a way, it was a family road trip. The friends are pretty close.

"The ants go marching one by one! Hurrah, Hurrah!
The ants go marching one by one! Hurrah Hurrah!
The ants go marching one by one the little one stops to suck her thumb and they all go marching to the ground to get out of the rain,"
the girls sang.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!" the little ones howled in delight. They laughed. Amy motioned to Sonic, still sound asleep. The laughter turned into soft giggling as the girls mumbled the rest of the song among themselves.

"I am so excited," Flower whispered.

"Me too," Sam agreed. "I've never been to an amusement park before."

"It's super fun, Miss Sam," Cream chimes in. "I went there one time with Mr. Vector, Mr. Espio and Charmy and we all had fun."

"There are allll sorts of goood things in the amusement park Sam," Amy informed her, grinning. "Rides, cotton candy, games, stuff animals," Amy counted the items off her fingers. "I hope my Sonic wins the biggest stuffed animal in a game. Oh, it will be so romantic." Amy sighed as she leaned back into her seat.

Sam rolled her eyes. "She's in Amyland again."

Amy sat up right away. "A girl can dream, can't she?" she said teasingly. "Just 'cause you never had a boyfriend-"

"Hey guys look at this!" the silent echidna interrupted.

The girls' heads darted from this way to that, temporarily forgetting the conversation. "What?"

Knuckles chuckled. "Nothing, I just wanted Amy to be quiet."

"Knuckles!" Amy exclaimed, waking Sonic in the process. The blue hero opened his eyes and yawned.

"Hey what's all the ruckus? You guys having a party or something?"

"Or something," Sam joked. The others laughed.

"It sure was something," Tails commented with his small quick fingers going this way, that way...

"We're here we're here we're here!" Flower and Cream shouted.

"Chao chao chao!" Cheese joined in.

"It's about time," Sam snorted.

The others agreed. After finding a parking space and calming an electrified Flower down, the group set off to a hotel to check out their rooms. For the sake of the younger children, the group decided to stay in various rooms that each fit two people.

"Tails and I are sleeping together," Sonic announced almost automatically. Tails nodded sheepishly.

Amy groaned but didn't say anything. "I'll go with Miss Amy,"Cream said. "To make her feel better."

"Thanks Cream," Amy smiled.

"You're welcome Miss Amy."

"I'm with Flower," Sam declared. She patted Knuckles's shoulder. "And poor Knuckles is all alone."

Knuckles shrugged. "I don't mind. Besides, I like it that way." That is true; Knuckles spent most of his life on the Floating Island after all. So Sonic went up to the receptionist at the desk who didn't make a fuss about his sudden appearance (compared to the other citizens).

"Three rooms for two and one small room please," he requested politely.

The receptionist nodded and handed him the keys. "The room numbers are on the keys," she informed him. She smiled. "You're here to have a good time with your friends?"

"Actually Flower," Sonic pointed over to the black fox, "was begging us to take her here for days, so here we are."

The lady chuckled. "I know what it's like. I have a seven-year-old daughter at home who is a lot like her."


"Yep! She is very smart, but can be a bit of a handful at times. There was that one time when I was feeding her Coco Puffs..."

"Sonic!" Flower hollered to the blue hedgehog.

Sonic glanced over to see the stares his friends gave him and laughed. "Whoops, I kept you guys waiting." He turned to the receptionist. "Thanks for talking with me, I'll see ya later."

"Bye bye now," she replied as the next customer replaced Sonic's spot in line.

Sonic joined his friends and handed them the appropriate keys. The group walked close together down the long hallway with already occupied rooms. The rooms the friends were looking for were next to one another.

"Looks like we're neighbors," Amy snorted.

"Good thing we got Sonic to stop talking with his new girlfriend," Knuckles teased.

Sonic playfully slapped Knuckles' arm. "Says the guy who has never been with any girl at all!"

Knuckles returned the gesture, unintentionally knocking Sonic to the ground with the force. Amy gasped but Sonic stood to his feet laughing, as though it didn't hurt at all. "You still got it!"

The girls sighed in relief but decided to get a move on and quickly chose their rooms. Cream and Amy chose a soft pink room with giant bubble gum queen size beds while Sam and Flower chose a lavender room with small dark purple butterflies fluttering toward the ceiling. Both pairs were happy with their choice.

Meanwhile Sonic (who was a bit bruised from Knuckles' slap earlier) and Tails chose a dark blue bedroom with glow-in-the-dark stars glued to the walls, all accompanied by an extravagant space ship. Knuckles, having been the last one picked, chose the only room available: a boring bright brown room with a single salamander slithering up the wall. All the rooms contained a bathroom, queen sized beds and a TV set.

Sam the hedgehog allowed herself to flop upon the cushioned bed, arms spread out across the bed. Flower immediately joined her. Both sighed as they felt themselves get comfortable. "Ah, the effects of a good bed," Sam breathed.

"Uh-huh," Flower answered, mimicking Sam's position.
Both girls quieted down as they allowed themselves to sink into relaxation. Both glanced over at one another. "So…this is what an amusement park is like?" Sam asked.

"We're in a hotel," Flower pointed out.

"I know," the funny hedgehog replied. "I'm just looking forward to riding on all the rides and playing all the games."

Flower sat up. "You've never been to an amusement park!?"

Sam shook her head. "This is my first time."

Flower smiled. "I loooovve amusement parks. They are so much fun!"

"It does look promising. Hmm. Flower, what should we do first when we actually get to be in the park?"

Before Flower could answer, a terrified scream ran through the hallway outside. The girls jumped, startled, but then dashed out of their room and straight to the source; a room to the left of Sam's and Flower's room. A man in a neat white uniform lied on the ground, looking as though he'd seen a ghost.

Sonic, Amy, Cream, Cheese, Tails, and Knuckles were right by his side.

"Mister, is there something wrong?" Cream asked.

"You can tell us," Sonic added. "We'll help you."

The man, looking young and barely reassured, stood shakily to his feet. "Why?" he muttered. "W-w-why haven't they told me of this?"

"Why hasn't who told you what?" Amy tried. She waved her hand under the man's unblinking stare. When the worker didn't respond, Amy shivered. "Tell us please!"

But the man paid her no attention and walked past the heroes and down the lengthy stairs. Our heroes turned to one another in confusion.

"What was that all about?" Sam blurted out.

"Hey guys," Flower called out from the right. "The door is glowing."

Sure enough, the group turned to the door that the man was near and it was indeed glowing. An eerie green glow shone from the cracks of the door. Murmurs and whispers seemed to give the door an almost lofty evil, concealed behind the wood.

The friends huddled together as the air grew cold. Cream, her Chao and Flower whimpered. Knuckles even let out a silent whimper of his own. Sonic's eyes were wide, afraid and curious at the same time. The hedgehog searched his friends' eyes asking what he should do but everyone shrugged. Sonic reached his hand out and knocked at the door.

"BWA HA HA HA HA!" howled the voice behind the door. The friends screamed as they grabbed one another's hands- it didn't matter whose, they could be in serious danger! They ran down the hallway, down the stairs, into the lobby, panting from all of the running they done and now had people staring at them with curious eyes. The receptionist was the most surprised.

"Oh my goodness what happened?" she was by the heroes' side instantly. For a moment no one could answer her.

At last Tails spoke. "The door near Sam and Flower's room-" The hedgehog and fox waved to indicate who they are- "it's glowing and-and-"

"We think it's haunted!" the usually calm echidna shouted. The curious crowd turned exceptionally inquisitive.

The receptionist noticed the unwanted the attention the heroes were attracting and led them into her small office. "Now, let's start from the beginning," she tried again.

Suddenly a green light flooded the room, enveloping the friends whole. Then the light died away just as quickly as it began.

Everyone looked calm but confused, especially the receptionist."What are you doing in my office?"

"I was gonna ask the same thing," Sonic commented.

"Chao chao chao," Cheese spoke.

"You're right Cheese, we should go to the amusement park." Cream remembered.

The atmosphere became heated with excitement. "What're we waiting for then? Let's go!" Sam the hedgehog was back and ready to have fun.

The others shared her enthusiasm and charged out the room, positive feeling returning to their faces. The receptionist exited as well and returned to her desk. The office was empty just as quick as it was full. A thin book collapsed soundlessly on the floor. A whisper of what was yet to come...

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