The Sega Saga Book 1

Clouds Taste Like Cotton Candy

"This was not part of the deal!" frustration erupted from the black night cloak completely covering the figure- also known as "The Boss."

He crushed random objects in proximity with quick punches and feet, all the while murmuring orders to those who worked for him. Everyone was afraid of him in his serious mental state. Everyone but two people; one is a red fox currently applying her makeup while another is a large brown gorilla; he quietly observed the Boss, eyeing the black emerald; he knew that whatever happened in the all-seeing crystal was causing the boss's frustration but what though he didn't know.

The gorilla was five feet tall, with light blue eyes and large palms. He wore green camouflage pants, heavy green combat boots, and a turtle shaped helmet laid on his head prominently. A bandolier swung on his right shoulder, fully of red-headed ammo. His expression was stern and hard, huge muscles complimenting his appearance: a prime example of a disciplined solider.

His name is Sergeant Simon

He needn't wait long for The Boss calmed down long enough to think clearly. He noticed Simon almost right away. "Sergeant Simon! How long you been here man?"

"You have summoned me sir," Simon is direct and assertive."How can I assist you General?"

'The Boss' glared right into the black emerald. "That king of ghosts broke the deal. He was supposed to kidnap Sammy, not the red echidna!" His voice tone changed just as quick as he regained his composure. He turned to the gorilla. "Think you can teach 'im a lesson in not messin' with me?"

The gorilla lifted his right foot up and slammed it on the ground. "Sir yes sir!"

"I can't hear you," the Boss learned long ago that this was the way Sergeant Simon preferred to address answer; he just went along with it.

"Sir yes sir!!!"

"Good! Forward march!" The gorilla marched out of sight before you could count to one.

"Now where did Fi go?" The boss murmured to himself as he marched himself down the long hallway.

The trapped 'female prisoner' laid on the floor, tied up on the surprisingly dirty floor of a dark deep dungeon. Or at least that's what it seems like it is (was that a plump masked dungeon ghost right there?). A startled gasp escaped the echidna's throat when he realized Cream was right beside him unconscious along with Cheese who woke up right as Knuckles's eyes pierced the two.

Cheese blinked. "Chao chao chao?" he asked.

Knuckles shrugged. "Dunno little buddy." He had no idea what the Chao said but he was pretty sure he asked where they were. His gaze fell to Cream who actually looked well, not a scratch to be found. Thank goodness. "Mind waking Cream for me?"

The little bow-tied Chao nodded and gently shook the small rabbit's head. Cream yawned, stretched her arms for a moment and scanned her surroundings. She was surprised and confused to find herself in a dungeon-like setting (who was that ghost wearing all black like an executioner?).

Her relief arrived however when she spotted Knuckles. "Mr. Knuckles, thank goodness you are here. But...where are we?" the rabbit felt unsure how to respond to the situation.

"I don't know," Knuckles replies as evenly as he could. He stole a quick look on the area. "But we have to get out of here."

"How will we do that Mr. Knuckles?"

The echidna didn't answer and instead pulled his arm back as far as his body would allow it and sent his fist slicing through the air, colliding with the bars, sending them flying and hitting the ground with a chorus of cling! No more bars for them. Knuckles glanced over at Cream, a serious expression pasted on his face. "Stay close to me," he commanded."I have a feeling there is more to this place than meets the eye."

"But you managed to break the bars down."

"That's what I'm worried about."

"AAAAHHHHH!" Tails screamed running and swirling his tails behind him as fast as he possibly could; barely ten feet from where he set forth and already trouble rose. Chasing the fox via air was Flying Frog, the nutcase.

"Aaaaaaa-ooohhhh!" His battle cry rang for all to hear. Slowly the lime-colored frog lowered and lowered himself to the anxious fox until he was hovering directly over Tails. The fox noticed and rolled himself into a ball skidding right into a tree, Flying Frog into the nearest branch in failure for concluding his act.

"Owie owie ow ow," he mumbled though he didn't sound hurt at all. He stretched his grin upon his face as Tails got to his feet. The fox then proceeded backing away.

"Don't hurt me," he begged. "I don't know what you want but chasing me won't accomplish anything."

Flying Frog hopped from the branch to the base of the tree where Tails was. "Hurt you? No no not here for that, bat, cat, zat. I just want to have a question, session."

"And you chased me just to tell me that?" So baffling the frog's speech and actions provided for the poor sidekick; his behavior gave the fox a good old fashioned Christmas present of the creeps. Conversing with a madman- or in this case mad frog- is never best nor safe idea for anyone to attempt.

Regardless Tails determined that the best course of action is to stay right where he is. The mad frog may give him some background on what's going on. "What do you want to ask me?"

"Weather or not you know where your friends are par schmar."

"I don't- wait. Did you say weather when the question should have started with whether?"

Flying Frog placed his thumb under his chin and hmmmed. "Maybeeeeee, but then again I may be referring how the weather is. Pretty gloomy, hm?"

The fox knew that by this point arguing about the rules of grammar is not going to get neither him nor the creepy frog anywhere, so he said, "I have to go find my friends..."
Tails had no chance to finish his excuse because he felt a giant strong hand over his head, enveloping his face.

"Forward march," growled a new voice to a new owner.

Flying Frog's eyes lightened. "Oooohhh I just remembered my question mention." He made his way over to Tails's blanketed face. "Didja know that there is a brown monkey right behind you and he's after what I'm schmafter?"The fox muffled out an incoherent answer. "What's that? Didn't hear it," the frog sang.

"Forward march," the same voice commanded.

Flying Frog saluted, the crazy grin remained on his wide jaw line. "Okey dokey."

Weee-hoooo! Weeee-hooooo! Rang sirens on the police cars as they pursued a blue hedgehog. Lights sprinkled and colored the city as the hero ran up, down and diagonally on the buildings. He had no idea how he got here or where he is but he needed to get out of here.

Weeeee-hhooooo! Weeee-hooo!

His friends. King Boom Boo's world. They had to be somewhere here.

Weeee-hhooo! Weeeee-hoooo!

Yet what if they weren't? What happened to them? Flower, Knuckles (Or should he say Mrs. Knuckles, haha), Amy Cream, Cheese and Tails. Sam…

Weeeee-hhooooo! Weeee-hooo!

Reality slapped the hero in the face as he pressed on, more determined to find his friends as opposed to finding a way out. If there is a way out. Up the building he ran, attempting to throw the cops' trail off. Alas the helicopters awaited his arrival and opened fire.


Sonic dodged these bullets in a one single back flip. "Is that all ya got?" he taunted. "Boredom's gonna kill me much sooner than you guys will."

The police responded with continuous firing. The blue hedgehog somersaulted from his spot then sprang his infamous surplus mega jump. Before Sonic could wonder how in the world he jumped that high, his head rammed right into something. Something metal.

The hero's hands flew to his head as he howled in pain. The Earth appeared before the hedgehog's vision as he fell farther and farther down. Everything happened so fast and yet so slow as the hedgehog changed in a different direction, now falling to the left.

The hedgehog could care less what's happening right now for he had an ear-splitting headache overcame his common sense. Then nothing.

The hero steadily lifted his hands from his face and was quite surprised when he discovered he was not dead but instead surrounded by ghosts. They whispered excited whispers then disappeared into nothingness. I must've hit my head harder than I thought… Sonic thought as he drifted to unconsciousness.

Sam found Flower. Flower found Sam. They were both at the amusement park. The two embraced. "Flower you're okay!"

Flower pushed herself from Sam and grinned. "So are you."

Sam daintily placed a finger on her chin and too smiled. "Why thank you."

Flower giggled then gasped.

Sam frowned. "What's the matter, someone big and mean is behind me?"

The black fox nodded so quick that she can easily be compared to a bobble head. Sam turned around as the area fell into dead silence; standing grave was Sergeant Simon. The purple hedgehog could not scream only choke out barely inaudible sounds at the back of her throat.

"Your choice, girls," the monkey said. "You can either come with me or you may stay and ride the Farris wheel as much as you please."

"The second option sounds-"

"Permanently." The single word, simple yet powerful, admitted from the monkey's throat. Both friends saw the double meaning behind the word. Flower took a glance from Sam who looked unusually calm despite the sudden arrival of the brute. The little fox opened her mouth to say something only to find Sam shape-shift into a balloon.

"We'll take our chances," her helium voice breathed. Flower took off, catching up to Sam. The two flew up into the skies, an angry monkey glaring up at their decision. In fact his eyes never left them, yet he made no attempt to halt their progress in the wide open skies.

The girls reached the clouds. Flower marveled at the cotton water-like feel at her fingertips. One moment a cloud. Next nothing. "This is so so cool," she exhaled. Turning her head to Sam's direction, she adds, "I wonder what they taste like."

Sam had her eyes glued to the clouds but answered. "Me too. I bet they taste like cotton candy."


The purple hedgehog dove herself straight into the fluffiness of the sugar white clouds a mouth wide open! She swallowed the clouds in one gulp. How open her eyes were. "IT'S TRUE IT'S TRUE IT'S TRUE IT'S TRUE!" Sam cart wheeled, somersaulted in the air in pure joy. Flower repeated Sam's action and shouted in happiness.

"IT'S SO FLUFFFFFYYY!" the fox wailed.

Sam tossed a weightless cloud at her shoulder. Flower got her game face on….then echoed Sam's action. Pretty soon the two were in a cloud fight, similar to tag, only whoever was it wasn't it for long. They laughed, shouted, and howled in utmost delight. This is by far the most wonderful time they have had thus far in their lives.

Then it all went downhill. Sergeant Simon appeared in a jet black jet and shot long jet black missiles. The two yelped in surprise and barely barely barely dodged in time.

The monkey had his determined face on. He opened fire once more; Flower squeaked and ducked. Sam grabbed her hand, shape shifted into a five hundred pound weight and had both her and Flower tumbling toward Earth.

After a momentary shock, the sergeant raced after them, shooting machine gun bullets at the girls. Flower countered the blows by swirling her tails rapidly, letting the bullets strike her robotic clink clink! Before the young fox knew it, the Earth was centimeters below. Flower screamed. Simon fired.

Sam transformed into a parachute and the two landed gracefully.
But it was not over yet. The monkey took one last fire aimed right at Sam's feet. The girls jumped back as debris seemingly floated everywhere, revealing a medium-sized hole leading to… a dungeon? (What's with the executioner ghost hovering around in the air?)

Before Sam had a chance to think about their options, Flower leaped into the whole, leaving Sam no choice but to follow. Sergeant Simon trailed after them. "You can't hide forever!" he shouted into the hole, the echos ricocheting into the ears of the girls. Yet they did not hear.

When Sam and Flower reached the bottom, what a surprise they had: Knuckles, Cream, Cheese, Sonic, Tails and Amy fighting one another. They were in an arena setting with ghosts hovering a little in their seats, huzzahing, arms in the air.

Everywhere you look you can see purple, black and green all sprinkled on the walls, seats and some of the other ghosts. In the back of the arena laid King Boom Boo laughing at the entertainment presented. Upon the hedgehog's and fox's arrival all activity ceased; angry eyes.

"What in the world is going on here?!" Sam demanded. She pointed her finger at her friends. "And why are you guys fighting each other?"

"In one ear and out the otherrrr," the king sang out his words.


"They're under my control," the king declared. "They listen to no one else. So in one ear and out the other with other peopleeee. Isn't that great?"

"NO!" the girls yelled, fed up with Boo's tricks.

The large ghost sat up. "No? Why ever not?"

"They're our friends," Flower hollered. "You said if we get to your castle, we can have our friends back!"

King Boo frowned. "That is most certainly not what I said. I said that if all of you solve my puzzles you may leave my world unharmed."

"That's exactly," Sam spoke up. "Why we are here at the castle."

"You think that is the entire puzzle?"

"Yes." No hesitation could be heard from Sam's direct, firm answer.

The king fingered his claws. "Well my dear and my young fox, I regret to inform you that-"

Boooooomm! Huge explosion uncovered the large jet plane of Sergeant Simon, ruthless and serious as ever. Everyone gasped, even the mind controlled comrades. "Sergeant Simon," the king spluttered. "W-what are you doing here? You weren't supposed to come until Thursday."

Jumping out the now landed jet, crushing the solid ground under his solid weight, the monkey straightened his military jacket. "I was sent here. You broke off a deal."

"Oh if that's the rea- What? Me? Break a deal? Good sportsmanship is heavily emphasized around here. No one in my realm-myself included, mind you- breaks deals."

"And yet you were about to," Sam mutters under her breath.

"If that's true then that's a promise you have broken," Sergeant Simon spoke calmly. "You were supposed to capture the targets, not toy with them."

Boom gasped as he remembered. "Well I um uh," more sputtering. Meanwhile the once mind controlled friends were free from the ghost's control.

"Where are-" Knuckles began.

"SHHHHH!" hissed the girls. The friends remained silent but confusion rested in their eyes. Sam motioned everyone to huddle up. The friends obeyed.

"We're in King Boom boo's castle-" Sam started.

"We know!" Amy half yelled half whispered. "But why are we here in an arena?"

"You guys were fighting each other-"

"WHAT?!" everyone exclaimed.

"Why?" asks Sonic.

"Just shush and let us explain." Sam huffed.

One story later

"That explains a lot," Tails remarked.

"Not." Sonic mumbled.

"I know I know but we gotta find a way out." Sam was in business mode.

"But how?" Cream asks.

"Aaaaaa-ohhhh!" howled a familiar voice. To some of the characters at least. All eyes turned to the source: Flying Frog.

"You!" Sonic almost shouted.

The frog grinned. "I heard soft voices and had to see for myselffff. I heard all your secrets! Annnnndd I wanna help," the mad frog added after a pause, not that it would have eased the comrades' suspicion of Flying Frog's true motives.

"How will you do that?" Amy wanted to know.

"Oh no," Sonic waved his hands. "Nonononono. No. We're not seriously considering it."

"What choice do we have?" Sam asks. "If he truly knows the way out-" "I doooo." The frog whispered. - "Then maybe we should ask him."

Every person on the team had their eyes on the mad frog. Then they turned to King Boo, arguing with Sergeant Simon about something. And let's just say that some light blue fire was involved.

How they got out of the world of King Boom Boo is quite unbelievable. Well, not really, but whether or not you buy it is your call. Ready? Okay.

They jumped. And they jumped. And they jumped until a hole appeared on the ground. As soon as they jumped into the hole, the team found themselves in their own beds. Not at the hotel but at the mansion. The only person not present is Flying Frog himself.

Just like the question if whether or not ghosts exist is similar to your questioning whether or not that one dream you had is real or not. Especially if the dream seems like it could happen in real life.

Only Flying Frog, Sergeant Simon and The Boss know what happened. And as Flying Frog and Sergeant Simon (mostly Sergeant Simon) recalled the events, the Boss remained silent. Even after the two finished talking the Boss kept quiet.

Then he waved his hand indicting the two to leave. Once the frog and gorilla were outside the Boss's chamber, Flying Frog jumped from the floor to the wall, crawling. Sergeant Simon watched, his blue burned arms giving him a streak of color.

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