The Sega Saga Book 1

What She Learned From Experience

Sam sat at the balcony, whittling new figurine statues of her friends. She paused. Maybe a little more off the edge- the knife swiped to the left, a large piece of wood dropped to the ground. She admired her craft. Then realized she unknowingly shaped this figure of her infamous jerkish ex-boyfriend.

"Scourge..." Sam mumbled through her teeth. That two-timing green hedgehog that was the reason of Sam's reluctance to remain single. And to preserve herself for a certain blue hedgehog. If it weren't for Amy Rose's possessive nature with Sonic, Sam would have said something. Or at the very least done something. And Amy is not the only reason why.

Sam glared down at the figurine of Scourge as a memory sparked her mind, telling a story she does not want to remember.

Sam was in high school, walking directly to her locker. Twisting, turning to the combinations, A click open. Everything was neatly organized in their own separate places; textbooks on the right and all Sam's notebooks of random drawings and diary entries she writes in rather frequently.

At least that was how it was all supposed to look. Sam noticed something out of place almost immediately and plucked it from the unwanted spot; it was a paper eight times folded with neat cursive addressed to her.

In Sam's school, notes are passed all the time, whether it's written via paper or sent via text message. It seemed that all the students preferred notes/messages over face-to-face. Sam was among the exception of these rare students. She should be lucky she guesses, no one is cyber bullying her. Or going to.
Sam opens the letter and reads it silently to herself.

Hey Sammy,
Wanna go for a swing by the coolest club today after school? Meet me by the bleachers outside of the gym. Can't wait to see ya

Sam stared at the letter. Scourge? Who is that? Whoever he was, he is asking her out. But Sam had no idea who Scourge is or why he wanted to hang out with her, but…
Sam stuffed the note in her pocket, scooped up the textbooks she needed for her next class and set off.

For the first time in her life, Sam found herself wishing school would continue. The purple hedgehog couldn't help it; the thought of going out with a complete stranger made
Sam's stomach feel as though it were full of rocks. She is not quite ready to meet this 'Scourge' so she was hoping that it wasn't just that last bell of the day. It was.

Sam gulped, carefully placed her books in her backpack and strolled out of the classroom to the gym, barely a hop and skip away. Butterflies bumped into the sides of Sam's stomach, making her feel like she could throw up any moment. Sam didn't feel ready at this point so she leaned against the sides of the bleachers and waited for the feeling to subside. She focused with all her will and heart on not hyperventilating. Much.

"Hey." Said a voice as smooth as silk.

Sam jumped feet from the ground, whirling around to see the owner of the voice. It was a green hedgehog with pink sunglasses perched at the top of his forehead. He wore a black leather jacket and heavy looking combat boots almost igniting flames. He smiled his razor sharp smile at her. Remember when Sam focused on not hyperventilating? Yeah, that guy didn't help and only has himself to blame as Sam mouth erupted with bile. The hedgehog sprang out of the way.

"Don't scare me like that!" she exclaimed through her throwing up. She attempted to stand herself up and found a peach arm help her. Sam was on her feet instantly. The green hedgehog gazed into her eyes.

"What…are you doing?" a confused Sam wondered, turning her head to spit the remaining bile from her mouth.

"Nothing," he replied almost in a haze. "I think ya got the most gorgeous eyes ever."

Sam blushed in spite herself. She never gave her eyes a second thought and here that hedgehog was, complimenting her on them. Sam felt an urge to hug the guy but a part of her logical conscious mind stopped her. "I'm looking for someone," she informed the boy in an informative manner.


Sam nods.

The hedgehog examines Sam like he's trying to see her lie.

Finally he nods. "I can help ya with that but I need ya ta help me with something first."

Sam shook her head. "I-I can't. I'm already waiting for someone…"

Now it was the green hedgehog who looked hurt. "Really? That's a darn shame. I was really hoping the answer would be different."

Sam raised an eyebrow. "Why?"

"I asked a lot of people already. They all refused, said something 'bout having better things to do. You-" and the green hedgehog nods over to Sam to emphasize his point- "seem no different from 'em."

Sam blinked. Her? No different from the 'others'? As regretful as Sam is to make that decision she knew that keeping her promise to this 'Scourge' person is important. He would be here any minute now and maybe she can help out the green hedgehog.

As Sam waited sweeping her head from one direction to the next, the green hedgehog made his way to the exit and Sam halted him by grabbing his arm firm enough to make him stop in his tracks.

He looked over at the purple hedgehog confused. Sam's grip did not lessen. "I'll help you," Sam said. "But just for a few minutes, I really really really have to meet up with someone."

The green hedgehog grinned. "You're the best babe." Then he whistled.

Just then a group of motorcycles broke into view, each with a unique character riding; a red fox, a big brown gorilla, a dark green frog, a chocolate brown lynx, and a sour blue hawk each had their own motorcycle ready to rock and roll. The group had determined smiles pasted on their faces. When they noticed Sam, the smiles didn't falter.

The green hedgehog grinned at Sam, suddenly seeming more intimidating than all the motorcycle fiends combined. "So Sammy, wanna hang with us?"

A chill rang down Sam's spine. "I thought-"

"Boss," a deep voice rang out. It sounded like it came from the impatient gorilla.

"Just a moment," the green hedgehog calls out. "Okay babe let's beat it."

The purple hedgehog had been quiet for quite a while said, "I am going nowhere until you tell me who you are and why you lied to me." She was direct and slightly rude in her tone but Sam didn't care; that was all she could take not knowing what she's getting herself into.

The hedgehog did not seem even a little taken aback which annoyed Sam. "Lie? Me?" He chuckled a bit like Sam told a joke. "Way I see it, I am actually on time and I made sure to play it cool all though the school day and land a decent hangout time with you."

"And just who do you think you are anyways?" Sam demanded.

Scourge points to his chest. "I am Scourge the Hedgehog. Now should we get going to the place I actually paid good money to get us into or nah?"

Sam could not process what was happening. In fact, all of Sam's senses have hijacked because the group of animals on motorcycles (who Sam found out are actually Scourge's team) have arrived at the loudest, brightest, smelliest (not even close to a good way) club ever seen on the face of Mobius.

It didn't help the fact that Sam saw teenagers in explicit clothing, carrying and spilling bits of clear liquid in the process of dancing and hopping around. Laughter, screaming, and music turned up to the max flooded Sam's eardrums, her eyes clouded with random (but not real) lasers darting this way.

That way. Everything about that place made Sam feel the opposite of what a party (or whatever it is they're doing) should be.

After parking their motorcycles into awkwardly angled motorcycle parking places, Scourge leaped off his vehicle, almost kicking Sam in the shins. He lands on the ground, breaths in the smoke, hacks then grins. "Ahhhh. It's so good to be home, eh guys?"

Most of the gang agreed. Fiona however winkled her nose. "No way, how can you ever like a place like this?"

"And yet you're here," the purple hedgehog comments.

Fiona flips her head toward Sam. "Shut up newbie, you're the one who's never been to a real party house."

"I hear the manner store is hiring, you might wanna check it out." The entire gang- except Scourge of course- let out an ooooohhhhhh.

"I likeie this girl," Flying Frog says. "Like aaaahh oooohhh!"A few whoops were heard among the crowd of partying people.
Fiona, unfazed by the comments from the public, speaks. "Oh really? I was gonna give you a nasty look but I see you already have one, girlie."

A louder and definitely encouraging ooooooohhh rang through the air. Sam clenched her teeth. Yep that was the last straw.

Luckily for Fiona, Scourge jumped in. "Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Chicas, calm down. We can get along, no need for clenched faces an' all that." Scourge extended both his arms, hooking it instantly in the holes of the fox's and hedgehog's arms. "Let's just go in, have fun an' not get in a fight. Okay?" The girls reluctantly nodded and allowed themselves to be pulled by Scourge into the crowd.

Sam was then whirled into the loud music, rough faces of the teens appeared- or rather their backsides. The young people had to avoid getting hit by the rear ends as the teenagers paid them no attention. Finally they were at the center of the building, the dance floor. Squares of yellow, blue and white sprinkled all over the dance floor.

Scourge and his friends started dancing. Once the gang's attention was off Sam, she started to look for a way out. Sam squeezed past the sea of dancing bodies, feeling quite dizzy from the lack of real fresh air. She felt like a bouncy ball in a pinball machine, colliding into one body only to end up colliding with another. This went on and on for quite some time.

Eventually Sam shapeshifted into a marble and rolled her way underneath the feet of the crazy partiers. She rolled and rolled only to be scooped up in the hands of a meaty hand. Holding her was a big light gray bulldog, eyeing her with interest.

"Finally!" he exclaimed. "It's about time I got mah hands on dis thing." He then placed Sam into his pocket, darkness consuming Sam the marble whole.

Light- real light thank God- entered Sam's vision and blinded her temporarily. Blinking a few times to clear her sight the first thing she noticed was fine red carpet. Like the sort of carpet that would cost as much as an indoor swimming pool. Then the purple marble noticed rows of purple vases lined up in a straight line. Striped chairs sat in adjacent corners of the room with a fat dog plopped in each one.

Each dog wore white coats, top white hats and lofty shoes. The dogs each had small rose pink flower placed neatly in the openings of their top pockets. The flowers drooped as though warning about the dogs' attitudes toward plants. Their large snouts sharply pointed into the air and stood so still Sam thought they were expensive statues for show. None of them breathed for a moment until the dumb dog-Sam's kidnapper- spoke. "Hiya guys," he playfully greeted.

The two snobby dogs- one gray and one black- titled their heads to the dog who spoke and only nodded. "Ah, Rufus. You're here," the gray dog sighed. Surprisingly his speech was not what Sam thought it would be. It sounded rough, like chalks scrapping the sidewalk carelessly.

"So much for the peace and quiet night you promised," the black dog agreed. His voice was rough like the gray dog but a different sort of rough; his accent sounded like a churning trash truck crushing garbage in its' path. He picked himself off the chair. "What did you bring back this time Rufus?"

Rufus grinned playfully. "Oh you're not gonna believe it! Oh no you're not!" His meaty hand digs for Sam the purple marble only for the marble to increase in size, growing until the marble became a dark brown puppy, no bigger than a saucer of milk.

Rufus jumps back in surprise. The dogs though remain calm.
"Arf arf!" barked the little puppy. The puppy made her way over to the other dogs and laid on her back her tummy showing. This invited the black dog to scratch her belly quite affectionately. No denying it felt good being petted there.

Just then a harsh SLAP! Met the air, a wincing of pain as the patting stopped. It didn't take a genius to know that it was the gray dog who slapped the black dog's hand. "Don't you dare touch that thing, Lucifer," the gray dog scolded. "You don't know where it's been!"

"But Aidan, it's so cute," Lucifer protests. He turns to Sam's kidnapper Rufus. "Where'd you find dis thing anyhow?"

Rufus didn't hear however because he was too busy pouncing from point A to point B, attempting to play with the dog. Sam yelped and jumped to the ceiling, lounging in the chandelier. She watched from below as the dogs gathered with one another.

"Come down here this instant you whimpering thing!" Aidan commanded.

"What he said," Lucifer added.

"Shut up Lucifer."


Sam did not come down. She did not listen to the dogs. All she did was shapeshift into a wolf, leaping the air in a single bound before the chandelier had a chance to fall.

The chandelier smashed to the ground, bits and pieces of glass flying everywhere. The dogs including Rufus jumped back. Sam the wolf sprang from corner to corner, sufficiently landing and crushing the vases.

"Nooooo!" Aiden whined. "Those vases were very expensive!"

"We need to do sumting 'bout that wolf!" declared the black dog.

Sam smiled secretly at their reactions; it felt good seeing the dogs scared to the bone in their own quarters- or wherever they are. Time to put on a show.

Sam swiped her large claws at the dogs, tearing their clothes to shreds. The two dogs gasped and struggled out of her grasp. Once Sam finished, she wreaked havoc all throughout room, clawing the furniture until you couldn't tell what it was any more, shoving the stands with the large vases over, and howling all the way.

Rufus applauded…for some reason. The wolf glanced at the not so bright dog then took a bow. Aiden and Lucifer saw their chance and started beating the wolf with their long exaggerated canes. The wolf fell over, howling in pain this time.

Gotta shapeshift into something…effective Sam thought and started changing shape. Before the hedgehog knew it, she transformed into-What the heck?!

Sam noticed Sergeant Simon charging straight to the dogs, grabbing the two beating dogs with one hand. He threw the dogs into a wall, having knocked them unconscious. Sam felt herself lifted up over the large gorilla's shoulder and noticed how badly she was hurt. Her body strung and screamed in a stinging sensation of pain. She hissed at the feeling.

"Calm down," Sergeant Simon commands coolly. "I will tend to your wounds."

"How…" Sam started. She howled in pain then tried again."How did you find me?"

Sergeant Simon laid Sam on the area of the ground where there was no broken glass and fished in his pocket for something. He never took his eyes off her, like he was reading her…intently. "I heard a noise coming from the office. I decided to investigate." The gorilla found his medical supply kit and opened it. He proceeded to apply a cool green gel to Sam's arms. "That answers the boss's question on your whereabouts."

"Who's the boss?" Sam asked.

"General Scourge." The gorilla said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

And as though on cue, Scourge entered the room, his eyes widened in shock. "Sammy! What happened ta ya?" He waited for Sam's response.

Sam lifted her head to meet the hedgehog's sky blue eyes. "I'm okay." Though she didn't sound okay; she sounded tired, even to herself.

Scourge said nothing and helped lift Sam off the floor. He mumbled inaudibly as Sam was slung on his shoulder. Sam could not decide what to do next so she remained quiet. Sergeant Simon opened the door for the hedgehog, earning a nod.

Scourge gave a shrill whistle enough to turn some heads. Sam managed to get a look at the party scene; there was almost no difference in the scene though there was a little bit of room for dancing and that was occupied by Flying Frog and Predator Hawk who looked like he was enjoying himself.

The two stopped and were over by Scourge's side in no time. Both looked concerned. Shortly after that Lightening Lynx appeared. The purple hedgehog could have sworn she saw a glimpse of red fur- Fiona! She's here too!

After that it was a blur. Scourge started barking orders to his friends, the pounding of feet, the annoying rave music…Sam's eyes fluttered close and nodded her head. And let's just say that sleep got a huge bear hug from Sam that night.

The morning air felt good on Sam the bird's face as she soared through the air to school. How she enjoyed the flight she took! How you can fly as high as you want with no limits but the sky. How cool the ever-rapid wind brushed her face. Really Sam loved everything about flying. It was a lot like swimming in the ocean only you don't need gills. Just wings.

Another reason Sam like flying is that it gave her plenty of time to think about her troubles. If she felt like thinking about them. And boy did Sam have a lot to think about; it was difficult to get last night's events out of her mind. Certain parts of the event- shapeshifting into a wolf, clawing the two dogs, the music, the clothes-repeated in her mind again and again. Quite a wonder she woke in her own bed at her house.

The shapeshifting hedgehog decided that since she could think of no explanation for what happened that she'll ask Scourge about all of this when she got here,. If she can find him that is. Sam arrived at the large doors of the school, no one coming in or going out. She arrived at school much earlier than she normally would; so early no student was here yet. The hedgehog plopped herself on the steps leading to the door. She got out a book to read and waited.

"Sammy?" a familiar deep silk voice sounded. Sam jumped several feet in the air, the book sliding out her hands and would have landed on the ground if Scourge had not caught it with one hand.

"Don't scare me like that!" Sam exclaimed as soon as she landed clumsily on the ground.

Scourge handed her the book. "That's how ya thank someone who saved your life?"

"You didn't save my life," Sam says. "You just came right in an' carried me away."

"Annnnd put you back in your bed where you belong," Scourge revealed.

Sam stared. "How do you know where I live, Stalker?"

The green hedgehog snorted. "Not obvious? I live in the same place you do, just a little ways from your house."

"Oh." That made sense. At least Scourge wasn't stalking her. Much. She opened her mouth to say something when Scourge cut her off.

"I know you're wondering what happened last night so I'll make this short, sweet, an' to the point ok? Okay. So after ya disappeared or whatever, I searched the club for you. Sergeant Simon helped since he's y'know, loyal to da bone."

"He's the gorilla right?" Sam asks.

"Yea," Scourge nods. "Anyway he heard a noise comin' from the suite of the club so he went in first ta see what there is to see. When he didn't answer for a while, I went right on in an' boom, found you."

"But what happened after that?" Sam wanted to know.

"After that?" Scourge thought for a moment. Then he answered. "After that, the team noticed me with you on my shoulder so they asked what's up an' I said 'We gotta get ol'Sammy outta here she's badly hurt.' An' they said, 'okay what should we do?' That's when I got a plan in my head; I divided the team in two groups: Team one helped you to your house and made sure you're okay. I lead Team one."

"You did?" Sam searched Scourge's face to detect a lie. The green hedgehog seemed very sincere in his words and expression. Despite having the appearance of someone untrustworthy Sam believed him. Trusted him. Like he was the sort of hedgehog you could count on. If what he's saying is true, then Sam definitely owes him.

Still though Sam needs to be sure that her suspicions are not going awry. "So you guys actually helped me?"

"Why wouldn't we?" Scourge asks. "I was the one who invited ya an' everyone knows that guests deserve pretty good treatment. We couldn't just leave ya there. We all did that stuff 'cause we care for you. Me being the most." Scourge held Sam's hand in his, looking her directly in her eyes.

Sam, for a moment was enraptured in his eyes then gained her composure as she wretched her hand free from his. It wasn't that she hated it; it made her uncomfortable. And also her palm was sweaty. It took a moment for her brain to get back on track, but when it did Sam asked one more question. "You said you divided the team in two groups right?"

Scourge nodded, seeming a bit of guard that the few seconds broke.

"So what did team two do?"

Scourge grinned though the thought of what team two done is the most amusing thing in the world. "We couldn't exactly forgive the club people what they've done an' we've been getting crappy service from them lately. An' with what happened to you and all, we couldn't exactly let it go. So a punishment is an order."

"And what was the punishment?"

"After everyone in the club left, Team Two broke everything the club had an' bolted."

From that moment forward, Scourge treated Sam with the utmost respect; he carried her books for her, gave her brownies from the school cafeteria ("No no no they weren't stolen promise," Scourge assured her), and sat with Sam instead of his usual crew. The green hedgehog treated Sam like she is a queen. As much as Sam liked that she preferred to have a friend rather than a servant. Sam told Scourge this and became surprised when Scourge didn't leave after she said it like her friends did.

Instead Scourge asked her if she wanted to be his girlfriend. The purple hedgehog fainted right there and had to be sent to the nurse's office. Three days later of avoiding Scourge due to deep thinking later, Sam accepted and they were happy since.

Until one day Scourge made a fatal mistake. It all happened one day when Sam and Scourge decided to go out to the Steakhouse (Scourge's favorite place). Scourge even made some renovations for the both of them.

Everything was great; the two of them were happy and real happy when a tall female skunk walked right up their table a scowl frozen on her face."Scourge! You better have some good explanation for this!" her footsteps echoing her anger.

Sam was confused but Scourge nearly fell over his chair. The skunk arrived to their table, smoke steaming from her ears (figuratively).

"Scourge…" Sam said once she found her voice. "Who is she?"

The green hedgehog climbed back up in his seat, flopping in his chair. He glanced at the skunk then at Sam. "I don't know her. Never seen 'er before in my life!"

"'Never seen me before!'" The rage from the angry skunk was for all to hear as heads turned to the source of the noise. "Admit it you dirtbag you've been cheating on me just like you do with all the other girls."

Sam gasped; at least she swore she had but she heard nothing. Confusion with a hint of anger seethed inside her. How dare that skunk talk to her boyfriend like that! "If you're gonna make accusations of my boyfriend, then you need to go."

"And who's gonna make me huh?" the skunk girl challenged.

Sam opened her mouth to deliver a threat when a whistle sounded. The tension between the girls was temporarily forgotten as they looked over to the source of the noise: Scourge, with the door wide open. Right away the girls followed him out of the restaurant. And the Steakhouse became as nosier as ever.

Predictably the girls crossed their arms awaiting Scourge's explanation. Scourge took a deep breath and spoke. "Sammy she wasn't lying. I am her boyfriend."

"Was is more like it," the skunk mumbles.

"For how long?" Sam immediately followed with another question.

"While you and I were…y'know."

Sam stared at Scourge, hurt building in her eyes. "…Wh…what?"

"What does that matter?" Scourge replies rather carelessly."Long as both girlfriends are happy everybody's happy."

"You…you cheated on me!" Sam yells.

"And me," the skunk girl adds. "This whole thing stinks worse than I do- pun intended."

The girls advanced menacingly toward the sorry green hedgehog. Scourge took several steps back, worry pasted on his face. Then a pause as the friends dared one another to make a move. Eyes locked, teeth baring no backing out for Scourge.


ZAP! Scourge jumped in the air, a large ring appearing right where he was and as Scourge plants his feet on the ground, the ring swallows him, disappearing along with the large ring. The girls stared at the spot Scourge was and tried their best to comprehend what just happened; it all happened so quickly.

"What…?" the skunk began.

"was that," Sam finished for her.

They both looked at one another and shrugged. "I really wanted to punch his face." Sam said.

"What a jerk," Skunk agreed. "Well, at least he's outta our hair now."

Sam shook her head. "I don't think so." Pause. "But next time I see him I'll shapeshift into a wolf and tear him up."

The skunk girl frowned. "You can shapeshift?" Sam nodded. "Wow you…never hear a lot about shapeshifters nowadays."
Silence. "Sam." The hedgehog extended her hand to meet the skunk's.

"Ala," the skunk girl accepted the gesture and gave a firm handshake. Ala released Sam's hand and suddenly found the ground interesting. "I…have to go."

Sam nods in understanding. "You'll find someone better."

"So will you." And Ala strolled out of sight.

Sam instantly thought of Sonic, her best friend who she hasn't seen in years. If only Ala's statement could come true right here right now. Sam sighed then smiled as she pondered on the memories she has of Sonic, his kind smile and bright green eyes. It is enough to give Sam the hope she needs to keep going. She'll see Sonic again. Someday.

Sam closed her eyes not to prevent tears but to attempt to shut the memory from her mind, put it in an inescapable place where she can never look at it again. When that didn't help, Sam picked up the figure of her ex and chucked it over the side. A grin worked its' way onto her face. Then she heard the sound of someone calling her name.

She looked down over at the balcony to notice her good friend Sonic. He was waving and smiling at her, next thing either hedgehogs knew Sonic was running, the dust flying and disappearing almost as quickly. Sam frowned but saw the reason Sonic was running.

Huge hammer in the air, long boots pounding the earth is Amy herself. Amy ran in the direction her blue 'boyfriend' went and set off in his trail. "Someday Sonic you will be mine!" She howled in the air.

"Someday Sonic you will not be hers," Sam said as soon as Amy was gone. "Til you."

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