Wizards Of Waverley Place the Wizards Return


It’s of that One Of the Russo Family who wore Wizards had a secret they have been living through that there wore Wizards that

Lauren Breaux
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Wizards Of Waverley Place Wizards are Back

Alex Russo she was a Wizard from the start She was worried that everything is Changeing Ever Since she was a Wizard the Russo Family Have Been Wizards from the start of that She Looked At her mom named Terssa Russo And her Dad Named jerry Russo And her brother Named Justin Russo And her little brother Named Max Russo she said What would it be like Of Everything Changeing me being as a Wizard me not being a Wizard That She picked up her wizard wand she looked at it she was worried that everything might change ever since she became a Wizard That she said to her best friend named Harper she said to her what happens if the Wizard compataion happens and I really not a wizard anymore at all that Harper she looked at her she said you know what will happen that her dad named jerry Russo he didn’t know what it would look like Of Everything Of his job in the Waverley substation started to change that What if they wore not wizards Anymore That

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