Please Be a Nightmare

Sif was snuggled into her sheets, unwilling to wake up, but she finally did. She luxuriously stretched her arms up and shook her head, expecting to have her hair flow about her. All she felt was a cold wind on her head. Blinking away sleep she put her hands on her sheets to sit up.

Something felt wrong about the sheets, furry almost. Very slowly she looked down. Tufts and locks and strands of blonde hair covered her bed. They were on her nightgown and her floor and desk and the table in front of the mirror…

Her heartbeat remained slow as the shock had not yet caught up to her. She got out of bed, and walked over to her mirror. The hair scattered around the room was hers. She was bald.

Unnoticed, her scissors set themselves back onto the table next to Sif's jeweled brush. Tufts of hair were stuck between the blades.

"Wake up." Sif ordered herself. "It is just a nightmare, just a nightmare, please be a nightmare."

It was no nightmare. Sif was wide awake. Loki had warned her 'paybacks are fel.'

"Loki," she seethed. Then she screamed.

"What makes you think I did it?" Loki asked, pulling his best innocent look.

He looked around Sif's hair-covered room, chastising himself for making that curse on the scissors so strong. It was tempting to say that Sif should clean her room more often.

"Sif said you promised to get her back for some insult," Odin scolded sharply, instantly believing Loki was responsible.

His scolds didn't hurt Loki as much as they had last week. Odin didn't approve of my magic, but Loki was able to chase off Nira with it. Just because Odin didn't like magic did not make it a useless skill to learn.Loki repeated that to himself, trying to ignore the sting Odin's words still carried.

"If you didn't do this then what were you planning to do?" Frigga asked gently, flashing a glare at Odin.

In response, Loki held out his right arm, palm down, and whistled three notes. The sleeve of the jacket, which he had put on shortly after getting dragged out of bed, moved. A small black head poked out, emerald cat eyes glittering, and it flicked out a red forked tongue. Three ice-like crystals by its each of its eyes sparkled in the light. Thor stepped back.

"Is that a Whipsnapper Cobra?" Frigga asked.

Loki nodded and scratched the snake with his other hand between its eyes. "I call him Slítas. He's from Jotunnheim, but he doesn't want to go back home. I already asked him."

The cobra slid out of Loki's sleeve some more, balancing on his

Jötunn friend's hand so it could look at Thor. It curled its prehensile tail around Loki's wrist and puffed up at Thor, flaring out his hood with a hiss. Thor took another step back.

Now Frigga knew why her younger son was wearing his jacket. Loki never got cold, a testament to his Jötunn blood, but his jacket sleeve was a good place to hide a snake. It seemed he had even trained it to come out when he whistled.

"He's not venomous and doesn't have fangs. The only teeth he has are little," Loki explained. "Sif doesn't like snakes, I was going to see how badly I could scare her, add a little glamour, nothing harmful."

Scare Sif with a snake, Odin thought with a sigh.

"I would have gotten her back earlier, but I had to catch something not lethal." Loki shrugged. "I could have used a venomous one I found but I um… would have got in more trouble. I was going to scare her tonight but I had ah…"

"Nightmare." Thor jumped in to save Loki just as Loki knew he would.

The adults, remembering everything Loki had been through of late, stopped questioning him.

"I've only been learning magic for a week," Loki continued, making a show of looking around Sif's room.

He whistled two notes and Slítas disappeared up his sleeve again. calmly walked backwards, he let his hands rest on Sif's table next to the scissors. A simple charm prevented the reflection in the mirror from giving him away.

"This is an advanced curse," Loki shrugged innocently.

For a moment, the adults and Thor looked away from him. He drummed his fingers on the table, and, hearing his cue, Slítas slithered out of Loki's sleeve just enough to clamp its strong jaws around Sif's scissors. It pulled the pair Loki had cursed into the sleeve as Loki himself set an identical, non-cursed pair on the table in its place.

What had taken Loki the few days to get his payback hadn't been catching Slítas. It had been finding a pair of identical scissors so no one would realize he'd switched them. The only evidence of his curse safely in his hands, Loki let himself relax a few degrees and the charm on the mirror faded, the reflection once more accurate.

He stepped back as Frigga walked over and picked up the duplicate scissors. Loki held his breath.

"Sif mentioned hearing a snipping sound like scissors in her sleep but there is no curse in these." She set them back down. Clever Loki.

Odin frowned and looked at the boys. "Dismissed."

The brothers quickly left.

Loki slipped a hand up his sleeve, giving the illusion of petting Slítas when in reality he was adjusting the cursed scissors. His careful planning would go to waste if they fell out of his sleeve. He'd throw them over the Edge of Asgard later. Once they were in the Void, no one could blame him.

So he had cut Sif's hair off with her scissors, and he had no intention of leaving Slítas alone with her. But hey, it really wasn't a lie if everyone believed it.

Here is the Prince of Mischief finally making an entrance, playing Thor even and using current events to enforce his lie.

*Sigh* If Odin had just left Loki on Jotunnheim with his father then none the movies would have happened. It is Odin's own fault that he created his own worst enemy and Thor's nemesis.

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