Shadows of the Past


Loki's spell wasn't quite under control and when he and Angborn materialized, and there was a bang and they ended up flying. Angborn sat up after a moment, hitting his head on the dead tree he was somehow under. "Ow," he muttered, crawling out and standing. "Loki?" He looked around. They were in the forest, out of sight of the city.

The tree above him moved. Angborn looked up and saw Loki laying on one of the branch. "How did you get up there?" He felt himself starting to smile.

Loki looked around at the leafy canopy that surrounded him, "I haven't the faintest idea..." He looked down at Angborn, "I think the teleport destabilized."

Angborn backed up so Loki could jump down, "I think you're right."

Teleports and portals were similar. Both had matrixes and if the matrix destabilized, the teleport or portal collapsed. In a portal, if that happened and you caught in it your molecules were permanently scattered. For a teleport you got dropped midway to your target and were thrown out, violently.

Loki checked to make sure nothing was broken then turned to Angborn, "why did you do that you fool?"

"Next time, I'll let Odin blast you with Gungnir," Angborn promised.

"Stop acting like me and answer," Loki scolded. "You just helped me get away, Odin won't hesitate to tag you a traitor."

"I threw my sword at him," Angborn sighed, "I think that's a given."

"Angborn I'm-"

"Not worth it?" Angborn cut in. "That's what you were going to say, wasn't it? Ever heard the saying 'those who seek power the least oft' deserve it the most?'"

"Not everyone who gets power deserves it!" Loki shouted. "Me? I had power! I was a god! Do you know what I did? I destroyed my race. Then the Chitauri snatched me from the Void and made me attack Midgard."

"Made you," Angborn whispered. Suddenly he understood. "Thor was right then, what he said when you two were in the dungeon. You did let him defeat you. You just took on a whole squad of Æsir by yourself, unarmed, weakened, and won without getting a scratch. Humans shouldn't have been a problem, even with Thor there."

Loki scoffed and looked away. "The Chitauri wouldn't have stopped at New York."

"So you let the Avengers win and Thor take you into custody."

Loki didn't answer.

"You let Thor bring you back because the Chitauri aren't happy with you, are they? For losing on purpose…" Angborn whispered.

There was no response from Loki. A slight breeze came up; ruffling their hair and clothes, Loki more than Angborn since Angborn was still in armor. Loki closed his eyes, fist clenched, not responding.

Angborn felt something warm run down his neck. Right, Sif had clipped him. Recently, Sif had started poisoning her blades. He reached up and took off his helmet, setting it on the dead tree he had previously been under.

The poison Sif used was an anti-platelet and it prevented the body from stopping the bleeding. Only a high caliber healing spell or something to purify the poison could stop it. Either way, even scratches could prove fatal as they would remain open and vulnerable to infection, something Asgardians had no concept of since they healed so fast.

Loki glanced over at him, probably curious why Angborn was still bleeding.

"Sif's blades are poisoned," Angborn explained as he applied pressure to the injury.

Instinctively, Loki raised a hand and whispered an antidote incantation. The bleeding stopped; Loki's legs gave under him.

Angborn barely managed to catch one of Loki's arms before his prince did a faceplant into the grass. "Easy," Angborn warned him. "You're magic's still weak from your imprisonment and doing that teleport didn't help either." But it shouldn't be so weak that he couldn't neutralize a simple toxin.

Loki jerked his arm from Angborn and stood. "It was the cell. It siphoned directly off my lifefoce."

Angborn stared. "Tha-that would have killed you in a very short amount of time. Its Dark Magic, Arcane! Odin's using that?!"

"How do you think Odin got Thor to Midgard when the Bifrost was down?" Loki asked, trying to shoo away the shadows from his sight.

"Loki? Loki!" Angborn seemed to realize Loki's grip on consciousness was slipping. He bit his lip. Odin's dark magic had drained him too much. "Loki use me, I have plenty of lifeforce."

Loki shook his head and found his legs couldn't support himself again. His adrenaline had faded and the drain from the battle was finally catching up.

Angborn kept a grip on Loki's arm and let Loki to the ground, leaning him against the tree he had previously been perched in. "Loki, you need to ghost us so Heimdall can't see us. To do that you need energy, and since you're low you have to use mine."

He grabbed Loki's wrist, fingers on his prince's pulse. This was a place where a mage's magic tended to accumulate. Loki slowly raised his head and Angborn fixed him with his best glare. It was a silent dare challenging him not to siphon the life force.

After a moment a chill began to spread along Angborn's body. It began at his fingers where he touched Loki and migrated up his arm and then to the rest of his body. This kind of cold was bone deep, a chill one gets from losing their very seidr.

The chill stopped spreading and Loki jerked free. He used the tree as leverage to better stand. Angborn waited until the dizziness passed to move.

"I don't have enough energy to ghost," Loki growled. "In order to do that I need a real dose and I already drained my jacket."

Angborn would bet Loki did. Between that cell, not eating for a month, and the battle, it was a small miracle Loki was even conscious. Loki needed a real dose of magic but where could he get it?

Something glittered through the trees, metal reflecting. He reached for his sword, remembered he had misplaced it, and settled for his dagger. It was not a spy however. "Hey Loki," Angborn called quietly as he held a branch aside. "Think this will work?"

Loki walked the few paces to Angborn and glared at him when he saw what Angborn meant. This was going to be interesting. They were looking at the newly repaired Bifrost.

I did find it odd in the Avengers movie that Loki was beaten by a group of humans. Certainly they were superhumans and Thor was with them, but think back to the first Thor movie. The Jotunns are no more mortal then the Asgardians and Loki had the skills to keep up with them, so why didn't he use them at New York? Why didn't he use his magic? The only conclusion i can draw is that he wasn't trying.

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