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Shadows of the Past

Loki's Scentence

Thor was nervous. That didn't happen often. As it was, he didn't know what to say. It had been a little more than a year since he had last seen Jane Foster. SHIELD had been taking care of her in that time and had unofficially hired her, even given her Level One security clearance. He had no idea if Jane still liked him, or if she hated him as much as Loki now did.

He winced at the memory of his fight with Loki at New York and their argument aboard the Helicarrier. The sentence Odin had passed on Loki now, a month after New York, made it hurt even more. Stubbornly, he pushed aside all memories of yesterday.

Even here in Greenwich, across the ocean from New York, some were still doing news reports on the battle. Someone had leaked Thor's battle in New Mexico and the fact that SHIELD had known as early as that they were not alone. They had been attacked relentlessly by the news media, demanding to know why SHIELD hadn't told the humans about it before New York. So far, no one had linked Loki's attack in Germany to New York.

Jane had taken a break from her research in New Mexico and SHIELD had provided her with a penthouse in Greenwich which was why Thor was now there. He was glad he'd managed to run into Amora before he had come so she could cast a glamour on him. Glamours were illusions that changed the appearance of someone or something. Amora had glamoured Thor, which allowed him to walk around without being recognized.

As ever the skyline of Midgard took Thor's breath away. On Asgard, the tallest building was the golden palace and all the rest were only a few stories tall. No matter where you were, the palace was always in your line of sight but here… There were so many buildings as tall as the palace.

When Thor got to Jane's door he stopped in front of it and stood there for a minute at least before speaking "eincla na." The glamour faded. Then he knocked.

"I got it!" Someone inside shouted. There were footsteps and then the door opened to reveal Darcy eating a doughnut. She coughed, almost spitting out her mouthful in surprise. It was Thor! Instead she swallowed sharply, eyes huge just like the grin spreading across her features.

Thor shook his head when she opened her mouth to say something, making a motion for her to stay quiet. Darcy got it. She stepped back and let Thor in. "Jane, it's for you!" She called out.

"Oh for," Jane's voice filtered form an adjoining room. Thor's heart jumped. "If that's Romanoff again tell her I still don't want an agent assigned to me 'for my protection'."

Darcy was still ginning. "Not her!"

"Who else would it be?" Jane asked as she walked on form the kitchen. "SHIELD would have stopped anyone else or told me I had company coming… up…" she saw Thor.

"Jane," Thor whispered, bowing like he had seen Fandral do so often, hoping Jane wasn't about to throw him out.

Jane closed the distance between them. She slapped him. Oh, she was mad. "That was seeing that if you're real and not one of my daydreams. So you are real. A whole year and not even a peep Thor, really?"

"I have been busy." Thor complained. "With the Bifrost destroyed this past year, the Marauders have grown greatly, I needed to keep them in line."

"Couldn't you have stopped by after New York?" Jane demanded.

"The only chance I had was after I caught Loki. Did you want me to bring him with me?" Thor asked.

"No!" Jane almost shouted.

Thor looked down at his boots, frustrated. "Odin told me it would be a mistake to come here. I did not believe him."

Darcy elbowed Jane with a look warning that Thor was going to leave again.

"Thor," Jane sighed. "I'm sorry. I guess for an Asgardian a year doesn't seem like much but it is for a human."

"No, it barely seemed like a day for me. Dealing with Marauders, catching Loki…" Thor's voice cracked at his brother's name.

Stupid, stupid, stupid! Jane shouted at herself. Thor had just had to take down his little brother and bring him back to Asgard in chains. Gods, she was being such an idiot. "Please stay Thor."

Thor glanced up and nodded, walking in more fully.

Jane glared at Darcy. Her intern took the hint and went into the kitchen after closing the door.

"Um, come, sit." She motioned to the couch. Jane had no idea what to do. She had Thor back but the sudden gap between them was enormous. "What did you father say about coming here?" That seemed like a safe enough topic, she could already guess from what Thor had told her last time he had been with her in New Mexico.

"You are what my kind call mortals Jane," Thor sighed. "Odin would rather I like Sif then one of your race."

Jane remembered Sif from New Mexico.

"I do not care much what he hath to say anymore," Thor sighed, leaning back. The suddenly harsh tone in his voice didn't suit Thor. "Odin may be my father but that does not mean I have to obey him."

"Something happened," Jane guessed.

"Yes," Thor looked the ceiling. "Odin sentenced Loki yesterday." He remembered Loki being brought before Odin in chains, Blood Wolves escorting him where it should have been Raven Blades. He had stood defiantly, with a certain carelessness expression. His eyes, once pure emerald green were closer to black and there were bits of blue in his eyes instead of gold.

"You are no son of mine," Odin had told Loki, "you are a monster as your father was. Your fate was to die abandoned on Jötunnheim. I shall negate that fate no longer."

"He sentenced Loki," Thor repeated. "In seven days, my little brother is going to be executed."

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