Shadows of the Past


The sky was clear out, not a cloud in sight. It was very bright compared to the darkness of his cell. Loki squinted, irritated by that brightness. His eyesight altered itself, a passive charm that made it like he had sunglasses to cut down the glare.

The arena was normally only used for the tournaments or bored Star Guard that got into gladiatorial matches with animals, but it was full anyway. The rest of the Blood Wolves were scattered about the arena in their nice white clothes and shiny silver armor glittered in the sun, a striking image. Around the edge of the arena, mostly hidden from sight, were Star Guard in green and black. Even Loki's Ravens came to see the Jötunn monster's death.

Loki walked back straight, emotions level as if he had not the slightest care in the world. What did Thor even mean by 'find her yourself?' I'm going to die, how could I find her once I'm dead?

His eyes coasted over subconsciously to where the Royal Family sat. Frigga was barely keeping her emotions under control, Odin looked as if he didn't care, and Thor… Thor's eyes seemed to be begging Loki to understand. Understand what? Loki's breath caught and his foot scuffed, making him stumble. He straightened quickly. How could he see the Royal Family so well? He was too far away.

My sight knew I was focusing on them so it magicked those three into clarity – magicked itself. The bright sunlight no longer irritated his eyes either. His magic hummed in his mind, free if sleepy from its separation from him. How?

He remembered Thor loosening his restrainer cuffs. No, he didn't just loosen them, he deactivated them. So that's what Thor means. With my magic back comes my ability to teleport. Loki switched gears going from a prisoner on death row to a prince about to escape.

There were archers around the rim of the arena so he'd have to keep watch for arrows. However, none of his escort had magic. The only mages of any caliber were Freyja, Amora, and Sefæra of the Raven Blades.

The Ravens… His sight sharpened on Angborn, letting it coast around the squad. They don't look like they're here to see an execution. They're set on a jailbreak. My Ravens aren't just going to watch, they're going to help me. Why would they help me after all that he had done? For the moment, that point was irrelevant.

I am going to need time though, even with my magic free, it's been a month since I've had contact with it and that cell Odin had put me in… It would take time to wake it up enough that he could do a long-range teleport. He did have the magic stored in the threading of his duster, likely he'd have to siphon off most of that. That magic he could use to jumpstart his own.

The only advantage I'm going to have is the element of surprise. That magic in my duster I can use to do a large curse that should be a surprise enough. After that I can to kill my escort and take one of their weapons, preferably Sif. I can fight with anything as long as it's not a sword and her staff will do nicely. The audience was a little hard to predict but most will likely run and cause a panic. Chaos had always been an ally of Loki and he was going to call upon it again.

Odin still has Gungnir so I have to keep a sense-line tuned for that. What about Thor? He deactivated my cuffs and wants me to escape but will he just sit and watch?

Odin narrowed his eye. He could understand why Loki might want to keep acting so confident but his confidence had changed from a moment ago. It didn't look like he was acting now. "Loki Laufeyson, you have been found guilty of attempted murder, murder, high treason, and genocide. You are permitted to speak one last time."

Loki smiled as he bared his fangs, "lucky me." He curled his fingers close together, letting his curse charge. It was tricky doing that as he had to cloak the curse with more magic and all of it was sluggish. "I did wonder what I was going to say right now."

He is too cocky by far. Something was wrong. Odin didn't know what.

"So," Loki shrugged, "I'll just say this." He raised his hands above his head. "Catch me if you can." The cloak faded, lightning crackled around his hands, and the curse leapt from his fingers. It was a non-lethal repulsion spell, but the ring of emerald light was sent out at high speeds and threw the people into their seats or into the row behind them. The g-force it applied was enough that most got bruised bones.

Grinning, Loki sidestepped a swing from Sif and sent a pulse of magic at her, a miniature version of the same curse in a crescent shape. That took care of her for a while. It was easy for him to deflect one of his escort's swing aside. He put his hands on the guards arm, and used it as a boost to kick him in the windpipe, knocking him down for a time.

The other escort member managed to get his sword under Loki's neck, standing behind the prince, getting him under control – or not. Loki clicked one of those blades on his heels and swung his foot back. The blade found a chink in the Wolves armor and sank into his leg. He slammed his head back, breaking the Wolves nose as he brought his hands down on the Wolves arm, knocking the sword away, dancing from him. That Wolf wasn't done yet, and Loki deflected the sword aside using his cuffs. He spun, hooking his foot back. The already bloody boot blade sliced the Wolves neck deeply.

Noting that he still wasn't done, he let his rotation carry him around and snapped up his cuffs again, catching the down stroke of Sif's staff on the bar of the restrainer cuffs. This move he had learned from Tilly. First rule when you're fighting cuffed: get the cuffs off. The easiest way to do that was to let the jailers do it for you. The bar of the cuffs wasn't made to serve as a shield and Sif's blade cut it slightly.

Loki turned his head, leaning back slightly, feeling an arrow graze his cheek instead of hitting his spine. Only a few seconds had passed since his curse and it seemed the archers had broken free of shock.

Sif's blade slid along the bar, catching in the cut it had made, deepening it. The blades on Sif's staff were enchanted to cut through things, including the spells on the cuffs and the metal cracked.

There! Loki teleported behind Sif. With the counterbalance suddenly gone, Sif stumbled forward. Just to be sure she was going to stay down, Loki kicked her in the small of her back. That worked. Again, he raised his cuffs, letting an arrow deflect on one of the metal rings on his wrists with a chime.

He focused his magic to his hands in an augmentation spell. A twist of his wrists and the cuffs snapped apart. "Thank you Sif," he hummed. Only half a minute had passed now, and the Wolves were closing in.

Loki didn't wait for them. Sif was pushing herself up and Loki set one of his freed hands on her back, using her as a springboard, his other hand taking something. What should have been a simple kick to the cheek for one Wolf turned lethal when Loki pulled his toes back and let the blade slice across the soldier's face.

He pushed off Sif's back and another arrow missed him. Loki himself landed between the approaching Wolves. He had Sif's dagger in his hand and he smiled. The Wolves were out of their league. Even more trouble approached for the Wolves: Raven Blades.

One of Jeren's arrows hit a Wolf's blade on the hilt and the Wolf just about dropped said blade in shock.

"Watch it furball," Jeren snapped, "you're messing up my shot." The Wolf he'd just shot at was midway between himself and Loki. By aiming just so as the Wolf raised his blade he made it seem like Jeren's shot had been accidently intercepted.

"Watch it yourself crow!"

"It's a raven puppy dog, get it right," Jeren near shouted again.

"What did you call me featherhead?"

"A puppy," Jeren repeated. "You look nice in those flashy white clothes but you don't have any teeth. Humans are more of a threat then you."

The Wolf decided to change his target from Loki. Lazily, Jeren deflected the Wolf's blade with one end of his bow, twisted his wrist, and cracked the Wolf across the face with the other end. Bows were useful for more than long-range. "Like I said," Jeren smirked, "puppy."

One of the Wolves squad mates helped him up. Not bothering to turn around, Jeren swung his bow, cracking one of the approaching Wolves under the jaw and sending him crashing into another Wolf. Hodr darted in and caught one of the gathered Wolves swords on his own saber, helping Jeren. Using the pinned saber as a counterbalance he kicked another Wolf in the neck and then punched the one whose sword he had pinned. "I am blind not stupid," he muttered. It only dissolved from there.

One of Jeren's greatest specialties was starting large-scale brawls. All of the Ravens were fighting Wolves, and so only a few Blood Wolves actually engaged Loki. Even in his weakened state, the number was small enough that Loki was fine.

Thor realized he had best stop grinning. Those Ravens… Well, Odin should have known better than to have the Raven Blades and Blood Wolves in such close proximity to each other.

"Ouiss esa ōbisu auga," Sefæra chanted with her eyes closed. She had her left arm extended and her right hand on the bicep of her left arm, the typical position she fell into. Her magic flittered around her.

General Braki threw one Wolf back and felt an arrow brush by him as it hit the Wolf in the chest. Aron drew another arrow back, trying not to focus on the fact that he was shooting fellow Asgardians.

Another Wolf engaged Braki and, per telepathic orders from Sefæra, he lowered his blade a fraction too much. The Wolf was able to send him stumbling back and he crashed in Sefæra just as she shouted "affa-!" finishing her enchantment. Her aim went high as Braki crashed into her and the two of them landed in a heap.

"Braki, you're as bad as Thor, get off me. My curse!" Sefæra called. The streak of black missed Loki entirely. Loki traced it with his eyes, knew it was no threat, and focused back on fighting.

Freyja raised a hand, summoning a half-dome for the mass of black dust to hit against. It smacked into it and turned into a blob, tentacles going around the edges. "Ah!" Freyja's eyes went wide with realization. "It's homing!"

Homing magic were only effective against other mages. When one mage cast it, it gravitated towards the target mage. Because Freyja had intercepted it, it now thought she was the target instead of Loki. Freyja teleported down to the arena so the curse would not attack the stands.

It's high level, strong enough to take out Loki, Freyja noted. Sefæra has been practicing. The dust landed on the ground in front of Freyja, forming up into a vaguely tiger like form, its tail tipped with a wicked scythe like stinger. A Tresen beast from Vanaheim, those things were almost impossible to kill.

*I told you it would work.* Sefæra spoke to Braki telepathically *Now Freyja's too busy to attack Loki so he doesn't have to worry about fighting a mage on top of all those Wolves.*

"Sefæra!" Freyja shouted, dancing away from the shadow golem's scythe tail.

"Ottar migros je-lk!" Sefæra shouted the counterspell. Nothing happened. She frowned, looking at her hand. She wasn't using the right counter-spell so of course so nothing happened, but she'd wait until Loki was gone to dismiss it.

Loki deflected another arrow aside, sending it spinning away when he hit the shaft with his fingers. His back was to Odin and he was focusing it all on a charge for a teleport. He was thinking that he was glad Sefæra was on his side. What magic he was not focusing was too sleepy to warn him that Odin was telling Gungnir to telepathically charge for a shot.

This was crazy! Fandral thought as he started to draw his rapier, preparing to jump down into the arena. Amora grabbed his arm, "best not swordsman, Loki's on a rampage." Amora glanced at Hogun and Volstagg. "You'd be better off evacuating civilians or better yet the Royal Family."

She might have a point, Fandral relented, shoving the blade back into his sheathe. There were over a dozen Blood Wolves on the ground, their blood staining the dirt floor, dead.

Thor noticed Odin's actions as he carefully told his mother to go with Fandral. Then he grabbed Gungnir and tried to tear it from his father's hands. Both were Royals, father and son, so Gungnir burned neither. However, with Odin telling it to shoot and Thor telling it to go into sleep mode telepathically, it became very confused and did neither, just humming there until it got a clear order.

A bit of emerald magic crackled over Loki's form once. Not long now, and then he'd teleport. Odin narrowed his eyes when he saw that crackle of Loki's magic. Loki engaged Sif again, and again Sif was sent sprawling.

"You are not hurting my brother." Thor growled, pulling the staff towards him.

"Impudent child," Odin breathed, "I should have left you on Midgard!" Odin yanked Gungnir out of Thor's hands, swinging it around. Thor wasn't fast enough to dodge Gungnir and the staff hit him on the side of his head.

Thor stumbled black, one eye closed, feeling the blood run down his face. He tripped and fell down a step.

Angborn saw the movement of Thor falling and realized the danger Loki was in. Loki's back is to Odin. If he directly helped Loki instead of just strengthening the diversion he'd get a traitor's brand. If he didn't, Loki was going to die. It wasn't a choice for him.

Time seemed to slow as Angborn dodged a Wolf, longsword in hand. His blade was perfectly balanced but this was not going to be an orthodox move. What about the Ravens ever was? Angborn raised his sword above his head, holding it more like a spear. "Down!" He shouted.

Loki glanced up, and obediently ducked down.

Angborn threw the sword just as Gungnir started to glow. Odin's eye widened in surprise, he threw his sword! Blood splattered on the now empty seats.

Angborn slid to a stop next to Loki. "Loki?"

Loki straightened and grabbed the front of Angborn's tunic, pulling him into the air with shocking strength. "What are you doing you idiot? I can handle myself!"

Gungnir slipped from Odin's limp fingers and banged against the rim of the arena as it fell to the ground, ringing as it landed. Loki turned his head slowly, eyes wide. Odin, I forgot about Gungnir!

"Care to say that again?" Angborn asked, feeling Loki's magic travel across his clothes like static electricity.

Loki released him.

"I can see your magic's charged," Angborn snapped. "Let's go, unless you want to stay here."

Loki hesitated. Angborn suddenly shot past him, grabbed the dagger from Loki's hand, and caught Sif's downward stroke. Sif twisted her blade free sending the dagger spinning and catching Angborn's neck in a glancing blow. She grinned as she drew blood. Loki punched Sif before she managed another hit.

"You might have a point," Loki admitted. He snapped out a hand and caught an arrow an inch from his neck. The feathers were the dyed red ones that Blood Wolves fletched their arrows with.

Angborn held out a hand and Loki warily took it. His magic filtered over Angborn and the teleport magic flickered around both of them. There was a flash of bright light and the two were gone, a perfect circle scorched into the ground – a side effect of a long range teleport.

Thor smiled as he stood, hand to his head where the bleeding had yet to stop.

Odin reached up and yanked Angborn's sword from his shoulder, furious.

Sefæra darted near Freya, raising her hands just as before, "met esa dorix!" The correct counterspell uttered, the black dust fell to the ground.

"Send out search parties!" Odin called. "Kill both of those traitors on sight! And get me Gungnir back!"

"Father," Thor frowned.

Odin glared at Thor, "have my son escorted to his room under guard, he shall remain there, no visitors!" Unsure, Hogun stepped forward by his friend Thor.

"Escort him," Odin repeated at Hogun. He looked around at the group, "Well? Go! Find them! Find them!"

Loki and Allies: 1

Odin: 0

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