The Aluetian Chronicals: Chance Encounters

Death Has a Fish

It was half passed three in the morning and Locke was sitting cross legged inside the Chaos Chamber. He sat with his legs crossed and began the early stages of his meditation in front of the Master Emerald. With his connection to it, he started limiting it’s power ever so slightly. The last thing he wanted to do was kill its grip on the Island completely, and send it crashing down to the sea; and that would definitely alert the enemy that something was up. He began to lower it gently, only dropping it at about fifty to sixty feet a minute. With the lowering being slow, the air pressure change wouldn’t be as obvious for the Dingos. He knew the Badnicks could sense the change from their sensors, but he really worried about the Dingos noticing. They could reason far better.

It took two and a half hours to settle the lower rock formations to the sea. By the time the ship was lowered by a series of pulleys and steel cables, it was an hour behind from what he and Lien-Da wanted. But, the sun was barley starting to peek over the horizon when the “Hawking” put on steam and sailed its occupants away from a war torn flying island.

Watching from the back, a female red Echidna watched the Island rise back into the morning sun and over the horizon. We will be back when it’s safe...for my children especially, she promised under her breath, her hungered kids sleeping at her feet.

Rogue gently opened her eyes. Her mind wondering where she was at first, but then she painstakingly remembered. “I’m in a smelly old boat.”

Rising out of her bed and dropping to the floor, she noticed she still had her boots on, which was odd...she never slept with her boots on. “On the bright side, with my head and all, I really don’t need to be bending down.” Gathering her balance, she slowly made her way out of the small cabin and over to the forward hatch that lead out of the heavily diesel filled air.

Grabbing a hold of the bars she started climbing, fixing her sight down the empty compartments instead of where she was going. She paid the price when her head met the hatch wheel that locked it down. Almost falling from the collision, she climbed back down and held her head with both hands. “Who shut the hatch?” she moaned, “no wonder it smells so bad.”

“I did, babe!” came Sonic from behind her. He almost fell to floor laughing when he saw Rogue hit her head.

“It’s a wonder you have brains?”she snarled.

“Actually Rogue, if I didn’t shut the hatch, we’d be sunk by now.”

His phrase hit her like a wall of bricks along with the quietness of the Plunger. “You mean we’re under the...”

“...Yep!” he winked, “Having a nice morning yet?”

Shaking her new headache off, she started towards the rear to get the run down on what had happened to her the night before. As the sub swayed from the underwater currents, she remembered...up untill the point when Dr. Quack came along.

Crossing into the sonar room, she saw Vector with his headphones on, turning the wheel in front of him. He startled her when he leaned over and shouted over his shoulder through the hatch. “Nothing except for us.”

Aleutian peered through the hatch, his face showing the signs that he was getting frustrated. “You sure?”

“Positive Bro! I don’t hear ah thing,” came back the crocodile. The engine sounds of the two ships that they had sank two days before were still fixated in his mind. He was listening hard for something that sounded similar to that.

“We’ll stay under a bit longer, then we need to surface.” replied Aleutian, turning his back and shuffling his way towards Mathias. The Dingo wasn’t impressed either as he looked down on the map.

Rogue climbed through the hatch, seeing Espio was at the targeting computer, trying to pass the time with Nicole plugged in beside him. Tails had his eye on the compass as he gripped the helm, making minor adjustments for the north pushing underwater current.

“We should be hearing them by now!” Aleutian growled.

“Patience dear boy, we’ve done some underwater dives to listen for our friends out there. We dive...we slow, simple as that.”

“I know Mathias, but we still should be hearing them by now. We can pick up a fish sneezing from over twenty miles away. Something’s up.”

“Patience,” Mathias warned calmly again, “they could be running a bit behind like we are. Plus, the ship could be slower than we think. How’s the hydrogen looking?”

“Sitting around normal, but it has gone up a little,” replied Vector, taking in a deep breath as he did.

“Okay, and our battery power?”

“Forward batteries are about fifty percent discharged and rears about thirty,” replied Espio, observing the gauges on the left side of the inner-hull by the periscope.

Mathias looked up at the hands of the clock. Seeing that it was just about nine in the morning, he turned back to the navigation map. They were just about to approach the hunting zone of the Dreadbot, and it was dreadfully possible that the Echidna’s could have met their fate by it already. But, it is a big ocean.

“Blow the ballast Aleutian, get us cruising at ahead full for a good half hour, and then we dive again.”

“Alright! Rogue, set yourself down at one of the diving planes, please,” Aleutian ordered.

Rogue hastily sat on the cushy seat in front of the forward diving planes and eyed him. “Good morning to you too.”

“Just turn the wheel to the left,” he said as he released the compressed air into the ballast tanks, pushing the water out of the vents. He then grabbed the seat beside her and spun the wheel to the right, pitching the rear planes down. “Bubble to fifteen,” he ordered sternly.

They cruised as Mathias ordered. Thirty minutes to gain ground, recharge the batteries, and to clear out the damp, smelly air. Aleutian rode up top on the bridge the whole time, keeping a look out just in case the Plunger’s systems may not have been working like they should. “Either they break when they run, or they break if they don’t,” he thought to himself. Two years without seeing a knot on the speed-dial does feed the gremlins that seemed to plague anything mechanical and, or electrical.

Knuckles got up from his long sleep. The storm from the night before kept him awake part of the night as he fought to close his eyes. It wasn’t that he got sea sick, unlike some bat, but the noise from the sub pitching and rolling made him wonder if he and his beloved were going to be waking up in a watery grave. He made his way to the bridge, saying his good mornings as he passed through the compartments.

Aleutian saw him climb through from the hatch and nodded in greeting. “Look what the cat dragged up.”

“Where are we?” Knuckles asked with a curious smile.

“Not were we are supposed to be right now. We’ve done three dives so far, and nothing.”

“We went under while I was asleep!?” Knuckles shrilled.

“Yeah. Does this thing ride like a dream or what?” Aleutian joked, peering back through his binoculars.

“Funny, I thought Sonic would say something like that,” Knuckles pointed out crossly.

“A rested crew performs miracles, dear brother. We might need one at this rate.”

They both watched in silence at the very calm sea. The mid-morning sun made the water look as if it was a giant sheet of glass. Aleutian thought for a moment to do a search pattern, but the radar was doing least he hoped. Finding enemy vessels was one thing. A blip comes up on the radar screen, you gauge the course and speed, and you chase the thing down until you need to go under. But now they were looking for something that they kinda hoped was still out there. And it was aggravating. Aleutian figured their course was going to be about the same as the ship’s that they were looking for...or at least be close to it.

“Aleutian, it’s time,” shot up Mathias to the bridge.

He looked over at his brother and patted him on the shoulder. “Time to go down and have a listen again.”

“How long are we going to be doing this?”

“Till we find them.”

A half hour later, the moans of the water attacking the integrity of the hull just became part of life after awhile. All that was needed to be done was have someone be at the helm at all times, and for Vector to listen to the sea.

As the Plunger cruised leisurely at eleven knots with her motors at half throttle, Vector thought he picked out a faint whooshing noise through the ambient noise of the sea, “Yo Drake, something’s churning off to our left.”

Without further thought, Mathias found himself by Vector, snagging another pair of headsets from a cabinet above him. Plugging the headphones in, he knew immediately what the croc was hearing. “We’ve got em, and she’s moving faster than we thought.”

Espio saw the contact appear on his screen. Placing his pen on their position, he moved it across the screen to the white contact mark. “Thirty kilometers away. Speed, twenty-two knots,” he called out.

“Okay, so she’s not a clunker after all,” observed Aleutian with a frank tone of voice.

“And she is running late. Like I said, have patience Aleutian,” Mathias said through the hatchway. “Surface the boat, lets close in a little and dive back down.”

“Roger that. Tails, set course for zero-two-six, everyone else, lets get back up top,” ordered Aleutian

Rotor was, by now, getting annoyed between the surfacing, cranking up the heavy diesel motors, and then having to crank them back down to submerge. And this time it almost put him over the edge. It seemed like mere seconds after they had surfaced that they dove back down again. They’re afraid of an engine failing. At this rate, their fears will be answered.

When the range decreased to six kilometers, Aleutian ordered the sub back down. To record, this was the most dives in a period of four hours that the Plunger has ever done. This time, everyone except Mighty, Vector, and Rotor, were in the command compartment. Tails was still on the helm, with Espio looking over at the controls for the business ends of the sub. Rogue and Julie-Su kept to themselves at the dive planes, and Sonic, Knuckles, and Quack were awaiting for something to do.

“Vector, anything new besides our friends up top,” Aleutian asked as he peered through the periscope. He could see the vessel sailing off to the left of them, her bow pointed twenty degrees off to the southeast. Her single stake puffed a light cloud of smoke and her white paint a beacon to anyone out for a joy-ride in a aircraft. “Nice paint job,” Aleutian commented to himself.

“Yo! I just picked up something that’s screaming like a girl who just had her party crashed.”

Mathias ran back under the hatchway and grabbed the other set of headphones again. This time he only placed a speaker over his left ear. He listened closely as Vector turned the wheel back and forth, trying to find that weird sound that came off from the right side. He picked it up again, but this time it was moving across the center bow and moving to the left at a dramatic rate.

What Mathias heard made him turn pale, but he soon gathered himself to announce that Eggman had a thing or two up his sleeve. “TORPEDO IN THE WATER ALEUTIAN!”

“What!?” Aleutian cried out from around the scope.

“That intelligence report was right, Aleutian! I’m tracking a torpedo that is heading towards the Echidna vessel...”

“...I have it on the computer,” said Espio, watching the sound contact racing across the screen.

“Estimated time of impact is in one minute and forty-five seconds,” alerted Nicole.

Knuckles looked at Aleutian, his face almost pale with his eyes wide open. “We can’t stop it can we?”

Aleutian looked around the room, seeing the dire looks on everyone elses faces as well. Then it hit him. “Actually, we probably can. Espio, set tube four for magnetic pistol. And Nicole?”

“Yes Aleutian?”

“You’re now part of the crew. Please help Espio with a tracking shot on that torpedo.” Aleutian then reached over the intercom button beside the mike. “Mighty, open tube four, and get it ready to fire on the double.” He then depressed the button and looked over at the Blue Blur. “Get yourself up there, pronto!”

Sonic smiled a lean face at the scarred echidna and dashed through the hatch.

Before Mighty could even touch the handle to crank the torpedo door open, Sonic appeared in a flash, his hands already moving the handle. “Lets do it to it, bud!”

“Target depth is four meters Espio.” came back the female voice. The purple chameleon reached up to the controls of fourth torpedo and turned the nob accordingly. Sonic and Mighty soon heard the snaps of the adjustments. Then Espio plucked the safety off of the plasma torpedo and felt the minor shunt as he did so.

“Fifty seconds Espio.” alerted Nicole evenly.

He then took his pen and pushed the tube four button on the screen. Then, while on the move, touched the moving white blip on the screen. More snaps filled the air.

“Shot ready!” confirmed Espio.

“Mighty, Sonic...touch that thing off!” Aleutian demanded quickly at the mike.

Mighty reached down at the red lever and slapped it home. The air propelled the pink torpedo out of the tube with bubbles ejecting out from behind it. As the batteries kicked in, they started rapidly discharging when the torpedo began to turn the four screws, producing hydrogen gases from the over stressed cells. The gas was then sucked into a vacuum pump that was sent to a highly tuned carburetor. Air was then pumped from a small tank into the combustion chamber where the hydrogen was inserted. The gasses exploded with a minor spark, producing raw power from the moving cylinders to the props. The explosion of power had never been measured in the labs. All Mathias cared about was that the Plasma didn’t over heat and it didn’t blow up before reaching its target.

In the first, four seconds of its activation, the torpedo ran on its batteries at first, the counter rotating screws pushing the fish up to seventy miles per hour. Then the hydrogen engine kicked in and the pink “fish” went up to over a hundred and fifty milers per hour. Now all Vector had to do was to keep the hydrophone glued onto Eggman’s new menace.

“Must have been a ghost echo on the radar,” came the brown Echidna, standing by the bulkhead that lead inside the bridge. His blue peacoat flapped about in the breeze, his dreads tied back to keep them from doing the same.

“Don’t bet on it, we have better radar than the Dingos only wished they could copy. We’ve picked up something, and it’s still out there.” Stenson then turned back inside the bridge, its row of windows beaming in light from all directions. He looked over at his crew that he commanded, a mix of Echidnas in color but all well disciplined in their demeanor. “Engines to full power and start doing a zig-zag pattern,” he said. The last thing he wanted was to be a sitting duck on a very open pond.

Most of his dreads were replaced by mechanical locks, a particular fashion of the Dark Legion; especially to become one. The few he still had left, consisted of metal prongs and clips that were attached to them. As he moved around the room, his long black robe swept the spotless floor from side to side. He wore a heavy jump suite that showed he had no taste for any flamboyant colors for it was black. It traced up his body and tapered off at his shoulders, exposing only his muscular neck. His eyes were still his. No machined irises would ever touch his sockets.

“Sir, I have something off the port side,” came another Echidna, red in color.

Stenson took out his binoculars, but for what he saw, he didn’t need them. A foamy streak was making its way towards them, shooting ahead of them so it could meet the ship at a certain position. Then, another fast streak raced across the water, bubbling more foam on the surface. It wasn’t racing at them, but parallel to left side of the ship. Soon behind the bubbles, the water would cup under a little before rippling back in place.

“Now that’s odd...”

A blue flash came from under the blue and green churning water. After the flash, the water erupted into a geyser that was sent several feet into the air, returning back as a shower that sprayed the decks of the Hawking.

“Harder zig-zags, get sonar on this...NOW!” the Dark Legionnaire shouted.

Espio watched as the blip disappeared. Soon, the Plunger swayed from the blast of the two torpedoes. The explosion was muffled by the sea and the double metal skinned hulls. Before anyone ordered Espio to do so, he reached up and activated the safety to the empty tube that either Sonic or Mighty was closing.

“Rogue, get back there and lend them a hand! Knuckles take her place,” ordered Aleutian from the periscope, watching the aftermath of the very first successful torpedo sinking. If it wasn’t for Nicole and Vector, it would have been like shooting at a bullet with a bullet.

As Rogue made her way forward, Mathias looked through the hatch and winked. “Great shot!”

Aleutian smiled and pointed to Espio. “It was all him.” But Espio never looked up. He was too intent in what he was doing, waiting for the next target to pop up on his screen.

A loud ping came ringing through the hulls of the sub with a hard thud that sounded like someone had dropped anvils on the side of the Plunger. It was almost deafening for those inside.

“We’ve been pinged,” came Mathias, holding his headphone over his ear.

“I would’ve never guessed,” Aleutian grumbled in a sly voice as he looked through the periscope again. “Who’s doing it?”

“Our friends,” came Espio eerily serious. He saw his the screen light up like Christmas tree. First, an outline of the echidna ship appeared on his screen, then the Plunger appeared as the sonar wave traced its outline. But then, the ripples that Espio saw on his screen briefly traced over something half round and far off to the right of them. “Nicole, did you see that?” he asked the computer beside him.

“Part of it Espio. Better tell Vector to start listening to the forty degree angle of the sub.”

“Hey Vector, the computer just told you to scan to your right, about forty degrees,” repeated Aleutian from the scope, almost viewing to the rear of the Plunger, making sure nothing was coming up behind them.

Meanwhile, back in the torpedo room, Rogue was finding it amusing to watch Sonic and Mighty reloading a “hotdog.” They almost of forgot a step until Sonic told the bat to place a metal clip on the inside of the hatch. “You want me to do what?”

“Just do it Rogue,” snapped Mighty, “just in case you have to do this yourself sometime.”

She did as she was instructed. As soon as the clip was hooked on, Sonic closed the torpedo hatch and locked it down.

“Tube four ready to roll,” said Mighty through the radio.

“Awesome, we are trying to get a lock on the Dreadbot, so hang tight back there,” Aleutian shot back.

Mathias turned to Vector with a very serious look. “Put our sonar to active. Time to show ourselves.” Vector could see the gears turning in the old dingo’s head.

Eggman hurried to the controls of his submerged bot as the alarms sent him running to see what was going on. He got to the screens just in time to see his torpedo get blown out of the water.

“What do we have here?” he wondered out loud. Looking at his screens, he saw a white ship through one of his satellites that hovered high above the stratosphere. The ship was maneuvering around and increasing the distance from the Dreadbot. Clicking on his sonar and “underwater microphones,” as he called them, he detected the pinging sound from the ship, searching for what he thought was him. But he kept getting weird echoes back to the far left of him. Then his speakers came alive with a ping that almost rattled him out of his chair.

“Great Aurora!” gasped Espio. What he saw on his targeting computer was massive, shaped like a horseshoe-crab, but was larger than the Plunger and the ship they were trying to save, put together. “Aleutian, you better get a load of this!”

Aleutian stepped over to the computer and about shouted Aurora’s name in vain as well. “Mathias, we have our target about fifty degrees to our right.”

“Move the hydrophone to that position son,” the dingo said to Vector. Mathias searched the room with his eyes as if he was looking for the Dreadbot on the wall, listening as Vector maneuvered the sub’s ears to the two o’clock position. In an instant, he heard the faint noise of water moving around paddles of multiple blades that turned slowly through the water. “Ping him again,” came Mathias, sounding as if he was out for blood.

Vector pushed the button to activate the sonar again, sending a harsh high pitched sound through the water that would bounce back when it came in contact with something solid.

“Sonar to bridge, we have a contact bearing three-two-two, heading zero-two-six, speed undetermined at this point along with depth.”

“Keep me informed,” replied Stenson through the wall mounted intercom. “Helmsman, turn right, fifteen degrees, hold for five seconds and turn back again, same angle, but add a second to every turn.”

Stenson felt the ship go back and forth in the turn as he reached up for the intercom mike again. “This is the captain. All people on board get life vests on and hold on tight. That is all.” He then switched to the crew’s quarters that were down below deck. “Attention, get all weapons on line, and be ready for anything.”

Soon, the skeleton crew that was put together in a giant hurry before embarking on the exodus with the refugees, would bring the ship’s main heavy guns to bear, along with the smaller weapons for good measure.

“Tails, bring us around to zero-six-eight,” Aleutian said, reaching up for the intercom beside him, almost jamming the button inside the hole. “Rotor, all ahead full!”

With the whining of the electric motors increasing, the Plunger slowly picked up speed, pushing against the sea with its twin 1300hp motors. Tails slammed the helm all the way over, swaying to the side as the boat turned hard with the added speed of the water over the rudders. Since the diesels were silent, everyone could hear the hydraulics of the twin rudders operating as the control arms were pushed and pulled.

Aleutian lowered the periscope, and then operated the intercom again. “Open all tubes guys,” speaking to Sonic and Mighty, “be ready to put all four out.”

Aleutian then turned to the Espio. “Lock all forward torps on that thing with a spread of...”

“...three degrees on the gyros. It’s the best angle to get the most possible damage.” interrupted Nicole.

Where have you been all my life?”Aleutian snorted to himself. “What she said Espio.”

Espio did just that as his first settings. Then he touched all the green lighted circles, except the fifth one, and tapped the Dreadbot with his inkless pen. Looking at the readout of the submerged bot, Espio quickly adjusted the depths of the “hotdogs” down to twenty five meters. But a warning light came on the screen, saying that the torps could not make the adjustments to the desired depth at the Plunger’s current depth. “We need to go deeper Aleutian,” the one horned chameleon said.

“Twenty degrees down bubble,” Aleutian said as he walked over to Espio. He immediately grabbed onto something to hold on to as he studied the screen. “That was a great shot Espio. No one could’ve done it better,” he complimented to purple chameleon, patting his shoulder with a firm squeeze. “Set them to magnetic pistols, and lets hope for the best.”

“Consider it done,” Espio solemnly said with resolve mixed in his voice. After switching the detonating pistols on the control panel, he then took the safeties off.

Eggman saw the Plunger on his sonar screen as a green slender looking boat that had fins at the front and rear. The green display had centered the tip of itself on the Dreadnot. “What in blazes?” he huffed as he did a double take on the overhead satellite screen, not seeing it with the other ship on the surface.

Eggman couldn’t believe his screens. He was the “only” genius that could have come up with a underwater weapon. He started doing diagnostic checks with his instruments, via the overhead satellite, when another loud ping came through his speakers.

“Okay, you want to play, lets play...”


Sonic and Mighty slammed the levers down intermittently upon Aleutian’s order. The kicks of all four fishes, leaving two at a time; one and two first, followed by three and four, a second later, thundered throughout the sub. But this time, instead of terror from the shudders, everyone on board were grinding their teeth on certain victory.

“Close the tubes, vent the water out of them, and get your tails back up here,” fired Aleutian over the radio. “Tails, right full rudder...”

“...Torpedo in the water!” shouted Mathias through the small hole.

“Yea, we just fired...”

“...Not us, him!” Mathias cut off with a snarl.

“Direction?” asked Aleutian, changing his mind set in a heart beat.

“Wait one,” Mathias said as he listened closely to the scream of the enemy torpedo, but he soon lost it over their own. “I can’t hear it now. Best we straighten out and dive. It was sounding like it was heading our way.”

“You heard him, Tails, steady as she goes. Knuckles, Julie...ten degrees down bubble on the plans.”

“One minute and ten seconds to impact on the Dreadbot.”

“And all torpedoes looking like they’re gonna hit,” added Espio.

“What,” pounded Eggman, his fist almost smashing a screen on his right to pieces, “they have them too!?”

He watched as his torpedo left the only tube he had engineered on the Dreadbot. When it passed about halfway towards the Plunger, his hydrophone picked up four long dashes heading his way. Placing his hand on the countermeasure dropper, he felt comfortable that the torpedoes would miss him. So confident that he wasn’t going to budge the Dreadbot from its current postion.

Releasing them, they instantly started producing bubbles that sounded as if someone threw a whole case of pop rocks into the water. As they flowed down, the torpedoes didn’t...and this got Eggman’s attention. Unlike his torpedoes, the Plunger’s weren’t guided by sound; but by pure know how.

Sonic, Mighty and Rogue slipped through the hatch when Vector bellowed out from his seat with frightened excitement: “I got it again, bro.” This time Vector caught the torpedo coming right at them from their right side at a fifteen degree angle from the bow..

Mathias shot his head down through the hatch. “It’s right on us Aleutian!”

“Rotor, ahead flank.,” Aleutian barked at the microphone. “Tails, left full rudder.”

With Rotor’s progress being heard, Aleutian watched as the speedometer climbed up from fourteen knots to seventeen, the max the Plunger could do underwater.

But Mathias soon found out that Eggman had a leg up on them. “It’s still homing on us. I think it’s acoustically guided.”

“Sonic,” Aleutian said, almost out of breath, “see those two levers on the wall.” He pointed, directing Sonic’s eyes to the rear left wall where two handles were on top of two bucket looking devices.

“Yea!” the hedgehog replied.

“Get on those and be ready to drop them to the ground,” Aleutian said calmly now, trying to lower the tension inside the sub.

“What are they,” asked Espio from the targeting screen.

“Those are counter-measures,” said Mathias from the hatch. “We’ve never had to use them, EVER; but Sonic’s Uncle Charles thought that they may come in handy one day. Today’s the day,” explained Mathias.

He then looked back at the hydrophone’s gauge and back through the hatchway again; this time his eyes were wide. “It’s getting closer.”

“Way close,” confirmed Espio as he gazed at the incoming dot on the screen.

“Level us out you two! Tails, rudder at mid-ships! Sonic, do it now!” Aleutian barked in one breath. “Rotor, left motor ahead slow, right to one third,” he shouted at the microphone in his hands.

Rotor jammed down on the throttles, putting the left handle below the right. He watched as the counter-rotating shafts slowed, seeing the left turn slower than the right.

Sonic slammed the handles down, clunking as they hit the stops. The counter-measures dropped out from the rear, close to the turning screws. Sinking from the metal weights, they also bubbled from the chemical compound and the saltwater, producing the same loud “pop-rock candy” sound as Eggman’s. But, for them, theirs worked.

“Torpedo staying on course,” observed Espio.

“Right full rudder Tails. Let’s try to make ourselves less of a target.” Aleutian ordered, watching the speedometer lowering in knots. Now all they had to do was drift by a little and let the torpedo swim by.

The screams of the fish was now becoming audible through the double metal hull. Mathias and Vector took their headphones off as the sound began torture to their ears. The screams echoed throughout the sub, louder and louder as the torpedo approached the counter-measures. The Plunger was running parallel to Eggman’s torpedo as it passed to their right side. It searched out and connected with one of the brick shaped counter-measures. But instead of bouncing off it and swimming away, the magnetic detonator went off as it neared the metal undercoat of the bubbling bar.

The explosion knocked Aleutian, Sonic and almost everyone who were standing off their feet. The sudden violent jolt knocked out over half of the lights in the compartments, producing only enough glow to guide them through the compartments. But that was their only “minor” problem.

“Why aren’t my counter-measures working!” shouted Eggman, sounding like the mad scientist that he was. His sound devices had dropped a full ten meters, but the torpedoes weren’t changing their depths. He pushed on the throttles to the four turban water fans that were at the rear of his invention, getting the Dreadbot going slowly through the sea. With the joystick by his right side, he yanked it hard to the left.

The Dreadbot slowly proceeded to turn south, but it wasn’t fast enough. Desperately, Eggman started to surface the bot, but that was also too futile. Now knowing his creation was under powered, and lacked the weapons it needed, his face shook from the frustrations of not being able to do anything to dodge the only two torpedoes he couldn’t avoid.

Tubes two and four’s “hotdogs” just passed under the rising Dreadbot. Their magnetic triggers felt the magnetic field of the Dreadbot’s metal construction. The triggers drove a pin through a primer that sat off a high explosive charge. The torpedoes were less than a foot below the bottom of the Dreadbot before they detonated their explosive payload.

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