A Timeless Adventure

Chapter 11

"Now you're sure you can fly one of those things?" asked Sonic for the fifth time as he, Angel, and Comet stood at the northwest edge of the forest which exited into an arid wasteland. From their current position, they could see the large, two hundred story tall command tower amid the many smaller buildings of the nearly nine square mile large main base of Little Planet. Situated all around the giant base in a half mile radius were dozens of laser cannon emplacements similar to the ones that had shot down their hover-unit just the other day. Each one swept its turret back and forth, their onboard bio-signature scanners constantly looking for any sign of life bigger than an Earth rabbit to target. In fact, the only reason the lasers hadn't opened up on them was because they were in the forest where all of the vegetation masked their own bio-signatures with that of the thick woods. Several Swatbots on hover-bikes also patrolled the area, each one keeping to their own little area of the perimeter.

"For the fifth time, yes I can. I told you I was trained to be able to operate several vehicles, these kinds of bikes included," said Angel, a little annoyed at having to be asked more than once about something as simple as her ability to ride a hover-bike. Still, she could tell he just wanted to make sure their plan would work and he wouldn't have to come save her. Not that it was really a "plan" as much as it was merely improvising. Simply let Sonic get the attention of the laser emplacements and other security details, then lead one of the Swatbots back to her so she could take the bike from him and use it to get into the base and find their friends. After that, Sonic would meet up with them and they would make their way to the command tower, assuming that their friends weren't already being held in there.

"Sorry," said Sonic as he gazed towards the base off in the distance. Angel glanced over at the blue hedgehog. Even though she hadn't known him real long, she could tell something was troubling him. His usual cocky confidence just wasn't there.

"You okay?" she asked him. Sonic sighed slightly before looking back over at her.

"I don't know. It's just…something Mecha said to me back on that speedway has been bugging me ever since last night," he said.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Well, somehow he knew that I could become hyper, but the thing is I haven't been able to do it at all since I arrived in this world," he answered. "So how did he know about it?"

"Pardon me, master Sonic, but by any chance are you referring to the transformation acquired when using the seven Super Emeralds?" asked Comet, looking down from the tree she was sitting in.

"Yes I am. So you know about the Super Emeralds too?" asked Sonic as he looked up at the small chao. Comet nodded before flying down and coming to a hover alongside Angel.

"I do. We chao know quite a bit about the emeralds," said Comet. She then cocked her head slightly for a second before her face twisted into a smile. "Ah, so that's why I've been sensing a rather high amount of chaos energy emitting from around you. You have the miniature versions of the Super Emeralds on your person, don't you?" Sonic reached down and pulled off the belt that held the small gemstones, the leather strap becoming visible again. All of the emeralds were a dull grey in color except for the indigo emerald, which still retained its brilliant glow.

"Yep," he answered as he showed Comet the belt. "The thing is though that all but that one emerald apparently died when my friends and I were thrown into this world. But I don't know why one of them is still glowing while the others aren't." Angel gazed at the seven gemstones set in the belt, stopping when she came across the indigo emerald to stare into it.

"I don't get it. What are a bunch of little stones supposed to do?" she asked. Comet smiled as she flew up next to the belt, placing her hands on the blue gemstone.

"I will show you mistress," said Comet as she closed her eyes. At first, nothing happened, but slowly the glow of the blue emerald began to increase. Suddenly, a brilliant blast of light burst forth from the gemstone, forcing both Sonic and Angel to look away as they shielded their eyes. As the light died down, Sonic's mouth opened in awe at what he saw. Every one of the seven emeralds set in the belt was softly glowing, although Sonic did notice that their glow wasn't anywhere near as bright as it usually was. Sonic turned his gaze towards Comet.

"What did you do?" he asked. Comet started to open her mouth to answer, but before she could, she fell towards the ground, Angel quickly catching her before she hit. It was then that the two mobians noticed that her breathing was somewhat labored.

"Are you okay?" asked Angel worriedly as she held her chao in her arms. Comet nodded softly before turning around to face Sonic, taking a little bit to catch her breath.

"We chao have the ability to manipulate chaos energy to some extent. The older we are, the easier it is to do so, as well as increases the amount of energy we can manipulate at a given time," said Comet, pointing towards the emerald belt. "I took what energy was inside of the single emerald and distributed it amongst the other six, thereby partially re-energizing them." At this, she brought a hand up to her forehead as she looked down at the ground, her eyes closing tightly for a second. "But to be honest…I don't think I was quite ready to try something like that. It made me extremely light headed."

"Well, either way, I can't thank you enough for doing this," said Sonic as he wrapped the belt back around his waist, the belt vanishing as he secured the buckle on it. "I did notice, however, that the glow from the emeralds wasn't as bright as before. Does that mean they could lose their power again?" Comet nodded slightly.

"Unfortunately, I could only disperse the single emerald's power among the others, not add to it. That means that the time you can stay transformed will be very limited," she answered.

"I see…" said Sonic. "About how long do I have before they die again?"

"Ten minutes…Maybe a little longer if we're lucky. After that, their power will be completely drained and you will return to normal," she said. Sonic nodded before he turned back towards the base.

"Ten minutes is definitely better than none at all. I'll make sure I don't waste what you've done," he said.

"Okay," said Angel, a little annoyance evident in her voice. "Just what the heck are you two talking about? What 'transformation'?" Sonic merely turned his head back towards her and gave her a smile.

"Trust me, if this is gonna get as ugly as I think it will, you'll see exactly what we're talking about," he said before facing forward again. Angel relaxed a bit, taking note that Sonic's previous lack of confidence was replaced with his old cocky attitude. As far as she was concerned, if whatever Comet did was enough to change his mood back to what it was, then it was good enough for her.

"Well, I suppose now's as good a time as any to get started," said Sonic, taking a few steps out of the dense foliage and onto the dried out ground outside of the forest. The closest laser emplacement trained its laser back and forth a few times over the area Sonic was standing in but never stopped to even do a more thorough scan. Sonic, thinking he wasn't far enough away from the forest to be detected, was about to walk a little further out when the laser trained over him once again, this time an alarm screaming to life as the laser cannon opened fire at him. Sonic narrowly missed getting hit by the shot as he jumped to the left, then shot forward as the cannon tracked and fired at him as fast as it could. Angel watched from the safety of the forest as Sonic ran past the first laser emplacement, grabbing the attention of the next three closest ones as they too opened fire on him. She caught herself having her mouth gaped open and quickly closed it as she watched Sonic skillfully dodge each laser shot like it was child's play, smiling the whole time. She looked over at Comet, who was also staring opened mouthed at Sonic as he grabbed a fifth one's attention, alarms now blaring all over the outer perimeter of the base.

"You get the feeling that not only has he done this before, but he enjoys it?" asked Angel. Comet merely nodded her head in response, closing her own mouth as she finally caught herself as well. Angel returned her attention to Sonic as he sped back around to the first laser emplacement, leaping on top of it as it tried to train its cannon up to fire at him. He then turned his attention back to the other four laser cannons as each one fired another shot at him. Sonic quickly dropped off the laser emplacement he was standing on, dashing back into the defense grid as the four laser shots impaled its armor plating. It began to spark for a few moments before exploding in a shower of metallic shrapnel.

No less than five second after the cannon exploded, alarms began to sound from the inner area of the base as the Swatbots flew their hover-bikes to the inner edge of the defense grid, scanning the area near the destroyed emplacement before finally spotting Sonic as he charged a second laser emplacement, curling into a spindash and crashing himself through it, the emplacement toppling and exploding on contact with the ground. The Swatbots immediately took off after Sonic as he blazed about the defense grid, narrowly dodging the literally dozens of laser bolts there were flying at him from all directions. As he began to lead the pack of robots now chasing him back towards the jungle, Angel crouched down and watched the hover-bikes carefully, trying to figure out the right timing to make her move.

As Sonic shot by her hiding spot, Angel leapt from her spot just as the last two hover-bikes were passing by, landing a hard flying kick to the Swatbot pilot, knocking it from the craft and sending it flying into the other bike that had been alongside it, knocking them both to the ground as they exploded in a ball of fiery metal as the hover-bike she had knocked the Swatbot off of fell on its side and skid to a stop. Not wasting any time, Angel quickly righted the hover-bike, hopped on, and gunned the throttle. The bike shot forward as it accelerated to over a hundred and fifty miles per hour as she blasted towards the base, maneuvering the hover-bike through all kinds of twists and turns that only the most experienced pilots could accomplish as the closest laser emplacements opened fire upon her.

She looked about for a second, finally spotting Sonic as he toppled another laser tower on the other side of the defense grid. Suddenly, the bike lurched hard to the left as a laser bolt caught it in the backside. Angel barely managed to get it back under her control before looking behind her to see that she was being chased by two other bikes that had caught up with her. A loud thud, as well as a cloud of dust getting thrown into her hair from the backside, reminded her that they weren't the only things shooting at her as she returned her attention forward just in time to give the bike a hard turn to the right, just missing a laser bolt fired from one of the towers as several more shots came from behind from her pursuers.

Angel cracked a smile as her eyes narrowed. The idea she'd just had was one that any sane person wouldn't even conceive, let alone try. But then again, she didn't care what a sane person would do in her situation, she just knew what she'd do. Gunning the accelerator, she pushed the bike to its maximum speed of two hundred and fifty miles per hour before diverting all of the hover lift's power to the very front lift of the four lifts, pulling back hard on the control bars as the bike literally leapt straight up into the air nearly thirty feet as she turned off the power to the hover lifts. Angel then threw her full weight and strength hard to the left, the bike doing a vertical midair one-eighty, leaving the bike facing the ground and facing the two Swatbots chasing her as laser bolts flew past her as they tried to get an accurate shot off on the wildly maneuvering bike and its passenger.

I'll bet you tin heads won't see this one coming, thought Angel to herself as she floored the throttle, the bike shooting straight at the ground. At the last moment, she reactivated the hover lifts, throwing about half of the power into the front one to stabilize the bike as the bottom of the front end scraped the ground for a split second before the bike leveled out. Once again in full control of the bike, she opened it up, speeding towards the Swatbots as they now realized they had gone from being the chasers to the chased all too late as Angel opened up with the bike's laser cannon, spraying the path in front of the other two bikes with ruby red bolts of energy. The two bikes veered to avoid the shots unsuccessfully as they were both skewered by the bolts, exploding in two balls of fire.

Throwing the bike into a hard right turn, Angel realigned herself with the base and then opened the throttle, dodging the light laser fire from the towers as they tried to track her with little success as she flew head on into the middle of the base. As she shot towards the largest of the buildings situated in the middle of the base, automated laser defense cannons opened up on her from the rooftops of the other buildings, forcing her to juke back and forth in the narrow confines of the street which was only big enough to fit maybe the width of three hover-units side by side. She gunned the engine to the max, reaching top speed as she came within five blocks of the square mile large building.

I really am nuts to do this, she thought to herself as she quickly leaped on top of the bike, then jumped off of it, curling herself into a ball as she rolled head over heels for nearly half a block before coming to a stop about fifty meters from the building, a little dazed with a few fresh cuts and a bruise or two, but otherwise unhurt. The hover-bike, however, didn't fare as well as it plowed into the side of the building, blowing a gaping hole in the wall as the explosion knocked the two velocibots that had been patrolling that area of the building to the floor. Quickly getting to her feet, Angel drew her sword and ran into the building, her sword flashing as it sliced both of the velocibots in half before they could get back to their feet to attack her.

She's crazy, but a very good pilot. I'd bet she'd give Tails a run for his money, thought Sonic as he watched the scene unfold from his vantage point about a quarter mile away. A sudden flash of heat to the side of his face returned his attention to what he was doing himself as he shot towards the nearest tower, curling into a spindash as he crashed straight through it, the tower spewing smoke from the two holes left in the hedgehog's wake as it teetered back and forth for a couple of seconds before falling to the ground, narrowly missing the four hover-bikes chasing him as he lead them away from the base as best he could without looking too obvious about it.

Even as the alarms began to blare throughout the base, dead silence was all that could be heard in the command center's main control room that overlooked the rest of the base. Compared to the rest of the building, it was relatively small. A single turbolift was situated in the center of a circular room close to two hundred yards in circumference that sat upon a nearly seventy story tall thick spire that connected the turbolift to the main part of the building below them. Two figures watched the scene unfolding at the outer perimeter between Sonic and the defenses through the soundproof windows that stood over twenty feet tall and encircled the entire room allowing for unblocked vision in a full three hundred and sixty degree arc. As the first of the towers fell to Sonic, the shorter of the two crossed its arms over its chest.

"You do realize that the defenses you set up won't hold up to him?" the short one asked in a deep mechanical voice, its green eyes glancing over at the taller person. The tall one merely gave a slow nod, its face sporting a frown of concentration as it watched the scene outside. The short one's eyes returned to watching the perimeter. "So you planned to make it easy for him from the start. You don't think he'll notice?" the short one asked again.

"Hardly," answered the tall one. "To him, this is a typical defense setup that he's seen several times before and knows how to deal with. But even so, he's so used to seeing such similar setups that the thought that it was done on purpose will never cross his mind."

"I see," said the short one, watching as a hover-bike, now being ridden by Angel, performed a dangerous midair stunt and narrowly missed a collision with the ground before it straightened out and destroyed the two bikes that had been chasing it. The bike then made an about-face and headed straight towards the command center. As the bike disappeared from view below the windows, a very light vibration could be felt by the two observers through the floor as smoke began to issue up from the ground below. "Should I go deal with the echidna?"

"Leave her be. Sonic is the only one I am even remotely concerned with at this point," said the tall one. The short one glanced up at its master with a look that betrayed its distrust in the decision that the tall one caught. "There is a reason why the girl does not constitute any threat."

"Well, pardon my lack of trust on your assumption about the threat she poses," said the short one.

"Even if you're assumptions were correct, it is still nothing for you to concern yourself with," said the tall one as it turned and walked towards the room's exit. "I will deal with the girl. You know your orders and I expect you to carry them out," it said as it walked out of view of the short one. The short one clenched its fists together in anger at having to be told to do its job. It then turned and watched Sonic as he led what remained of the hover-bikes on their ill-fated chase.

Angel side-stepped the snapping jaws of a velocibot, lunging forward and drilling her sword deep into the mechanical raptor's chest as it let loose a pain filled shriek. Quickly drawing her sword from the beast, Angel dropped to the floor and whipped her whole body in a three sixty as she swept her foot under the creature's feet, causing it to tumble to the floor as she jumped back to her own feet and continued her run across the rather large room. In fact, the room was so large that it pretty much left no room on the current floor for anything other than the turbolifts on the side and in the center of the room. The roof to the floor was also high enough that it easily made the room comprise about two thirds of the size of the command center, providing at least a hundred and thirty stories worth of room in square mile worth of space.

She was now on the third floor of the command center, having dispatched the few velocibots that had shown up to block her progress. The fact that only five of the robot raptors had tried to stop her so far gnawed at the back of her mind. If this truly was the where the last three Timestones were being kept, it made no sense that the defenses inside the command center of all places would be this lax. Also, the fact that this floor took up so much space for no apparent reason was also making her a little on edge.

Before she could ponder the lack of security any further, the doors to the lift she was running towards slid open as two more velocibots emerged from within. Coming to a stop, Angel took a defensive stance as she waited for the two robots to come running at her like the previous ones had done. But only when the two of them didn't move from their spots and she got a good look at them did she realize that something about them was different. The first thing she noticed was that the one of the left was colored solid black, while the one of the right was solid red. Also, these two particular velocibots had two odd appendages attached to their upper backs that the others did not possess. She couldn't make out what they were though, as they hugged the bodies of the velocibots snuggly. However, her question was answered when both velocibots gave a shrill cry as the appendages spread out and away from their bodies, revealing each one to be sporting a pair of metallic, reptilian wings.

"You have got to be kidding me..." whispered Angel to herself, her shock at what she was looking at evident on her face. Both velocibots gave a hard flap of their wings, both taking off with a small gust of wind. At first the two of them flew together in sync till they had ascended to about the halfway mark of the ceiling before they broke off from each other, circling in a wide arc around Angel's position. Sweat began to form on her forehead as she realized that with the way the two of them were flying, there was no way for her to keep her eyes on both of them at the same time. She cursed to herself as she realized the two of them had more than likely been waiting in the lift the whole time for her to be out in the middle of the room like she was now. If they had made themselves known when she had first stepped off the lift from the floor below, then she would've had the safety of a wall to put her back up to so that they would be unable to divide her attention as much as they were doing.

Well, no use worrying about it now, she thought as she watched the black velocibot circle the air in front of her, hearing the red one cry out from somewhere behind her. She tensed as she realized the cry was far too loud if it was in a similar position to where the black one was at. With reflexes that that would make a cat green with envy, Angel swung herself around and brought her sword up to block just as the hind legs of the red velocibot thrust out to shred her in the back. The force of the collision was enough to make a clang noise echo loudly throughout the whole room as the red velocibot screamed its annoyance at having been found out before it could impale its target with its razor sharp claws. Angel strained against the velocibot as it tried to force her to topple over backwards from the amount of force it was excreting against her. But the echidna girl held fast against it, and with a final effort managed to deflect its hind feet away from her, causing it to lose its buoyancy and tumble to the ground.

With nothing but instinct guiding her next move, she rolled backwards, the snapping jaws of the black velocibot colliding with the floor just inches in front of her body as she rolled underneath it, the robot snarling in discomfort from its meeting with the floor. She wanted to try and bring her sword to bear against the mechanical raptor's underbelly, but realized the roll had thrown off her ability to handle it till she could get a second to re-adjust her grip on it. So instead she continued to roll till she emerged from underneath the raptor's back end and flipped back to her feet, narrowly missing a crushing blow from the velocibot's tail when it slammed it down on the floor as she passed by underneath it.

Angel barely had enough time to recover from flipping onto her feet again before the red velocibot had regained its footing and leapfrogged over the black one, fore claws and teeth bared as it flew straight at her. Realizing that trying to block it again with her sword would be pointless since it couldn't possibly cover all three attack points at once, Angel dove to the ground and flipped onto her back in time to see the red velocibot pass by overhead. Pulling her legs up against her chest, she launched them straight out, catching the raptor in the stomach area with a hard double kick, flipping it over in midair to come crashing down on its back with an angry screech of a cry. She then quickly turned back onto her stomach before swinging her entire body around, sweeping the clawed feet of the black velocibot out from underneath it before it could completely turn back around to attack her before using the momentum to flip back onto her feet, readying herself to deliver a fatal blow to the robot.

However, as she drew her sword back to impale the black metal raptor, a loud clap caught her attention, drawing her eyes away from the fallen robot before she could stop herself from doing so, causing her swing to go wide. Instead of impaling the velocibot, her sword instead crashed through the connecting braces for the robot's wings, shredding them both off the mechanical beast. The black raptor quickly righted itself as it brushed her sword aside, but instead of attacking after it regained its footing, it instead leaped back away from her, retreating back towards the turbolift. At the sound of the flap of wings, Angel quickly returned her attention to the other velocibot, looking back at the red armored raptor as it eyed her for a couple of seconds before retreating back to the air, leaving Angel to watch as the two mechanical raptors returned to the turbolift where another raptor was standing.

This one was at least twice the size of the two velocibots with an orange and black underbelly and glimmering silver armor covering its entire tail and back, all the way up the top of its head to the tip of its nose. Around its neck was a collar with a glowing green gemstone set in the middle. Its face sent a chill down Angel's spine as glowing red eyes stared back at the female echidna. Both velocibots formed rank next to the much bigger raptor, the red one folding its wings against its body as they stood silently.

"Very impressive. I dare say you've improved even more than I had realized, though I see you still let small things distract you. I'd have figured you would have broken that habit by now," said the taller raptor in a deep male voice as it walked towards Angel, who's only response was to stare at it with a wide eyed look as she tensed.

"No..." she whispered as she eyed the raptor walking towards her. "It can't be you...It just can't..." she said a little louder. The raptor merely smiled slightly as its sensitive hearing caught what she had whispered.

"But it is me," said Leviathan as he walked up next to the echidna, looking down into her eyes. "After all, how could you possibly forget the person that raised you into such a strong warrior?" Angel stared back into the blood red eyes of the raptor, wanting to ask him any of the literally hundreds of questions that had risen to the surface after seeing him here, apparently in charge of these murderous robotic creatures.

"But how-" she started to ask.

"Am I the one that rules over this empire?" he finished. His small grin widened slightly. "My dear, I've been in command of this empire long before we even met. You just never knew." At that comment, Angel's disbelieving look instantly changed into one of pure anger and hatred as the truth hit her like a sucker punch.

"It was you!" she yelled as she lunged at the raptor, swinging her sword straight at the mecha bot, who merely back-stepped the attack, the sword swiping through thin air as it narrowly missed the raptor's head. "You're the one who sent that…that thing to attack my home!" she cried at the top of her lungs as she tried to bring her sword to bear again. But this time as she swung it at the raptor, he merely caught the blade in his clawed hand, letting a little bit of synthetic blood drip out of his enclosed fist onto the floor as well as down the blade.

"You are wrong about that," Leviathan said softly. "I never sent Metal Sonic to attack your village. He did it of his own accord."

"Liar!" she screamed at him, struggling to free her trapped weapon from his grasp. While she could fight without it, her anger had consumed her to the point that rational thinking had become a lost cause and all she could think of was freeing her sword to strike down the creature that stood before her.

"I have never once lied to you before, have I?" asked Leviathan. At this, Angel stopped struggling to free her sword. Instead, she looked back up at him as if to explain himself. "Every question you ever asked me about that night, I never once told you anything other than the truth." He released his grip on Angel's sword, knowing her attention was now on something other than attacking him. "When I first met you and you asked me what I knew about the night your village was attacked, what did I tell you?" he asked, looking into her emerald green eyes as she looked back into his.

"You told me that it was someone that had come seeking to kill us all," she said.

"Correct. Did I lie to you? Was it not 'someone' that had attacked your home, seeking to kill everyone in his path?" he asked her.

"Yes...It was," she said, her voice having lost a good deal of its edge as the realization of what was going on began to sink in.

"That is exactly my point. Every question you ever asked me, I answered for you truthfully, even if I did leave out certain details. Still, it is not my fault that you took it for face value as you did. You were content with my answers and merely drew your own conclusions from them. And as I promised, you have grown into a well tempered fighter that I have no doubt could defeat Metal Sonic one-on-one in an honorable, fair fight. Your ability to last as long as you did against my two friends here, damaging one of them quite extensively I might add, more than proved that point," he said as he walked around her slowly, keeping his eyes locked with hers as she turned her own eyes and head to follow his.

"But why did he let me go? Why did he not kill me with all the others?" she asked.

"As I told you before, I quite honestly have no logical explanation as to why he let you go. Perhaps to him you looked to be dead. Or maybe he knew I was not far off and wished to finish what he had started before I arrived to get him back under my control," he said before coming to a stop in front of her again.

"So you were in control of him after all," she said, her anger returning a little, but she held herself in check this time instead of allowing anger to control her like before. Leviathan gave a sigh before turning his back to her and taking a few steps away from her.

"When I first built him in this world, I followed the exact same schematics that were used to create him in the world I hail from. This, however, proved to be a great miscalculation on my part. The master programming that I had embedded in his circuitry was the same as the original's. As such, he eventually became consumed by his desire to kill Sonic," he said, returning his gaze to the floor. "But since this world's Sonic had been killed prior to his activation, this world's Metal Sonic awoke into a world where it had no purpose. Still, he obeyed me for a time, doing what I asked of him. I realized that he was growing more and more out of touch with reality as time went by, however." At this, he turned sideways and looked back up again.

"When he began to question my orders, I knew that it would be only a matter of time before I lost all control over him. I had debated on destroying him, but by that point in time he had quite literally become one of my main tools of instilling fear in the population. But even though I realized he would rebel, he did so much earlier than I had personally thought he would have. He went on a rampage throughout the southern continent, killing anyone he came across, destroying any source of civilization he found. I allowed him to do so for a short time, wondering if he would stop on his own or not. But after a week's time I realized he wouldn't stop unless I forced him to."

"You let him destroy countless lives while you just waited to see what he would do?" Angel asked, both her face and voice having taken on a horrified look and tone.

"Yes. However, I did not like it. By that time, I had wiped out everything and everyone I had wanted to," he said, turning his head back to look at her with a sinister grin. "After all, ruling over a planet would be quite boring if no one was around to fear you."

"You're a sick person," Angel spat. Leviathan gave no sign the insult had even been heard though.

"Trust me, my dear girl, I could have just as well let him continue on his little one-man army path and be destroyed eventually by his own madness, but he was far too important to me to allow that to happen," said Leviathan as he turned around to fully face her again. "By the time I managed to finally track him down he had nearly finished his destruction of your village. I confronted him and although it took force to finally get him back under my control, I succeeded. After that, I had the rest of the surviving villagers, which by then had been reduced to just a couple dozen, eliminated."

"Why!?" screamed Angel, tears streaming down her face as she glared at Leviathan with anger burning behind her eyes stronger than anything she'd ever felt before. "Why did you kill them all? Why didn't you kill me with them as well? I would've rather died that night than live as the only survivor of such a horrific slaughter!" she continued to scream at him.

"To protect my identity. I didn't care that they had seen Metal Sonic since he was well known as a killer and destroyer by that point in time. However, my identity had to be kept completely in the dark from the entire planet," he hissed, his face turning into a frown as he looked away from her for a second. "Only one person has ever managed to escape with the knowledge of who I really am. The Freedom Fighter villages on Mobius all saw me as a hero that stepped up to take command of the primary operations against what they thought was Robotnik's empire. Too bad they placed their faith in a forgery that was under my direct control the entire time."

"You still haven't told me why you didn't kill me that night like everyone else. I have a right to know," she said with a little force behind her voice, having regained her composure somewhat.

"Because when I arrived, I was just in time to witness your rather suicidal attack against Metal Sonic, even if it was from a distance. Seeing such a young mobian display such raw aggression and anger like you did, as well as handle a sword with exceptional skill for being so young, I knew I could mold you into a powerful ally," he said.

"Ally? Why would I ever become your ally!?" she yelled at him.

"Simple," Leviathan said with a smile as he lowered his head to gaze into her eyes as he lightly gripped her chin in his clawed hand. "Because I request that you become my ally and perform any task I ask of you, such was the promise you pledged to me the day we met."

"I won't do it," she hissed at him, her voice very soft but having a lot of anger behind it. Leviathan's grin widened slightly.

"So you're telling me that you would go back on a promise you made? A promise where, might I remind you, I have upheld every condition I was required to uphold?" Angel wanted to say yes and forever denounce the beast in front of her, but she found herself unable to. Her mouth tried to form the words, but her lips had failed her at the moment. Leviathan's smirk grew slightly as he saw her struggle to tell him off. After nearly half a minute of fighting to spit out the words, she gave up. All the fight she had previously displayed was now lost to the wind as she gave into Leviathan. She knew why she couldn't refuse him, as did he.

"I thought so," was all Leviathan said as he let go of her chin and rose back up to his full height. "Your 'honor' prevents you from breaking your promise to me since I upheld my end of the deal." He turned his back to her and began walking away, motioning for her to follow him. Slowly, the broken echidna girl sheathed her sword and walked after him, her face contorted into one of pain and sorrow as she realized her fate now rested with the robotic raptor. Leviathan glanced over his shoulder, chortling to himself when he saw the look on her face. "You may be strong physically my dear echidna, but the 'honor bond' that you share with your family and people makes you weak mentally." Angel's only response was to glare at him defiantly as the pair walked into the turbolift, the doors slamming with a whoosh.

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