A Timeless Adventure

Chapter 13

Angel ran down the fifth corridor of the below ground floor containing the detention cell blocks, but as of yet she hadn't found a trace of where Tails or the others were being held. As she rounded the corner of a three-way intersecting corridor, she screeched to a halt as she came face to face with a velocibot. Leaping back as she drew her sword, Angel landed in a defensive stance, eyes watching the velocibot carefully as it stared at her. But when the velocibot made no attempt to attack, she grew nervous. That's when she noticed that this velocibot looked different than the ones she had seen before. This one was covered from its tail to shoulders in glimmering violet metal with metal tubes running through its body in some places. Its chest was flesh, but had two thick tubes running through it. Attached near the end of the tail was a giant, three pronged clamp. Two small sheets of two inch thick metal jutted from its shoulder blades. Its face was also flesh just like its chest, its right eye a beautiful emerald green while its left eye was replaced by a glowing optic sensor set in an eye patch-like piece of blue metal. Around its neck was a pendant with a violet gemstone set inside it.

"You are looking for you friends, are you not?" it asked in a barely audible, hoarse whisper. Angel was taken aback, as she hadn't expected it to speak to her. Still, despite the creature's apparent pacifism, she didn't drop her guard just yet.

"Yes, I am," she answered, eyeing the reptile cautiously. The raptor stared at her for a couple of seconds, then turned its back to Angel, pointing down the corridor.

"Follow this corridor till you reach the next intersection, then take a right. Continue down that way till you reach the end, then turn left. Your friends should be somewhere in the cell blocks contained there," said the raptor.

"Why are you helping me? Aren't you one of Leviathan's underlings?" asked Angel, still unsure if she could trust the raptor or not. The raptor turned to face her.

"You and I are much alike my child. Honor means more to us than life itself," it said as it looked up towards the ceiling, though it didn't focus its attention on anything in particular. It seemed rather to be staring out into space. "I was immensely disgraced many years ago by Leviathan. For years I have stood by and watched our world crumble around us without ever once trying to stop it," it said softly. It then returned its gaze back towards Angel. "I now have a chance to redeem the honor I lost to him by helping you and your friends." Angel lowered her sword, her face softening as she stared into the raptor's real eye, seeing the same emotions staring back at her as she had felt just minutes ago. A strong sense of hatred for Leviathan, as well as the longing to restore the honor that he had stolen from this creature.

"You're not lying," said Angel softly as she sheathed her sword. She then gave the cybernetic raptor a nod. "Thank you for your help." The raptor nodded back, then walked past Angel with a rather fast stride to its step as it walked back the way Angel had come. Angel watched the raptor for a few seconds as it walked swiftly down the corridor before turning down one of the intersections, vanishing from her view. Why do I get the feeling I've seen that creature before? she thought to herself before she turned her attention forward, continuing down the corridor towards where the raptor had indicated.

A loud whine echoed through the rather large detention cell as the occupant struggled against the complex machinery that held its captive bound to the cell wall. The prisoner had been at it for nearly two hours now, pushing himself to his limits as he tried in vain to get even one hand free of the confines of his cell. This latest attempt proved to be no more effective than the first attempt had been as Cody finally gave into his fate, going limp in the grasp of the four hydraulic cuffs that held his body suspended against the wall.

"I guess I have to give this timeline's Robotnik credit. He sure doesn't screw around with his security like he does in ours," said Cody softly as he shut his eyes, letting the darkness calm his overworked body somewhat. As he hung there in suspension, his mind began to go through what options were left to him. As far as he could tell, the hydraulic cuffs clamped around his wrists and ankles were adequate to cancel out his robotic strength. And with his arms in their current positions, there was no way he would be able to bring his wrist-mounted laser to bear against the cuffs. So that's it... he thought to himself as he opened his eyes again.

"I suppose there really isn't any more that I can do without knowing if Sonic and Angel are still out there or what has happened to the others," he said as his eyes flashed brightly for a second. "I just hope its enough to cause some serious damage to this place...Cody Griffor authorizes activation of self-destruct sequence." He could hear his inner AI matrix clicking and beeping as it tried to process the response. He had grown somewhat used to the background noise his artificial brain made when he gave it commands like this, though it still sounded too loud for him at times. Suddenly, he could hear a stale, monotone male voice in his head.

"Voice identification acknowledged. Activation code required to begin procedure," said the voice in his head. Cody sighed as he went over it once more though his head. After all, if he went through with it, then that was it. There was no turning back once he set the process in motion. But as far as he could tell, there was nothing more he could do. It was now or never.

"Activation code Omega Sig-" he began to say before a loud swishing noise coming from the cell's door caught his attention. Suddenly, the door split apart into two pieces as they fell to the floor with a loud clang, the light from the corridor flooding into the room. Cody could make out the silhouette of a mobian standing in the doorway, but the light from the corridor was too blinding to make out who it was.

"Finally! I was beginning to think that raptor told me the wrong area," came a familiar voice from the figure in the doorway.

"Angel!?" exclaimed Cody in complete surprise.

"Sorry I took so long to find you. I went through about half a dozen of these stupid things before I found you," she said as she ran up next to the bound robian, raising her sword up towards his bonds. "Now hold still." Cody closed his eyes so he wouldn't accidentally make any sudden moves as he heard four rapid swish sounds similar to the one he had heard before the door had given way. The next thing he knew, he was falling to the floor, quickly opening his eyes to see how to position himself so he didn't topple when he hit. He quickly righted himself as he heard a small buzzing in the back of his mind signaling that the self destruct program was aborted from not having the activation code in the allotted time frame. He breathed an inward sigh of relief at this, glad he had taken the time to second guess himself before he'd gone through with it.

"Where's Sonic?" he asked as they ran out of the holding cell and down the hall towards the next block of cells.

"He's keeping Leviathan busy while we get the others and get the Timestones that are in the building," she said.

"Leviathan? But he was killed several days ago. How could he be alive?" asked a confused Cody. Angel just glanced over at him.

"It's a long and complicated story, and it'll keep till we get out of this mess," she said as they came upon the next cell. With a quick slash of her sword, the door caved in as easily as the one to Cody's holding cell had.

"Get back! I'll shoot! I swear I will!" shouted a female voice from the far end of the room. As the light from the corridor drove away the shadows of the room, Angel saw Lily curled up in a ball near the far left corner of the room, trembling. In her hands she clutched her blaster, though she wasn't aiming it at anyone. Instead, she was holding it to her chest, her eyes held shut. Angel glanced back at Cody, who nodded as he took the lead.

"It's okay Lily. It's only us," said Cody softly. Lily's eyes shot open as she turned her head, her gaze rising to meet his yellow eyes. Instantly, she sprang from her spot on the floor, embracing the robian in a hug.

"Oh Cody! Thank Mobius you're still alive!" she cried as he returned the hug. Angel watched the two of them from the doorway, frowning as she watched the scene unfold. Something wasn't right, she could tell that much already. But what it was exactly she couldn't put her finger on. She quickly dismissed the feeling though knowing that time was of the utmost importance at the moment.

"Come on, we have to keep moving," said Angel as she turned her back to the two hedgehogs. Then, as she heard a loud clang noise echo throughout the room, followed by the running motion of Lily's footsteps behind her, the answer to her uneasy feeling hit her like a lead brick. Lily was armed, but Cody had no way of fighting back against someone that entered his cell. But that could only mean one thing! she thought frantically. But before she could even begin to turn back around, she felt the cold tip of Lily's blaster touch the back of her head.

"Don't move," said Lily softly. Cody had been halfway through picking himself up off the floor when those two words caused him to completely stop his motion, his head awkwardly turning up to look at what he couldn't believe his eyes were telling him. "Drop the sword." Angel did as she was told, dropping the blade to the cold steel floor.

"Why?" asked Angel, keeping her eyes looking straight ahead, never making any attempt to turn back to face the red hedgehog. Cody finally broke free of the shock that had paralyzed him, quickly getting back to his feet. He then started to move towards the two girls.

"Stop!" said Lily sternly, glancing back at Cody who complied. "Please don't make this any harder than it is by getting involved."

"Make what harder? Why are you doing this?" asked Cody.

"Just don't, okay?" she asked softly, returning her gaze to Angel. While she couldn't see what was going on during their exchange, just hearing their voices told Angel all she needed to know about what was going on.

"It was Leviathan, wasn't it? He put you up to this, didn't he?" she asked Lily. Lily flinched slightly when she heard the question, just enough that Angel could feel the subtle motion of the gun moving just barely, confirming her suspicion. "I thought so. He always used to say to me that the world was just one big chess board, filled with hundreds of possible moves and counter-moves, and that the best way to win was to prepare for all the possible counter-moves that might be used against your own moves with your own counter-move to the counter-move your opponent used. So basically, you are the counter-move to my counter-move against his move against me, plain and simple."

"What are you talking about?" asked Lily, trying not to let the complex analogy Angel had set forth distract her.

"It means that he planned for me to betray him by forcing you to do this act if I did betray him. You are to kill me for betraying him after he forced me to be his ally. As I said, simple," she said.

"Is that true?" asked Cody. Lily glanced back at Cody, then back at Angel before returning her gaze back to Cody. When she turned back the second time, Cody could see her sky blue eyes were holding back tears.

"Yes, it's true," she said as she closed her eyes, turning her gaze away from Cody. "He promised me that if I was to kill Angel if she freed me that he would let you and me go free and that he would never hunt us down provided we never left Little Planet."

"You know good and well he was lying about that. He'd kill you the instant you did his dirty work for him," shouted Cody, unable to believe that this alternate version of his wife had even entertained such a thought, let alone gone this far with it.

"He wasn't lying," said Angel, catching both Lily and Cody's attention away from each other and back on her. "Leviathan may be an evil, twisted abomination, but if there is one thing he is not, it's a liar."

"How can you possibly know that?" asked Cody, his voice not hiding at all his disbelief in Angel's statement.

"Easy. He never lied to me once in all the years I grew up around him," she said. An uneasy feeling spread through her as she realized that the two hedgehogs had focused their question filled gazes towards her, despite not really being able to see them looking at her. "Don't ask me about that, because I won't tell you any details. But he does know that merely giving hints of the full truth can be far more effective that just lying about something."

"But that wasn't 'hints of the truth' as you call it. That was a flat out streamlined statement he gave her," protested Cody.

"This is true, but what evidence can you provide to show that you are right in your assumptions that he was lying to her?" she asked. Cody started to say something, but backed down after realizing he really had no answer for that question.

"Regardless, you can't do this Lily! It's not right!" shouted Cody. Lily turned back to Cody, her eyes now bursting with tears, but her face twisted into one of anger.

"Not right? Not right!? You have no idea what 'not right' is! Was it right that you were taken from me like you were? I never even found a body! I've had no closure with your death! And then you just up and fly back into my life like nothing ever happened! You think I can let you go a second time? I was on the very edge of taking my life after you were taken from me last time! I refuse to go through that again!" she shouted at Cody. He paused briefly before he said anything, realizing that he had to choose his words carefully.

"Lily, as much as you want to believe that I'm this world's Cody, I'm not. And you're not my Lily, that much is for certain," he said, his first sentence being spoken rather softly, but turning sterner as he finished out the second. Lily looked at him completely awestruck.

"How can you say that?" she asked shakily, her voice growing more quiet as she continued to speak. "I'm your wife..." Angel, meanwhile, had been all but forgotten by Lily by this point, but the echidna had decided it was best to not move or say anything. Lily was struggling right now, that much was obvious. A single action on her part might make Lily snap and actually follow through with Leviathan's order.

"No you're not. You're not my wife just as I'm not your husband," said Cody. Here he paused for a few seconds, trying to let it all sink in. "We come from different worlds. We have lived different lives." He took a step towards Lily, who this time didn't respond as she stared back at Cody. "Now please, put the gun down and let's put this all behind us." He took another step forward, but this time Lily responded, jamming the gun into the back of Angel's skull hard enough to make the echidna's head lean forward.

"I don't care if we are from different worlds, you're still my husband whether you believe it or not and we will be together no matter what!" she shouted, her trigger finger starting to squeeze. A loud blast rang out through the room, echoing down the hallway and vanishing as quickly as it had come. Lily's finger froze in a half-squeezed position on the trigger, still pointed into the back of Angel's head as the echidna stood in front of her, having never been shot. Lily stared back at Cody, shock having completely paralyzed her. Cody's wrist-mounted laser cannon was still trailing a very thin trail of smoke from the muzzle as he pointed it at a spot on the wall just inches above Lily's head, a smoldering hole drilled halfway through the metal of the wall. His face was set in stone, holding a look of both pity and resolve.

"Don't do something we'll both regret," said Cody, the softness of his voice having been completely dropped, leaving only a monotone voice behind in its wake. Lily continued to stand as still as a statute, taking in what had just happened, even though she was unable to believe it.

"You...You just..." she whispered, barely audible.

"Yes. I just shot at you. That's your only warning. Please don't force me to actually have to hit you," he said sternly. Lily gazed into Cody's glowing yellow eyes, trying to find any hint of the kindness she had seen when the two of them had first met back in Knothole only a few days ago. But unlike last time, she didn't see that kindness staring back at her like before. This time, she only saw the cold, calculating eyes of a robot staring back at her. It was then she realized he was right about everything. Sure, he cared for her as much as the Cody of her world had, but he didn't truly love her like her world's Cody had. His heart belonged to the Lily of his world. And nothing, not even spending the rest of their lives together in peace without fear, would change that.

She then realized just how close her finger was to pulling the trigger. She let out a loud gasp as she threw the gun from her hand as though it were molten slag, backing away from Angel quickly before hitting the wall, sliding down into sitting position as she took in the magnitude of what she had just transpired.

"By the heavens of Mobius, what have I done?" she cried as she started to shake almost violently. Cody ran over to her as Angel watched from the doorway, making sure to keep an eye out for any patrols. Or at least that was what she was telling herself. Truth was she just didn't want to get drawn into the emotional scene that had unfolded behind her during the last minute or so, as well as the fact that Cody's shot had pretty much scared the living tar out of her and she was still collecting herself somewhat regardless of there being no outward signs the shot had scared her like it had.

"Lily? Lily talk to me," said Cody softly as he held Lily's shoulders gently, trying to coax her to look up at him. Her shaking was getting worse. He realized if he didn't calm her back down, the stress would eventually cause her to have a panic attack that could potentially kill her if it got too bad. "Lily. It's Cody, everything is okay now. Please talk to me. Let me know you're still here with us," he begged her. Her eyes glanced up finally, looking into Cody's eyes. Slowly, her shaking began to stabilize somewhat as she continued to stare into the robian's eyes.

"Cody...What...What did I do? Did I...Did I...?" she asked in a whisper, never taking her eyes off Cody's.

"No. No you didn't. You didn't do anything," he said softly, pulling her into an embrace. Her arms hung at her sides, not returning the hug. She then spotted Angel standing in the doorway, the echidna's eyes glancing over at her, but she didn't seem afraid or even angry at her. If anything, she looked a little concerned, though it was kind of hard to tell. But the reassuring glance from Angel was the catalyst that sparked her return back to reality as her arms sprang from her sides and clamped around Cody, hugging him as hard as she could as she finally stopped shaking.

"I'm so sorry! I'm so very sorry!" she cried, tears streaming down her face.

"I know," he whispered into her ear. "It's okay...Everything's going to be okay." Angel couldn't help but smile slightly as she saw Lily calm back down enough to at least get her shaking back under control.

"Think you two will be okay if I leave you here while I find the others?" she asked Cody. He nodded slightly, not releasing his embrace or even looking over at Angel.

"Yeah. She'll be okay in a few minutes," he said. Angel nodded as she started to walk out of the cell room, but suddenly stopped. She then looked back at the two of them.

"Lily?" she said softly, getting the magenta furred hedgehog's attention.

"Yes?" she asked, taking a big sniff as tears still streaked her face.

"I just wanted to say I'm proud to know someone with a will as strong as yours," said Angel, taking her far left dreadlock in her left hand, tugging on it slightly as she rolled it between her fingers nervously. "I'll be honest. If I had a chance to bring the ones I cared about back into my life like you, I don't think I could've stopped myself from following through with whatever it took, regardless of the consequences." Lily stared blankly at Angel for a few awkward seconds as the echidna continued to fiddle with her dreadlock. Lily then nodded slowly.

"Thank you. For someone like you with such a strong will to begin with to say something like that means a lot to me," she said. Angel gave her a soft smile, throwing her dreadlock back over her shoulder before running out of the room, picking up her sword as she left, leaving the two hedgehogs alone to sort out the events that had just taken place.

Robo Knuckles slammed his fist, dagger claws first, into the monitor he was watching, the view of the three mobians in Lily's holding cell vanishing in the blink of an eye as glass shards rained outwards only to bounce harmlessly off his metallic body. He knew it. He had known that there was no way to guarantee that either one of the two females would follow through with their orders. Now they were undoubtedly freeing the other three prisoners from their holding cells and would be heading back up here to the control room to get the Timestone that was waiting inside the center's computer mainframe. While he knew that the mainframe would be all but impossible for them to disable, he still didn't like it. Leviathan was taking too many chances and so far not one of them had paid off. He turned his back to the line of monitors, coming to a stop when he came to face two velocibots.

"Leviathan's little pawns have failed us. Now it is our turn to prove to Leviathan why he should place his faith in a more reliable source for dealing with threats," he said sadistically. The two velocibots merely hissed softly as if they were really getting excited by the prospect of a fight, even though they weren't programmed to have emotions. Robo Knuckles knew this and welcomed it. It only served to make the two robots even more dangerous because they would have no second thoughts at all about crushing the mobians in the lower levels of the tower. "Onward!" he shouted as the two velocibots screamed into the air loudly before turning towards the turbolift.

Sonic flew a few yards off to the side of Leviathan as the two combatants raced through the winding trees of the forest, each of them eyeing the other one with burning hatred showing in their eyes. Leviathan was the first to launch an attack, leaping sideways and bounding off the trunk of a rather large tree, throwing himself at the rainbow furred hedgehog. Sonic merely flipped himself around so that he was facing Leviathan feet first with a much narrower profile than he had presented the robotic raptor originally. This caused Leviathan's attack with his fore claws to go wide on either side of Sonic, who slammed his feet into the raptor's chest. He then swung his whole body forward in a flip, kicking Leviathan in the head and sending him flying over Sonic to land on his side, rolling along the ground before crashing into another tree trunk as big as the one he had bounced off of. Sonic then flew up right above Leviathan, curling into a spindash and flinging himself full force into Leviathan. A large dust cloud was kicked up from the force of the blow, and as the dust settled, Sonic could see that he had caused the raptor's midsection to be crumpled nearly a full foot into the ground, the raptor's eyes closed as if it had died.

"You have got to be kidding me..." whispered Sonic with disbelief as he watched the area he had damaged begin to rapidly repair itself, expanding outward and reshaping into its original form within a matter of a few seconds. Leviathan's eyes shot open, a loud snarl echoing from his jaws as he quickly righted himself, glaring at Sonic as he hovered a few yards away.

"I have to give you credit Sonic," said Leviathan as he stared at his foe. "So far, you've managed to toss me around more than anyone else I've ever fought. It's just too bad that you don't have the power behind your blows to actually do any damage that I can't fix in seconds."

"If that's the case, then I suppose I should stop playing around and actually try to kill you now," said Sonic as he got into a fighting pose, a smile plastered across his face. It was true that he had only been playing around at first to give Angel more time. But as the fight had started to drag on with Leviathan showing no signs of lasting damage, even as Sonic began to actually fight for real, he had come to the realization that he might actually be unable to kill the mecha bot. This latest attack had confirmed at the very least that mere physical strength, even with him in his hyper form, would be insufficient to finish off Leviathan. He had put all his might into that last spindash, and even though Leviathan's armor plating had deflected some of the impact, if that wasn't enough to kill the raptor, none of his attacks would.

"Something tells me that you have been trying for at least a little while. Your attacks against me have been growing in intensity and your increased rate of breathing indicates that you're beginning to wear yourself out," said Leviathan. Sonic wanted to tell him off, but he knew that if Leviathan had noticed, he couldn't hide it. He was getting worn down, but not fully because of his own endurance. He could feel that the power of the miniature Super Emeralds was beginning to falter. It was becoming harder and harder to maintain his hyper form with each attack he made. He found it a little strange though that they would be giving out after only about five or six minutes. Comet had said that they would at least last for ten before they would die, and he seriously doubted his attacks could've drained that much power from them. As it stood now, he guessed the emeralds would give out after his next attack if he put every last bit of their power into it, and he knew he had to if he was to have any chance to beat this monster he now faced. "Come at me with everything you've got Sonic. I prefer to take you down when you're fighting your hardest."

"Then who am I to deny you that?" said Sonic as he started to draw the last of the miniature's power into his body, the energy stars circling him doubling in intensity as chaos energy crackled in the air off his energized body. He half expected Leviathan to at least flinch as he drew in the final bits of chaos energy, but when the raptor didn't even so much as bat an eye, he began to worry that this last attack might not be enough. He frowned as he pushed that thought to the back of his mind, squaring himself up for what he knew would be his last shot at the mecha bot.

"Well, what are you waiting for Sonic?" teased Leviathan as he confidently stood his ground, not taking his eyes off the rainbow hedgehog for an instant. Sonic's frown turned into a smirk which then became a small chuckle, which in turn cause Levi's face to frown. "What is it you find so funny?"

"Oh nothing..." said Sonic softly, his eyes closed as he floated gently in the cool morning air. "I was just thinking of how much I'm gonna enjoy kicking your tin can to the curb!" he shouted, his eyes shooting open as he shot from his position so fast that Leviathan could've sworn he saw two other Sonics for a brief instant where Sonic had been. Just as he had processed and dismissed the optical illusion he felt two hands grasp onto his collar from above. Swinging his head around so fast he was surprised he didn't break a servo in the process, he looked back to see Sonic sitting on his back, gripping his collar like a bull rider grasps the harness on a bull.

"How did you-" he started to say before he felt a massive burst of chaos energy flood into his systems, his sentence cut off as he let out a primal scream of pain, falling to the ground as Sonic held on tight, making sure that he wouldn't be shaken loose again like last time. Leviathan thrashed around, desperately trying to get Sonic off him while at the same time writhing in pain from the amount of chaos energy that was coursing through his body. Sonic held on tight through the rough ride, even as he was smacked repeatedly against the ground as Leviathan's body twisted and turned in its pain-ridden state.

But even as Leviathan squirmed about, Sonic could tell something was wrong. When he had been floating in the air just a few moments ago, the energy drain from the emeralds, while constant, had been slow. Now, the drain was spiking like crazy, fluctuating between small bursts to large chucks of it. Suddenly, Sonic's fur faded back to its cool blue again as Leviathan went still. Please tell me he bit the dust after all that, though Sonic to himself as he gazed up towards Leviathan's face. But what greeted his eyes sent a chill down his spine to the very tips of his toes. Leviathan's red eyes glared back at him, their glow now twice as bright as before. Leviathan slowly chuckled which quickly grew into a full bout of laughter as he looked back at Sonic.

"You fool," hissed Leviathan. Suddenly a sound similar to the crack of a lightning strike sounded as Sonic was thrown violently off the raptor, slamming back first into the trunk of a tree and sliding down to its base. It took Sonic a second to regain his sense of where he was before he flipped back to his feet, wondering what in the world had thrown him off Leviathan's back. He knew that Leviathan hadn't moved other than to look back at him, which meant that the attack had to have come from somewhere else, yet even as he quickly scanned the area with his eyes he found no trace of anyone else among them.

"How did you do that?" asked Sonic, finally giving up on the idea that it had been someone other than the raptor. But as his gaze returned to Leviathan, the sight that he now saw sent a chill coursing down his spine. The metal armor on the raptor's body, while normally a shiny silver in color, was now a dull golden color. One that Sonic remembered all too well as he recalled the same kind of transformation that Metal Sonic had undergone not that long ago while tapping into the Master Emerald's power. Leviathan only chortled as he slowly got onto his feet, rising up to his full height at a leisurely pace.

"Come now my dear friend. I would have figured that the answer to that question would have been obvious even to you. Especially after your last attack," he responded, slowly taking a fighting stance. The answer hit Sonic like a bat upside the head. Leviathan had purposely let him think he was shorting him out, when in reality he had been draining his body of the emeralds' power the whole time. That was the reason their power was fading so fast! Not because I was draining it away when I attacked, but because each time I made contact with him he absorbed some of it into himself! thought Sonic as he mentally kicked himself in the head for not realizing it sooner. Sonic's wide-eyed facial expression caused by his realization was all Leviathan needed to see to know that Sonic had figured it out. "Ha! I knew you'd figure it out it you just thought about it for a second. Too bad for you that you didn't stop to think about it before now." Sonic's mouth slowly curled into a grin.

"Heh...So maybe I'm not hyper anymore. All I say is this evens the playing field a little bit for you. After all, I was kicking you around pretty good before now," said Sonic, trying to put as much confidence behind his voice as he could.

"You are bad at bluffing, little hedgehog. With the power I absorbed from your hyper form, I could crush you in an instant," said Leviathan. He then opened his mouth wide, though no sound came from it.

"Then just try-" Sonic started to say before he was cut off as a blast of chaos energy flew out of Leviathan's mouth, landing right in front of Sonic. The explosion from the blast blew Sonic off his feet and back a good ten yards as he hit the ground on his back before flipping over onto his stomach. He slowly got to his hands and knees, spitting out a bit of dirt that had gotten into his mouth during his flip. He looked up at the robotic raptor as it closed its mouth slowly, baring its fangs in a toothy grin. Sonic couldn't believe he'd been caught off-guard like that. He hadn't even seen the blast coming till it had hit.

"Run little hedgehog," said Leviathan as slowly started to walk towards Sonic. "Run as fast as you can," he taunted. Sonic gritted his teeth as he glanced down at the emeralds set in his belt. Their glow had all but faded. Only a tiny glimmer of light was now being emitted by each one. Darn it...If I try to go hyper again, I doubt it'll be any different than when I first tried to do it in this world. Besides, all it would do is give that mechanized lizard a chance to suck up even more power if it actually worked, thought Sonic. He wanted to be able to back up his bluff, but as much as he wanted to believe he could keep up with the mecha bot, he knew it was hopeless to try now that Leviathan had absorbed as much chaos energy as he had. Sonic back flipped onto his feet, taking off like a shot as he heard Leviathan's laughter bellow from behind him.

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