I'm The Bad Guy


Description: (I’m not Rick Riordan obviously, The main character is my OC) She was tired of always being pushed around by the gods. She understood why they wanted a new world free of Gods. This time she would succeed where others didn’t. This time she would make the world a better place. This time… This time I’M the bad guy now.

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Chapter 1

Chapter I

I touched the scar on my cheek and watched as a few campers went on a quest for a few golden apples from the Hesperides. Why? I thought to myself. Can’t Hera just go get her apples? Why send innocent demigods on a quest to get them killed? Because their evil… It was true.

Honestly if Gaia wasn’t killed she would’ve made the world a better place, after all she is the earth. Besides whoever my mother is, she didn’t care enough to claim me. I had long given up hope of being claimed. The campers went off and I turned back to the dummy ready to spar. It was over quickly.

“That was awesome. You sure you’re not a child of Ares? Or maybe even Athena?” A child of Demeter commented. I shook my head and I turned my swords Elpida -Hope- And Thysida -Sacrifice- back into my full moon necklace.

I probably was a child of Pandia goddess of the full moon but clearly she didn’t care about me enough to claim me. I went towards the beach and walked along it for a while before I spotted the tunnel. It was pretty cleverly hidden.I hesitated for a moment. It literally screamed “TRAP!!!!!” But I decided to go inside it anyway. I followed it as it twisted and turned and I found a wall with a Δ on it. I touched it and it turned blue before the whole thing including the wall dissolved. I followed the passage not really minding where it went and than I saw light. I followed it humming one of my favourite songs. Riiight. Introductions. I forgot about that… Well my name is Sahara West daughter of an unknown goddess. So where were we? Right I saw the light. I walked towards it and I found another one of the symbols: Δ I touched it again and I found myself on a mountain.

I didn’t recognize it. “Ah. There you are Sahara.” A voice said. It was definitely a male. I turned around but whoever it was wasn’t there. The voice laughed. “I am Ouranos, king of the universe and god of the sky. I know what you want. And i’ll give you it for one small price.” How did he know what I wanted… AFter all I never told him. But maybe my fatal flaw came back to bite me. Whatever the case I said. “I agree. I’ll do it.” “Good. Your job is to spy on the Camp. We need to either recruit all of them or let them all perish. Turn as many as you can. But first you have to make an oath.” He said. “What do I say?” I asked him, trying to keep the excitement out of my voice.

This was the perfect way to get my revenge. “It goes like this: ‘I swear to be loyal to the god Ouranos, I turn my back on the gods and I will not let them use me as tools. I accept immortality and pledge myself to the god Ouranos.’” I repeated the pledge. “I accept your oath. You will be the goddess of stars, truth, justice and in replace of my own sons power I give you time.” My power coursed through my veins. “No one will detect that you are a goddess until it is too late. Now go, Sahara times awasting.”

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