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I'm The Bad Guy

Chapter II

Chapter II

-~City Demigod POV~-

I was watching my foster brother, Ryan. He was only 8. I was protecting him, not that he would know that of course, we were at the park and Fryan was playing with the other kids. The sun was setting.

Our mother was probably arguing with our step-father Dillan. You would probably expect a nice chill dude who was handsome. Nope. He was a demon.

We were (well Ryan was) playing at the park, hoping that by the time we came back the argument would’ve stopped or at least that Dillan had calmed down enough that he wouldn’t use the belt on us. Or not on Ryan.

He didn’t deserve the belt at all, so me and my mom Lily, tried to protect him from it. He didn’t know anything was wrong at all. And we were hoping to keep it that way. We both had ADHD and dyslexia.Ryan had blondish-Whitish hair, Icy blue eyes with snow-white skin and wings. I had no clue what everybody was thinking when they saw him. Besides his ice-coloured wings he was a pretty normal kid.

I was distracted when I saw a huge serpent thing making its way towards us. It was green, had fangs like any normal snake would. And it’s eyes were blood-red and glowing. That probably wasn’t good at all.

I went towards Ryan keeping a careful eye on the serpent. Remembering what my Mom had told me “If you see anything out of the ordinary take Ryan and go up you’ll eventually find a hill with a pine tree on it. Go past the pine tree and you’ll be safe.” “Hey Ryan we have to go now.” I said gently to Ryan herding him towards the path our mother had drilled into my head whenever there was danger.

Ryan was about to protest when he saw the serpent and his eyes widened. “What do we do?” He hissed at me. “Run.” I responded. And that’s what we did.

The serpent hissed in anger and surprise as we ran away from it. The serpent banged into multiple trees and kept hissing angrily whenever it hit a tree.

What seemed to take hours even though it was only 30 minutes we saw the pine tree on the hill. There wasn’t anyone in sight. By this point I was practically dragging Ryan who couldn’t run anymore. I could only hope that someone would help us, hopefully not too late.


~Sahara POV~

I hiked my way up to Thalia’s pine tree, and looked down the hill not thinking that I would see anything. Unfortunately I was wrong.

I saw a 14 year old with sky blue eyes, brown hair that had streaks of light blue in it, probably dyed, who was tanned.. The kid was dragging an 8 year old behind him, The kid had pale skin, icy blue eyes, white-blond hair and violet wings that he probably didn’t know how to use as he wasn’t flying. Chasing them was a green serpent with blood-red eyes. I transformed my necklace into my blades, Elpída and Thysida. I ran towards it and I saw the kids collapse just behind Thalia’s Pine.

The serpent hissed at me probably saying “Why did you take my meal away! Now you’re my food!” I jumped up and stabbed it. I had no idea where Elpída went, but Thysida did indeed pierce the snakes scales.

The snake dissolved into...sand. It was a bit weird but I didn’t pay any mind to it. Elpída has used its magical powers to be right next to Peleus.

None of the other campers had noticed anything. Probably too wrapped up in their own worlds to notice anything. I didn’t really know what to do, and they probably would mind if I dragged them towards the big house. I sighed and knelt down next to them to get my ambrosia when I noticed something on Sparky.

(Yes I gave the 14 yr old the nickname Sparky. Deal with it.) It was a scar. It had started near the neck area and probably kept going. I felt disgusted by the human being who had done this. I promised that whoever did it would feel what he did to this innocent kid.

As I took out the ambrosia, Sparky groaned and sat up. He frowned at me “What happened?” He asked me. “I killed the serpent chasing you guys. Have some of this.” I gave him the ambrosia slice, and he ate it like this was the only meal that he had in his whole life. “What about my brother?!” He asked me.

“Don’t worry he’s just exhausted. We can take him to the infirmary and he’ll probably be up by breakfast.” I helped him up and we got his brother to the infirmary. “Where are we?” He asked me. I was getting really tired of his questions. Then again I don’t really have any patience. “We’re at Camp Half-Blood. It’s a place where demigods, (half mortal, half immortal.) train.” Sparky seemed to digest this information and then asked me.

“Why do they train?”

“They train because of the monsters including the serpent who attacked you. I guess we forgot to introduce ourselves, didn’t we. I’m Sahara West, daughterof none.” He looked a bit surprised when I said “‘daughter of none.’” “My name’s Daniel Grayson… So you’re telling me that my dad is in one of these cabins?” He gestured at the closest cabin which was Zeus’. His cabin hadn’t been occupied since the 2nd Giant War which was 50 years ago. “Yep.” I responded. We walked towards the campfire where the Apollo kids were leading a singalong.

“He’s a new kid?” One of the campers asked me. I nodded. Chiron nor Dionysus was here as they had went away because of godly business. They had left Maraya, daughter of Athena and head counselor of the Athena cabin.

Suddenly a symbol appeared over Daniel’s head. Most of the campers gasped and some started to immediately spread rumours. “Hail, Daniel Grayson, son of Zeus, Lord of the Sky and other titles that I am too lazy to say.” I announced.

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