The Volturi

Episode IV - Manipulation

"Mind control?" Carlisle asked, amused. "I've never heard of such a thing, but I don't doubt that it could happen. It would surely explain the voices and memories of others mingled with your own."

"Yeah man, there's no way I would bury a dead bear," Emmett grinned.

"Next time have him put on a tutu and do a little dance," Rosalie chuckled. She was really enjoying the idea of Emmett doing things against his will.

"If you do not mind, may I ask you to try this power on me?" Carlisle asked, curiously. He smiled very brightly at me, and I could not refuse. He was an amiable character. "Then perhaps on Jacob, and Nessie, and Bella too. Just for research purposes."

"I can try...I'm not really sure how I do it," I mumbled.

"You got all heated and told me to respect the wilderness or something," Emmett said nonchalantly.

"Okay," I nodded. I looked at Carlisle, and wondered what I could have him do. He had the kindest heart and was the purest of anyone in the room. I hadn't the smallest idea of how to make my powers work, but I recalled having Emmett's thoughts and emotions when I tried. I tried to dig through the havoc of my mind to find his voice, his thoughts, and his memories. That's when my thirst once again overcame me. I tried to fight it but the burning was worse than when I first felt it. But now it was dark, was I alone in hiding? No, I couldn't be alone as I could still smell the sweetness of blood. I was losing control of my body, but I knew I could not attempt to murder an innocent again, so I let out a wild yelp to purge my suffocation.

"Carlisle!" Esme held tightly onto the blonde who was screaming in agony.

"Dave! Stop!" Edward shook me vigorously, and I stared blankly at him, confused.

"What...what was that?" I shook my head. Carlisle was yelping at the top of his lungs.

"Make him stop!" Esme cried.

"I can't! I don't know how..." I shook my head furiously, trying to block out the need for blood, the pain, the darkness of the spot in which I was hiding. Where was I? Seconds later, I was staring at Edward who still continued to shake me, only to be lost again in the dark, secluded area that continued to blur my vision of reality. I could hear the footsteps of the people who were clamoring on the stone streets. I felt their hearts beating, their pulsing arteries that carried my sweet, luscious drink coursing throughout their bodies. There was no turning back, my body knew what it needed, and it would get it now.

"Dave!" I heard a booming voice, ripping me out of the ebony nightmare. Jacob's warm hands held tightly onto my shoulders, and I stared motionless into his dark, brooding eyes.

"I'm sorry, that must have been rough," Carlisle frowned. Were those horrific nightmares plaguing the innocent man daily? "Let's refrain from using your powers for a while. Edward will help you try to control them, and when you feel you are ready, you can start training in combat skills with Jasper."

"We'll get through this," Edward grinned, though I could sense his fear and concern. They were all fearful of my inability to control my thirst, my powers, and most importantly my desire to help Brad. All my issues taken together, the Cullens saw me as the biggest threat in the upcoming battle with the Volturi.

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