The Volturi

Episode XI - Fight

"Aro, someone is protecting Bella with some immense power," my brother said, loudly enough for us to hear. I knew he did this for our sake. "I must try and break this spell if we are to be victorious, but this may loosen," he paused for a second. "My hold on some of the Cullens," he spoke quickly, and I wondered if Aro believed his canard. He was an artless liar, and I could see through him easily. He was up to something, and I had to figure it out before it was too late.

"I know he's on our side," I said quietly.

"That's doubtful," Jasper scoffed. I just needed one sign, a simple gesture that would tell me that he wouldn't fight. I wanted to believe in him, but Jasper's doubt resonated deep inside me and made me believe that I may possibly be wrong. Desperately, I scanned his face as he stared intently at the spot where Bella stood. Could he see through Fred's powers, and did he plan to quickly destroy her.

"That's my mother," Fred gasped, looking at the woman who stood close to Bradley. I shared his pain as we both looked at the most important people to us, dangerously close to the numerous vampires that could rip them apart as soon as their intentions were revealed. "I must protect her when the time comes. Zafrina, please take care of Bella."

"The girl is safe with me, I will protect her," Zafrina nodded.

"We're running out of time!" Jasper snarled, a majority of our team still incapable of moving.

"He's trying to break my shield!" Fred muttered as he struggled to maintain his composure. "They will be after Bella once it breaks!"

"He's clearly not on our side," Jasper growled, adding onto the fear that I may have to fight Brad. At that instant, I saw him gaze clearly at the ground below me, before shifting his attention back at Fred's circle of protection. Curiously, I looked down at my feet to see the infinitesimal ray of hope, crushing all doubt and filling me with brimming certainty and joy.

"He's on our side!" I said cheerfully, staring intently at the tiny green leaf, our sign of hope.

"How can you be so certain!?" Jasper challenged, glowering at me. As I pondered over the enigmatic hints my brother provided me, it dawned on me that Jasper was able to turn his head to face me. If he was able to move, it meant my brother had begun to relinquish his bind on some of our fighters. I finally understood.

"I know his plan!" I spoke quickly and excitedly. "This may loosen the hold on the Cullens…" I repeated his words. "He's going to pretend that he is losing his power and will release you all from the bind! Aro wants him to break Fred's shield so that Bella will be exposed!"

"Protect her!" Edward suddenly snarled as three vampires flew towards him. He lunged at one of them. The powerful vampire howled out in pain before retaliating, slamming Edward to the ground. Zafrina looked intently at him, and he growled as she took away his vision with her strange power, Edward kneeing him in the stomach at the given opportunity.

"Nessie don't!" Bella screamed as the little girl jumped away from the protection of Jacob's back and flew towards a vampire that would have otherwise hurt Zafrina badly. She placed a hand on the attacker's cheek, and the vampire screamed out in pain. I knew her powers dealt with sharing what was in her mind, and I wondered what agonizing images she conjured to make the vampire suffer fervently as he shook helplessly on the ground.

"I must fight as well," the little girl trilled with a huge smile on her face as Jacob tore apart the vampire with his teeth. She jumped up on his back, and together, they ran out to battle.

"Jacob, please be careful!" Carlisle shouted.

"Sarah, don't do anything rash," I said quickly and she nodded. As Jacob ran into battle, I heard several more cries. To our surprise, a large horde of wolves ran out of the woods and into battle. There were at least ten additional wolves who now joined and fought on our side. Jacob howled in reverence. Our chances of success were increasing.

I looked over at my brother, who was studying me intently. I wanted to do all I could to help him, but my powers were not strong enough to stop all the Volturi until he got to me safely. I knew that once he reached me, together we could defend each other, but the problem was passing the hundred yards of possible death that separated us. I sensed swift movement to my side and turned to see a vampire flying towards me. He froze just centimeters away, and I knew that Bradley bound him the way he had done to the Cullens earlier. I prayed that Aro would think that my powers were identical to my brother's and not suspect treachery.

"You need to watch your back," Rosalie smiled smugly as she hurled a vampire into the air.

"Thanks sweetheart," Emmett chuckled, easily tearing the vampire into shreds mid-air, sending pellets of flaming body parts cascading from the sky.

"David!" I heard Esme scream as she dug her elbow into another vampire who had taken the chance to attack me. Carlisle quickly came to her aid and burned the assailer.

"Thank you," I said quickly, unable to move as I shuffled through my mind for options.

"Fred!" I heard a female's voice scream.

"Get her!" Aro ordered and I knew that this was it, this was the moment where the two would betray the Volturi, and would have to fight hard to prevent their death.

"No!" I heard Brad shout and I knew he was using his powers to prevent the fighters from destroying his ally.

"I knew that useless woman would turn against us from the start, but you!" Aro snarled viciously. "Go," Aro said quickly to the witnesses that were not fighting, and a huge chunk of them flew towards the girl. There were at least forty vampires that were ready to tear her to bits, and I knew that both she and Brad could not defend themselves. I had no choice. I had to succumb to my powers. It was the only option. I opened my mind to the raging torrent of memories, emotions, pain, and thoughts of the hundreds of vampires now brawling in the snowy mountains.

"Bella, protect Edward," I instructed as my mind was inundated by the calamity of the hundreds of vampires within the field.

"Gianna!" my brother shouted. He froze some vampires mid-air, and some fell to the ground as though in sleep, and I knew that this was the power of comatose Jasper had mentioned. I then remembered the witch twins, and their vicious abilities that would lead to my brother's demise. I knew Alec's powers took long to work, but Jane's was instant. The way Gianna moved, she could not be affected by the powers I feared to feel, so was Bradley fighting through her pain? It wasn't something I doubted he could do, but if he was in the agonizing torment that Edward explained she could provoke, I wanted it to stop. Bella was already straining in trying to keep her shield around all our fighters while keeping herself alive, and I knew I could not expect her to protect Brad.

I leered at the young blonde who smiled, clearly looking straight at Brad. I focused on her face, tried to weed through the dense cloud of thoughts in order to isolate the memories that were hers. A burning pain quickly exploded throughout my body, far worse than the stinging toxin Bella had introduced into me. My body ached in agony, and I couldn't imagine how my brother moved, unfazed, with her amazing powers thriving inside him. The horrors that exploded into my mind caused my body to weaken, and I collapsed onto the cold ground.

"David!" my brother shouted at me, but I could not give up. Panting deeply, I struggled to push myself up to my knees as I was inundated in the cacophonous squall. Esme and Carlisle desperately tried to protect me as I scanned the battleground, searching again for the young girl through my cloudy vision. I only needed one memory, one small dream she held onto in order to get a hold of her.

"Help them!" I heard Edward shout, and I screamed out as the pain flooded my body again.

"Mother!" I think I heard, and I saw Fred run out. I saw Sarah jump off from the safety of Jacob's back, and I pulled away from Jane just long enough to attempt to stop her.

"Sarah, no!" I shouted out, hoping she would heed my words, but she quickly rushed off to the center of battle. Knowing my time was limited, I returned my attention back to Jane. My vision blurred in the fiery wrath as I recalled the horrific image of my father bashing me brutally as my brother ran to safety.

"Alec!" I screamed as he grabbed me by the neck and slammed me into the wall.

"Hold still you little shit!" he chuckled, quickly undoing his belt as I slowly lost all feeling. At least he was choking me enough for my brain to not fully register the unconscionable act he performed on an innocent girl. I could see as my brother ran, leaving me helpless against the wretched man who claimed to be our father. Not once did he turn as he abandoned me, crushed all the promises we kept to always protect each other.

"Forget me! Help her!" my brother screamed at me, wiping away the monstrous memory. My brother knew I was using all my energy to help him, and he didn't want me to be exposed. He was being a typical martyr, and I would not allow him. I looked at the small girl who fervently looked around herself, trying to determine who had conjured the repressed thoughts the incredulous pain had masked.

"Dave," Esme whispered worriedly, her hand pressed firmly in my shoulder. "Is this a good idea?"

"Just give me one more try," I replied, shaking from the fiery pain, and she nodded. Once again I looked at the small girl, my legs buckling almost instantaneously as the burning coursed through my lifeless body. I looked over at Alec, my rage for his failure to keep me safe, for abandoning me in my time of need completely took over me. He stared at me in horror, begging me for mercy, but no love, no forgiveness, no kindness remained in the carcass of anger and resentment. I smiled. For the first time, I had finally mastered my power, and I would unleash it on the wretched brother. He screamed violently as the undulating verve flooded out of Jane and into his deserving body.

"GIANNA!" my brother shouted out, and I suddenly regained my vision, looking up to see the poor girl on the ground, a group of vampires on her and surely tearing her to pieces. Bradley ran to help her, and his plans hit me hard. I already knew what he wanted to do, his powers perfect for his main goal in life: to protect those he loved. There was only one person that could protect him now, and I knew that it would be impossible. I suddenly realized the foolishness of my decision in taking over Jane, when her stronger brother shook helplessly, the only hope Brad had to survive.

"I'm sorry, David, you know I love you," he finally said in a whisper, sending an aching pain where my heart should be as he solidified my fears. He lunged himself at the horde of vampires, who all snarled viciously and jumped towards him as he used his powers to hurdle all their rage and power at himself. Leah howled out in pain as she ran towards him, disobeying Jacob's barking orders. She tore through vampires that stood in her way, her overwhelming love giving her the strength of all the wolves combined. I knew that the wolves' minds were connected as Jacob explained to me, and I was sure that they all felt the exploding new love that filled her as each wolf instantly joined her in tearing through the horde of vampires that stood between Leah and my brother. Against Carlisle's request, Jacob ran directly into the fight with a desperate Nessie who shouted out Brad's name.

At this point, Sarah, being the closest to Brad, tossed herself into the frenzy horde. She alone could not face forty vampires, and I knew that she would perish quickly. I neither had the strength or the ability to save either her or my brother, and I felt weak. Sarah's orange glow shined brighter than ever, blinding some of the vampires. I knew she tried her best to heal my brother, to keep him alive as long as possible as the others ran over to help. But the orange glow was quickly replaced by burning flames, and I screamed out in agony as I saw another friend perish under the hands of the Volturi.

"I'm sorry," Esme quickly said to me before abandoning me to run out in an effort to save my brother.

"Bella stop!" Edward's voice boomed as the girl ravenously fought through a horde of vampires, her determination to protect Brad overcoming the fear of her only daughter risking her life to do the same. Even Jasper, originally desperate to end his life now fought adamantly to cross the horde of vampires and the few meters that separated us.

"I promised!" Bella cried out, tossing a vampire so far into the air that I could no longer see him.

"NO!" I heard Gianna scream out in agony as loud tearing sounds marked the death of my sole purpose of life. I could no longer see straight, whiteness clouding my vision as the distressful sounds of my brother's death filled my ears, until my sense of hearing was also lost. Thankfully, I did not smell the smoke of my brother's body put to flame, and I knew I fell motionless to the ground, no longer able to feel or see anything, but nothing.

"Bradley..." I didn't know if that was my voice, and I didn't know where I was. Did I awaken in heaven or some questionable afterlife of vampires? Did this mean that I could finally see my brother again, reunited, though not in the most desirable location. No, this couldn't be heaven, it had to be hell for the foul stench of burning corpses filled my nostrils. Was that the smell of my sweet twin, burning away in misery for my failure to protect him? I couldn't bear to face that fact.

"David, what's the matter with you!" I heard a loud snarl followed by an even louder ripping sound. I shook my head, and saw Edward tearing away at another vampire, snatching what looked like a handless limb off the ground.

"Shit, you'd think that you'd try and help gather the remains of your own brother!" I knew this was Emmett's voice, and I saw him pounding on a red-eyed beast who snarled at him. Alice was flailing angrily around the field in a manic frenzy, freeing a head from a vampires hand. I looked at it blankly, still unable to move or speak, and I thought I was looking at a reflection.

"BRAD!" I shouted out.

"Now's not the time!" Carlisle was on the ground, piecing together my brother's body like a jigsaw puzzle. He was surrounded by my brother's partner, Fred, Esme, Zafrina, Bella, and the five werewolves who fought off the vampires who tried to harm Carlisle. Leah was the most ferocious of them all, slamming her hind limbs at one vampire, sending him flying towards Alice who easily tore it apart while viciously sinking her strong teeth into another. I could clearly see Gianna's strength now as she dropped vampires to the ground in a deep slumber with just the look of her eyes. I wondered how she did this as vampires never slept as far as I knew.

"Dave, watch out!" Edward shouted and I felt a hard blow to my skull. Three vampires had snuck up behind me and I felt a pair of hands about to twist my neck, when a loud crash caused the attackers to fall quickly to the ground.

"Isaac!" Gianna screeched. "I thought you-"

"Enough," a handsome vampire shouted as he finished off the three who had attacked me before disappearing into the shadows.

"David, if you still have a hold on Alec, it would help us immensely," Edward said, fighting off a female who tried to run away with a finger. I looked over at disbelief at the two witches who now looked at me, their incarnadine eyes lifeless. I couldn't believe it, I had control of them both, and the Volturi coven's numbers had dwindled significantly, now each of the spectators joining in battle to fight. Kate led an army of some of our fighters beating through the mass crowd that tried to protect the hopeless Aro who cowered with Renata. Marcus simply sat on the ground, bored and clearly not intending to fight.

"What are you waiting for!?" Edward screamed at me as a new horde of spectators joined the battle and rushed to our position. An ebony gas fluttered through the ground and surrounded us all, though clearly not affecting any of us as the Volturi fighters began dropping to the ground like lifeless ragdolls. Alec was extremely powerful, and I was glad that we had Bella to protect us.

Suddenly I was filled with immense rage. Though the prospect of the possibility that my brother would survive placated me slightly, it wasn't enough to dispel the wrath that he had been torn apart to begin with. Everything that happened, all that my brother had gone through was to blame on a single individual, a single person who didn't even have the courage to fight himself. My irascible anger boiled through my aching body as I stared at the sole reason of the suffering of my twin, my other half, my life. The reason why the Cullens suffered too, was all Aro's fault. He looked at me with fearful eyes, clearly able to see the hatred exuding out of my body as he pulled Renata closer to him. Sadly for him, her shield would not protect him from what I planned.

"Pain..." both Jane and I whispered at the same time and the coy smile that was characteristic of the tiny blond girl was now on my face. The horrified male screamed out in agony as the boiling flames burned through his weary body. Clearly, he was not accustomed to feeling any sort of pain as his body trembled fearfully, collapsing to the ground. The stolid look that usually covered Marcus' face vanished as he looked interestingly at his partner.

"Aro!" a woman, equally ashen and hoary bent over to him, and I knew that she was the useless wife of Aro, Sulpicia. Renata then plunged her hand into her master's gut, and shred him to pieces. His horrified wife trying to stop her, but she, never having battled, was too weak and joined the shredded pieces that Renata set in flames. With Aro's burning body, the battle was over.

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