The Volturi

Episode XII - Aftermath

Could it really be over? It was hardly believable, but with the mark of Aro's death, the Volturi, if not destroyed, would at least be significantly changed forever. While we all wished to celebrate our victory, it was a painful time as we mourned the loss of so many, some of whom I had the misfortune to see, and all others I was shocked to learn had been lost.
The Cullens could never trust the two Romanians, whose only drive seemed to be to destroy the Volturi. We welcomed their vigor and strength, but never could feel a strong emotional connection. But as they fearlessly pummeled through the Volturi, I knew that they were to be respected. And when Stefan ultimately succumbed to the Volturi forces, I knew that each and every one of us were pained deeply as Vladimir exploded into a fervent fury of anger and sorrow. Having waited over 1500 years for the Volturi to be destroyed, he was unable to enjoy the moment as his sole partner for over a millennium was now gone. Many of the covens here were not only willing, but wanted him to join them, but he refused. Vladimir and Stefan both knew they would potentially lose each other. Their only goal was to dethrone the Volturi and they had succeeded. Stefan's death was not in vain.
We would also have lost Vladimir had it not been for the brave and kind soul of Amu, a great friend of Carlisle. In the Egyptian coven, Benjamin would now take lead. He and his wife suffered greatly with Amu's loss. At first, he did not want to join the fight, being forced by Benjamin. But the purity in his soul compelled him to his death as he fought adamantly for what he knew was right. I did not expect his untimely death, shocked as he hurtled himself to his demise to save the Romanians, though he could not save Stefan.
The next I heard was one of the Amazons. Even the stoicism of these powerful women were broken when they lost their leader, Kachiri. Zafrina projected an image of pure hell onto the murderers, as Senna rabidly tore through them to avenge her death. While they have returned to their stoic stature, it was obvious that a deep pain still tormented them.
We had also lost some of the wolves, many of whom we did not expect to be in the battle at all. As we struggled to succeed, we were pleasantly surprised to see Sam's large pack join the battle. Leah and Jacob howled in genuflection as the large, ebony wolf and his pack saved the lives of many of our fighters, and skewed the battle slightly in our favor. As the battle ensued, a second howl from the entire pack this time resonated with great pain. Jacob rushed over in an attempt to save Sam, but he was crushed under the pressure of Caius' death grip no wolf could ever survive. It was an unwise move as the entire pack plummeted Caius, not enough body parts flying off of him to ease the painful loss of their leader. As the Volturi's number increased as "spectators" joined the fight, the wolves were quickly outnumbered. And with the enraged Volturi, it was inevitable that more would be lost. It pains me greatly that I cannot provide proper prayers for the others who were lost because I knew not who they were.
The newest member of the Denali tribe, Garrette, was saved at the last moment when Kate's powers suddenly exploded out of her in a furious storm. Fortunately, he only lost an arm, but in the midst of all the chaos, they had failed to realize that Tanya too, needed help. Before any of us had a chance to notice, she was gone, her body burning in a questionable location. Unable to determine who had destroyed her, Kate and Garette entered a fury, blasting through as many of the Volturi that they could get through to avenge their sister's death. The incredible strength of the one-armed Garette showed how he had truly become a part of the Denali family.
Several others of Carlisle's closest friends were lost, including his mysterious friend Alistair and the powerful Siobhan. While focusing intently on ensuring that we would be successful, she failed to defend herself from her assailants. While many of the fighters tried very hard to protect her, once Kachiri fell and Gianna was exposed, her two main shields, Zafrina and Fred were lost. Adamant to keep her powers in effect, she was an easy target for a group of vampires that swept her up in flames. Alistair, having originally proclaimed that he would not fight if it were to come to that, surprised us all. Inspired by our arduous struggle, he quickly joined when Carlisle's life was in danger. As the two fought off a horde of powerful fighters, he could feel that some on our side were being compelled by Chelsea's ability. Fearful that we may lose too many fighters, he pummeled through the horde of vampires the wolves kept distracted and somehow managed to destroy Chelsea before he too was set ablaze.

I also lost my newest friend, Sarah. While we did not have the opportunity to build a very close relationship, she was still important to me because of her involvement with Brad. To the final moment of her life, she wanted only to thank him for everything he had done to protect her. It was thanks to her that he was here in the Cullen's home, stitched carefully together by Carlisle's master hands. It was thanks to the young girl that he even had a chance to make it. She had more than paid her dues, and I would ensure that her gratitude would be shared with Brad.
While the life of all the vampires could not be rated on importance, Jasper's death was certainly one of the saddest. Watching Alice suffering in the pain of losing her lifelong partner was unbearable, and we all felt the emptiness as his ability to harmoniously balance our emotions was gone. He was a valuable member of the Cullen's, and was a great friend to me. It amazed me how quickly he taught me all I knew, and even more how quickly he changed from wanting to end my brother's life to sacrificing himself in an attempt to save him. He fearlessly led our group in battle against the Volturi and upon organizing the collection of the pieces of my brother, admirably sacrificed himself to distract my brother's assailants long enough for others to procure his body parts.

One final thing I lost was my budding love for Leah. She tried numerous times to apologize to me, make me understand that everything was not under her control, but all of it was unnecessary. I could see and feel her pain, almost masking the pure and beautiful love she had towards my brother. I could not be angry with her, though she hated herself for what had occurred. I was only glad that she could finally understand how Sam felt, and forgive him just moments before it was too late. In the brief moments leading up to his death, they shared the secret bond of understanding. All I could hope now was that my brother would pull through. Not only for myself, but to bring happiness to Leah and to everyone else who had suffered so much to protect him.

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