Kanbara or not?

Chapter 2: No way!

Yuriko was in the kitchen doing the washing up with Haorki drying up and putting the things away, their son, Shinya, was at the dinning table drawing. It was raining quite heavily outside which almost drowned out the sound of knock on their font door. All three wonder who it could be and why they would come and visit them in this weather.

The mother stopped what she was doing, dried her hands and went to the door. She didn't know what was more surprising when she opened the door. The fact that the woman looked to be dressed in a cosplay of some sort or the fact that she, along with the unconscious child in her arms who also looked liked he was in some weird cosplay, were not only soaked to the bone but also looked like they had just come out of one heck of a beating, the child more so.

The woman was dressed in aqua coloured armour, the helmet coming down to cover her eyes, and had eight golden wings. While the child had tan skin, a pointed black nose, strange white markings under his eyes and on his chest, black markings on his upper arms and on top of his feet,his feet having three toes with long bright red claws. His finger nails were sharpened into claw like fashion, his hair was like a wild orange mane with two horns that seemed to be cut popping out from underneath, he also had a tail the looked as if it was made of fire. he wore red baggy pants that were held up by a black belt, the buckle of which had the symbol of fire engraved on it in red. Two red bands of fabric wrapped over his shoulders and under under his armpits, bright red bracelets were on his ankles,he also wore metal gauntlet like gloves. And to top it all off, golden loop earrings hung from his pointed ears.

"Sorry for the intrusion." the woman said.

"Oh, my... Please come in, you must be exhausted." Yuriko said stepping aside for the woman to come in. "Honey, Shinya, go get some towels for our guests." she called out as the woman stepped in.

As the two boys came into the hallway to go to the cupboard to get the towels, their sight landed on their guests which made them stop and stare.

"It isn't polite to stare..." Yuriko hissed at the two most important boys in her life.

"We'll be back with those towels in a moment" Haorki said as he dragged his son away, his sight lingering on their guests before completely turning around and disappearing around a corner.

"Sorry about them." Yuriko apologised as they entered the lounge.

The woman chuckled. "It's quite alright."

"Are you two going to be ok? Perhaps I should call a doctor?" the mother suggested as she made her way over to the phone.

"We're fine. There won't be any need for that." reassured the woman.

"You sure?" asked Haorki as he entered the lounge with his son, a couple towels in their hands.

The woman nodded. "We shall be fine." she answered as Shinya laid the towels he was holding on the couch. Once she had gotten permission she sat down, gently laying the child in her arms on he lap.

"Why are you both in cosplay?" asked Shinya.

The woman smiled. "These are no costumes child. This is how we naturally look."

"I don't mean to be rude but how is that your natural look?" asked Yuriko.

"Believe it or not, but we are actually from a different world."

An awkward silence fell for a moment, the family of three trying to comprehend what the woman had just told them.

"Ok, say that we did believe you, what are you two doing here in this world?" asked Haorki sceptically.

The woman sighed sadly. "To hide this little one." she answered looking down to the child on her lap and ran a hand through his hair.

"Hide him? Why?" asked Yuriko, having heard the sadness in the woman's voice.

"He is rare, one of a kind and quite powerful when at full strength." the woman sighed once again. " The evil where we come from is after him so that they can become more powerful to take over our home. They'll do anything to try and corrupt him so that they can have him at their side. But if they can't do that then they'll try to kill him," that earned gasps from the family. "They even had him at one one point... but I along with two others were able to rescue him. We immediately decided to hide him somewhere they won't think of looking. The evil does not know this but our home depends on his survival."

"Oh my..." Yuriko gasped.

"And you wish to hide him here with us?" asked Haorki, getting a nod from the woman.

"Why us? Why not some other family?" asked Shinya.

"Because I know that you'll look after him with great care." the woman replied with a smile.

"Of course we will!"exclaimed Yuriko.

"Hold up sweaty, how are we supposed to hide him if that's how he naturally looks? He'll stick out like a sore thumb" pointed out Haorki.

"I am able to give him a disguise so that he'll blend in." answered the woman.

The woman held her hand above the child's head and it began to glow white. As she moved her hand down over the child, a boy with brown hair that was slightly spiky was left in the child's place. The boy wore a yellow shirt with a red short sleeve jacket over the top, a pair grey three quarter pants, red and orange sneakers, olive green gloves with a matching coloured cap on his head that was on backwards, and a pair of square framed goggles rested on his forehead. The transformation left the family of three stunned.

"But wont he freak out when he wakes up?" asked Shinya.

The woman shook her head. "As much as I hated to do so, I have suppressed his memories and placed ones of him growing up with you all as his family." she gently moved the boy to the couch and stood up, looking to the two adults. "I will forever be grateful for you help." she said with a bow then made her way to the front door, the family of three following. She turned to them. "Note that his stay will not be permanent; one day his memories will come back and on that day we will meet again. Till then take care of yourselves and Takuya." with that she walked away down the street never to be seen again.

"Cool! I just gained a big brother!" Shinya said after a moment."

Takuya stared wide eyed at his 'family', trying to process the story he had been told. "A-and when was this?" he asked still shocked.

"About a year and a half ago." answered Haorki.

Takuya gasped. He has only spent a year and a half with them instead of twelve and a half!

"So...a-all my memories...a-are fake...?" Takuya stammered, trying tot comprehend what has been revealed and not freak out. "My memory of when mum came home from the hospital with Shinya in her arms...that's fake? My first day at primary school...that's...that's-ARG!" Takuya cried out and clutched his head as immense pain hit and images flashed before his eyes, some more pleasant than others.

"Takuya!" exclaimed Yuriko. She got up and went to his side. "Takuya what's happening?" she asked but got not reply. After a few tense moments Takuya moaned and his body went slack, almost falling out of his chair if it hadn't been for Yuriko catching him and allowing him to get his strength back.

"No way..." Takuya breathed.

"What's the matter?" asked Haorki.

"Nothing," Takuya answered as he sat up. "I've just remembered who I am," Takuya frowned. "Though there are some memories that I wish was left forgotten." he shivered as he got up and made his way over to the phone.

"So you going to tell us who you really are?" asked Shinya.

"I will, shortly. But to save me from having to explain it twice, we're going to meet up with my friends." he answered as he picked up the phone, dialled a number and waited for the person to pick up.

"You mean Tommy and the others you hang out with?"

Takuya nodded to Shinya's question. Just then the person picked up.

"What do you want hot head?"

Takuya frowned. "Well hello to you too, Koji Minamoto."

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