Kanbara or not?

Chapter 3: Welcome to the Digital World!

Takuya could practically feel Koji frown. "Ok, something must be up if you have to use my full name."

Takuya sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Yeah. Look could you please tell Koichi and J.P to meet up at Shibuya train station. I'll tell Zoe and Tommy."

It was Koji's turn to sigh. "Alright. At the elevator I take it?"

"Yeah, better yet go down it."

"Takuya, we have tried many time to-"

"Koji, please, just trust me on this one."

Koji sighed again. "Alright..But you better explain what's going on when we get there Kanbara!"

Takuya smiled. "I will. Thanks Koji, see ya there." with that the line was cut.

Takuya repeated the call another two times before they all headed to the train station. Once there they went down a particular elevator and came out into a round underground train terminal with a single train parked at one of the platforms. The other three Kanbara's continued to stare in awe as the followed Takuya down the steps and to the train.

"Get on. Once the others are here, we'll be heading off." Takuya said.

"Don't we need a ticket?" asked Haorki.

Takuya shook his head. "Not where we're heading."

Shinya shrugged and hopped on, the two adults following him while Takuya stayed and waited for his friends. As he stood there with his eyes closed, waiting for his friends he could feel the energy of his home flowing through the tunnel, luring him, telling him to come back. It took all his might to stay put and wait.

"I-it can't be..." he heard Zoe say and five pairs of foot steps coming closer.

"Well believe it Z." he said as he looked to them.

"Wow, you're here first for once." said Tommy with a grin.

Takuya smiled and chuckled. "Come on, do you want to go back or not?" he said gesturing to the train.

They didn't need to be told twice and they all hoped on, Takuya following. They paused though when they saw the other three people already on board. Koji whirled around to face his friend as the train began its trip, Takuya was now leaning on the door that lead to the next carriage.

"Ok Takuya, what is going on? Why are they- no offence-" Koji quickly sot over his shoulder. " here. They're not even DigiDestined."

"Digi what now?" asked Yuriko.

"Chosen people- normally children- that are picked by the Digital World are known as DigiDestined. These chosen are picked when the Digital World is in danger and is in need of an outside force to help combat the evil that has befallen it." Takuya explained to the Kanbara's much to his friends shock.

"The Digital World? Is that where we're going?" asked Haorki.

Takuya simply nodded.

"Is that where you're from?" asked Shinya tilting his head to the side.

Another nod.

"Wait!? From?" asked Zoe as she turned to Takuya. Said boy sighed.

"That's what I wanted to talk to you all about." he took a deep breath and let his human disguise wash away in a bright light, leaving the creature the Kanbara's had taken into their care a year and a half ago, looking much better now then back then.

Takuya chuckled nervously as his friends continued to stare at him in disbelief. His chuckling stopped and a whimper escaped him when he lowered his head, looking at the floor. Why was he acting so nervous and cowardly in front of these humans when he could easily take them out if he had to? Wait! What was he thinking? He couldn't do that, they were his friends, his family. Curse these memories and emotions! Both digimon and human!

"You're... a digimon?" asked Tommy in disbelief.

The digimon nodded.

"When were you planing on telling us?" asked Koichi.

Takuya looked them I the eyes. "I had only just remembered a minuet before I had called you all."

"Remembered?" asked J.P.

Takuya sighed. "Lets start from the beginning, as not to confuse the Kanbara family." he turned his attention to the family of three. "As Tommy said, I'm a Digimon. A Digital Monster as it is short for. Digimon and the Digital World were created due to your advancement in technology and now co-exists along side Earth in it's own dimension." Takuya paused to allow the information to sink in.

"You make your home sound as if its peaceful and care free. I can't wait to see it." Complimented Yuriko

Takuya smiled. "It is as of recently. Peace and tranquillity is upon my home in a golden area, more so now thanks to these children." he nodded to Koji and the others " It was thanks to their bravery to take up the mantle of Legendary Warriors that they were able to stop an old evil from rising once again." Takuya said with such wisdom it shocked everyone. But he soon frowned. "But such peace did not exist to begin with. Human type digimon and beast type digimon fought in a period of racism. And as such it lead to a war..." and so the digimon began to explain the war between the two types of digimon and how it was quelled by an angle only for him to soon become corrupt with power. He explained how he along with nine other rose up and fought the fallen angle. By the time he had finished they had arrived at Flame Terminal. They all got off, The kanbara's gasping at their surroundings.

"Welcome to the Digital World." said Takuya before walking up to the engine of the train. "Thanks for the lift Worm."

"Don't mention it." said the train or Trailmon. "I, as I am sure the Great Angles will be, are glad to have you back. If you are in need of transportation, do not hesitate to call." Worm said before leaving. Takuya turned and made his back to the others, the Kanbara family staring stunned.

"Was that...?" Haorki trailed off.

"A digimon? Yes. A Trailmon to be more pacific." answered Takuya.

"Ok back to the topic before." said Zoe. "With what we have been told and with what you have told us matches up till end. We have always been told that ALL TEN ancient digimon used the rest of their strength to split themselves into two spirits after the battle with Lucemon."

"With who you're claiming to be; it doesn't add up, it doesn't make sense." said J.P

"Well perhaps I can enlighten you on your dilemma." the six kids and two adult turned around to see a small white digimon with a pink belt and a mustard coloured rabbit looking one with red pants. "Now if you care to explain what the problem is." the white one said with a smile.

"BOKOMON! NEEMON!" the five chosen exclaimed and they rushed to their old friends to greet them as Takuya walked up to the Kanbara family who hung back to watch the exchange.

"So who are they?" asked Shinya.

"The white one is Bokomon, the mustard one is Neemon. They were our guides, I guess you could say, when we were here the first time."

"They were a big help during our first adventure here. We would have been lost with out them." said Zoe as she and the other children with the two digimon came over.

"I am Bokomon, Keeper of the Book." Bokomon introduced himself to the Kanbara famaily when he saw them, pulling out a book from his belt as he did so.

"And I'm Neemon, keeper of my pants." Neemon introduced, making the the family chuckle.

"I'm Yuriko Kanbara and this my husband Haorki and my youngest son Shinya." Yuriko introduced each of them.

"Oh my, you're Takuya's family! It is such a great honour to meet you." Bokomon said giving several quick bows. "Speaking of the boy, where is he?"

All eyes landed on the flame digimon. "What, don't you recognise me Bokomon?" Takuya grinned.

Bokomon studied the digimon before him, his eyes travelling up and down the digimon before landing on the belt buckle and going wide. "Takuya?" The digimon nodded. "But how..."

"That's what we would like to know." said Koji, sending a slight glare at the digimon.

Takuya sighed. "I'll explain on the way." he said as he turned and headed towards a forest of in the distance. "I'm sure the three Celestial Angles are eager to hear of my safe return."

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