Kanbara or not?

Chapter 4: Second Son!

"Who are the Celestial Angles?" asked Yuriko as they all followed Takuya.

"The three Celstial Angles are the ones who rule over this world." Answered Koichi.

"There's Lord Seraphimon, Lord Cherubimon, and Lady Ophanimon." said Tommy.

"Who you have already met, going by the what you told me about that day." added Takuya.

The family paused in their step for a second, surprised that they had met one of this worlds rulers without realising it.

"So where are we going now?" asked Shinya.

"Lord Seraphimon's castle within the Forest Kingdom just up ahead. Speaking of Lord Seraphimon; how is he Bokomon? Is he still calling you his pap-mum?" Takuya said.

"My boy is doing quite well as are the other two. In fact all three of them are getting along quite well now that there is no interference from Lucemon." Bokomon spat the name like it was poisonousness. "And yes he still calls me his papa-mum." The little white digimon answered.

Takuya smiled. "It is good to here that all three are doing well."

The five chosen frowned. "You're stalling Takuya." growled Koji.

Takuya shivered, not because of Koji but because of what he had to explain. "I know I said I would explain on the way..." Takuya wrapped an arm around himself. "But... I don't think I could do it on my own. I don't remember much as it is, but what I do remember..." he shivered again. " I wish it had been left forgotten." The tremble in his voice had shocked everyone single one of them. What's happened that has shaken Takuya up so much?

"Could you at least tell us how your a digimon?" asked Bokomon. "The last time we knew, the spirits were with the Angles"

"I'm a digimon because I was born one." Takuya answered.

"I'm confused. Isn't Takuya a human, Bokomon?" Neemon asked.

"I'm just as confused as you are, Neemon." answered Bokomon.

"How 'bout a name?" asked Koji.

"Huh?" Takuya asked as he looked over shoulder to his best friend.

"Well it's obvious that your name ain't Takuya."

The fire digimon chuckled. " It's Flamemon."

"I'm taking that the reason why you were in the real world is connected to what will be explained once we get to Seraphimon's castle?" questioned Zoe. She received a nod. "Ok, so why didn't you split yourself like the other ancient digimon?"

"It has been centuries since then, even I do not remember as to why myself. But I'm beginning to wish I had..."

"Don't say that!" Exclaimed Yuriko making everyone look to her. She walked over to the fire digimon and knelt down in front of him, pulling him into a hug. "If you had then we wouldn't have gained a second son."

Flamemon just stared straight ahead, shocked by Yuriko's words.

"Yeah, and who knows where we would be with someone else as our leader." added Tommy.

"And I don't think I would have a best friend quite like you." Koji added with a rare smile.

Flamemon continued to stare for a moment longer before tears came to his eyes and he smile, returning Yuriko's hug and burring his face into the crook of her neck. "Thank you, all of you." he said loud enough for them all to hear. He pulled back and whipped away his tears. "Now lets get going, I'm sure the Angles know we are here."

"Lead the way...Takuya." Koji smirked.

Takuya smirked back and began to lead the way again. The group walked for a couple more hours in a much more comfortable mood and it wasn't long before they arrived at the crystal palace the was Lord Seraphimon's Castle. The Kanbara family stared in awe as they passed through the gates only to be stopped when a wizard digmon appeared in front of them in a defensive stance, not noticing the Legendary Warriors.

"State your business!" demanded the wizard digimon. Takuya stepped forwards making the Digimon focus on him. The wizard's eyes widened. "Yo-you're back! Then that would mean..." he trailed off.

"Yes Sorcerermon, I have remembered. And surely you would have at least let the Legendary Warriors through." He said with a smile as he gestured to them.

Sorcerermon quickly got down on one knee much to the family of three's surprise. "Forgive my rudeness." he stood up. "Come, I'll take you straight to the Angles." And so they followed Sorcerermon into the castle.

"Why did he bow to Takuya?" Shinya whispered to Tommy.

"Takuya is one of the first ten digimon. So the younger generations hold a lot of respect for him." Tommy answered.

"That would make sense." commented Haorki.

It wasn't long before the entered a large room. In the centre stood two angles and a rabbit? The two angles were wearing armour, the male having ten golden wings while the female had eight, while the rabbit didn't wear any armour, leaving his natural pale pink and white fur to be seen by all.

"My Lords, Milady, we have guests." said Sorcerermon as he, yet again, got down on one knee.

The three digimon smiled. "Thank you Sorcerermon." the male angle nodded. The wizard digimon nodded back and was gone in a flash of light. "It is great to see you again young Warriors."

"Like wise Lord Seraphimon." replied Zoe with a bow.

"Come now, there's no need for such pleasantries. We are all friends here." said the rabbit, surprising the family of three with how deep his voice sounded.

"If you say so Cherubimon." said Tommy with a quick bow.

"We trust that you are all doing well?" asked the female angle, who the Kanbara's can comfirm was the woman that had visited them a year and a half ago.

"We are fine Ophanimon, though a little confused as to what's going." Koji gestured to Takuya.

"It is good to have you back, and with your memories I see." said Ophanimon with a nod to Takuya.

"As it is good to be back, though some of my memories I wish was left forgotten." Takuya sighed as he made his way to stand beside the three Angles. He looked up to them. "They wish to know what really happened after Lucemon's first defeat. But," he looked to the floor. "I can't explain it on my own."

Seraphimon knelt down and place a reassuring hand on Takuya's shoulder. "We understand. Most digimon would not be brave enough to remember the events let alone retell them should they have gone through what you did."

Takuya looked to him and smiled. "Thank you."

Seraphimon stood up again and, although you couldn't see it, he smiled down to the rookie level digimon.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" asked Cherubimon, making sure one last time.

Takuya nodded. "If I don't tell them now, I don't think I'll ever be able to tell them. They have a right to know, espically the Kanbara family seeing how they looked after me while I recovered from..." he swallowed hard and wrapped an arm around himself again. "Those experiments..." Takuya flinched when he heard the horror filled gasps. He turned to them and looked them in the eyes, knowing that there was no going back. "Like I said before, I don't know why I didn't split myself into two spirits like the other Ancient Digimon, but after the fight with Lucemon I was reduced to my rookie form; the form you see before you. I was only barely holding onto this form, so I went into hiding to rest and recover my strength..."

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