Kanbara or not?

Chapter 5: Life Essence

Flamemon is curled up with his tail wrapped around him, sound asleep within a pillar of bright blue fire, somewhere deep within a underground cave so he could not be found.

"But it was not to last...my rest was soon disturbed."

Flamemon's ear twitched but the Digimon continued to sleep. His ear twitched again...and again... and again, this time he opened one of his emerald green eyes but his sight was blurred. He blinked a few times and his sight cleared a little but not by much, though it was enough to see shadowed figures moving in the distance. A shout was heard and something coming towards him could be seen, something that could- he jumped out of the way of the attack before it could hit him, landing on all fours and allowing his instincts to take over. He growled, he snarled, he even hissed menacingly, but nothing would deter the invaders as more shouts could be heard and attacks came flying his way. All he could do was dodge the bombardment of attacks, he was not yet strong enough to produce a single flame in the palm of his hand, let alone attack back.

He noticed one of the attacks too late and it hit him square in the chest. Flamemon yowled in pain as he was sent flying into the back wall, leaving a indentation as he fell to the fall. He got back up on shaky arms and legs but it was only to fall back down the moment he did.

The pillar of fire flickered out, the light and the crackling sound it produced faded away leaving only the sound of evil snickering and glowing red eyes for Flamemon to see and hear before going unconscious.

"I was still to weak and I couldn't fight back...so I was taken from my place of resting."

"Before we go any further there's something you all should know." informed Seraphimon

"Everything in this world if made up of data, from the land to the digimon that inhabit it." added Cherubimon.

"And everything has it's own fractal code. Even you as of when you first entered this world." finished Ophanimon. This information was more for the Kanbara family sake as to not feel lost.

"Fractal code?" asked Kaorki.

Zoe turned to him and held out her hand, letting her fractal code appear much to the family's surprise. "This is what they are talking about. If a digimon's fractal code was taken by another digimon, they would essentially be killed and turned back to digi-eggs." that got shocked looks from the Kanbara's.

"Touch it." Everyone looked to Takuya who had just spoken. "Try and touch it." Zoe seemed wary and every time her finger was near enough to touch the code she pulled back. Everyone but the three Angles was getting a bad feeling as to where this was going. A sad smile came to the flame digimon's features.

Zoe sighed and bowed her head in defeat, allowing the code to disappear. "I can't."

"It's fine Z. There was something in the back of your subconscious telling you not to touch it right?"

"Yeah, how did you know?"

"Cause while the fractal of the land and building can be jumbled up to protect it from being scanned, as we have proven at the Autumn Leaf Fair, the fractal code of a sentient being should NOT be tampered with." Takuya looked away. "It is their life essence after all..."

The flame digimon is lying on a cold metal table in the middle of a dark room, strapped down by metal bars over his writs, abdomen and ankles. The single ring of fractal code that was spinning around him glowed brightly, providing some light in that part of the room where the digimon lay.

His ear twitched at the sound of computer engines and tapping of keyboard as he came to. His sight and hearing was clear but his mind was still dazed so he couldn't quite comprehend the situation he was in. He took note that his fractal code was visible when it shouldn't be. He tried to sit up but horror and fear filled him when he found that couldn't, and his mind cleared up. He looked over himself, his fear increasing when he found that he was strapped down. Flamemon struggled against the binds but soon stopped, panting hard. He was still too weak, there was nothing he could do to escape.

"Sir, he's awake." came a young but mature male voice.

Flamemon looked beyond the light his fractal code provided and into the shadows. He saw a few computers at the other end of the room, the screens not providing enough light to identify the digimon – if that's what they were- sitting at them.

"Good. Proceed." came a much deeper and more darker sound voice.

The sound of foot steps caught his attention and a figure made out of some sort of black mist with glowing red eyes came into view. He growled, baring his fangs, in an attempted to scare off the figure but it only grinned and clamped some sort of high tech ring around his fractal code before disappearing back into the shadows. The flame digimon's fear increased more when the ring was clamped around his fractal code, he knew it couldn't be anything good. And he was right.

After a few seconds of typing from the creature at the computers the device turned on, a couple lights on it glowing green. The centre of the ring gained a green laser all around, leaving his fractal code with no choice but to flow throw it, as a result making Flamemon groan loudly in pain through gritted teeth.

A few minuets passed and one of the creatures spoke up to it's boss who was still hidden in the shadows.

"Sir, it is unclear whether this will work or not. The subject's fractal code is unique."

"Well of course it is. Now proceed! We'll just make adjustments so that it will work."

Flamemon could of sworn he could hear the grin that was most likely plastered on the big bosses face. Though he didn't have time to think about it when he yowled out in agony as the ring's light and laser turned red.

"They were trying to corrupt my data, force something into it that didn't belong. And most likely have me become their slave. With each day that went by they came a little closer to succeeding, but fortunately or unfortunately patients was not their strong point..."

The boss slammed his fist down onto the top of one of the computer, angry with the little progress that his workers have made.

"Why haven't you made any progress?! it has been weeks since we started and this is the results I get!?" The boss almost yelled, anger lacing his voice.

"S-sir, we're working as fast as we can." stammered one of the creatures.

"If we do anything drastic, we'll lose him." said another.

The boss growled as he glared over at the flamemon who was panting hard, eyes less than half way open, and barely conscious.

"I'll show you drastic..." He growled through gritted teeth and stomped over the the rookie level digimon.

Flamemon's eyes flickered to the being coming closer to him, his sight was blurred so he couldn't make out whether or not it was one of the creatures or a digimon. But something told him that he was far worse than the creatures that had been torturing him up till now. His eyes flickered back to the far wall, whatever this new being was going to do to him was surely going to kill him, which he would welcome with open arms. Death was far better than this. Perhaps then he could join his nine beloved friends in eternal bliss.

As if reading his thoughts the boss grinned evilly and cupped the flame digimon's cheek, softly rubbing his thumb back and forth. "Oh, don't worry. I wont kill you," He let go of the digimon's cheek and frowned, taking off the ring around the digimon's fractal code and throwing it aside. "Yet."

He roughly took a hold of the digimon's fractal code, halting it in it's non-stop spinning, also making Flamemon gasp in pain, eyes widening and back arching. The boss grinned and began to pull making Flamemon yowl in pain. He released the strain but didn't let go as the rookie level digimon lay flat again the table, panting harder than before. The being's grin grew wider and he yanked on the part of the fractal code he was holding, making it break away with the sound of breaking glass. Flamemon's back arched as far as it could as the digimon yowled in pure agony. But a scream just as intense could be heard as well and the piece of fractal code in the being's hand turned into a ornament of human type armour.

Surprised by the revelation but somewhat happy of the out come his actions have made, the boss smirked at the extremely weakened digimon and repeated what he had done, just this time a roar of agony could be heard over the yowl instead of a scream and the piece of fractal code turned into a ornament of beast type armour.

But before any more could be done, one of the walls exploded, making the boss drop the two ornaments so he could shield his face from all the rubble that had been sent flying. Once the dust had cleared enough for him to see who the intruder -or in this case intruders- was, he quickly got out of there before they could see him; completely forgetting about the armour ornaments.

Hearing the sound of three digimon running closer to him, Flamemon glanced to them. Even though his sight was blurred and darkening, he could tell who they were just by the warm and safe presence they gave off, which brought a smile of pure joy to his face and tears to his eyes. Next thing he knew was that he was being lifted off the cold, hard metal table and carried out of the room.

But the ornaments, the bits of his fractal code, they were still there on the floor.

"...wait..." He rasped. The three stopped. Flamemon shakily lifted his hand and pointed. "...a-armour...spl-it...ev-evolutions..." After that he allowed the blackness in his sight to consume it and his let his body go limb, having no more strength to stay conscious.

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