Kanbara or not?

Chapter 6: Run!

Their guests stared in absolute horror at what had been revealed to them.

By the end of the explanation they were in another room, sitting on some long couches. The three Angles had to take over the explaining towards the end for the flame digimon cause he began to stammer, trying to form the right words but had no luck. The flame digimon himself was curled up asleep, half on Ophanimon's lap and half on Seraphimon's lap, having gone through quite an eventful morning he was exhausted. Though it didn't look like his sleep was a peaceful one.

"H-his evolutions w-were forcibly removed...?" Zoe said still in shock.

Ophanimon nodded. "And as such is easy to tier." she gestured the now resting digimon on her lap.

Koji frowned when he saw Takuya's face scruched up as if he was having a nightmare. "Though it seems his rest isn't that peaceful."

Yuriko got up from her stop when Koji pointed out that fact and walked over to the sleeping digimon, kneeling down in front of him.

"May I?" Yuriko asked looking up to Ophanimon. Said Angle nodded. Yuriko ran a hand through Takuya's fringe softly. "Takuya," she whispered. The flame digimon sleepily opened one eye half way. Yuriko moved he hand from his fringe to cup his cheek and smiled. "It's alright sweaty, it's just a nightmare. None of us will allow any harm to come to you. You have nothing to worry about," she planted a soft kiss on his forehead. "Ok?"

Takuya smiled, purring softly as he nuzzled her hand before completely going back to sleep, this time a much more peaceful one.

"Did Takuya have any parents or any parental figures growing up?" asked Haorki.

Seraphimon shook his head. "Takuay is one of the very first digimon. Up until other digimon were created, his only company would have been the other nine ancient digimon."

"How long do you think he'll be asleep for, Ophanimon?" asked Tommy.

"Most likely well into the next morning." answered the female Angle.

Takuya's ear twitched as faint sounds from outside could be heard, sounds that would make anyone worry as to what's going on. Takuya blinked his eyes open and found himself in on of the guest bedrooms in Seraphimon's castle. He lifted his head from his curled up potion on the bed as his ear twitched again and turned to the window, faint shouts, yelling and metal on metal came from outside.

Just then the door to his room burst open to reveal Sorcereremon, Bokomon, Neemon and the Kanbara's.

"Come, we must go!" said Sorcereremon as he ran over, grabbed the digimons wrist and dragged him out of the room and down the hall with the Kanbara family and the other two digimon close behind.

Confusion and worry filled Takuya. "Whats going on Sorcereremon?"

"The castle is being attacked by a Darkdramon and some sort of shadow creatures," Takuya's mind froze, eyes going wide. "I have explicit orders from Lord Seraphimon to get you and your family out of here and back to the Real World while he and the others hold them off."

Takuya frowned and pulled his wrist from Sorcereremon's hold, halting in his tracks. "So you're telling me that Lord Seraphimon, Lord Cherubimon, Lady Ophanimon and the other Legendary Warriors are fighting those...those..." he shivered making the other six realise just who and what the enemy is. "While we run away and hide like cowards!"

An explotion rocked the castle, making Takuya really concerned for his friends.

"The life of our world depends on your survival. That is why you are alive here and now, why you didn't split yourself into two spirits like the other Ancient Digimon. The Digital world needed one of the Ancients Digimon so it could thrive."

"How come?! How come the digital world need me for it's survival?!" Takuya all most yelled, glaring at the wizard digimon.

"Cause you're literally the key to this world!" Sorcereremon yelled back, making the Kanbara's, Bokomon and Neemon gasp, and Takuya go wide eyed. The wizard digimon sighed and looked Takuya directly in the eyes. " You are unquie, one of a kind, as is your Code. You will not find another Fractal Code in all of the Digital World that comes even close to yours. If your Code becomes corrupt then so does the Digital World. If you get permanently deleted in any way, say your Code gets adsorbed by another digimon, then our world will begin to crumble and will fall as well. You and our world are linked! That's why your Code has such high defences against viruses that could corrupt you. That's why they," he pointed with his staff to the battle going on outside. "are after you. They know that through you, they can rule the Digital World."

Takuya just stared in shock at the wizard digimon. 'So that's why the weather listened to me that one time-' His thoughts were cut off when he heard his friends cry out in pain, making his head turn in their direction. 'K-Koji and the others...they need me,' without really thinking about it he took off running towards the battle. The Kanbara's, Bokomon, Neemon and Sorcereremon were quick to follow, calling after the flame digimon but their calls fell on deaf ears. Once he got to the front steps, Takuya skidded to a halt and stared in horror at the scene before him.

Koji and the others were down on the ground with their Fractal Codes showing, but somehow they all remained in their human spirit forms, struggling to get up. The three Celestial Angles stood in front of the downed Warriors but didn't look like they could hold off much longer. The shadow creatures had his friend and the Angles surrounded and seemed to be waiting for the order to finish them off. While Darkdramon floated in the air a little ways away, and he did not look happy.

When Takuya's eyes landed on Darkdramon, they widened as his memories of when his evolutions were split came to the forefront of his mind. The blurred image of the being who had done that cleared up and was revealed to be Darkdramon. Phantom pain ran through him as the images flashed before his eyes and he shivered.

He had to do something, otherwise his friends and the Angles will be killed! Or worse, be force to experience what he has. Takuya shivered at the thought. But he was scared, scared as heck of this enemy, who wouldn't be after the torture they put him trough? Besides, what could he do? He can't even evolve! His attacks that he could use would be useless up against a mega. But his concern and worry for the others outweighed his fear and he did the first thing that came to mind, which he couldn't believe he was going to do.

"SSSTTTOOOPPP!" He yowled just as Sorcereremon, Neemon, Bokomon and the Kanbara's caught up with him, making all eyes turned to him and effectively stopping all activity.

Takuya leapt down the stairs and landed on all fours. Still down on all fours he walked towards Darkdramon, who had lowered to the ground.

"You idiot! Run!" Exclaimed Lobomon as the flame digimon passed him. But Takuya continued onwards.

"Get out of here Takuya!" Kumamon said but Takuya ignored him as well.

"You're going the wrong way!" Exclaimed Beetlemon as the rookie flame digimon passed.

"What are you doing?!" exclaimed Kazemon.

"They're after you! Run!" Exclaimed Loweemon.

"Flee young one!" said Ophanimon.

"I order you to run!" ordered Seraphimon.

"Get out of here!" said Cherubimon.

Takuya just ignored his friends and the Angles as he passed them and made his way up to Darkdramon. He remained on all fours as he looked up to the mega level digimon in front of him. Swallowing hard, he had a hard time believing his next words.

"I'll come willingly if you let them go."

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