Kanbara or not?

Chapter 7:We're his family!

Everyone stared wide eyed at what the rookie level digimon had just said. All was silent as the words sunk in. Darkdramon chuckled which soon grew louder and louder until he was laughing.

"Oh this is rich!" Darkdramon said once he stopped laughing. "What ever happened to the once mighty and fierce digimon that defeated Lucemon that the one t-"

"Two." Takuya couldn't help but correct him, which he instantly regretted.

Darkdramon frowned down at the digimon before him and kicked him in the side of the face, sending the flame digimon to the ground face first with a yelp. Takuya didn't dare move from his position on the ground. He hated this, he hated not being able to fight back, he was powerless without his evolutions. And even if he did have them, Darkdramon still had the upper hand. The evil digimon walked over and picked Takuya up by his hair, making him hiss in pain as he was lifted up into the air and eye level with the mega level digimon.

"Just remember who has the upper hand here, brat!" Darkdramon growled. "Cause next time your friends will pay for your mistake with their lives!"

Takuya whimpered. "It's me you're after, not them. Please, let them go." the flame digimon begged.

Darkdramon pondered this for a moment. "Well it would be quite ironic to have your friends die by your hands..."

Takuya gulped, beginning to rethink his decision but he didn't get far as he was punched in the gut so hard that it not only knocked the air out of his lung but it took all his concentration to not let his fractal code appear.

The Celestial Angles, the Kanbara's, the Legendary Warriors who had now reverted back to human form, Bokomon, Neemon and Sorcereremon all watched on in disbelief and despair as Darkdramon slung a barely conscious Takuya over his shoulder and started to walk off.

"Fortunately for you," Darkdramon said, knowing his cargo was still conscious. "That's not how I work. Kill them." he said darkly, the last two words directed to his shadow creatures.

Takuya watched on with dismay through blurred vision as the shadow creature snickered evilly and advanced on his friends and family. '...n-no...' How had he not seen this coming? '...no...' He couldn't let his friends and family be killed! 'no' He wouldn't allow it! 'No' Nor would he allow his home to fall into Darkdramon's hands. 'NO!' He was not going to let this happen! "NNNOOO!" he yowled as his body burst into white hot flames, making Darkdramon drop him.

Takuya easily landed on all fours, facing the mega level digimon, growling and baring his fangs at him, his eyes a pure green that glowed. As soon as his hands and feet touched the ground, bright orange flames surged towards the shadow creature, aggressively engulfing them. The shadow creatures screeched in agony as they burnt away into nothing, freeing Takuya's friends and family.

In a explosion like fashion, the flames surrounding Takuya change to a bright orange colour and his fractal code appeared, in a flash of orange light so did two ornaments of armour that housed his evolution, one floating either side of him. The two ornaments faded back into their original form and flew back into place in the gaps of Takuya's fractal Code, making it complete once again, and his Fractal Code disappeared. The flames around he grew stronger and became lager, about the hight of a fully grown man.

The flames exploded and revealed a fully grown man with wild long blond hair that came down to his hips. He wore stunning red, gold and white armour over a protective black skin tight suit. His helmet had a dragon like look to it with it's three horns. And his eyes glowed a bright sky blue.

"Agunimon." Shinya heard Tommy whisper with relief.

The appearance of Agunimon made Darkdramon take a step back. While he knew that this was still the same digimon he was after, it was just that he was no longer weak and defenceless; Darkdramon had to be careful from now on. Agunimon got into a slightly twisted stance, one that the other Warriors knew all to well, allowing his fire to engulf him and started spinning rapidly towards Darkdramon with a call of "PYRO TORNADO!" aiming to deliver a round house kick to the side of the dark digimon's face.

Darkdramon put up his more protected arm just as the attack was about to make contact and was able to block the Warrior of Fire. Now it was a battle of strength, to see who would win the struggle and ultimately take the first blow. Darkdramon was about o make his move but Agunimon was quicker. With a yell the Warrior of Fire gathered all the strength he could muster to finish his attack which overwhelmed the dark digimon and sent him flying. Unfortunately Darkdramon recovered quickly and hovered in high in the air.

"What do plan to do now, hmm? You can't fight a battle in the sky without having some means to fly! I have the upper hand once more! And once I'm through with you, I'll make you watch me as I slowly and painfully kill your friends!" Darkdramon smirked.

"You shouldn't have said that!"

Darkdramon looked down to Takuya's friends and family, the Warriors now standing beside the three Celestial Angles, and Koji being the one who spoke.

"What?" Darkdramon growled.

"You shouldn't have said that!" Koji repeated.

"You shouldn't have challenged him like that!" said Koichi.

"Nor shouldn't you have threatened us like that!" added Zoe.

Darkdramon grew irritated by the humans words and their sudden spike in confidence. "Why you insolent little BRATS! You're weaklings and you dare to speak to me like that!"

"Yeah, we dare!" Tommy grinned.

"And that was mistake number three." said Koichi with his own smirk.

"What was?" Darkdramon growled darkly.

"Mistake number one: challenging Takuya." informed J.P.

"Mistake number two: threatening us." said Zoe.

"Mistake number three: insulting us." finished Koichi.

"Takuya is the strongest out of all of us!" informed Koji.

"He taught us what it meant to be a digimon!" Added Tommy.

"He's our leader; and with us cheering him on, nothing can stop him!" said J.P

"And we're not just his friends," Yuriko said as she, her husband and son, Sorcereremon, Bokomon, and Neemon all came over and stood with the Angles and Warriors.

"We're his family!" finished Haorki with confidence.

"And judging by how his eyes are glowing pure blue, I'm guessing the only thing on Takuya's mind right now is to protect us!" said Tommy.

"One other thing," Darkdramon eyes landed on Zoe, she smirk up at the dark digimon. "Never take your eyes off your opponent."

Darkdramon's eyes widened as a loud roar could be heard. He turned to face it's owner just in time to be slammed into by a crimson red and bright orange blur.

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