Kanbara or not?

Chapter 8: Be brave little brother

The Warriors cheered when Takuya, now as BurningGreymon, slammed into Darkdramon, sending the dark digimon back a bit. With his eyes still glowing pure blue, the beast of flame roared at Darkdramon in warning to stay away from his friends and family but deep down he new the dark dragon type wasn't going to heed it.

The Kanabara family stared in awe at the beast of flame that hovered protectively in front of them, a continuous growl coming from him as his armoured tail swished back and forth aggressively.

Darkdramon was quick to recover again and faced Takuya once more. He narrowed his eyes as he got into as fighting stance, the beast of flame doing then same. After a tense moment of relative silence, except for BurningGreymon's growling, both dragons roared at each other and charged. And so the battle began, warrior dragon against cyborg dragon, streaks of red and blue in the sky every now and the was the only indication as to where the two dragons were.

Sometimes the spectators on the ground could hear the clang of metal on metal, the shouts of attacks that were sometimes followed by an explosion, and the occasional roar; one more natural sounding then mechanical. At one point the two battling dragons were low enough for Takuya's friends and family to see him evolve into Aldamon before the two took off once again.

The Warriors watched on with neutral expressions as their leader battle the dark dragon digimon. They knew that Takuya was stronger then them and knew that he could pull it off without their help, they just had to believe in him. But they also knew that the battle could go either way.

The Three Celestial Angles watched on with concern. The fact that Takuya had to evolve to mega was enough to confirm that, even though that his Fractal Code is complete, Takuya is still not a full strength. They'd had a feeling that even when his Fractal Code was completed that Takuya would still need some time to regain his true strength. It looks like they were right.

Bokomon, Neemon and Sorcereremon watched on with pride, confident that the Warrior of flame would win, unaware that he had not gained his full strength and was weakened.

And the Kanbara's watched on with worry, as any family would do if their son were to fight to protected them. They just hoped that Takuya would be ok.

Just then Aldamon came swooping down to a hight that his friends and family could actually see them, though he seemed slower then when he had started the fight. He turned, knowing that Darkdramon was right on his tail. But before he could even think a seiring pain burned throughout his whole body, eyes widening and going back to normal as the drak digimon appeared in a blink of an eye with his more armoured arm pierced through his abdomen. Darkdramon smirked as he heard the shocked gasps from the spectators.

Darkdramon leaned forwards. "Pity you wont be alive to watch me delete your friends and family." the cyborg dragon whispered into Aldamon's ear.

Suddenly Darkdramon's eyes widen in shock as he let out a pained gasp. He looked down to see that Aldamon's golden cannon was pierced in his abdomen. He looked back up and locked eyes with the narrowed sky blue ones of his opponent, determination shining brightly in them.

"If I'm to go down, t-then I'm taking you w-with me! A-atomic i-inferno!" with that Aldamon open fired with his cannon still in his opponent.

Darkdramon didn't even get the time to make any sound of pain before his Fractal Code appeared and his form became a silhouette. Aldamon took a hold of the Fractal Code and with the last of his strength, he burnt it. When there was nothing left he hovered there for a few tens moments before falling and hitting the ground with a clang and in a flurry of feathers.

Takuya's friends and family rushed over to the fallen Warrior, the humans shocked at the back of their minds that there was no blood and gore just a whole in Aldamon's stomach. Yuriko was the first by his side, down on her knees in front of his face as tears rolled down her cheeks. Aldamon smiled weakly, lifting his hand to her cheek, to which she took a hold of.

"Y-you a-alright? N-none of you... h-hurt?" he managed to ask.

Yuriko nodded. "We're fine thanks to you."

"Now save your strength, we're going to get you some help, ok?" said Hoarki as he came and knelt beside his wife, tears rolling down his cheeks as well. He looked to the Three Angles pleadingly but they looked away sadly. His eyes widened.

"Well!?" shouted Yuriko at the Angles.


"Yuriko shook her head. "No, you be quiet Takuya. You're going to be fine. You got that!?"

"T-this isn't g-good bye, I'll r-return. I p-promise" Aldamon turned his attention to Shinya. "S-Shinya," said boy was down by his side giving him the biggest hug he could while he cried onto his digimon brother's armour, Aldamon returning the hug as best he could. "B-be brave l-little brother."

Shinya pulled back, trying to wipe away tears that continued to flow. "I will."

the other warriors came over and knelt by Aldamon's side, Tears were flowing freely down Tommy's, Zoe's, JP's and Koichi's cheeks while Koji tried to hold his back but a few got by every now and then to which he would wipe away to try and hide the fact that he was crying. Aldamon let out a weak chuckle at Koji trying to be the tough and uncaring lone wolf he was.

"L-Look after t-them," Aldamon gestured to his family. "A-and each o-other." his eyes locked on Koji. "Y-you're in c-charge until I r-return k-koji. D-don't be s-such a l-lone wolf, y-you need t-them as m-much as t-they need y-you."

Koji simply nodded, unable to find any words to speak in return.

Aldamon turned his attention to Bokomon, Neemon and Sorcereremon, all of who had tears streaming down their faces. "I'm t-trusting you t-three to g-get my f-friends and f-family back t-to the r-real world s-safely."

"Yes!" Said Neemon.

"Of course we will." Said Bokomon.

"You can count on us!" said Sorcereremon.

Finally Aldamon's gaze turned to the Three Celestial Angles. "You h-have done a w-wonderful job a-at leading t-this world. I o-only wish t-that you c-continue to d-do so a-and not l-let anything c-come between y-you and t-the friendship y-you three s-share."

The Angles nodded, tears in the corners of their eyes. Aldamon smiled one last time to everyone around him before allowing his eyes to close. His body glowed a bright white and began to change, and when the light faded away a digi-egg, that was yellow at the top fading to red at the bottom with the symbol of flame on the side in black, was left in his place.

Yuriko and Shinya burst into sobs and was pulled into a hug by Hoarki. The Warriors were now in a group hug too, trying to comfort each at the loss of their friend and leader. Bokomon, Neemon and Sorcereremon all looked to the ground sadly. Ophanimon looked to her comrades who nodded to her, she went over and picked the digi-egg up with absolute care and held onto it securely before making her way over to the family of three.

"Rest assured, he will return." She said kindly to them.

"H-he will?" asked Yuriko as she wiped away a few tears.

Ophanimon nodded. "He'll hatch again one day and his memories of his past lives shall be returned."

"But what about the Digital World?" asked Koji.

"The Digital World shall be fine." Answred Seraphimon. "Takuya's code was not taken or corrupted, so you have no need to fret."

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