Kanbara or not?

Chapter 9: Epilogue

3 years later.

The bell had just rung for the end of school and in an instant the front courtyard was flooded by students wanting to get home or hang out with their friends for the afternoon, eager to get away from the nightmare that was school.

In amongst the flood of students were five kids. At first glance they would seem like any other group of children, but to anyone that was in the know, they would have deep respect, sympathy and would be proud of them. Because if it weren't for this group of five, plus one other, the world as everyone knows it would be completely different.

The youngest of this group of friends is Tomoki 'Tommy' Himi: age 13.

Tommy may be the youngest but when it comes down to it he can be quite the brave bear. right at the moment he is wearing the boy's dress code for the schools uniform; a white polo t-shirt, black trousers and his usual sneakers. Plus he wore a light blue wrist band with the symbol for ice stitched on in black on his left wrist.In the past three years the boy has had quite the growth spurt and nearly came up to the only female of the group's shoulders.

Next is Junpei 'J.P' Shibayama, the oldest of the group: age 16.

Being the oldest of the group and having matured a fair bit, J.P takes it upon himself to do his best to look out for his group of friends; especially Tommy. And like the youngest of the group, J.P is currently wearing the boy's dress code and his usual sneakers. He is also wearing a wrist band on his left wrist; yellow with the symbol of thunder stitched on in black.J.P has also lost quite a bit of weight in the past three years and has become quite good with technology, his group of friends always goes to him if they ever have a problem no matter how big or small it was.

Next up is Izumi 'Zoe' Orimoto: age 15.

Zoe is the only female of the group of friends though she didn't mind. she was the one who kept the boys in line...most of the time. like J.P and Tommy she's wearing a white polo t-shirt but instead of the trousers she's wearing a black netball skirt with black stocking underneath and her usual sneakers. And just like the two boys before, she also wears a wrist band on her left wrist. it was a pale pink colour with the symbol of wind stitched on in black.In the last three years, Zoe has grown a fair bit as well and now has a perfect hourglass figure which made a lot of boys droll over her and a lot of girl envious. she had also become quite the cook and now helps her parents at their cafe when she can, and usually makes everything for the groups annual pick-nicks.

Next, Koichi Kimura: age 15.

After finding his long lost twin brother, Koji Minamoto, has become quite close to him, and being the older twin, has also become a bit protective. He wearing the same dress code as the other two boys, his usual sneakers and a wrist ban on his left wrist which was a dark purple with the symbol of darkness stitched on in black.During school Koichi was a responsible, level headed student that always focused on his work, easily getting A's and B's. But outside of school he was quite the devious schemer. always thinking up new pranks to pull on his brother and his friends which soon had him and the victims of said pranks cracking up laughing in the end.It wasn't long before Koichi started practising kendo, like his brother, wanting have some way to defend himself and his brother.

last but not least, Koji Minamoto: age 15.

Just like Koichi, Koji has become close and a bit protective of his brother as well. he is wearing the same while polo and black trousers like the other boy's, his usual sneakers and a white wrist band with the symbol of light stitched on in black on his left wrist.Koji can still be a lone wolf but has opened up quite a bit in the past threes years, more so when he was around this particular group of friends. these days Koji spends most of his spare time with his twin and birth mother, wanting to get to know them better, that is if his friends have other thing they have to do. After his first meeting with his real mother, Koji had gone off at his dad for keeping truth from him. His step mum had been there at the time and was also appalled at her husband for keeping such a secret.A few months after meeting Koichi, said twin had asked Koji to teach him what he knew of kendo and it wasn't long after that did Koichi sign up to the same kendo classes that Koji did, so now the two practice together.With their sixth and final member no longer around these days, Koji had to take the lead and keep the group together. though that had turned out to be a lot easier than he had first thought, for they had become closer instead of drift apart like he thought they would.

The group made their way to another friend of theirs that they had made in the last three years that was waiting for them at the gates.

Shinya Kanbara: age 13.

Shinya was their missing member's little brother and is the same age as Tommy. Like the other boy's he is currently wearing a white polo t-shirt and black trousers. But unlike the other members of the group he did not wear a wrist band.Even knowing that he and Tommy were friends before said boy had met his elder brother, him and Tommy had become quite close over the three years that had past. Shinya had also kept his promise to his brother and had become quite brave when he needed to be. The others had noticed that Shinya had developed some leadership skills like his older brother as well. Perhaps in a few more years those skills will be recognised somewhere somehow.

The group of six left the school grounds, heading to the Kanbara resident in a comfortable silence. And after a fifteen minuet walk they were there, Shinya entering first with his friends close behind.

"Mum, Dad, I'm home and I brought the Warriors with me." Shinya called out.

"Oh, hi kids." greeted Yuriko as they entered the lounge where Hoarki sat on the couch reading a news paper. "You all are just in time, I just finished baking some cookies if you liked some."

"We would love some, Thank you Mrs. Kanbara." answered J.P.

"Your cooking is very delightful." Koichi complimented as he took a cookie off of the plate which held the freshly baked biscuits when he was offered.

Just as Koichi was about to take a bite of his cookie everyone's phones made this weird sound. They all took out their phones, the Kanbara's confused to see a strange symbol while the Warriors went wide eyed at the sight of it, J.P, Tommy and Zoe nearly dropping their cookies.

"I-it couldn't be..."Tommy said in slight disbelief.

"But it is." J.P said in shock.

Koji looked to the family of three. "I hope that you don't have any plans for this afternoon."

"No, why?" asked Hoarki.

"'cause we're going to the train station." Answered Koichi.

The Kanbara's eyes widened as they realised what was going on. They quickly got their keys for their cars and locked up the house before heading to the train station, Shinya, Tommy and Zoe in the same car as Yuriko and Koji, Koichi and J.P in the same car as Hoarki. Once they got there they quickly found a parking pace before trying not to rush through the station to the elevator. They went down and sure enough, they came out into the secret underground terminal where Worm was waiting. They all quickly boarded the trailmon and the trip was spent in a quiet silence before hopping off at their destination; Forest Terminal. And Sorcereremon was there to greet them.

"Sorcereremon!" Exclaimed Tommy as he ran over to the wizard type digimon, falling to his knees and pulling Sorcereremon into a hug who gladly returned it with a chuckle.

"It is good to see you again as well, Warrior of Ice." said Sorcereremon as he pulled back from the hug. "as it is good to see all of you again." he said with a smile as he looked to the others.

"Like was Sorcereremon." said Koji.

"Come. The Angels eagerly await your arrival." Sorcereremon said, gesturing with his wand for them to follow.

They didn't hesitate to follow the wizard digimon from the terminal to their next destination. Along the way the humans didn't dare talk, their hopes of seeing their missing member rising with every step the took. Along the way the Kanbara's took in their surroundings and marvelled at the beauty that the Digital World had, even after three years it still looked a beautiful as the last time they were here. When the crystal palace came into view, it still managed to take their breath away. As the family of three followed the Warriors and the digimon through the courtyard and into the halls, they were certain that the beauty of this world would never cease to amaze them.

It wasn't long before they all entered the main room where the three Celestial Angles awaited them.

"It's good to see you all again." greeted Seraphimon.

"Like wise Lord Seraphimon." replied Zoe.

"My, you children have grown." Ophanimon said with a smile.

J.P chuckled. "It's been three years since we have last spoke, Lady Ophanimon."

"I trust that you are all doing well?" asked Cherubimon.

"We are all quite well, Lord Cherubimon." replied Hoarki.

But before the conversation could go any further, yelling could be heard from out side the doors and a moment later a blur of light blue and orange burst through, making the Warriors and Kanbara's dive to the side out of the way. When the blurs slowed down enough it was revealed to be two rookie level digimon rough housing about.

The light blue one managed to kick the orange one off him and started to get back up but the orange one had landed on all fours and pounce back on top of the other as soon as his hand and feet hit the floor. The orange on landed on top of his friend, making him fall back down onto his stomach with a grunt, and quickly but lightly bit down on his friend's ear.

"Let go of my ear, Flamemon!" the blue on growled.

" 'o 'ay, 'abimon!" Flamemon said with a grin as he gave a playful tug on said ear.

The light blue rookie was just about to retaliate when they both heard chuckling. They both turned their heads and saw that the three Angles standing a meter or two away. The light blue one blushed and tried to look away in embarrassment while Flamemon just grinned up at them with the tip of his friends ear still in his mouth.

Now that the two play-fighting digimon were still the humans finally got a good look at them and were over the moon when they recognised the orange one as the one they have missed for the past three years. But the blue one they didn't recognise, though Koji thought he looked familiar.

The second rookie digimon was wolf like, his fur being light blue with a white muzzle and torso. His eyes were the colour of tomatoes. A white and blue striped torn scarf was wrapped around his neck with the ends hanging over his shoulders. A single black belt wrapped around his biscept on each arm and he wore black gloves but the were ripped a bit at the tips of the fingers due to the eight cm long white claws. He also wore white trousers which were being held up by a black belt with a black straps on each hip. Another two black belts were wrapped around each of his legs, one around his the thighs and one around his calf's. Finally he wore black boots, the ends of which have been cut off and replace by belts, exposing the front of his feet and the three eight cm long magenta claws. But one thing that seemed to stand out the most about the wolf was the fact that he was partly see-through.

"Having fun?" Ophanimon asked the two rookies with slight amusement, snapping the humans out of their study of the second digimon.

Flamemon continued to grin, tail swishing back and forth happily while he still laid on top of his friend as he nodded to the female Angle, still have yet to see their guests.

"No." grumbled the wolf.

"Awe, 'ou 'o 're. 'ou 're 'he on' 'ho 'arted 'is" Flamemon said playfully.

"I did not understand a single word you just said." the wolf dead-paned.

" 'id 'o"

"You have thirty seconds to get off me Flamemon." the wolf growled.

Flamemon frowned and reluctantly got off his friend. "You're such a party pooper, Strabimon." Flamemon said with a pout as he turned his back on his friend, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Awe, I should have gotten a photo while I could! That was so cute!"

Both rookies froze at the voice, recognising it immediately to be Zoe but having a hard time believing it. It was Strabimon who turned to face their guests first, a little shocked at first before smirking slightly.

"Well ain't this a surprise."

Koji smirked slightly as well. "It sure is, Strabimon."

"Good to see my own partner recognises me." Strabimon said as he went over and bumped fists with Koji.

"Let me guess, Rookie?" Koji asked.

"Bingo! Now I think I'll bid you adieu. This is most likely a reunion meant for the hot-head." Strabimon turned to the Angles. "Sorry about the interruption."

"There is no need to apologise." replied Seraphimon.

Strabimon simply nodded and left the room while rubbing the ear that Flamemon had latched onto.

Everyone's attention now fell upon Flamemon who had still yet to turn around. Eventually, slowly, he did. His eyes went wide with shock once he saw his friends and family. He didn't know what to do, he didn't know what to say, he just continued to stare in shock.

"What? No hello to your family and friends? I thought we raised you better than that?" said Yurkio playfully.

Within seconds Flamemon was over with their guests giving his mum the biggest hug he could, burying his face in her stomach, tears flowing down his cheeks. The sudden hug caught Yuriko a bit off guard at first but once she registered what was going on she returned the hug just as fiercely.

"I didn't think I would see you all again..." Flamemon managed to choke out before pulling away and wiping away his tears.

J.P came up and patted him on the back. "You should know you can't get rid of us that easily."

Flamemon chuckled. "Yeah, I should have known."

"And you better not go and die on us again mister or so help me..." Hoarki threatened playfully.

Flamemon laughed at that. "I'll try not to. But the Digital World is a dangerous place when evil is afoot."

"Indeed," Seraphimon said, gaining everyone's attention. "You can never know when evil might arise."

"Even now evil lurks in the shadows, waiting for it's chance to strike." added in Cherubimon.

"That is why, for you're own safety and until the time when all the Warriors are needed again, when the humans return to the real world you'll be returning with them, Flamemon." Ophanimon informed.

That got surprised expressions from the humans and Flamemon. It was a long few seconds of silence before Yuriko spoke up.

"You're... allowing him to come back with us?" she said still surprised.

"Like I said, it is for his own safety. The inhabitants of this world still believe him to be a spirit like the rest of them. And that we are grateful for. If the evil of this world were to learn that he is alive like the rest of us..."

"We understand." replied Hoarki.

"Awesome! We just gained our big brother back!" both Tommy and Shinya cheered.

Zoe walked over and place a hand on Flamemon's shoulder, making said digimon just a bit in surprise. "You ok?" she asked.

"Y-yeah. Just shocked is all." the fire digimon replied. He took a deep breath and looked to the three Angles. "You sure you want me to return to the human world. What if something happens here?"

"If that is the case then we will call you." reassured Seraphimon.

Flamemon smiled and closed his eyes, a bright light washing over him starting from his feet and working its way up, leaving the well know human form of Takuay Kanbara. Just now he was the hight of Koji and Koich, his hair came down to about an inch above his shoulders and some of his fringe covered a bit of his right eye. The cap had been ditched but the goggles remained just they now hung around his neck. He now wore a red t-shirt with a flame patten around the hem under a black jacket which had a single red stripe running down the sides of the sleeves. Black jeans were being held up by a red belt and the same red and orange sneakers were on his feet.

"Nice new look, Takuya." commented Koichi.


Koji looked like he just remembered something and reached into his trousers pocket. "Here." he said as he hand Takuya what he had pulled out.

Takuya took it with a raised eyebrow before looking at it. It was a red wrist band with the symbol of fire stitched on in black and when he flipped it over the symbol for leader was stitched on in black as well.

"We all have one." Explained Tommy when he saw Takuya's confused expression and all the Warriors held up their left writs to show him.

Takuya smiled and put his on his left wrist too, the symbol of fire at the front just like theirs.

"Now," Ophanimon said gaining their attention once more. "I believe it is time for all of you to return."

They all nodded and said their goodbyes before leaving. All the way back to the human world as they all eagerly chattered away, just catching up, a smile did not leave Takuya's face. Even now as he slept in a bed he had not slept in for three years, curled up as Flamemon once more, the smile did not leave his face. The sounds of his soft purrs filled the room as the light from the full moon streamed in through the window and down onto the content fire digimon.

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