Zara's new life


My name is Zara Moonday. i have an ability like no other. and it's because of this and some other entity that was bestowed upon me that i got transported to a world i only thought was fiction.

Adventure / Drama
Age Rating:

Realisation And Attack

As I sat on the couch watching a movie that my parents bought earlier that day, I couldn't help but be engaged in it. It was a great and exciting movie, and the second one in the trilogy. I can't believe that I like these movies, they are for boys, teenage boys for crying out loud. And yet here I am absolutely intrigued and eager to find out what happens next.

With my two cavalier king Charles spaniels curled up beside me asleep, I watched and watched the movie, not looking away from the screen until my mum came over and unplug the power board which had the T.V and DVD player plugged in it.

"MUM! What did you do that for?" I asked her as I looked from the screen to my mum with the cable hanging from her hand

"After having friends that are girls for two years, you would think you would have become more of a girly girl by now." She answered smiling warmly at me. "Come on it time for dinner and then you have your chores to go on with." To be clear I grew up having boys for friends and it was just in the last two years I got a group of friends that are just girls.

Sighing I got up and made my way to the dining table where my dad and my brother were waiting. I sat down and waited for my mum to bring over the plates of food. After we finished I excused myself from the table, as I stood my dogs, Kyba and Myra, got off the couch and stood waiting for their dinner. I got the dogs bowls out from underneath the sink and put them on the bench then I went to the cupboard and got the dog biscuits out, I put some in the bowls and then I went to the laundry and the dogs followed. I place the bowls down in front their beds, Kyba and Myra sat down wagging their tails, waiting for me to give the signal for them to eat. I let them eat then I went on with the rest of my chores. I fed the chocks the scraps from dinner, it was starting to get dark and the stars were starting to appear. I went to the shed, man it was cold in there, colder than outside.

"Hey everybody!" I said to the guinea pigs as I entered to their squeals for food.

I check up on the guinea pigs (I don't know why seeing how they're mums) making sure that they had food and water. I shut the shed for the night after giving them some fresh fruit and veg, topping up their grain and water. I looked over at the chock pen, the chocks were inside their little house now. I went and locked them in for the night before heading back inside.

Kyba and Myra had finished their dinner and were eagerly waiting to be let out for a few minuets. I let them out, shutting the door behind them. I made my way to the living room hoping to continue the movie I was watching but I was beaten to the T.V by my brother. Sighing I went back to the laundry and let the dogs back in then I went to my room. I fell onto my bed sighing as I looked out the window. I glanced over at my alarm clock, it was quarter past eight already. Sighing again I pushed myself up and off my bed, I made my way to my dresser and got out my p.j's and made my way to the bathroom. I yelled out to my family saying that I'm having a shower.

After I finished having a shower, I went back to my room. I was so tiered for some reason. I dropped my clothes and got into bed, I glanced at my clock, it was only nine o'clock. I let my eye lids fall, letting the darkness of sleep take over.

The next morning I woke up to my alarm clock going off, telling me it was time to get up. I groaned and rolled over to stop the alarm. It took a couple goes to finally hit the right button. I rubbed my face before finally getting out of bed.

I got up, went to the dresser, got out my school clothes and got dressed. I brushed my hair before pulling it back and putting it into a neat pony tail and holding back any stray bits that weren't long enough to be pulled back in the pony tail with some hair clips.

I got my school bag and put it on my bed and started filling it with the things that I would be needing for the long school day.

I made my way to the laundry with my bag and let the dogs out. I left my bag by the door. Then I made my way to the kitchen and got myself some breakfast. Afterwards I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth before grabbing my bag, saying goodbye to mum and walking to school.

I sonon got to school and put my bag on the bag rack outside the class room and waited for the bell to go to single the start of class.

"Hey Zara!"

I turned my head to see my friend coming down the hall.

"Hey Anna." I replied when she place her bag next to mine.

"So have you told your parents yet?"

"Told them what?"

"You know. About your…."

"Oh! No I haven't told them." I said in a sad way.

"Why not?"

"Because I'm afraid of the way they will react." I confessed

"WHAT! But you're their daughter. It is a part of who you are."

"I know but this is something I would like to keep to myself." I looked at my hands in a sad way. "Not even you were supposed to find out." I confessed.

After a few moments silence Anna decided to change the subject. Thank goodness. And soon the bell went.

Soon school was over and I was glad to be on my way home.

When I got home my dogs were there to greet me in the usual way, barking and jumping up on me. Those dumb dogs. I went to my room and dropped my bag on the floor and got changed into my house clothes. I went to the living room and thank god my brother wasn't using the T.V, so I sat down and finished watching the movie I started yesterday.

The movie took me to tea time and then I went and did my chores, feed the dogs, feed and water the guinea pigs and cleaned out some of the cages.

After I did my chores it was 8 o'clock and I decided to have a shower. At 8:30 I joined my family watching a family favourite show which went to 9:30 and then I decided to turn in for the night. I laid in my bed facing the window, letting the blackness of sleep take over. t There was a gap in between the curtains that covered the window and I could have sworn I saw something but I dismissed it.

I woke the next morning to the blinding light of the sun. I knew there was a bit of a gap in the curtains but my bedroom is on the others side of the house to where the sun rises. I opened my eyes and then closed them quickly. I slowly opened them again, putting my hand out in front of my eyes so the sun doesn't blind me. I got up slowly 'cause every part of my body hurts. I looked at my surrounding. I appear to be in the bush. I saw a clearing at the edge, I walked out into the clearing and my eyes went wide in shock.

… Somewhere else.….…

A Decepticon ran up to his master and knelt before him.

"My Lord, I'm picking a strange energy signal." Announced Starscream.

"Forget about it and KEEP your optics on those DANM autobots!" ordered Megatron.

"But my lord, the signal is similar to that of the Allspark." Replied Starscream.

"WWWHHHAAATTT!" Megatron yelled in out rage

"It is true my lord. We could use it to help us destroy those pit slaggers."

An evil grin crept up on Megatron's face plates. "Bring it here to me." He ordered.

"Yes lord Megatron." And with that Starscream left to find the sores of the signal.

….with me….

"A PARK! What the hell am I doing in a park?"Yes that's right, I have somehow ended up in a park. Ok I will admit it I am a heavy sleeper but I would have woken up if someone tried to move me. I walked out into the park a bit more, luckily I decided to wear some clean house clothes instead of my p.j's.

I went over to the play equipment and sat down on one of the swings and started rocking myself back and forth.

'something's not right.' I thought to myself. 'something doesn't feel right. I have been over seas before on family trips but I have always felt at home, at peace. But here…?'I stood up and put my hands on my hips. "I guess I better find out where I am then." I walked out of the park and onto the streets of the city.

I decide to go back to the park after finding out where I am.

"The United States!" I said to myself. "I've been to the U.S before with my family. But something still doesn't feel right. Could I be…." I was stopped in my tracks when I round a corner. I was shocked at what I saw. I don't know if I was scared or if I was in awe. But there it was, just parked there, as if it was just your ordinary, everyday car.

"Are you alright?" I heard a female voice ask after a few moments silence. I turned around and saw a teenaged girl and a teenaged boy standing side by side, hand in hand. I couldn't believe it was them, the same two teenagers from the movies. I looked at them in the same way I looked at the car.

"Are you ok?" the boy asked this time. I shook my head ever so slightly to clear my head from what I was seeing so I cloud think.

"Yes I'm fine." I replied. "Is that your Camaro?"

"yes." He replied.

"Wow! That's a nice car." I said turning my head back to the car then back to them. "Well, it was nice meeting you both. bye." And I went on my way. 'now I defiantly could be.' I thought to myself.

…back at the Camaro…

The two teens walked over to the car, the boy got in the driver's side and the girl got in the passenger's side. The boy leaned back in the black leather seat.

"Who was that Sam?" a voice came over the speakers.

"I don't know Bee." He replied.

"The way she looked at Bumblebee, it was as if she knew." Said the girl looking to Sam.

"There is no way she could have known Mikaela. Only we, the government and the military know about the Autobots. Not the general public." Sam leaned over and gave Mikaela a quick kiss on the cheek before sitting upright in his seat. "Come on Bee, we better get going or we are going to be late." He said patting the top of the dash board.

….. With me….

I managed to find my way back to the park. I walked up to one of the benches and sat down on the one closest to the play equipment. I pulled out my iPod touch and started to listen to some music while looking through my pictures of Bumblebee and the others from those transformers movies.

"Do you mind if I sit next to you?" I heard a male voice ask me. I looked up and saw another one of those people from the movies, this time it was the military guy.

"No, not at all."

"William Lennox." He said introducing himself and sitting down next to me and putting his hand out for a hand shake.

"Zara Moonday." I said returning his hand shake. I turned back to looking at the pictures on my iPod then I looked out into the parking lot and I instantly saw the black GMC Top kick truck. I looked back at my iPod, looking at the pictures I had on there of the transformers movies. I just saw Mr. Lennox glace at my iPod and the pictures.

"Where did you get those pictures?" he asked

"Off….." I glanced over at the parking lot and that Camaro pulled up and park next to the Top kick. I swallowed hard. I don't know why but I was scared of them, of what might happen. So I got up, locked my iPod and put it in my pocket.

"Well, it was nice meeting you MR. Lennox. But I had better get going now, my parents might be wondering where I am by now. Bye." And without another word I left.

I walked along the road for many hours.On the other side of the road was a cliff face, not a very tall one but a cliff face nonetheless. And on the other side of me was bush, not dens bush, it was fairly clear. I was just walking along, minding my own business when I heard a branch crack above me. I looked up at the top of the cliff face, at first I didn't see anything, I narrowed my eye and then I went shock still, my eyes wide. For there, up in the trees was a pair of glowing red eyes.

….with Starscream….

Starscream was hiding in amongst the trees, tracing the sores of the strange energy signal, once it came into view he was surprised and made a branch snap.

Starscream to lord Megatron. Starscream used his com link.


The energy signal, it's coming from a human.

Then bring the fleshling to me. Alive.

Yes sir.

…with me…

A big robot jumped out from the trees at the top of the cliff face, I started to run but I was too late. He landed on the road making it break under his weight then he back handed me into the bush. Luckily he hit me into a clear part. I hit the ground quite hard before being air born again and then hitting the ground again. This repeated a couple time and each time I hit the ground a whole heap of dirt went flying. I rolled a couple times before coming to a halt on my back. I rolled over on to my hands and knees. If that back hand didn't fracture any of my ribs than hitting the ground with that force would. I cough up some blood and felt the earth around me shake as the mech came closer. I stared up at the Decepticon when the shaking stopped and he grinned evilly down at me.

…at N.E.S.T….

It was frantic around the Autobots side of the base, alarms going off, humans running around gathering equipment. Guns, grenades, you name it.Optimus Prime walked up into the hanger and saw IronHide ordering some humans about. He walked up to his weapon specialist.

"Alright you all have your duties. Get to it." IronHide ordered the men as prime stopped beside him and with that the men left.

"Report." Ask Optimus calmly.

"There is Decepticon activity, Prime."

Optimus's expression became more serious. "How many?"

"One. He appears to be engaging what I assume is a human. "

"Explain?" Optimus asked a little bit interested.

"The energy signal is a mixture of human and something similar to the Allspark."

Optimus's optics went wide then became serious again. Prime saw Ratchet out of the corner of his optics. He turned to his medical officer.

"Ratchet..." Ratchet turned to his leader. "You and IronHide are with me."

"Yes sir." IronHide and Ratchet said in synch.

"Transform and roll out."And with that the three transformed, IronHide transforms into a black GMC Top kick truck. Ratchet transformed into a green/yellow rescue hummer and Optimus transformed into a blue and red flamed Peterbilt 379. They drove out of the hanger and onto the road, heading to where the human and Decepticon are.

…with me…..

I got to my feet slowly, trying to ignore the soaring pain in my body.

"You're coming with me." Said the Decepticon as I got up. Once I was on my feet I took on a fighting stance. The Decepticon seem confused at first but then…

"HAHAHAHAH! You dare fight me?"

"Yeah, I dare, you pathetic excuse of a Decepticon, Starscream." He seemed surprised and confused at the fact that I knew what he was as well as his name but then it angered him a little. He reached out for me with one of his clawed hands, I quickly changed my form in flash of light. I opened my mouth and let loose an inferno of red hot flames onto his hand. Starscream pulled back his hand, shaking it vigorously in pain.

"Ow, ow, OW, OOWW, OOOWWW" he screamed. I got to say the 'scream' part of his name really suits him. Starscream saw a river nearby and plonked his hand into it, instantly cooling his hand. He turned his attention back to me.

"Why you little…. You're going to pay for that fleshling." He said angrily.

"Make me you pile of scrap metal." My comment seemed to get on his nerves.

Starscream tried to grab me, I dive to the side and he ended up grabbing a tree. I quickly got to my paws and ran over to his hand and let loose a storm of ice particles onto his hand, freezing it to the tree. Starscream was confused as to why he couldn't move his hand, so instead of trying to let go of the tree he just pulled it up. He hit me with the tree quite hard and I was sent flying into another tree.I slowly and painfully got up and faced my opponent. He made a low rumbling sound which I guess was supposed to be a growl and I growled right back. Starscream went to hit me with his other hand which wasn't frozen, just before he hit me I jumped to the side and let out a ball of bright, pale purple energy onto his frozen hand. It destroyed the ice and the tree but not his hand. My eyes went wide. That attack was supposed to destroy his hand as well, it was my most powerful element and it didn't even scratch him. Starscream smiled evilly at me. He tried to back hand me once again. I ran towards him and before he hit me, I jumped up, formed a ball of earth around me which had spikes all over it and it started spinning really fast while moving towards that pile of scrap metal. I went up through his right side of his lower body before coming back down through his left side and landing, letting the earth ball disappear from around me. Semi circles were left where I had hit Starscream with bright blue liquid leaking from the wounds. Starscream screamed out in pain then transformed and flew off.

I was breathing heavily. I changed back to a human, as painful as that was, then collapsed. I had a lot of scratches all over me, all still bleeding, some more than others and it was most likely I was hurt internally as well. I heard vehicles in the distance, coming closer as I was fighting the blackness of unconscious, then I heard something transforming and some voices. As I laid there letting the blackness started to take over, something came into my line of sight. It was big and it was a yellow/green colour. I couldn't make out what it was 'cause my eye sight was blurred but I had a feeling as to whom and what it was. It said something in a soft, calming tone. I was going to say thank you but I didn't have the strength, so I just smiled softly before letting the blackness take over completely.

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