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By MarsRover91

Children / Adventure

Chapter 1

"Kilo, stop it" I said as another wrapper hit my visor.

"Why should I?" he asked through a mouth full of chunky energon.

"Because it's disrespectful and my brother is a damn official who could kick you to Iacon and back, that's why."

"Aight" he returned to chewing. I let out a sigh, and glanced over the pristine white cafeteria.

"Okay, I know you have that crush on Chronos, but please don't waste break time wondering if you'll see him, do that while you're working." I choked, and glared at him.

"I don't have a crush. I just like the affection he gives." Kilo hummed, and tapped his chin.

"I have the sneaking suspicion that you two have a flirtationship."

"A flirtationship? You must be kidding Kilo."

"Kilo never kids, he speaks the truth." Said mech glanced to the chronometer on his wrist. "And the truth is that I must go, clean up my mess?"

"Clean your own mess you mech" I spat, glancing to all the wrappers on the table. Kilo pouted, and pawed at all of them, messily picking them up,

"See ya" he said, walking off. I sighed and raised my energon to my lips. That mech…

"Yo." I nearly choked. I sipped my cube and watched Chronos seat himself in front of me.

"Hey Chronos" I said once I swallowed. The white mech grinned, and swished his cube around.

"What're 'ya listening to?" he asked, gesturing to the datapad, it's two cords rising to my audios. I ripped one out.

"Children screaming, want to listen?" I asked, handing him the cord. He leaned back. "Nah, it's an instrumental, Black Niagara," I said, holding the cord out. He took it and connected it to his audio, only to let out a whistle.

"For something called "Black Niagra," it sure is upbeat."

"I like the irony in that," I said, taking a sip of my energon. "Like, it has this name, and you expect something dark and somber, but it hits you with bright and bubbly instead and in my opinion that sorta makes me enjoy it even more? Like, in a way…"

"Ah" he swished his energon and took a sip, bright blue optics thoughtful. "I like titles that correspond with the theme of the thing more. It feels balanced."

"Ah." The music flowing into my audios stopped, and I glanced down at the datapad. Chronos leaned a little over the table, and began tapping at it.

"Do you mind if I-"


I shouted, and pulled the cord out of my audio. Chronos flung himself to his feet, knocking his chair down with a clang. A patient nearby spat out his drink, and the femme in front of him got splattered. I sighed, and pulled the cord out as I accepted the call.

"Hey, you're on speaker caller" I said as Chronos pulled his chair up and seated himself, a bit of red over his face. He looked bashful, and pit damn it he looked adorable. His wings were lowered, and his back was hunched, his servos neatly folded on his lap. I smiled at him, hoping to ease his embarrassment.

"Uh, hey Aunt Shamrock."

"Hello Storm Bringer" Chronos said. I gave a light glare.

"I wasn't talking to you Chrone" Stormy spat through the line.

"C-h-r-o-n-o-s. Crow-nos"

"Shush. Aunt Shamrock, my sire can't pick me up from the museum, can you come and pick me up instead?"I glanced to chronometer, in the corner of my vision. It glowed bright green, blinking the time back at me.

"I suppose I could try to get there, take you home, and come back..." Chrono's narrowed his optics as I stood up.

"Thank you Aunt Shamrock, I'll be in the main hall." He stood up too.

"Okay." I ended the call.

"Let's get going" he said, gesturing to the cafeteria exit.



My break was about half an hour long, counting the time I spent drinking energon, so I had to rush quite a bit. Chronos' break just started, so it was way less likely he'd get in trouble.

I was grateful he joined, because the 'walk' to the museum would've been boring if he hadn't.

"Sometime's I wish my brother wasn't a flaker" I said as we rushed up the museum steps.

"He probably didn't intend to flake out, maybe he was assigned another shift."

"He...maybe." The two bronze doors opened, and I expected to see Stormy waiting there patiently like he'd said.

He wasn't.

I reached up and tapped my audio as a white femme and red mech rushed past, hurrying down a hall.

"Stormy, where are you?"

"I'm in the space bridge exhibit, I forgot to take some notes-"

"Stormy, finish up. Didn't the space bridge exhibit close like, a month ago?"

"It can't be closed, there are other bots here too, and the door was open."

"Hurry up. We'll be there in a sec, and we'll take you home right after."

"Alright." I sighed and glanced at Chronos.

"Something's wrong, I can feel it," I said, walking. He followed closely.

"The space bridge exhibit's right over there" he said, pointing to an open hall. It was dimly lit, and inside, crates were scattered.

"Ah, the immense feeling of something being wrong has tripled" I murmured, entering the hall. "Stormy?" I called, seeing lights on. Chrono's glanced over his shoulder.

"What happens if your caught in a restricted area again?"

"They think you're trying to tamper or steal and they give you over to officials."


"I'm right over here, just let me finish my notes," Stormy said from wherever he was. I hurried and entered the exhibit. I tensed, seeing a yellow mech frantically tapping at the monitor next to Stormy, a white femme, and a red mech. All of them seemed to be in a hushed conversation, excluding Stormy, who was scribbling stuff down on a datapad.

"Chronos, you can go now," I said, glancing over at him.

"I can, but I won't. I have a bad feeling…" He rubbed at his stomach, and I looked away.

"It's probably because you chugged a cube and we both ran here." He put a servo to his chest, faking a look of shock.

"Excuse me? I don't chug, chug is such a barbaric word…" I rolled my optics, a grin sliding onto my face.

"Fine downed an entire cube."

"Much better." He grinned and leaned against the door frame.

"Out of the way, thanks." I was shoved back as the yellow mech who'd been by the monitor decided he wanted to peek out into the hall.

"Uh, personal space?" I asked, feeling his arm dig into my stomach. He was at least a head taller than me, and-

And he had a loaded gun holstered to his waist. I felt my jaw drop, and I meekly tried to move away, but his arm was digging too deeply into my stomachs protoform.

"See if you can disable the stasis fields around the bridge, I'll hold off the guards," he called over to the bots by the monitor. I swallowed, and let out a sigh of relief as the mech ran off. A lingering feeling of warmth was there, and I rubbed at it, wanting it gone. Chronos came to my side and held my shoulders.

"Stormy, we're leaving." He stated firmly. The young mech nodded, and hurried over. He was shorter than I, at least by a head, and had purple armor, with the occasional stripe of yellow here and there. He had my brothers large optics, though his were yellow, and practically hidden by his hat like helm.

Stormy had just come to my side when a blast sounded, and Chronos decided to usher us to the crates.

"Keep your helms down" Chronos said, shifting into a crouch position. I pulled away from him, and huddled next to Stormy. We heard mechs enter, the pounding of pede steps almost causing me a headache. I swallowed, hearing running and shooting. Stormy's audios twisted down, trying to muffle the noise. For a moment, there was a whoosh noise, and everything was still.

Then a servo grabbed my shoulder, making me fling myself around.

"What're you doing here?" the guard asked gruffly.

"Hiding so we didn't-"He grabbed my arm, and pulled me up.

"Let me go!" I demanded, clawing at the servo holding my arm.

"Look, let her go, none of us had anything to do with this!" Chronos said, pushing himself to his feet, only to get two guards around him.

"Let me aunt go!" Stormy demanded, as a mech grabbed his arm. Chronos glared at the mech holding Stormy's arm.

"Buddy, you're going to snap his arm off if you put anymore pressure, I already see dents" he hissed. The guard released Stormy, who obediently stayed where he was.

"Let me go!" I kicked him and jerked away, and he released me with a hiss. I stumbled back, and fell onto concrete.

"Shamrock!" Stormy ran to me, but before he could get another word out, a guard grabbed his wing. He let out a shout as he was lifted off the ground.


I shoved myself to my feet, and dove at the guard. He dropped Stormy and lifted his fist, but before I could even touch him, he was out of sight, and in his place was a wall of green. I shouted, and grabbed Stormy, pulling him close. A wind was blowing in a direction, and swirling the green and blue light around us. It picked up, practically dragging me and Stormy in its direction. Then it lost its mercy, and flung us onto the ground. I'd fallen spread eagle, and was staring up at the sky, which was blotted with white. Warmth splattered onto my face plate, through my visor. Something flew over my line of vision, and in the corners of my optics I saw splotches of green. My protoform was digging into the soft ground, practically cushioned with a stringy substance.

I was at a loss of words to say the least. I think I was just laying there for a good few seconds before a shadow landed over me. I squinted.

It was that yellow mech. He looked pitifully exhausted, his optics dreary and almost dull.

"What's your designation?" He asked. I shifted around, and pushed myself up on my palms.

"Shamrock," I murmured, glancing around.

"Shamrock, why are you here?" He asked.

"I-It was an accident, the guards kept on using force on me and Stormy, so we fought back a little, and I fell into the bridge and Stormy came after me-"

"Say no more," he pushed himself up. I swallowed. I stood up, and glanced to Stormy. He was staring down at the ground, his wings pointed downward. I walked to his side. Slowly, I slid open our bond. It was weak, I barely saw Stormy in person these days. When I did, it tended to be brief, like picking him up and dropping him off.

I gently pushed at the wall between the bond, letting him know I was there. The wall shattered, and his spark latched onto mine, fearful.

What's wrong?

There was a silence, his spark almost frozen.

I can't feel my sire or carrier.

I felt a pang in my spark. I knew how painful it was to not feel a spark that you've always been able to feel. That horrible hollow feeling. For me, the pain was there, but it had been overrun by the glee I felt.

I set a hand on his shoulder, and tried to send comfort.

All I felt was his spark quivering.

"Right now we're looking for a red mech, his name is Sideswipe. We need to find him, he doesn't know how this planet works and could cause many problems. Ready to go?" I glanced to Bumblebee, and gave a curt nod. I gently pushed Stormy forward, and we began walking. I wanted to just run off and talk to Stormy in private, try to ease his mind and help him cope, but there was no way I could. If I darted off with Stormy in tow this mech might-

This mech.

"Uh, excuse me?" I spoke. The two looked at me. "What are your names?" I asked.

"I'm Lieutenant Bumblebee, and this is cadet Strongarm." He gestured to Strongarm, who gave a meek wave. I nodded.

"Do you know his name?" I asked, tapping my digits on Stormy's shoulder.

"No, but thank you for pointing it out. Apologies for not asking sooner." Bumblebee knelt down to eye level with Stormy. Even kneeling he was big, at least reaching my shoulder. Or maybe I was just small.

"What's your name?" He asked gently. I felt Stormy push himself into my side.

"Nickname or real?" he asked quietly.

"Either is fine."

"Stormy" he said. Bee nodded, and stood. Now he was back to a head taller than me. I wonder how tall Stormy will end up...Probably taller than me. It was only logical, his sire was twice my size. And I barely reached his carriers shoulder. Pft. Everyone's taller than me.

"Let's get going. Again."





Well this was fun to write. I re-wrote this first chapter in dozens of different ways, with different techniques until I decided on first person POV. If you want to, write a review and tell me if you'd like the next chapter to be Shamrocks POV or Stormy's, because I currently feel conflicted about that. Thank you for reading. :)


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