Jedi Destiny I: Hate of the Jedi

Chapter 14


The battle was finally coming to a close, and Captain Reyson, along with his aide, stood at the fore end of the command bridge of the Star Destroyer, watching as the Republic’s ships began to retreat out of the range of the gravity distortions preventing them from entering hyperspace.

The interdictors, as planned prior to the engagement, and drilled to acceptable performance under orders of Grand Admiral Desal, had performed a quick and brief shut-down and restart of their local distortion field generators. While the Republic ships had not been expecting it in order to take advantage of it by bringing in reinforcements or slipping away themselves, the forces of the Imperium knew what was going to happen. The distortions in local space dissipated just long enough for the dozen hyperdrives installed into Dusk Station to spool up and send the space station to an undisclosed location.

The local transmission channels amongst the Republic’s ships had run wild with surprise. That alone had been enough for bring a smile to Reyson’s lips.

Now that their purpose in the system had been denied them, they saw no point in continuing the conflict.

He turned on his heel and looked down at the bank of communications stations on the lower deck. “Have the interdictors stand down. The Republic ships are turning tail. There’s no point in dragging this out any longer. Recall all the fighters to their base ships and relay the jump coordinates to all the ship commanders at once.”

“Yes, Captain!” the lieutenant standing watch replied smartly. He relayed the command to those actually seated at the stations and each of them, now given a task, set about accomplishing it.

He turned to his aide. “I’m going to be in my stateroom. Contact me when we arrive at the rendezvous. Admiral Desal will want a report at once.”

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