Digital Doctor

Chapter 9: XANA's Victory

Doctor Quote of the day: "No, I have a thing. It's like a plan, but with more greyness."

Lyoko Quote of the day: Jeremie - "A super computer is not the same as a Game Boy, Odd! You can't just pick up a bar of uranium at the corner store."

Chapter 9: X.A.N.A.'s Victory

"You know X.A.N.A.?" Yumi asked, slowly approaching the Doctor, whom had just finished doing whatever it was that he had been doing at the door.

"Not really. Why do you ask?" he replied nonchalantly, pocketing his sonic screwdriver as he turned to face the young teenager.

"Because X.A.N.A. recognized you," she shot back, her suspicion rising, along with her voice.

"We really might want to keep it down. You know, small room, lots of echo, gets annoying on the ears and oh yes, a killer school principal possessed by an evil computer ghost lurking around specifically trying to find us. You might have noticed that at some point." The Doctor never even took a breath as he exposited this information, but Yumi was too angry to notice. She closed the distance between them, pushing her right index finger into the sternum of his chest.

"You listen here and now, Doctor," she demanded in a low yet commanding tone. Her eyes never broke contact with the alien man, not even to blink. "We have been fighting a secret war against that thing for nearly two years now, but it feels like ages longer than that. All those times we've had to return to the past were days we had to live again, but they've never been completely happy. We've celebrated our victories, knowing that X.A.N.A. was still out there, ready to attack again and again every time it gathered enough energy to do so. No confidantes, no escape, just me and my friends living a life of fear, knowing we could die any moment. We've completely dedicated ourselves to this to protect each other, and now Ulrich is hurt. Badly hurt. So let me make one thing clear to you right now. You are going to tell me, and the others, everything you know about X.A.N.A. so we can, finally, end this once and for all."

The Doctor stood in silence, not even twitching as Yumi spoke to him. His perpetual smile was gone, leaving behind only a grim frown. He maintained eye contact with her the entire time, daring not to look away. As manic as he was in this body, he also knew that to lapse into his usual demeanor right now would be incredibly disrespectful. And that was one thing the Doctor would never be. Not to an upset child.

"Very well then. You have my promise. Everything I know about X.A.N.A., but I can't say you'll be happy. Honestly, it's not very much. Not yet anyway." The Doctor wandered off to one of the crates and took a seat on it. He pat his hand on the spot next to him, but Yumi continued to stand, looking unimpressed.

"Then how did it recognize you?" she asked, her tone still threatening.

"Oh, you'd be surprised how famous I am out there. The universe is huge, vast, enormous, but I've traveled for a very very long time. Too long sometimes, I think. And in that time, I've run into quite a few unsavory characters. I've stopped everything from petty theft to genocide to the destruction of the universe itself. I think it's safe to say there are quite a few out there that have my name on their list, if you catch my drift."

"Just how old are you?" Yumi raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms.

"Oy, that's a rude question, don't you think? Don't you know you aren't supposed to go asking people their ages? That's sensitive information. Actually I've never really gotten the whole problem with that question, I just hear that's how you're supposed to react. Anyway, I'm 1407. Or maybe it's 1704? Honestly I stopped keeping track; it's too small a detail to care about." The Doctor crossed his legs and went rifling around in the pockets of his tweed jacket. A moment later he pulled out two packages of Jammy Dodgers and tossed one to Yumi.

"Go ahead, gotta keep our strength up. Delicious little biscuits, they are," he commented, stuffing one into his mouth. In true Doctor-fashion, he continued to speak before swallowing. "Used to have a fascination with Jelly Babies, long time ago. Liked to share a lot more back then too."

Yumi caught the package of cookies, but she never took her judging eyes away from the Doctor. "Tell me you have some idea about X.A.N.A.'s connection with you."

"A few, yes," he admitted, swallowing another treat. He set the bag aside and focused intently on Yumi once more. All signs of joy and frivolity vanished from his body language. The young girl was taken by surprise at this sudden change, as though not only was he experiencing the full weight of his long life and memories, but was somehow passing that burden on to her.

"Imagine a race of beings designed with only one emotion in mind: hatred. Specifically, a hatred of all things that isn't them. These creatures were made for the express purpose of tearing down all life in the universe. Every single possible thing that is not them is an offense to their very existence, the very core of their being, and so must. Be. Exterminated."

"Who would create something like that?" Yumi's tone began to lift, suspicion giving way to curiosity.

"A madman. An insane omnicidal scientist that creates destruction for the pure joy of it without a care in the world. Anyway, even he is fair game for his creations. After all, he certainly isn't pure by any standards they hold, the standards he designed them with. But that's beside the point.

"These things, they go out into the universe to do the only thing they know, the only thing they recognize: Burn entire civilizations to ash. But one man, one enemy, stands against them time and time again. He repeatedly wipes them all out, down to the last one, but somehow they always manage to survive. To rebuild. They dedicate themselves to a new goal, to advance and adapt until they can finally find a way to kill this enemy which has earned more of their pure, undiluted hatred, than any other being in existence. The Oncoming Storm. The Predator."

"And that's you?" The Doctor merely nodded.

"They never stop. They can't be reasoned with. They are the most dangerous enemy this universe has ever known and they want nothing less than the complete destruction of all things different than themselves."

"And the one person throughout all of time and space with the biggest target on his back is you?"

BOOM! The Doctor had no time to answer. The door to the storage room came crashing down and smoke lightly billowed in the room. Principal Delmas stepped forward, his hands crackling with yellow energy. His eyes focused immediately on the Doctor and he let out a low growl.


"Welp, story time is over kiddo! Time to run!"

Amy thrashed, easily breaking free of Rory's grip. Tumbling back down to the ground, she let out a shriek, but her voice was off. It was low, and synthesized, not unlike the people Rory had seen possessed by spectres back on earth.


Amy landed on her feet with a loud thud. She gazed back up to Rory, a grin slowly extending across her face. Rory's heart sank, and he felt it may never rise again.

He stood there, frozen on his vehicle in sheer terror, while he watched Amy begin to change. The blue facial paint darkened until it was black as night. Her bracers and armor began to erupt small studs and spikes. Her crimson hair no longer shined brightly, but now looked dull, like it was absorbing light.

"Hornets!" she cried out, her voice echoing. The oncoming swarm of monsters began to spiral around the two humans like a hurricane, but did not engage anyone.

"To me!" the creatures all dove down, swarming around Amy. Rory finally found his body able to move again and plunged downward himself, gladius swiping away wildly at the creatures. His only instinct was to protect the woman he loves, and that instinct was tearing him apart from the inside.

"Hahahahahahahaha!" The swarm lifted Amy up like a living platform, carrying her away, out of the canyon.

"Amy! I'm coming!" Rory punched the throttle of his vehicle, pushing the machine as fast as it could possibly go. The wind mussed his hair and swept away the tears that flowed from his eyes.

The great warrior woman stirred as Rory called out to him. She turned to face him, eyes meeting as they sped along the same direction. Rory's heart raced as quickly as he did, then skipped a beat when she lifted a hand up, reaching out for him. This was it, all he had to do was grab her hand and…

The swarm of hornets slowed enough for Rory to close in, but instead of finding his hand locked with hers, he found her hand locked around his neck. The overwing spiraled away, crashing into the side of the canyon while the two picked up speed once more, carried along by dozens of hornets working in unison.

Rory attempted to gasp, but Amy held his windpipe too firmly. His eyes met hers, but he couldn't see past the symbol masking her true features. That damnable eye of X.A.N.A. was all he could focus on. That's all there was.


Amy released Rory's limp body, which began to devirtualize as it fell, gone in a flash. The hornets hovered over the empty air briefly before dispersing. Amy adjusted herself mid-plunge, diving down down down toward the digital sea, the edge of Lyoko. A moment later and the sea engulfed her, transporting her somewhere within the infinitely elaborate recesses of the Net.

Aelita rushed faster than she ever knew she could. Upon entering the tower, she immediately twisted upward and flew with as much force as she could muster from those wings. In her hurry, she stumbled slightly upon landing on the upper platform, but recovered quickly. She placed her hand on the holographic interface, which read her signature.

Aelita. Code: Lyoko

And like that the tower shut down, just as it had done so many times before. The red glow disappeared, replaced by a white one, just as it always had before. She was sure that the spectre possessing the principal would vanish too, just like it always had before. There was so much different now, though. How were things going to turn out? They couldn't use the return to the past program. Amy had been taken over by X.A.N.A. The secret could easily be exposed, and on a global scale from what she'd seen of the replikas and X.A.N.A.'s infection of the Net. Where did that leave them now?

"Jeremie, I've shut down the tower and ready to come back."

Gotcha, Aelita. You're the only one that isn't back yet. Hold tight and I'll devirtualize you.

Rory tumbled out of the open scanner, a light mist emanating from the pod. With a small thud, his body collided into the ground, and he let out a groan. However, this was no groan of physical pain.

Regaining his senses, Rory slowly lifted himself up and shook his head. Being forcibly devirtualized had left him a bit woozy, but suddenly a thought snapped him back into action.

"Amy!" Rory ran, stumbling to the scanner next to his own, where Amy had been before they left for Lyoko. His heart skipped a beat when he saw that it was open, and for one brief, fleeting moment, he allowed himself the pain of hope. Once he saw that it was Odd crawling from the tube, his heart sank, dragging the rest of his body as well.

"Come on Roman, you'll wear holes in your pants if you keep sitting on your knees like that," the boy attempted to joke and lighten the mood, but even someone as precocious as Odd couldn't hide the bitter feelings he had about the entire situation.

Rory looked up at the boy, his eyes stained red. Odd reached out to help him up, and Rory took the offer.

"Thank you. For trying to save her back there."

"No problem… For what it was worth."

Rory wiped the tears from his eyes and met his gaze with the boy with a newfound determination. A mixture of emotions were coming to a boil within him, but rather than destroy his focus or overtake his judgment, they provided him with a new drive.

"I look forward to having you at my side when we go back and save Amy."

Odd's surprise quickly faded, replaced with a sly smile. "I'm already there."

The two were interrupted by another scanner opening up, flooding the room with more mist. After it cleared, Aelita stepped out, looking far healthier than the other two.

"The tower's deactivated. Let's get back up to Jeremie so we can meet up with Ulrich, Yumi, and the Doctor."

"What are you doing?!" Yumi cried out to the Doctor as she dove to the side, narrowly evading a blow from the principal. The Doctor was dodging to the side himself, waving around his sonic screwdriver like it were some kind of magic wand.

"Helping!" he replied, though she didn't buy it for one moment.

Yumi grabbed a nearby crowbar and swung it at the principal, who turned just in time to grab the weapon mid-strike and yank it from her hands. He casually tossed it aside, clanking along the ground until it came to a stop near Ulrich's unconscious form.

"Yowza!" bellowed the Doctor, as he narrowly avoided another strike from the principal. The enthralled man gave out another growl, summoning an entire volley of crackling energy blasts from his hands. Yumi leapt to action in an attempt to drop-kick him, but was struck mid-air and flung back into a pile of crates. Another blast struck the Doctor square in the chest, singing his shirt and knocking him aside.

"Doooooooctooooorrrrr!" grumbled Delmas as he approached the now prone Time Lord. His hands pulsed with more energy.

"Ok, yes, I'm the Doctor, and I'm a Time Lord. But you know, I'm really not all that bad once you get to know me." The Doctor quickly rolled to his side, avoiding a blast.

"Or does this run deeper? Are you really what I think you might be? You have so much hatred, it really narrows the field down quite a bit, doesn't it?" He rolled across the other side, avoiding another blast.

"Are you Dalek, is that it? Do you remember the Time War?" The principal stopped moving, stopped blasting out energy. His eyes, nay, the eyes of X.A.N.A., narrowed down on the Doctor, as if concentrating all their anger into a beam of death.

"Aaah, hit the nail on the head. Very curious," the Doctor almost whispered. "I wonder then, how did you escape? By downloading your consciousness into an electronic form? Doesn't make sense why a Dalek would do that, it'd be an affront to your purity so tell me! How did you escape and why! Are! You! Heeeeee-aaaaagh!"

The principal growled at the Doctor's words and cut him off by pressing his foot onto the Doctor's ankle. The Time Lord hollered in pain, while his assailant slowly pressed more and more force down into his foot. The Doctor spied a single twitch, the slightest smile of satisfaction, as the principal charged more energy into his hand, readying his final strike.

"Hiyah!" Something hard struck the puppet man hard in the back of the head. He toppled over onto the ground, revealing to the Doctor his savior. Ulrich half-stood, holding a crowbar in both hands, breathing hard.

The boy fell back again, succumbing to his previous injuries, while the principal began to stand once more. He turned slowly, eyes glaring right into the Doctor's own, and let out an ear-piercing cry as he lunged forward.

Suddenly, the principal stopped his motion completely. His static and flickering began to stabilize, the symbols over his eyes began to fade.

"They deactivated the tower!" Yumi cried, pulling herself up from the damaged crates. "Yes!"

"Oh, we're not done here yet!" With great stamina, the Doctor jumped up to both feet, slightly limping on the one that had been tortured. With one hand he whipped forth his sonic screwdriver, which illuminated in its eerie green glow whilst buzzing that familiar sound. With his other hand, he dug into his pockets until he found the exact device he was looking for. With dexterous skill, he pulled forth a small cube, the same extra-dimensional storage cube he had used in his last lesson!

"Just… About… Got it!"

The spectre's form began to bubble and mist out of the body it inhabited, but instead of breaking apart as per usual, it held its form together. The Doctor waved his screwdriver hand a bit, flicking it in the direction of the small cube. As if being directed, the spectre followed instruction, flying directly into the opening. Once it had gone, principal Delmas fell to the ground, unconscious.

"Haha!" he shouted joyously, sealing the top of the cube. "The Doctor caught an electronic spectre! Would you like to nickname it?"

The Doctor held the cube up for Yumi to see, who could only stare wide-eyed. "You just… Captured one of X.A.N.A.'s spectres… In a small cube… That's bigger on the inside?"

"If you want to go with the simple explanation, then yeah, but seriously, you want to nickname it? I'm rubbish at nicknames like you really wouldn't believe." He held the box a bit closer to her.

"How did you do that?" asked Yumi incredulously.

"Well I had to stabilize its electromagnetic field, which is related to those readings I was taking when I said that I was helping, just to prove that I was indeed helping, and then I did a clever thing within a clever thing leading to a bunch of stuff that's really very complicated and I really think you should nickname it." The Doctor was practically shoving the box in Yumi's face now.

"No," she said, brushing the thing aside.

"Noe?" the Doctor reeled back, caressing the box. "What kind of nickname is Noe? I thought the Japanese loved Pokemon, figured you'd be way better at naming things. Noe, that's just silly. How about we call him Souly?"


"Naw, you're right. Souly makes him sound like a shoe-salesman. What do you think about Ellie? Short for electron, or electro, or other 'elec' phenomena I suppose if you really want to think about it that much."

"Doctor!" Yumi shouted, finally getting the manic man's attention. "Aelita shut down the tower. X.A.N.A.'s attack failed. We have more important things to worry about. Now let's get back to the others."

Yumi strolled over to Ulrich, lifting him up. The Doctor lifted a single finger to protest, but caught himself. With a bit of swagger, he tucked away the storage cube back into his pockets and lifted up Ulrich from the other side. Together, they hauled themselves out of the room and back toward the freight elevator.

The freight doors opened up to the computer room. As soon as the entrance was clear, the three began to hobble in, while Rory and Aelita rushed over to them.

"Ulrich! Is he ok?" Aelita stopped just short of them, while Rory supported the boy's backside.

"We need to set him down gently, then I can examine him."

"No need for an examination, Nurse Pond," the Doctor responded as they all worked together to set Ulrich down. "Already had the pleasure. He's got three cracked ribs and a bruised kidney. Severe, but not life threatening. I can materialize my TARDIS here and get him the medical attention he needs."

"Go then!" Rory shouted. The Doctor narrowed his eyes a bit, confused at this outburst. Those little orbs in his head darted quickly around the room like probes, searching for what could be the cause of such distress.

"Right. I'll be back as soon as you can't see me anymore," he commented. The Doctor turned round back into the freight elevator and ascended.

"What does he mean that he'll be back as soon as we can't see him anymore?" Odd inquired. Jeremie was the quickest to respond.

"It's simple, Odd. He's a traveler with a time machine, remember? He'll be using it to show up as soon as he's not here anymore, in order to help Ulrich as fast as possible without crossing his own timestream."

"Oooooooh, that makes sense. Hey, you guys hear something?" Indeed, Odd's ears had caught a rather peculiar sound. It was faint at first, but growing steadily louder, resembling a deep groaning, like the revving of an engine.

"Look at that!" Aelita marveled, pointing to an empty space near the elevator. As the sound grew louder, so did something begin to fill that space, growing steadily more solid. Once it had finished, they met their gaze upon a large blue box with a light on top. Emblazoned above the door were the words Police Box.

"That's what you travel in?" Yumi asked Rory.

"Yeah, that's it. It's a lot more impressive than it looks though, gotta give the Doctor that."

The doors snapped open inwards (despite the clear sign stating pull to open) revealing the Doctor standing in the doorway, obscuring view into what was clearly its own little world. Odd let out an excited squee while Aelita looked visibly impressed. Yumi was as well, but kept it well hidden, while Jeremie had returned to typing at the console of the supercomputer, not even paying attention to the event. He was the least impressed by far, and it bothered him somewhat. He chalked it up to knowing more than the others, from all the information the Doctor had downloaded into his mind.

"Right then, the TARDIS, best ship in the universe, my ship. I know what you're all thinking and usually I love getting those reactions, but right now we've got to get Ulrich inside so he can get the medical attention he needs." The Doctor wheeled out a stretcher, parking it next to Ulrich's unconscious body. The grouped worked together to carefully place their friend safely atop it, and they all wheeled him inside. Even Jeremie took a break from his rapid-fire typing to enter and explore the TARDIS with the others.

"Your people have got to be the most advanced species in the universe!" commented Aelita, taking in the sight of it all.

"Yes," the Doctor responded, leading them around a corner and down a hall. "They were."

Were? Aelita caught on to his past tense usage, but made no mention of it. That one word told her everything she needed to know. It conveyed such a feeling of loneliness and pain that she daren't explore any further. She knew it well, and gave silent thanks to her friends that she weren't alone anymore.

"Here we are, medical bay. I misplaced it at sometime a few centuries ago, but I knew that if I needed it badly enough that she'd find it for me!" The doctor opened a door in the corridor and gestured for the kids to all go inside. As they did, Odd spoke up.

"She who?"

"Why my TARDIS of course, who else?" responded the strange alien.

"Your ship is alive?!"

"'Course it is. All ships are alive. Well, according to old earth sailor superstitions anyway. But what I mean is that the TARDIS really is alive. All TARDISes are. They have a soul, same as you or me. I've done a lot of traveling in my life, and she's my oldest companion, the one that makes it all possible. Now then, off you go. We've got to make Ulrich all better."

Once the entire group had filed in, the door shut behind them. The Doctor slid Ulrich's stretcher into place in the middle of the room, where a large number of strange alien machines were grouped around.

"Doctor," Jeremie interrupted. "These machines are made specifically for your biology, aren't they? For Gallifreyans? Can they be recalibrated to work with humans?"

The Doctor was quick to respond, grabbing a few objects that resembled electrical cables and hooking them up to Ulrich. "Some of them, yes, but I admit that most of them will be utterly useless for this. Never really had to take an injured passenger onboard before. You'd think that'd have come up at some point, but nope. Universe is a strange place sometimes."

The Time Lord flicked a switch, then turned his gaze to some kind of monitor. The kids all attempted to get a glance at it, but found they couldn't make anything out.

"Come on." The Doctor gave the machine a little blast of sonic, but nothing happened. Frustrated, he kicked it. Instantly, it whirred to life and the readings began to change.

"There we go! Good old Flintstone method of repair. Works 100% of the time! Well, it actually only works about 22% of the time, and that's only when the issues are basic. Complex machines like this, the success rate is closer to-"

"What are those readings?" Yumi interrupted, getting slightly annoyed with the alien's talkative nature.

"It's measuring Ulrich's vitals," Jeremie educated. "The top line is monitoring his cardiovascular system. The Doctor had to adjust it since his people have a bi-cardiovascular system that-"

"In French, Einstein!" Odd complained, crossing his arms. Jeremie adjusted his glasses and cleared his throat.

"Right. Because Time Lords have two hearts, their blood system works differently. The Doctor had to tweak things so that it would read better for humans, since we have one heart. That better for you, Odd?" he teased.

"Yeah, but it would have been nice to get some pictures," Odd teased right back.

"Ooh, that would have been brilliant!" the Doctor chimed in. Everyone stared him down. "Right. Back to work for me, then."

The Doctor continued looking through the machines, sorting through which ones would still be of use, which ones wouldn't, and making the necessary alterations where he could.

"I just thought of something!" Yumi suddenly asserted. "What about the principal? We just left him here in the factory!"

"Oh, I already took care of that," the Doctor mumbled, rewiring some electronics on something that looked like a gas mask the size of a man's torso. "Whisked him away back to his bed on campus before I reappeared here. All taken care of. Ah, there we go!"

The Doctor clapped triumphantly as he jumped up and back from the thing he had been working on. Hurriedly, he strapped the transparent device over Ulrich's chest and switched it on. A golden gas began to seep from the pump connecting to the mask-like object, enveloping Ulrich's body.

"What's that?" inquired a befuddled Aelita.

"Nanocloud," answered the Doctor simply. "Billions and billions of microscopic robots designed to heal and repair the in accordance with a specific template in mind. Of course, I don't have a 'human' template in the data banks for them to work with, which means I had to do a lot of reprogramming, and since I don't know everything there is to know about human biology, I had to design them to learn on the job. Trial and error of sorts, see what works until they get it right."

"Trial and error?!" Yumi shouted. "Ulrich is in a situation of life and death, or at the very least permanent damage, and you're exposing him to a 'trial and error' method of healing?!"

"Don't worry, Yumi. The nanobots work on a cellular level. If they try something that doesn't fit, it'll be on one cell at a time, and they'll learn from the mistake, log it into their template, and rebuild the cell again. It'll be completely harmless. The only major problem is that there's no way of telling how long it'll take for Ulrich to heal up to a ready condition, and we've got some major problems to address.

"Of course I'm not stupid. I noticed rather immediately, but Ulrich's health took precedence. Something happened on Lyoko, something devastating, and it caused one of our own not to return."

The Doctor turned to face Rory, who had until now been completely silent, almost like a piece of the furnishing of the room. His eyes met the Doctor's and they both understood the situation and the sadness they each carried. Without words, they connected and knew they would do everything they could to fix the problem. It had happened once before, and they got her back then.

"What happened to Amy?"

Yumi blinked as realization hit her. That's right, Amy was missing. She had been so focused on her worry for Ulrich and her suspicion of the Doctor that she hadn't even noticed!

Aelita seized up, trembling ever so slightly. The Doctor immediately took notice to this behavior, as did Jeremie. The young boy took hold of her hand and placed his other on her shoulder. As he looked into her eyes, she felt his comfort.

"Amy was taken," Odd blurted out. "By X.A.N.A.'s most dangerous monster, the scyphozoa."

"I don't quite understand everything that happened myself, Doctor," Rory spoke up. "But this creature, like a jellyfish, wrapped its tendrils around her, then let her go. After that, it was like she was possessed, like we've seen here on earth. She… She snapped my neck."

"Allow me to fill in the gaps," Jeremie offered. First he sat Aelita down in a nearby chair, as she was obviously fairly uncomfortable with the subject.

"The scyphozoa is a monster that gains direct access to a person's coding. For a while, its entire purpose was to get information from Aelita that X.A.N.A. needed. It quickly became apparent that it can insert coding of its own into the person as well. There's actually someone else that knows about the supercomputer, X.A.N.A., and Lyoko. A kid in Yumi's grade, named William. We let him in on the secret and fight alongside us when he found out. That turned out to be… One of the biggest mistakes we ever made. William was brainwashed by the scyphozoa and became X.A.N.A.'s champion, fighting against us alongside his monsters. Now the same thing has happened to Amy."

"We're going to get her back, though," posed Rory, his arms crossed. "In any case, can't you devirtualize her, put her back in her real body?"

Jeremie shook his head. "Once X.A.N.A. has control, I don't have access to her code anymore. Besides, even if I could just devirtualize her, the changes would still be there. It's like you said, it's as though she were possessed by a spectre, only more severe. There's no tower to simply deactivate. To better describe it, it's like X.A.N.A. replaces their mind with one of its own agents to work the body, and X.A.N.A. has access to all their memories and knowledge. It's not all bad though. Just like with William, we can get her back. I've already got the program, I'll just need to readjust it for Amy's templ-"

"Wait! What was that you said? Repeat yourself!" the Doctor's interruption sounded incredibly urgent. Jeremie furrowed his brow, confused.

"Um… Like I said, we can get her back by-"

"No, what you said before about her memories!" the alien urged.

"Right, well naturally, since X.A.N.A.'s got full control and access to her, it has access to all her knowledge and memories. Which means that it now knows a great deal about you two as well, so that's definitely a very bad thing, but that alone isn't the end of the world."

"Oh Jeremie. Oh Mister Belpois." The Doctor shook his head, his voice lowering to a hushed whisper. "If only you knew. The things in Amy's head, in the hands of a world-spanning, sentient computer virus? The end of the world is exactly what that means."

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