Digital Doctor

Chapter 14: Return to Nothing

Chapter 14: Return to Nothing

Author's Note: Well, now we have X.A.N.A.'s ultimate plan revealed. It wants to use Amy's mind, along with the Cardiff rift, to reintegrate itself into the fabric of reality and become an infinite being. Naturally, this would have some pretty nasty results for, oh, pretty much everyone else in existence. Now it's empowered all its monsters with the abilities of all the Doctor's enemies, and even has a defensive force in the real world too! How are things going to turn out for our two groups of heroes? The end is racing toward us, folks! Also, I would love to see fanart of a XANA cyberman. Just saying.

Doctor Quote of the Day: "Be brave." – 11th Doctor

Lyoko Quote of the Day: "It doesn't matter, you lose no matter what Aelita." – Possessed William

"Looks like the complex could be fairly big," Yumi commented, stepping off the elevator and taking a better look around. "Any ideas on where we can locate the computer that X.A.N.A. has infected?"

Aelita strolled around the large chamber herself, running her fingers along a desk as she passed by. The pink haired angel observed her surroundings with mild trepidation, cautiously keeping her guard up for the inevitable attack that their enemy would have ready for them. She couldn't help but feel that something was very out of place.

"I'm not entirely sure. This place is just so different from the other locations that X.A.N.A has taken over. It feels so… Informal. Lived in." Aelita pushed a chair back into a desk, one that had had a black leather jacket haphazardly strewn atop it. She turned back to her friend.

"This one lacks that high standard organization that these facilities tend to have. We'll need to start turning this place upside down in order to locate it."

No need for that, Aelita. The Doctor's repairs and tinkering with the supercomputer have given me a decent edge. It looks like I can follow the signal and direct you straight to it!

"Good to hear, Jeremie!" Yumi replied, the relief in her voice quite evident. "I hate to think where we'd be without you."

Probably wandering aimlessly. Anyway, you'll notice that there's a corridor along the wall to your right. I'll need you girls to head that way.

"Roger!" Aelita confirmed, and both the women took off at a brisk jog. They passed by the steel and concrete wall, emblazoned with a great big white number 06, approaching a rather common looking door.

The girls shared a quick glance, followed by a shrug. Yumi grasped the handle, and opened the door. The complex stretched on further, looking far more industrial than the open chamber they had just left. If the previous area was something of a common room, then this was definitely the business section.

The hall stretched for a couple hundred feet, with six additional doorways on either side, before the path ended with a fork. At Jeremie's behest, they continued down the hall.

"Intruders detected," bellowed a low, emotionless voice. Aelita and Yumi stopped in their tracks, taking a moment to gauge where the sound had come from. Their efforts were rewarded with the resonation of mechanics pumping as a number of tall, silver figures revealed themselves from the various doorways along the corridor.

Yumi and Aelita spun around, adrenaline kicking in. This certainly was not the first time they had seen X.A.N.A. use robots, but these had an odd design. Each was adorned with a handlebar attached to its head. They were also far more bulky and armored than the ones their foe had ever constructed before. That was a bad sign; surely these would be far more dangerous. To top it off, the girls were surrounded.

"Delete. Delete." One of the robots shot off a single, red laser from a wrist-mounted gun. The attack struck one of Aelita's energy orbs, generated just in time to shield her.

"Appropriately ironic warcry these things have got," Aelita commented. "Any idea what they are?"

They're called Cybermen, answered a smooth, attractive voice. That definitely wasn't Jeremie, nor the Doctor. They're powerful, but you should be able to handle them. Take them out, and I'll guide you to where my computer is at.

"Can't touch me, can't touch me, can't touch me!" Odd repeatedly cried under his breath, as he ducked, dipped, dodged, and dove to avoid the white lasers that were invading his personal space. The words were less a taunt, and more a self-motivation.

The tarantulas constant barrage forced Odd to remain on the defensive. He couldn't take even the slightest bit of concentration away from his dodging, or it would be all over. Those new weapons they were equipped with were more than dangerous, they were downright lethal! Odd almost shuddered, remembering the pain they caused, nearly killing him despite blocking with his shield.

Rory was not faring much better. He was lying prone on his back, having turned around just in time to catch sight of the kankrelat that had sucker punched him. The monster was less than two feet away, already in mid-charge of its laser. When he had fallen, Rory lost grip of his blade. Now he nervously swept his hand along the dirt of the desert, hoping to find his weapon, knowing he cannot take his eyes away for even a moment to search for it. Rory gave small thanks that the tarantulas were focused entirely on Odd, as he would no doubt be vaporized without defense by now.

"Laser arrow!" Odd cried out, flipping to the side. As he did, he let loose a barrage of his projectiles, firing three arrows from each wrist for a total of six. While a couple nicked the tarantulas, the damage was negligible. Without being able to take the time to aim at that sweet spot, he might as well have been throwing rocks.

"Blast it! Ugh!" The young warrior kept up his impressive dodging, but was quickly losing his patience. "Hey Roman, why don't we trade?"

"Alright. Sounds… Lovely. Whenever you're ready then, I suppose." Rory ceased his blind motions; they had been fruitless to this point anyway, grabbing only dirt. Now he merely waited for his associate's signal, keeping his eyes glued to the statue before him. A single mistake, a mere nanosecond of wrong movement, and it would be all over.

Odd turned tail and charged away from the tarantulas, hopping about like a bee on speed in order to keep from being shot by one of those deadly white lasers. Burst after burst of energy narrowly avoided striking him, an inch away from dematerialization with each escape as he intended to rescue his fellow warrior. Finally, he was within range. A small crouch led to a mighty leap, just in time to avoid becoming a black scorch mark on the ground.

"NOW!" he cried out, flipping clean over both Rory and the quantum-locked kankrelat, letting loose a single arrow.

Rory tossed himself to the side, skidding along the dirty ground. He felt a brief but noticeable heat wave right by his back. As he felt no pain, he took that as a sign that the little beast's laser blast missed and jumped back into action. Quickly pinpointing his gladius, the Last Centurion deftly snatched the weapon and charged forward, swinging his red cape before him.

Moving between the left and the right, the cape billowed back and forth, concealing Rory's motions. The tarantulas adjusted their aim, focused their fire, but they simply could not strike this elusive enemy. As Rory neared melee range, the creatures rose to their hind legs and began a backward retreat, firing all the way. This method of fire was clearly a desperation move, and their shots became quite clumsy. Rory barely had to dodge at all before he was close enough to amputate the hind legs of the closer monster, causing it to topple over.

Shrieking in pain, the injured tarantula, now on its back, swung one of its legs toward Rory, ready to fire, but it was too slow. Years of training and experience gave the human a defined edge against his enemy. His blade slid cleanly through the monster's skull, destroying the mark of its master for an instant kill.

"Laser arrow!" Boom! Rory turned his head just in time to see the other tarantula, cannons right in his face, lurch back in pain. Odd's arrow struck very near its mark, causing massive damage, but not death.

The warrior reacted by swinging his sword up, clean through the creature's leg. It reacted accordingly, but was soon put out of its misery via arrow to the head.

The two each let out a sigh of relief. Rory stared upon the dying monster in its disabled state, before it blew apart into its base coding, just as all of X.A.N.A.'s creations did upon being slain. Once he caught his breath, Rory let out a small chuckle.

"That was disarming." Odd stared at his partner blankly, before cracking his own smile.

"Nice one."

"Let's get your life points restored. One of us will need to be in peak condition before Amy shows up." Rory placed a palm upon Odd's forehead. In that instant, both men's eyes lit up like the full moon in a night sky.

"Time Lord. By order of Xanadu, you will be deleted." The cyberman lifted up a single hand, revealing a small laser cannon grafted to it.

"Ah ah ah!" The Doctor cut off, wagging his finger in the face of the metal man. "There's one thing you need to know before you go waving tha-"

Bewm! Without warning, the cyberman shot at the Doctor, who narrowly avoided the shot by throwing himself to the side. Turning its neck, the creature stared at the Doctor with its emotionless face, readjusting the weaponized arm.

Getting up in a rush, the Doctor ran by, dodging laser fire all the way. Mentally, he chastised himself for thinking that could work in this situation. Sure, a normal cyberman he could confound and bluff until something good happened he could take the credit for, but this was no ordinary cyberman. Actually, this wasn't a cyberman at all, just a robotic body designed with the same aesthetics and technologies as a cyberman. There was no way that X.A.N.A. had a human brain in there… Or was there?

"Resistance is futile," bellowed the cyberman doppelganger, firing out a few more quick shots. "The world shall become Xanadu."

"Doctor, those lasers aren't doing very well for the computer! Do something!" Jeremie cried out, hoping the mechanized monster wouldn't turn its attention to him.

"Working on it!" replied the alien, pulling out his sonic screwdriver from behind some cover. He briefly peeked around the corner and scanned the enemy with it, taking a brief second to analyze the results.

"Oh, that's interesting," he muttered under his breath. According to his screwdriver (and really, what reason would he have not to trust a screwdriver?) the robotic shell was animated by the same sort of electronic specter that was used to possess people.

"I've spent a little time tinkering with something I know you're gonna love!" The Doctor jumped out from his cover and pulled something from his pockets, a gadget far too large to have fit in any normal sized pockets. It resembled a marshmallow gun, with all manner of electronics and wires welded and taped on. The cyberman stopped in its tracks, observing and scanning the device.

"That's right, I've improved the design. This should have the power to permanently block your signal to that steel body of yours! Presenting the Little Doohickey Mark VII!" The Doctor lifted the device up and took aim. Before he knew what had happened, the gun was knocked out of his hand, smoking and broken on the ground, a small tuft of smoke rising from the cyberman's laser gun the only evidence as to what had just happened.

"… I'm pretty sure that's not what was supposed to happen…"

"Time Lord deletion imminent." Gears grinding, pistons popping, the robotic nemesis adjusted its aim so that the laser aimed directly for the Doctor's chest.


Was this truly it? After centuries and centuries of time and space, traveling to the most inhospitable locales imaginable, waging war with the most terrifying and dangerous creatures in all creation, rebooting existence itself, and laughing in the face of death, this was how it was all going to end? At the hands of a mockery of one of his real enemies? There was a certain irony to that, he could not deny. But the true disappointment was the master that made this puppet dance, the TARDIS known as X.A.N.A.

"Alright then, if you want to truly end the Time Lords once and for all, do it." The Doctor closed his eyes and prepared for what was inevitable.

BLAM! A shot rang out through the computer room, followed closely by the clanging of metal on cement. Eyes still shut, the Doctor's head fidgeted, as though looking around the room.

"I said I'm ready." He never could have guessed the response he received in a literal five hundred years.

"Well it's about time you're ready for me. Honestly, I was starting to think you were missing all the signs." That voice, it was familiar. So young, smooth, charismatic. It couldn't be. How did he find where they were at?!

"Who the heck is this guy?!" Jeremie asked incredulously.

The Doctor opened his eyes, greeted with the image of a man. He appeared very youthful. Short trim dark brown hair crowned his head, white skin, blue eyes, and other very attractive features. He wore a black trench coat, the same style worn during World War II, and pulled the look off quite well with his blue button up shirt beneath, black pants, and suspenders. Lastly, he held a pistol in his hand, but not one of this world or time, obviously far more advanced than anything produced on earth in this day, as evidenced by the scorched hole in the back plating of the destroyed cyberman. All in all, he looked like he had stepped right out of the Doctor's memories. Or an action movie. The two were really quite interchangeable.

"The name's Captain Jack Harkness," he announced with a smile, holstering his weapon. "I've been very patient looking for my Doctor."

The man gave a suggestive wink, one the Doctor returned.

"Energy field!"


Lasers flew barely overhead, inches from the waist, beside the shoulder of Aelita and Yumi as they fought back against the advancing robotic enemies. Aelita's energy blast struck one directly in the chest, leaving behind a large black scorch, knocking it into the robots behind it. Yumi shielded herself from the laser fire with one of her war fans, while she tossed the other toward the nearing cyberman opposite her, slicing clean through the arm mounted with its laser weapon.

"We're doing pretty well, I'd say!" Aelita cheered, blasting the second cyberman that had been knocked off balance by the first.

"These things seem a little bit clunky." Yumi caught her fan like a boomerang, before returning it back upon their foes.

The two stood back to back, now facing off against three cybermen total, one on Aelita's side, two barring down on Yumi. Always competitive, and not one to be outshined, Yumi decided it was time that she caught up to her friend's body count. Snatching her fan on its second return, the Japanese warrior gave an effective death glare. Her weapons folded up, she took off running straight for the nearer of the two robots, hair drawn back from the wind force.

With a running leap, Yumi unfurled her fans, crossing her arms like an X, and slashed the robot's head. In the same motion, she flicked both her weapons straight at the final mechanoid. One fan embedded itself in the thing's chest, a dead bullseye for the Eye of X.A.N.A., while the other stuck itself diagonally across the thing's face.

Yumi and both her foes hit the ground, the girl's landing a far more graceful one. Forcefully, she ripped her weapons from the cyberman's body as Aelita came running up behind her, having dispatched her own foe with relative ease.

"Wow Yumi. That had a lot more flourish than you usually have. I'd expect to see that sort of maneuver from Ulrich." Aelita pat her friend on the shoulder, and almost immediately regret it, seeing the angry look Yumi had on.

Yumi quickly expressed a smile. There was no need to make Aelita uncomfortable.

"Yeah, it was, wasn't it?" she chuckled.

Alright ladies, head down to the end of the hall and take a left. The corridor should snake back around until you come near the main chamber of Torchwood Three again. There will be a small set of stairs taking you to the main computer.

"Right," acknowledged Aelita, and the two began strolling down the hall, following the instructions of this mysterious new arrival.

"So, who are we talking to, again?" Yumi asked, a little confused. "And I want Jeremie or the Doctor to answer."

Ah, not a problem Yumi! I took the liberty of patching in an old friend of mine, Captain Jack Harkness. Actually, he's the one that runs the complex that you're in right now, called Torchwood. Jack is a time traveler from the 51st century, a former con artist turned good guy, crackshot, and a very good dancer on top of it. He just saved Jeremie and myself from an invading cyberman.

I still haven't heard a thank you for that, Doctor, Jack responded playfully.

I'll thank you when we've got time. Never understood that expression before, actually. There's always time, it's a constant thing, swirling and surrounding us like raisin in a big time… pudding… Thing.

"Right, new ally, owns this place. Got it." Yumi acknowledged the important bits and shrugged off the rest. She and Aelita were nearly at their destination.

When you get there, you need to be careful not to damage anything or punch in the wrong commands. That computer monitors a rift in time and space. If you accidentally force it open beyond threshold, the results would be cataclysmic. But don't let that stop you from having fun.

Apparently this Harkness guy, while more grounded than the Doctor, was just as irresponsible and unprofessional. Greeeeeat. Yumi rolled her eyes.

Once they reached the door that Jack had told them about, he fed them the access codes, which Aelita used to open it up. Once the doors slid open, the girls stopped and put up their guard. Inside, apart from a large computer tower with various catwalks around it, were a number of figures, multiple cybermen. There had to be at least a dozen of them, all standing guard around one more individual, who was working quite quickly on the mainframe: A woman of crimson hair.

"Amy!" Aelita called out, grabbing the woman's attention. Judging by her clothing, Amy was in her flesh and blood body. X.A.N.A. hadn't teleported her here with her Lyoko powers. That gave them a distinct advantage, but it made their situation infinitely more difficult as well. Any attacks would be lethal.

"The world shall become Xanadu!" Amy roared, her voice scratchy as though put through a filter. Concurrently, she pulled a switch down with great force. Two sounds filled the air at that moment. The first was a maniacal laughter, otherworldly and demonic. The second was that of air rushing in one direction, wind scattering everything too light to hold itself down.

The effect was the same above ground. Some invisible force was sweeping up the very air around them, like a high powered vacuum cleaner. The clouds congregated in one area, directly above Torchwood Three, forming a single massive storm cloud. Energy rippled and crackled through the amorphous blob, but it was not lightning.

Amy continued her laughter, chuckling conceitedly. In her next movement, with a great crack, she tore off the switch, effectively locking the rift in place.

"NO!" the girls screamed. Suffering no more delays, they jumped into battle mode. Orbs of energy and razor sharp fans flew through the air with abandon, tearing down cyberman after cyberman. Amy smirked and allowed herself to fall off the catwalk, back down to ground level. The last Yumi or Aelita saw, Amy was running straight for the elevator, back up to the world above.

"Ok, so Amy has opened the rift in Cardiff, is currently possessed by X.A.N.A., and intends to throw herself into it so that X.A.N.A. can use her unique mind to affect the raw energies of reality itself and reshape the universe however it wants. Is there any way this could possibly get any worse?!" Jeremie wrapped up his head in his arms and had to restrain himself from thrashing around. Never had he felt so much pressure, so much weight, in his mission to protect the world.

"Actually, yeah. It could," Jack retorted back. "We could all be dead. So get a hold of yourself and realize that until she actually throws herself into that rift, we've still got a fighting chance!"

He turned back to the Doctor. "What were you about to do before that cyberman interrupted?"

"Heading to the TARDIS," the Doctor replied, rather simply and uncharacteristically.

"Then get going! I don't wanna die of old age before you get there!" Jack urged the Doctor into the freight elevator with a gentle, yet suggestive shove.

"Please, time will come for me before it does for you," the Time Lord shot back cheerily, punching the down button. As the doors closed, he got out one final command. "Be sure to protect Jeremie. He's quite brilliant."

The doors closed, cutting off any further communication. Jack smiled, approaching the young boy at the computer. Jeremie had nearly finished recomposing himself when Jack placed a hand on his shoulder.

"He called you brilliant. The Doctor called you brilliant. It's nearly impossible to just get 'clever' out of him. You know what that means?" Jack heard the elevator door beginning to open again, and briefly turned his attention back to it.

"I'm sure it means a great many things, maybe unquantifiable," the kid replied, a bit of pride resonating in his voice. The extra boost gave him back his confidence.

"It means that you're calling the shots right now." Jack pulled his energy pistol and fired at the opening elevator door, blasting another cyberman into pieces before it had the opportunity to so much as announce it's presence.

"But I'm still delivering them."

More and more cyberparts and cyberpieces fell to the ground as wreckage. Some landed on the catwalk, most fell over and into the main chamber as debris. If their job was to hold back the Lyoko Warriors so they couldn't prevent Amy from entering the rift, they were doing a damn fine job of it.

"Grrrr-eyah!" Yumi beheaded one of the robots a moment after one of its lasers struck her in the leg, causing her to stumble and twist her ankle for a brief moment. It was a sweet vengeance.

"I'm going after Amy!" Aelita called out, about to jump the railing. She summoned her wings in order to slow her descent, but gave a yelp of pain as a cyberman grabbed the luminescent appendages with its cold metal hands.

Two of the monsters approached Yumi from either side, cutting off her options. Hit with inspiration, she began twirling her fans like a buzz saw, and applied them to the railing keeping her suspended. A couple of seconds later, and Yumi, along with the section of platform she was standing on, plummeting down.

CRASH! Rolling off the impact, Yumi dashed toward the elevator holding Amy, now rising up.

"Sorry, got a head start on you! Besides, you need to run the devirtualization program on that thing, and hopefully find a way to close the rift!"

Aelita acknowledged Yumi by flipping back and applying a swift, strong kick to the elbow joints of the robot holding her in place. Knocked off balance, it released Aelita's wings, and she took the opportunity to shove an energy field right in its face.

The young girl landed once more, and quickly observed how many of her attackers were left. Four in total, not that many. Good. She flew to the side of one, drawing their fire away from the mainframe and toward the wall, making pinpoint maneuvers. The robot she dodged around turned to attack her, receiving a few shots of friendly fire for its efforts. Tilting forward, the cyberman toppled over the railing, bursting into hundreds of pieces once it struck the ground.

"Three more. This shouldn't be too much trouble!" Aelita generated an energy field in each hand and held them together, increasing their size. This was an excellent shield as she flitted around the room. That, and the catwalk railings were none too bad at repelling lasers either.

The young girl dove beneath the railings supporting one of her enemies, spiraling through the air so as to face up, and let loose both her charged blasts. The resulting explosion didn't obliterate the platform, but it shook enough that the cyberman right above the damage lost its footing, meeting an invitation with the ground.

Careful there buttercup! You're totally trashing my clubhouse!

Aelita chuckled at Jack's protests, but took his wishes into account. Spinning back up, she had hoped to take her remaining enemies by surprise. The tables were turned when a laser pelted her right in the chest, causing her to slam back against the railings. Shaking it off, she got her head back in the game by way of retaliation, planting her own attack directly into the chest of cyberman. Only one remained.

"Situation assessment. Situation critical. Change of strategy required." The cyberman's fingers opened up like small valves. From each one emerged a long, silver tendril cord, extending out and out and out. Blue-white energy charged through each of these tendrils, which began whipping and thrashing about wildly, like a squid on crack.

Aelita kept her distance as the robot began closing in, those tendrils looking absolutely deadly. A single glance told her not to land, as the robot was electrifying the catwalk every time one of those whips lashed out. Getting close was definitely not in the cards. Aelita resolved to hurl an energy ball at the thing and hopefully be done with it.

Thwoom, went the soft sound as the energized cords smacked away Aelita's attack like a baseball. The pink orb careened harmlessly into the wall, leaving a small black scorch, but the intended target was completely unaffected.

"Uh-oh." With space quickly disappearing, Aelita elected to simply drop down below the catwalk altogether. Squinting her frustration out, she tried thinking of a way to get rid of that blasted metal monster so she could work on that computer in peace. Options were limited. She could not go back up and attack, so that left only one alternative.

"Sorry Jack, I'll help clean up afterward." Generating an energy field in each hand, Aelita began hurling them up at the catwalk one after another, blowing hole upon hole upon hole in the entire structure, taking care not to strike anywhere near the computer.

I've been needing to remodel anyway. Go nuts!

Creeeeeeeeak. The distinct sound of the mechanized monster moving its joints came to a complete stop as the ground supporting the thing began to tilt, ever so slowly, to one side. Finally, the pressure was too great and the floor gave way. The cyberman attempted to save itself at first, those lashing energy-filled tendrils grabbed at the nearest support, but the force of its body was simply too much. CRASH!

Aelita wasted no time in rushing straight up, but was careful to land with grace and poise. Once that was done, she analyzed the computer before her then got to work.

"I'm looking for an alternate method to close down the rift. Jack, if you have any codes, passwords, or the like, they would be really helpful right about now!"

Meanwhile, Yumi had caught up to Amy and took a stand opposite her on the elevator. Slowly they ascended, but quickly did they escalate. No sooner had Yumi made it on, narrowly avoiding the cutoff, did Amy begin her relentless assault.

The younger girl was easily able to dodge and avoid her elder's attacks. They were clumsy, untrained. To an adept martial artist like Yumi, Amy was positively amateurish.

Yumi was quickly reminded as to why she needed to keep up her guard. One of her opponent's blows narrowly missed her head, instead colliding with the concrete wall behind her and leaving a solid crack. Amy may not have been brought back to earth with her Lyoko powers, but she was still possessed by X.A.N.A., and that meant she was still very powerful.

Gracefully cartwheeling to the side, Yumi spun around, landing a solid scissor kick to Amy's abdomen. The red haired Scot slid to the side, but remained standing and uninjured. Yumi followed up by performing a low sweep, but Amy jumped up to avoid it. In fact, she avoided the rest of the elevator ride as well. Hitting at least eight feet of air, Amy managed to get ahead start on her opponent.

Outside, the sky was darkening. Energy was drawn from every direction of space, converging above the city of Cardiff in the sky. The clouds turned completely black, the coursing energy that resembled lightning now a bright crimson. At the center of it all, swirling round and round, was a gray mass of something. And that something was growing larger and larger.

Amy paused for only a fraction of a second, staring up at the anomaly, her eyes emblazoned with that insignia of evil. One smirk later, and she was gone, running toward the tall building across the street. She remained completely uninterested in the crowds of people scattering around her, like so much dust in the wind. It was only if she met any resistance that she tossed it aside. Such was the fate of multiple doors, a food cart, and one particularly unlucky property manager.

Up and up she climbed, rushing over stairs like a rocket. Floor after floor passed by, pointless scenery, irrelevant to the end goal, the true purpose of her mission. Amy kicked aside the door to the rooftop, wind blasting and chilling her face, but with no visible effect on her.

X.A.N.A. was not one to waste time. X.A.N.A. was efficient, determined, and driven. Once it saw, through Amy's eyes, the rift growing larger and larger, closer to its reach. Close enough to make with just one perfect jump. In preparation, she took a track position, then darted forward fast as her legs could possibly carry. Closer, closer came her target. With one foot planted firmly on the edge of the building, she launched herself up with so much force, the building cracked. Up, up, up!

SMACK! And back down. Amy hit the rooftop with a great big thud, sending dust around every which way. When she opened her eyes, she growled in utter hatred. Perched atop a small car just floating through the air, with her legs crossed sat Yumi. Her fingers outstretched, palms inward, just inches from her forehead, Yumi concentrated on her telekinesis like she never had before. Floating around her was another car, a stop sign torn from the ground, and a large stone slab.

"You are NOT getting into that rift, X.A.N.A.!" Yumi's eyes opened into a scowl so potent, it could peel paint from the wall. Amy returned the sentiment.

"RRRRAGGGGHHH!" A madman would have looked absolutely tame compared to the raging beast before Yumi. At this point, X.A.N.A. refused to be denied its prize. Amy took another running leap, this time straight for Yumi, despite her circling shield.

In response, Yumi tossed the debris at her target. First the unearthed stop sign, which Amy swatted aside. Next, the large stone, which Amy used as a launching pad to jet toward Yumi even faster. Finally, she let loose the car.

"Tag out, tag in!"

"What?" Yumi looked bewildered, losing her concentration. The car she was levitating, and subsequently she, began to fall through the air. She managed to catch herself just in time to see one of the weirdest things in her young life. A big blue box, spinning all the way, intercepted Amy's leap, before vanishing completely.

"You might want to hang on, Pond!" the Doctor shouted cheerily, throwing a couple switches before grasping onto the TARDIS console. "Then again, better not."

He stared directly into her eyes, but it wasn't Amy he was looking at. That smug, full of himself look he gave as he snapped his fingers was meant not for his young companion, but for the being possessing her. Message received. Amy let out a shriek of rage as the TARDIS gravity reoriented itself.

The Doctor had a firm grip, but Amy fell right back out those doors, only seconds after she fell in. Tumbling out, the natural (well, almost natural) laws of physics tossed her right into a scanner. In that tiny timeframe, the Doctor had already relocated them back to the factory.

"Wizard to Master Controller, the parcel has been delivered!" The Doctor's smug look changed as he continued staring into the eyes of X.A.N.A. His features transformed into something different, full of anger and wrath.

"Fantastic!" Jeremie responded, typing away at the computer. Once Amy recovered enough to fight back, the scanner door slid shut, locking her inside.

"Transfer: Amy. Scanner: Amy. Rory, Odd, be prepared. I'm sending Amy straight to you! Aelita, get that program ready. Virtualization!"

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