Chapter 10

Misaki's POV:

I stepped out of the plane. The wind blew within my hair softly. There was a black car waiting for us at the bottom of the stairs. Usui nudged me and I looked at him.

"I'm ready whenever you are", he said.

I took a step down and walked down the stairs. We went to the car and sat in it. Usui took my hand and tightly grasped it.

"Whatever happens", he said, "I will always be here for you."

"Promise?" I asked.

"I promise", he said.

I looked out the window. I can't believe I'm going to do this. I can't believe that this was happening. As we were close to the mansion, my stomach did a flip. We exited the car and walked to the mansion. Usui's grandfather was there waiting for us. He gave a short nod at Usui.

"Sir", I said bowing.

Usui's grandfather stared me down till I looked at his shoes. He grunted.

"Follow me", he said.

We walked to the living room.

"Sit", he ordered.

I quickly sat. Usui sat next to me.

"Takumi", he said, "I would like to speak with Misaki alone."

Usui nodded. He got up and gave my shoulder a squeeze before he left. The maid came in with tea. It was silent. I couldn't even breathe. I picked up the cup and drank slowly from it.

"You came back early", he said.

"Yes sir", I said.

"What made you come back so early?" he asked.

"Well, sir", I started to say, "I wanted to just come back because I knew what to do."

"And what is it that you plan to do?" he asked.

"Sir", I said, "I plan to win your favor over me."

"Why is that?" he asked.

"Because I don't want any hatred from you", I said, "I want to be favored and be liked just the way I am. Just because I act like your wife, doesn't mean you can treat me with such difficulty."

"Well, I can explain that you are really like my wife", he said softly.

I looked at him as he got up and went over to the bookcase. He took out a book and walked back over to where I was. He handed me the book.

"This is the pictures of my wife", he said.

I looked at the pictures. She was a very elegant woman. She had blonde hair and electrifying blue eyes. She looked very beautiful. Usui's grandfather chuckled softly. I froze. Did I just hear him chuckle?

"Isn't she beautiful?" he asked.

I nodded.

"Very beautiful", I said.

"She was such a sweet person", he said. "When I met her around your age. She was just like how you are now. She was very serious and was very shy. She protected others before her. She was very strong in her words."

"I see", I said.

"Life was perfect until it came to the point where she had passed away", he said sadly.

"What happened?" I asked.

I knew what happened, but I didn't want him to know that Usui told me.

"She had cancer", he said, "An incurable cancer that led her to death."

"I'm sorry", I apologized sadly.

"It's alright", he said, "She was a remarkable woman. Even though she was sick, she still was full of energy and never regretted what she did in life. She surprised me in many ways. The way how she had reacted to things. She didn't want cancer to ruin her life entirely. So for the remaining months left for her to live, she had done everything that she wanted to do."

He wiped a tear from his eyes.

"It hurts me to see how you remind me so much of her", he said, "That's why I dislike you, because what if the same happened to you? Usui would end up like me. After all these years, I have never once looked at another woman."

I put some thought in what he had said. Would Usui end up like his grandfather if I was gone? Usui's grandfather took my hand in his. I felt something cold on my hands.

"Take this", he said, "As a token of apology. I apologize for ever hurting you and doubting you. Please forgive my actings."

"It's alright sir", I replied, "I forgive you."

There was a knock on the door. Gerald came in. I haven't seen him in days.

"Ah Gerald", his grandfather said wiping his tears, "You came in just in time."

Gerald eyed me worriedly and nodded at his grandfather.

"I came as quickly as I could, sir", he said.

"We have business to discuss", his grandfather said, "Misaki, you can leave."

I nodded and bowed.

"We must have tea soon", he said, "I wish to start trying to fully accept you."

I smiled.

"Yes sir", I replied.

Gerald looked at me and turned his attention towards his grandfather. I walked out the doors and exhaled loudly.

"Was everything alright in there?" Usui asked.

I jumped.

"H….how long were you here?!" I exclaimed.

"When I got kicked out", Usui said.

"Well, you could've done something productive in life!" I exclaimed.

Usui came and hugged me.

"But I wanted to see my princess come out in one piece", he said teasingly.

I tried to push him off.

"Usui don't!" I exclaimed.

"Naaaaah", he said happily.

"I got accepted by grandfather", I said.

"I heard", Usui said.

"So you were eavesdropping the whole time?!" I exclaimed.

"I couldn't hold in the curiosity", he said smiling.

I pushed him away gently. Usui put his hand on my cheek.

"I'm glad he accepted you", he said softly.

"Me too", I said.

For the whole day, Usui showed me around the mansion. We ate fancy things. I spent most of my time with Usui and his grandfather. His grandfather felt more happy in a way that he was finally comfortable. When night came, Gerald wanted to see me. We sat in the balcony.

"What do you have to say?" I asked.

"Well", he said, "It looks like I will be taking over grandfather's spot when he retires", he said.

"Wow", I said, "You finally got it."

"Yeah", he said, "Yet that won't stop him from keeping Usui here."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I mean is that he wants Usui to stay here instead of going back to Japan", he said, "He wants Usui to be the house doctor."

"I see", I said, "Does Usui know?"

"Well, yes", he said, "And he agreed."

"Oh", I said.

Disappointment and anger had settled upon my heart. Gerald handed me a envelope. I opened it. There was a plane ticket to Japan.

"Usui told me to give this to you", he said.

"Why didn't he give it to me in person?" I asked.

"Because he won't see you off tomorrow", Gerald sighed, "He'll be with tutors learning."

"I see", I said.

After my talk with Gerald, I walked slowly to my room. Usui was nowhere to be seen. Why was my heart feeling heavy? Why was my heart upset? Then the door opened. Usui was there shirtless with a towel wrapped around his waist.

"Oh", he started, "I thought no one was here."

I blushed and threw a pillow at him.

"B...BAKA USUI!" I exclaimed.

Usui caught the pillow and laughed. He went to the closet to get his clothes.

"Calm down", he said, "I'll go change."

When he came back, he sat next to me on the bed.

"Did Gerald tell you?" Usui asked.

"Yes", I said softly.

Usui hugged me tightly.

"I couldn't do it without crying", he said.

"It's ok", I said.

Usui got up and kneeled right in front of me.

"Misaki", he said.

"What?" I asked.

"Would you wait on me?" he asked.

"Of course", I said.

"Then would you marry me?" Usui asked.

I grew quiet.

"Misaki", he said again, "I promise I will take care of you. I promise to keep you safe. I promise to be the husband that you ever wanted. I will always try to make you happy and I will try to be by your side. Even though it may take a long time, for us to actually get married, I want to be with you. I love you so much Misaki. I love the way how you act and how you are always there for me. You-"

I put my hands on his lips.

"You can stop right there", I said

Usui gave me a stare and removed my hand.

"I've been practicing this", he said pouting.

"Usui", I said.

I pulled him up from his knees.

"You don't have to say those words to me", I said, "Because you've proved to me that you love me and will do anything for me."

"So what is your answer?" he asked.

"Yes", I said, "I will marry you."

Usui laughed.

"What?" I asked.

"You said it so boldly", he chuckled.

I blushed.

"S.. ?" I asked, "Is that a problem?!"

He pulled me in for a hug.

"No", he said smiling, "I love it."

I blushed and stayed in his embrace. Usui pulled back and took .

"I know that this is a simple ring and all", he said, "But I wanted to get you something before you left to Japan."

He slipped a ring on my finger.

"It's not what every woman would want", he said, "And I promise to get you a better one-"

"No", I said, "It's beautiful."

Usui looked surprised.

"But the big diamond", he said.

"As long as it's from you", I said, "It's perfect."

Usui smiled and quickly pulled me in a hug. I couldn't breathe.

"U...usui!" I exclaimed, "You're hugging me tightly!"

"Ayuzawa", he chuckled, "You are one extraordinary girl."

I wiggled my way out of his grasps and caught my breath. Usui chuckled and kissed my head.

"Time to go to bed", he said.

I nodded sadly. I waddled my way to the bed and went under the covers. I looked at Usui. He was getting comfortable on the couch. I had some feeling in my heart that I wanted him to be with me.

"Usui", I said.

"Yes?" he asked.

"Will...will you sleep next to me", I said, "I mean it's just that it's my last day here and all and that you might miss me and I would miss you. I mean-"

Usui walked to the bed and pulled me close.

"Shhhh", he said, "Sleep."

My mouth closed quickly. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close. He was warm and his embrace felt nice.

"This is something I won't be able to do for a while", he said softly, "Thank you."

I closed my eyes and slept.

I walked to the plane. Usui wasn't there with me, but Gerald was.

"Have a safe trip back to Japan", he said.

"Thanks", I said.

Gerald smirked and handed me a small box.

"My gift to you", he said looking away.

I took it and looked at him surprised.

"That's new", I said.

"Well", he said, "You're the first girl I've ever given a gift to. I mean, I can always get it back if you don't want it."

"Thank you", I said smiling.

Gerald looked away blushing.

"Well, bye", he said.

He walked away. I walked up the stairs and entered the plane. I sat down and opened the box. It was a cute white fox phone keychain. It felt really soft in my hands.

"Since you're a fox. Accept it."

I looked at the note and narrowed my eyes. Of course. Yet I smiled. I looked out the window as it began to fly in the air. The ring on my hand felt warm. I got a message on my phone.

"Ayuzawa, wait for me. I will be in Japan soon. Wait for me and I will find you. Always. I love you my maid.

P.s. What's your underwear color today?"

I clenched my phone with annoyance at the last question. Always a pervert. I smiled and laid back in my seat. Time to play the waiting game.

5 years later...

"Welcome home Master"

I sat down at the cafe that I worked at for so long. Suzuna handed me a menu.

"Onee-chan", she said.

"Yes?" I asked.

"How's your job?" she asked.

"It's great", I said smiling, "I finally got a break from being a diplomat."

"What would you like to order?" she asked.

"I would just want white chocolate mocha", I replied.

"Hai", she said.

She turned and walked to the staff room. The staff came out and welcomed me. I haven't seen them in a while. We caught up and I had a good long chat.

"It's snowing", said Suzuna.

I looked outside. The white snow drops had fluttered down to the ground. Suzuna faced me and handed me a present.

"Merry Christmas", she said.

I smiled and took the present. I gave her a present.

"Merry Christmas", I said smiling.

She took it and smiled greatly.

"Well, I got to work now", she said.

She quickly walked to the door to greet other people. I looked around the cafe. It was the same except for some furniture that was added. I leaned back in my chair and enjoyed my coffee. I was wondering when Usui was coming back. I saw newspapers that he was the famous doctor in England. I was proud of him. I took out my phone and looked at the message that Usui sent me last.

"Ayuzawa, wait for me. I will be in Japan soon. Wait for me and I will find you. Always. I love you my maid.

P.s. What's your underwear color today?"

I smiled at the last message. He was so difficult to deal with. I sighed. The door bells rang.

"Welcome home Master!" exclaimed Suzuna, "Oh Shintani."

I quickly turned around. Shintani was there smiling at me. He hugged Suzuna and kissed her forehead. I felt a pang of jealousy.

"I want the usual", he said.

Suzuna nodded and walked back to get his food. Shintani had sat down next to me and smiled.

"Merry Christmas", he said.

"Merry Christmas", I replied.

"How have you been?" he asked.

"Busy", I replied.

"A diplomat?" he asked

I nodded.

"Did you hear from him?" he asked carefully.

I shook my head and took a sip from my coffee. Shintani looked down.

"I see", he said.

He saw the ring on my neck and he pointed at it.

"Are you married to him?" he asked.

"Well, I guess it's a promise ring", I said.

Shintani smiled and took my hands.

"Congrats", he said, "And well, I want to do the same to your sister."

"Ask her?" I asked.

He nodded.

"Well, I'm alright as long as you don't make her cry", I said.

Shintani nodded.

"I plan to ask her today", he said, "Since it's Christmas."

"You should do it", I said excitedly.

"You sure?" he asked.

I nodded.

"Go for it", I said.

He squeezed my hands.

"Thank you", he said.

"Here's your food", said Suzuna.

"Thank you", he said.

He started chowing down. I got up.

"Well, I got to go", I said.

"Where do you have to go?" asked Shintani.

"I need to make a few errands", I replied.

"Oh", Shintani smiled, "Alright then!"

"I'll meet you later at our house", I told Shintani.

He nodded.

"I have everything planned", he said smiling.

After I left, I walked on to the places that I had to stop at. I picked up some gifts for my family and bought some clothes for the winter. I walked past a shop where it had string. I pulled out the scarf that I made for Usui long back. I would want to give him the scarf, but I knew he might not come to Japan any sooner. I sighed and put the scarf back in my bag. I kept walking. I slipped on some ice.

"Ah!" I exclaimed.

There was a strong arm that caught me.

"Careful there", said a familiar voice.

"Thank you", I said breathless.

The person had pulled me safely on my feet. I turned to thank him, yet I had blonde short hair. He had emerald green eyes and a smile that made my heart warm up. He had gripped my hand tightly, yet they were shaking.

"Usui?" I asked.

"Ayuzawa", he said smiling, "I'm back."

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