Chapter 12

A few days after arriving in Italy...

Misaki's POV:

I woke up by the sound of a piano. The past few days were really fun and I enjoyed it. I turned to the side to find Usui shirtless. I blushed. He looked calm and at peace. I got up and noticed my clothes were on the floor. What happened last night?

"Misaki you're drinking too much!" Usui said.

"No", I said slurred, "It tastes good."

"Misaki", Usui said laughing.

He took the cup from my hand and picked me up. I started to struggle in his arms.

"Noooo lemme down, Usui!" I exclaimed.

"Nope", Usui said smiling.

He plopped me onto the bed. I was getting hot.

"It's hot", I grumbled.

I started to take off my shirt. Usui stopped me.

"I think we saw something like this before", he mumbled.

"What?" I asked drunkenly.

"Nothing", he said smiling.

I continued to take off my shirt but Usui stopped me.

"Misaki", he said, "If you keep doing that, you might get me excited."

"It'sssshhh hot", I complained.

He grabbed my hand.

"Misaki", he said, "You might regret it when you aren't drunk."

I grabbed Usui's neck and brought him on top of me. Usui looked at me surprised.

"Misaki", he said.

"We're married", I said.

"And?" he asked.

"I'm yours", I said tiredly.

Usui smiled and kissed me softly.

"You won't regret it then?" he asked softly.

"I won't", I said.

I brought him close to me.

I grabbed my head and looked at Usui. I started freaking out. I ran to the bathroom and took a shower. I scrubbed every inch of my body and stayed under the hot water. Would I get pregnant? Would be capable to take care of a child? I closed my eyes and started to relax. I felt a pair of cool strong arms around me.

"Hey", said Usui.

I froze and turned around quickly blushing.

"U….Usui!" I exclaimed.

He smiled.

"Ne", he said, "Do you regret it now?"

"W….what happened last night?" I asked.

"You got drunk", he said.

"Did anything interesting happen?" I asked.

"Well no", he said, "You took off all your clothes and you just took off my shirt then you passed out."

"S...so nothing h..happened?" I asked.

He nodded. He lifted my chin.

"Did you want something to happen?" he asked softly.

"N….N..No!" I exclaimed.

I quickly turned around. Usui smiled.

"If you want to get out you can", he said.

"N...no", I said.

"Would you like to stay?" he asked.

"Y..yes", I mumbled.

He smiled.

"This is new", he said teasingly, "I've never seen you like this before."

I wrapped my arms around Usui and hugged him.

"Let's hurry and get going", he said, "I want to take you out."

I nodded. After we took a shower, we got dressed and went out. There were many foreigners looking around. We walked to many art museums and operas. Usui took me to many places. I was really amazed. The food was the best. I smiled as Usui was trying to eat a stringy cheese pizza. Usui took me to a shop. He told me to look around and chose something that I wanted. I walked off and saw there were many pretty objects. I walked to the clothes section. There were cute overall shorts. I grabbed that and walked to the changing room and changed into it. I came out and Usui was waiting. He smiled.

"You look cute", he said.

"T...thanks", I said blushing.

He looked up and down observing. He got up.

"Stay here", he said, "I'll go get a hat for you."

I nodded. As he walked away, I stared at myself in the mirror. I heard a whistle and I turned around. There were two guys walking my way. My heart started pumping.

"What is a cute young lady doing here?" asked one man.

"Yea", said the other, "Come home with us."

"Please", I said, "Stop hitting on me."

I backed up as they got closer. One person grabbed my waist.

"Come on sweetheart", he said, "We'll have fun."

I got annoyed and grabbed the man's hand and pushed it away.

"Excuse me", I said sternly, "I'm married."

He looked at my hand and saw the ring.

"So what?" he asked, "I can always steal you away from him."

He brought me close.

"L..let go of me!" I exclaimed.

I pushed him away from me. He fell to the floor. His buddy came to his aid.

"Are you alright?" he said.

The man pushed him away from him.

"You got guts", said the man.

He walked to me and grabbed my arm. I quickly turned and flipped him. The other guy came for his aid, but I stared at him narrowed my eyes.

"You dare to come and attack me?" I asked.

He backed up. The other man got up slowly and attacked me without my noticing. He grabbed my waist and started to walk to the door. I started to struggle widely.

"US-", I started to scream.

The man covered my mouth. Then he stopped. I felt a pull of strong hands. I was grabbed into another's arms. I looked up. It was Usui. He gave the man a strong scary stare.

"What are you doing with my wife?" he asked dangerously.

The man backed up. The police came and took him and his friend. I fell to the floor. My heart was beating quickly. Usui touched my shoulder.

"Can you get up?" he asked.

I looked at him and nodded. I slowly got up and he plopped a hat on my head.

"I already paid for this", he said, "Let's go."

I nodded. We walked to a restaurant to eat dinner. I looked around. The sweet chicken smell came from inside. As the food came in, Usui looked a bit uncomfortable.

"Is there something wrong?" I asked.

"Well, I'm jealous that my wife gets hit up on", he said.

I didn't know what to say. Usui looked at me.

"Misaki", he said.

"Hai?" I asked.

"I want a child of our own", he said.

"W...what?" I asked.

"I want a child of our own", he repeated.

"A...a child?" I asked.

"Yes". he said, "I was wondering if you were ok with it. I mean it's ok if you're not ready."

"Usui", I said, "Do you really want to have a child?"

He nodded.

"Then, I suppose we can try", I said blushing.

"Really?" he asked.

I nodded.

"If that's what you want", I said.

Usui smiled.

"Thank you", he said.

I smiled.

"But I'm scared", I said.

"I know", he said, "I'm scared too, but I know that we can be great parents."

"You really think so?" I asked.

He nodded and he leaned back.

"You know I can see you", he said.

I turned around. There was a gentleman with sunglasses on his face. It was Gerald. He took off his sunglasses and smirked.

"Well, you caught me", he said.

"What are you doing here?" Usui asked sighing.

"Well, to say that you're time is up", he said, "You need to get back to work and so does your wife."

"And?" Usui asked.

"We need you back in London", Gerald said.

"No", Usui said, "I'm not going back."

"Takumi", he said.

"I want to go live in Japan with Misaki", he said stubbornly.

Gerald sighed.

"We need you in London", he said, "There is one patient that is waiting for you."

"Who?" Usui asked.

"Lady Antebellum", Gerald said.

"No", Usui said, "What I see is that she is healthy, she keeps thinking that she's sick just to see me."

"I know. but she has already paid the money", he sighed, "No matter what I told her-"

"Did you tell her that I was married?" he asked.

"Yes", Gerald said, "But she doesn't believe me."

"Why not?" Usui asked.

"She wanted to see in person if that was true", he said.

Usui leaned back and groaned. He rubbed his eyes.

"Usui", I said, "Let's go back. I don't want that money to go to waste. Plus you got to show her that you're married."

"You sure?" he asked.

I nodded.

"You're coming with me", he said, "I'm pretty sure there's jobs in London for a strong diplomat to work in."

"And it gets really good money", Gerald said.

"Let's go", I said.

"We leave tomorrow", Gerald said.

Usui glanced at Gerald and got up.

"Shall we go?" he asked.

He leaned into me.

"I want to spend extra special time with my Misaki', he said softly.

I blushed and looked down.

"S...shut up", I said softly.

Usui took my hand and guided me out the door. Gerald followed.

"May I come and stay at your place?" he asked.

Usui gave him a stare.

"Maybe not", Gerald said.

He walked the opposite direction. Usui brought me close to him. We neared the hotel when Usui stopped me. I looked up at him.

"Say my name", he said.

"Usui", I said.

"No not that", he said.

"T...T...Takumi", I said softly.

Usui turned me around and pressed against me gently.

"Again", he said.

"Takumi", I said again.

Usui kissed me softly. He pulled me inside and to our room.

"This time", he said, "I'm not holding back."

I blushed. He plopped onto the bed. I joined him. He pulled me near him. He looked at the ring on my finger and smiled.

"I can't believe this day has happened", he said.

He pinned me on the bed.

"Misaki", he said smiling, "Are you ready?"

"Y...yes", I said.

He smiled and leaned my forehead against mine. He kissed me gently.

We arrived in London. My family and Usui's grandfather was there. They welcomed us with a happy smile. Gerald came down from the plane with us.

"Did you have a good flight?" Usui's grandfather asked.

"It was great", I said sweetly.

He nodded.

"Come", he said, "Let me show you where you will be working."

I nodded. When we arrived at the house, grandfather had showed me what I would be doing tomorrow.

"You already have a case", he said smiling.

I looked at the papers. It was a case on murder.

"Will you do it?" he asked.

"I will", I said smiling.

He smiled.

"Good let's go to eat", he said.

We walked slowly to the dinner table. The food smelled delicious. We sat down.

"Dinner is served", said grandfather.

I started eating. After I ate it, something tasted off. It smelled amazing but my stomach didn't correspond to it. Usui looked at me and touched my shoulder.

"Are you alright?" He asked.

I got up quickly and ran to the bathroom. Usui followed me. I threw up everything.

"Misaki are you ok?" He asked.

"I...I'm fine, maybe something was raw", I said sickly.

Usui looked at me and had a blank face.

"Misaki", he said, "Are you pregnant?"

I looked at Usui and thought about it. My period hasn't started in a while. I looked at Usui.

"I...I think I am", I said.

Usui looked at me with and smiled.

"You're pregnant!" He exclaimed.

He picked me up and twirled me around. I felt sick. I tapped on his shoulder and he put me down. I started to throw up. We walked back to the dinner table.

"Is she alright?" Grandfather asked.

"Yes she is", Usui said, "But you'll be a great grandfather."

My dad got up quickly.

"You're pregnant?!" He asked.

Suzuna kept eating and Shintani looked at me surprised.

"H...hai!" I exclaimed blushing.

My dad was in tears.

"You're pregnant", he said happily.

"Congrats Oneechan!" Suzuna said happily.

"Thank you", I said smiling.

"We'll see if it's a boy or girl later on", Usui said.

"Ne!" Shintani exclaimed, "You're pregnant already?!"

"Yeah", Usui said, "I got her pregnant first."

Shintani gritted his teeth at him.

"I will not lose to you", he said.

"G...guys", I said flushed, "Don't fight over this."

"Dont worry Misaki", Usui said, "We're not."

I sighed and laughed. I was finally pregnant..

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