Chapter 2

Misaki's POV:

I woke up to the smell of something good. I was on the couch. The soft blanket was on me. I looked around. Usui wasn't there. I rubbed my head and groaned. My body was a bit sore since I wasn't sleeping on my bed. The soft sound of music came from the kitchen. I walked to the kitchen to find Usui cooking.

"Oh good morning", he said.

"Good morning", I said, "What are you cooking?"

"You're breakfast", he said.

"M..my breakfast?" I asked.

He nodded.

"You want to go clean?" he asked, "You now where the bathroom is."

I nodded. I walked to the bathroom and got cleaned. When I came out, the table was filled with amazing food. I sat down and looked at the delicacy.

"Usui", I said, "This looks amazing."

He smiled and sat down across from me.

"It's all your favorite foods", he said.

"You didn't have to do this", I said.

"Well, I wanted to", he said.

He picked up a pork brisket and held it out to me.

"You're my girlfriend of course", he said smoothly.

I blushed.

"Come on Prez", he said, "Open up."

I took a bite of the brisket. Such juicy taste filled my buds.

"Is it good?" he asked.

"I..It's good", I said looking down.

"Good", he said smiling.

We started eating.

"What time did you wake up?" I asked.

"5 am", he said as he tried to reach for a broccoli.

I grabbed the broccoli with my chopsticks and held it out to him.

"You didn't have to", I said.

He looked at me.

"What?" I asked.

I looked at my arm that was extended. I started to blush and slowly pulled back my arm.

"Feed me", he said.

I blushed and looked at him.

"B..Baka!" I exclaimed, "It's a habit because I always give food to my sister if she can't reach things and-"

"It's ok Ayuzawa", he laughed.

He took the broccoli with his teeth and smiled.

"It tastes great because you gave it to me", he said smoothly.

I blushed and looked out the window.

"How do you do this?" I asked.

"Do what?" he asked.

"Make my heart race", I said.

He got up and sat next to me.

"You're attracted to me", he whispered in my ear.

I jumped and backed up a bit. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me close.

"You love me", he said.

I pushed him away.

"BAKA!" I yelled.

After breakfast, Usui took me to a garden.

"Usui", I started to say, "How did you know I liked flowers?"

"Prez", he said, "I'm "Observant"."

I looked at him annoyed and smiled.

"Of course", I thought to myself.

Usui took my hand and dragged me to one spot of white flowers. There were different types of white flowers.

"These are very beautiful", I said.

Usui plucked a flower from the many flowers.

"W...What are you doing?!" I exclaimed, "You can't just pluck one out!"

Usui put the flower in my hair.

"They won't mind", he said, "Because I'm giving it to the pretty princess right in front of me."

I looked away and blushed.

"Shall we take a picture?" he asked.

"I..I don't like pictures you know", I muttered.

He pulled me close and took out his phone.

"Ah come on Ayuzawa", he said in a teasing way, "Take one so I can put it as my wallpaper."

"N...No!" I exclaimed.

"Smile!" exclaimed Usui.

He wrapped his arms around my shoulder and pulled me close. I awkwardly smiled at the camera as it clicked. Usui looked at his phone and smiled.

"Perfect", he said.

Then he took out a camera and started taking pictures of me. I tried to take the camera but he had it out of my reach and he took many pictures.

"Usui", I said annoyed, "Put it away."

"No", he said plainly.

"PUT IT AWAY BAKA!" I exclaimed.

He smiled and still took pictures of me. He raised his arms high with the camera.

"Then jump", he said.

I jumped and grabbed the camera, but his lips had touched mine as I jumped to get it. I got hot and when I landed on the ground Usui started walking away. I was in shock.

"Are you coming or not?' he asked.

"I'm coming", I said.

I caught up with him. I slapped his back.

"You didn't have to do that in front of everyone', I said.

"Too late", he said smoothly.

His phone rang. He looked at it and his smile disappeared.

"Hello", he said.

There was a silence. He looked at me and gave me a small smile.

"No I'm busy", he said.

He took my hand and started fast walking.

"I see", he said, "You sent them to get me?'

He laughed.

"Well, brother", he said, "I'll have some fun with them

He ended the call.

"Misaki", he said suddenly.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Prepared to attack", he said, "We have some company on our tails."

I turned around and a bunch of people with black suits started running towards us.

"Want to have a race?' he asked.

"W..What?" I asked.

"Race", he said, "If I win, I can do what I please with you."

"Then if I win", I said, "You'll be in big trouble for saying that."

"Good", he said, "Then meet me at the subway in 5."

I started running. Usui disappeared. I heard shouts from behind, but it was faint. I ran down the stairs. At the end of the stairs, I took a long deep breath.

"There she is!" exclaimed one of our attackers.

I jumped and started running again. I swiped my subway card and ran to the subway where I would see Usui. So far I didn't see him. Did he get captured? Did I win? I had to get rid of the men that were following me. The people around me did a good job in hiding me from them. I smoothly walked my way to the entrance of the subway. The men ran past me and shouted. I entered the subway and the door closed. I sighed and crouched down to catch my breath. I won.

"You were right on time", said a voice.

I looked up. Usui was there sitting down reading a book. I jumped up quickly.

"w...What?" I asked, "How?"

"I came in 3 minutes", he said, "Ayuzawa, you need to run some more."


"Now", he said smiling, "I can do what I want with you."

I sighed and sat next to him.

"Deal", I said, "Who called you?"

Usui went silent.

"My brother", he said, "He wants me in England."

"Why?" I asked.

Usui ran his fingers in his hair as he leaned against the seat.

"Grandpa wants me over there", he said.

"Are you going to go?" I asked.

Usui said no words. We rode the train quietly. Usui took my hand and rubbed it against his cheek. I looked at him. He was acting like a cat. We got off as soon as the train stopped. Usui walked out and looked around before he pulled me along with him. He turned to me and whispered in my ear.

"I want you to run", he said, "I don't want you involved in this."

"But we're safe", I said.

"Look around Ayuzawa", he said.

I looked around and I saw a group of men in black suits.

"I want you to run", he said, "Don't look back. Go to the cafe and wait there."

"How can I trust you that you'll be back?" I asked.

He kissed my cheek.

"Trust me", he said, "Now go."

He pushed me off and I started running. I ran up the stairs and ran down the street. I slowed to a walk. I heard a voice behind me.

"It's her!" said a voice.

I turned around and a group of men were following me.

"Catch her!" exclaimed one, "We can use her as bait!"

I started running as fast as I could. I turned a corner and there was a dead end. I was surrounded in a second.

"Ah", said one man, "You must be Misaki Ayuzawa."

"What do you want?' I asked coldly.

"Come with us quietly", he said.

"As if", I said.

The leader came up to me and grabbed my arm, but I turned and flipped him over. There was a crack. I knew his back would crack. I looked back.

"Any of you want to come at me?" I asked dangerously.

They hesitated first.

"Chickens", I spat.

They started coming at me at once. I fought them one by one. One crack on the jaws, and one crack at their stomach. I was getting tired. How many were there? I got hit in my stomach. The sharp pain made me fall to the floor. Two men picked me up and one man punched my stomach hard. His hard knuckles sent me spitting out blood.

"Are you done?" he asked.

I didn't say anything. I was sore.

"Take her away", he said.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you", said a familiar voice.

I looked up. All I could see was a man that had blonde hair. Who was that? I got dragged to a corner. All I could see was fighting. The streak of blonde hair came out quickly from one side to the other side. There were lots of screaming. I closed my eyes. Then after a while, a set of careful hands picked me up gently. I smelled a fresh smell of peppermint. The soft cloth that I felt felt nice. Usui.

"I'm sorry", said Usui softly, "I should've came sooner."

His arms were a bit shaking. He was breathing hard. I felt wet drops landing on my cheek. I heard a door open and I was laid down. I looked at Usui. He had a cut on his cheek. On the side of his lips were covered with blood. I shakingly reached my hand out to his face. His cheek felt wet.

"I'm sorry I couldn't protect you", he said sadly.

I shook my head with the little energy I could have. He got up and got a first aid kit. He took my hand and started cleaning it. Sharp pains shot out. I made a yelp. He froze.

"I'm sorry Ayuzawa", he said softly, "Please bear the pain a bit longer while I clean your cuts."

I beared the pain while he cleaned my hands and my face. He touched my stomach lightly and I groaned. His hand froze again. He carefully lifted my shirt and he gasped. He slammed his fist down on the table hard. I looked at him. I felt dizzy.

"Usui", I called weakly.

"Yes", he said softly.

"Water", I barely said.

He got up to get some water. He came back quickly with a glass and a straw. He fed me water. When I swallowed it, I felt sharp pains in my stomach. I pushed the glass away. He looked at me with concern. He started stroking my hair.

"Sleep", he said, "You'll be better tomorrow.'

I nodded. He rested his forehead against my head. I could feel hot tears drop on my head.

"I won't forgive them for this", he said, "I promise to keep you safe. No matter what the costs."

I relaxed and smiled. He saved my life. Baka Usui.

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