Chapter 4

Misaki's POV:

I looked at Usui like he was crazy.

"What?" I asked him.

"You're coming with me to London", Usui said, "It's been settled and it's a done deal."

"But...b..but", I stuttered.

Usui smiled and whispered in my ear.

"Ayuzawa", he said, "Come with me. I can't possibly be away from you for a long time."

I blushed and pushed him away.

"I'll go with you then", I said quietly.

"What was that?" he asked.

"I'll go with you", I said a bit louder.

"Aw Ayuzawa", he said, "I know you can speak louder than that."


Usui laughed and patted my head.

"I heard you the first time", he said.

My fists started to shake. He was so glad I was sick. Usui got up and kissed my forehead.

"Get well soon Ayuzawa", he said, "I'll be back after packing your things and my things."

"W..wait", I stuttered, "My things?"

"Yes your things", he said slyly, "Why? Are you hiding something that I shouldn't know about?"

"P...PERVERT ALIEN!" I cried out, "I can pack my own things myself!"

"Ayuzawa, I'll be asking Suzana for help", he chuckled, "She's getting out today. So you just stay here and behave."

I blushed and sent him angry looks. He waved and walked off. Usui that idiot. I can pack my own things, yet I was excited somehow. I was going to London, and especially, with Usui. I leaned back in my bed and looked out the window. The afternoon sun was slowly setting down. The nurses came in and changed my bandages.

"Who was that nice man that just left?" asked the nurse.

"He's my b….boy….friend", I said in a hard way.

"Oh you're boyfriend?" she asked, "You must be a lucky one there."

"Thank you", I said smiling.

I relaxed and closed my eyes. I couldn't wait to go to London.

Usui's POV:

I took Misaki's father in my car as Shintani took Suzana in his car. It was pretty silent ride on the way to their house.

"Usui", he said suddenly.

"Yes sir?" I asked.

"Please take care of Misaki when you get there", he said, "I put my trust of my daughter to you."

"I will sir", I answered, "I'll make sure that she behaves and is safe."

"Thank you, Usui", he said, "I don't know what I would do without you."

It got silent again.

"What do you like about Misaki?" he asked.

"You're daughter is the most beautiful person ever", I answered, "She has a great personality and is diligent and strict with herself in to achieving things. She's a strong girl that can protect herself on her own. I like how she protects others."

I smiled.

"She may have a big temper, but I consider that cute", I said.

Her father didn't say anything.

I looked at him and he looked at me with tears in his eyes.

"Usui", he sniffed, "That's the most beautiful thing I've heard anyone say about my daughter."

He wiped his tears with his sleeves.

"Misaki was a strict child from the beginning", he said, "After I left, I heard that she started hating guys. She became more strict with them. I heard she even learned aikido to beat them, but you had changed her heart about guys."

I nodded.

"Please take care of her, I've never seen her smile this much before", he said.

"I will sir", I said.

We arrived at their house. Suzana and Shintani were waiting for us. As we entered the house, Suzana quickly started to pack Misaki's things. We helped clean the house up a bit. It was pretty old, but still clean. I walked around and saw a picture hanging from the wall. It was Misaki. She was smiling with her sister. She looked pretty cute at a young age. Her father walked up to me and smiled.

"She was adorable no?" he asked, "Would you like to keep that picture?"

"Would that be alright?" I asked.

"Of course", he said, "Take it."

I took it and slipped it into my pocket. We sat down and drank some tea. Suzana came down with Misaki's stuff. It was a pretty big bag.

"I put everything in here", she said, "I'm sure she'll be alright."

"Thank you", I said.

I got up and took the bag from her and smiled.

"Take care of Misaki", she said.

I rubbed her head.

"I will", I said.

Shintani looked at me with envy since I did that to Suzana. I started walking to the door.

"Thank you for your help", I said.

"Anytime", said her father.

I bowed and left. I went to my house and packed my things. My cat greeted me and I rubbed it's small head. I started packing my clothes. Should I bring the cat or leave it here? I didn't have a cage for the cute one. I picked up the cat. Maybe I can drop you off at Misaki's house. The cat meowed. After I packed up, I drove back to Misaki's house to drop off the cat. Suzana was pretty glad that the cat was going to live in her house for a while. It would remind her of Misaki. I drove to the hospital. Misaki was sleeping. I sat down near her and took her hand in mine. Her hands were soft and delicate. I sighed.

"So you're taking that girl with you?" Gerald asked.

"Of course", I said, "She's coming with me."

Gerald sighed.

"Fine", he said, "But grandpa won't be happy if you bring her."

"I'll fix that", I replied.

Gerald looked out the window.

"I've never seen that strong of a girl before", he muttered.

"She's strong for a reason", I said, "She wants to keep guys away like you."

Gerald shot me a cold glance.

"Well, I don't see why you're bringing her", he scoffed.

"Her mother just died", I said angrily, "I want to take her with me because I want to protect her from now on."

"Suit yourself", said Gerald.

I touched Misaki's face. Her eyes shot open. I pulled back my hand. She turned her head to me and squinted.

"Usui?" she asked tiredly.

"Yes my maid?" I said smoothly.

Misaki rubbed her eyes and stared at me.

"What are you doing here?" Misaki asked.

"I came to do things to you while you're sleeping", I teased.

Misaki blushed and narrowed her eyes. She pushed me away.

"You pervert!" she exclaimed.

"Calm down", I laughed.

Misaki looked at me and pouted

"Well, at least I'm not alone", she pouted.

I smiled and kissed her cheek.

"Are you ok?" I asked.

Misaki nodded.

"I'm alright", she said.

I touched her stomach and she didn't wince.

"We need to get your passport tomorrow then", I said smiling.

She nodded and looked down.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I've never really left Japan", she said, "Especially when my mom is gone."

I took her hand.

"I will protect you", he said, "I promise."

Misaki nodded.

"Sleep", I said, "It's getting late."

She narrowed her eyes.

"You better not do anything", she said.

"I promise I won't", I promised.

She nodded and closed her eyes. She fell asleep quickly. I looked at her. She looked peaceful.

Misaki's POV:

I walked out the hospital with the help with Usui. He took me to his car. We were going to get my passport. While we were driving, Usui had turned on some peaceful guitar music. I looked out the window as the sun was shining on me. I closed my eyes. The warm sun felt nice against skin. I fell asleep for a while then I woke up to see Usui kissing me. I gasped and pushed him away.

"W...w..what are you doing?!" I exclaimed covering my mouth.

Usui smiled teasingly.

"I just wanted to wake up my Ayuzawa", he said sweetly, "We're here."

I quickly got out of the car and walked to the entrance. Usui caught up with me.

"I'll go ask the front desk to sign up for a passport today", he said.

I nodded. I walked and sat down. A grandpa came over to me slowly. I got up for him to sit down on. He smiled at me with thanks and sat down. A man came up to him.

"Grandpa", he said, "Stop wandering around!"

The grandpa didn't reply. The man looked at me and lifted one of his eyebrows. He looked at me up and down like he was interested. I backed away slowly breaking his eye contact. Usui came over to me and grabbed my hand.

"Come on Misaki", he said, "Let's go sit down and wait."

Usui shot the man a cold glance. He took me to sit down. After a couple of minutes, Usui went to go buy some drinks for us. A man came to me and sat next to me. He put an arm around me and pulled me near him.

"What's a cute lady doing here?" He asked, "Are you going out of the country?"

I froze. His touch felt uncomfortable to me. As if he were to do something bad to me. I shot him a cold glance.

"Do you mind giving me space?" I asked.

He pulled me closer.

"Well I'm not so into far space", he said smoothly, 'After this do you want to go out?"

"Don't you have a grandfather to take care of?" I asked coldly.

He looked back and made a face.

"My dad?" He asked, "Psh he can handle on his own."

I slapped his hand and got up. I started to walk away, but he grabbed onto my hand and pulled me to his lap.

"You shouldn't make a scene here miss", he whispered smiling.

I got up and backed away quickly.

"Don't touch me", I snarled.

The man laughed and got up too. He grabbed my wrist and dragged me to somewhere far. He pinned me against a wall.

"What if I do want to touch you?" He asked.

"Let go of me", I said calmly.

"What if I don't want to?" He asked.

I lifted my knee and it hit him in a place that hurt like hell. He winced and I pushed him off me.

"Why you", he mumbled.

I pointed at him and narrowed my eyes.

"I feel so bad for you", I said, "You like molesting girls huh. Well you should do something else than that. Take care of your father for once. He's taken care of you! He's given up everything for you and what? You don't care? You should be ashamed of yourself!"

The man got up and looked around nervously.

"Quiet down", he said.

He quickly wrapped his hands around my waist and brought me close.

"Sush", he said.

I tried to get him off me. He was stronger than me. His hands traveled down to my butt. I gasped and did everything I could to let him go of me.

"USUI!" I screamed.

Then in a flash, a flash of blonde hair shot across me and I felt the disgusting hands get off me. I felt new hands around me. It was comforting and the hands that I've known for a while.

"Don't touch my girl", he said dangerously.

The man got up and wiped his lips.

"Did you hit me?" He asked.

"You molested my girlfriend", Usui said calmly, "I can't let you get away with that."

The man sneered and straightened his back.

"Well you're lucky that I'm nice for today", he said.

"Go take care of your dad for once", Usui said.

"I don't care", he said, "He can manage on his own."

I felt fire around me. I quickly got out of Usui's grasp and slapped the man as hard as I could. He fell to the floor and looked at me with surprise.

"You're dad has taken care of you for most of your life", I said shakily, "How could you say that to your father?! What if he wasn't with you when you were young? What if he didn't care about you? Your father dropped everything for you. EVERYTHING. And is this what he gets? Shame on you. Molesting girls too. Learn better. You disgust me."

"Misaki Ayuzawa", said the intercom.

It was time to get my passport. I walked away with Usui. Usui was surprised.

"Ayuzawa", he said.

"Don't say anything. I need to let out steam", I said angrily.

I entered the room and the woman looked at me smiling.

"Please fill these out", she said.

I filled them out quickly. She made me sit down next to a white wall.

"Please smile", she said.

I smiled while she took my picture. After everything was finished, we walked out with my passport. Usui smiled at me in the car.

"Ayuzawa", he said.

'What?" I asked.

"You're brave", he said.

"Thanks", I said.

"But please call out for me as soon as possible if you're in trouble", he said sternly.

"I will", I said.

"Promise?" he asked.

"I promise", I said.

He drove me to the airport. He parked and got out. We already got our bags and sent them to London. We got our tickets and we were waiting in line.

"When do we board?" I asked.

"Around 7", he said.

"Just a couple of minutes", I mumbled.

Usui handed me a drink.

"You didn't drink this', he said.

I took the drink.

"Thanks", I said.

He nodded. He started drinking. I took a sip.

"What's it like in London?" I asked.

"It's very beautiful", he said.

"I see", I said.

Usui looked at him worried.

"Komen that I'm forcing you to come with me", he apologized.

"No no it's alright", I said, "I've always wanted to go to London and well..I wanted to..."

"To what?" Usui asked.

I blushed.

"I...I wanted to be with you too", I said loudly blushing.

Usui laughed and poked my cheek.

"You're so kawaii", he chuckled.

"N...no I'm not!" I protested.

Usui got up.

"Come on kawaii girl", he said, "It's our flight."

He held out a hand.

"Ready?" he asked.

I hesitated in taking his hand.

"Do you trust me?" he asked softly.

I took his hand.

"I do", I said blushing, "Baka Usui."

I intertwined my fingers with his as he led me the way to the plane.

"Ayuzawa, you're so sly", Usui said smiling.

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