Chapter 6

Usui's POV:

"Takumi", said my grandfather sternly, "You brought that girl with you?"

"Yes, I have", I replied, "She will be living with me."

My grandfather sighed.

"You know how similar she is to your grandmother?" he asked.

"Very similar', I replied.

"You're doing the same thing that I'm doing", he said.

"So?" I asked, "It's my life sir."

"You know I will make it to a point where she will want to leave", he said.

"You can do what you want, but she will try to win your side and she will accept every challenge you throw at her", I said smoothly.

He smirked and leaned back.

"Challenge accepted then", he said.

My eyes snapped open. I got up slowly. It was still dark. It was 3 am in the morning. Misaki was sleeping soundly next to me. I kissed her head and put a blanket over her. I walked to the kitchen to get some water. Gerald was there.

"Oh morning Takumi", he said yawning, "Couldn't get any sleep?"

"Yeah', I said, "Grandpa woke me up."

Gerald nodded and drank some more water.

"You know it'll be hard on her", he said.

"Why do you care?" I asked, "Do you like Misaki?"

He blushed at that question.

"Psh! As if!" he exclaimed.

I pinned him to a nearby table and whispered in his ear.

"You ever steal her away from me", I said, "You will regret it."

Gerald pushed me away.

"As if I'll steal your woman", he scowled, "I just want to get along with her, but she's acting cold towards me."

I chuckled.

"You know, she's like grandma", he sighed, "No wonder grandpa makes it hard on her."

I didn't say anything. Gerald stretched and sighed.

"Well, today's a big day", he said, "We have a photo shoot today. Best to get some rest."

He walked away. I gripped my cup tightly and walked to my room. Misaki had thrown off the blankets. I laughed softly and sat next to her. I pulled her to me and she breathed gently against me.

"I will protect you", I said softly.

Misaki snuggled real close to me. My heart beated quickly.

"Baka Usui", she mumbled.

I smiled and kissed her forehead.

"I love you, Usui", she whispered.

My eyes widened. She said those three words. My stomach made a flip. I smiled.

"You're so sly", I said.

Misaki's POV:

My eyes snapped open. Usui was still sleeping close to me. He was really close. The sun was shining down on him blocking the sun from hitting me. He breathed in and out softly. I brushed my hand against his hair. It was pretty soft. Usui didn't move. He kept on sleeping. I touched his cheek and his lips. His lips were soft. I never knew lips could be soft. I pulled my hand back. What was I thinking? Why am I even touching him?! He let out a chuckle.

"Good morning", Usui said happily.

I froze. I blushed so hard. He grabbed my hand and rubbed it against his cheek.

"Ayuzawa", he started, "Do you really think I was asleep? Did you want to touch me that badly?"

I pulled my hand back and pushed him away.

"YOU PERVERT!" I exclaimed.

The door slammed open. Maria came skipping in.

"Ah Misaki-chan", she exclaimed, "Good morning!"

"G...g...good morning", I replied.

She looked at Usui, who was on the floor with blankets on him. She lifted one of the covers.

"Do you mind getting ready?" Maria pouted, "You'll be late for the photo shoot."

"It's too early to get up", Usui complained plainly and annoyed.

"Photo shoot?" I asked.

Maria let the covers drop on Usui.

"Yes a photo shoot!" she exclaimed, "And you will be there!"

I backed up.

"W...what?!" I exclaimed, "I can't be there! I'm not a model! I'm not photogenic!"

"Nonsense!" Maria exclaimed, "You're beautiful and you're amazing and photogenic. So don't complain!"

She grabbed my hand.

"I'll steal Misaki-chan", she said to Usui.

Usui quickly got out of the covers and grabbed my hand.

"That won't be necessary", he said sternly.

Maria pouted.

"Then hurry", she said, "I don't want you to be late."

He nodded. Maria skipped off. Usui's arm was around me and he pulled me close.

"Ayuzawa", he said.

"Y...yes?" I asked.

"Will you be ok if we took photo shoots?" he asked.

"D...d..depends on the type of photo and the clothes we wear", I stuttered

Usui chuckled.

"Ayuzawa", he said, "You have a dirty mind."

"N...N...No!" I exclaimed.

I pushed him away blushing.

"Don't worry", he said, "It's not that kind of photo shoot."

He got up and rubbed my head.

"Get ready or else Maria will steal you from me", he teased.

I narrowed my eyes and threw a pillow at him.

"You get ready!" I exclaimed

"Hai hai", he said plainly.

He walked in the bathroom. I sighed and started changing.

"Oh Ayuzawa", he said while coming in on me while changing, "Which one is your-."

He paused. I was shirtless. He looked at me with big eyes. I blushed and threw a pillow as hard as I could to his face.

"You...pervert...ALIEN!" I screamed.

I walked out of the room with Usui.

"Ayuzawa that hurt", Usui complained.

"You deserved it!" I exclaimed.

We walked down the stairs to see people down there.

"Ah right on time!" said the cameraman.

He took Usui's arm and dragged him to a different room.

"Get changed", he told me.

I walked to a different room. Maria was getting dressed. She saw me and beamed.

"Ah Misaki-chan!" she exclaimed.

"You look beautiful", I said.

She grabbed my arm and pushed me to the dressing room. She threw clothes towards me.

"Wear this now!" Maria exclaimed, "Hurry! We must do your makeup!"

I put on the clothes that she gave me. It was a white dress. There was laces that was around my waist. It felt really light. I touched the soft cotton fabric.

"Are you done?" Maria asked.

"Oh hai!" I exclaimed.

I came out. Maria gasped.

"You fit that perfectly!" She exclaimed.

She dragged me to sit down and a couple of make up people came over. They started applying eyeliner.

"Her skin is really clear", said one woman.

I blushed.

"Ne", started Maria, "Are you excited?"

I nodded.

"It's my first time", I said.

"Well", she said, "Grandpa will be there watching you so try your best!"

I nodded. I touched the hem of my dress. After my make up, we walked outside to the garden. Usui was there in a white button up and khakis. He turned and his eyes widened.

"H...how do I look?" I asked.

"Well", Usui started.

I looked at him.

"You look beautiful but I think you could've worn something more sexy if you know what I mean. Oh maybe next shoot you can dress up as a maid and I'll be your master-"

"You don't have to go extreme!" I exclaimed.

I saw Usui's grandfather talking with one of the men. I remembered what Maria told me. I cleared my throat and grabbed Usui's arm and dragged him to the photo shoot. They started taking pictures of us.

"Ah Miss. Ayuzawa, please smile some more", said one of the photographers.

I forced a smile.

"Make it natural looking" Usui whispered, "Not a "I'm going to kill someone" look."

I looked at the grandfather. He gave me a hard stare. I breathed in and gave a natural smile. The photographers smiled.

"That's it!" he exclaimed.

He took some more shots.

"You guys are couples!" he exclaimed, "Act like you are!"

I blushed. Usui wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close.

"You heard what he said Ayuzawa", he said smoothly, "We're couples."

A pang of annoyance ran through me.

"U….Usui", I said darkly.

"He's watching", Usui whispered.

Was he going to pop in his grandfather every time?! I took a long breath and naturally smiled again. I hate photo shoots. The photographer smiled. He ordered us to do many different "loving" poses. I couldn't take it anymore.

"Now do a kiss pose!" he exclaimed happily.

My eye twitched. I grabbed him by the collar.

"I think that's a bit too much asking from you!" I exclaimed.

Grandfather smirked.

"Can you not do it, Miss. Ayuzawa?" asked the grandfather mockingly.

I had a shot of annoyance run through me. I had fire in my blood. I released my grip from the man's collar.

"Fine", I said darkly, "Let's do it."

I walked to Usui and grabbed his collar. I pulled him for a kiss. His lips hit against mine a bit to hard. I felt a drop of blood drip from my lips. The photographer took pictures. Usui backed up a bit and smiled.

"You're so sly Ayuzawa", he said, "Did you want to kiss me that badly?"

"N….NO!" I exclaimed.

After the photo shoot, I quickly ran to my room and dressed. I'm glad that was over. There was a knock.

"Come in", I said.

Usui's grandfather came in with a group of men.

"Grab her", he said.

They surrounded me and grabbed my arms.

"W..what are you doing?" I asked, "Let go of me!"

I struggled in their arms.

"Take her away", he said.

The men took me away. I struggled in their arms. They were too strong.

"Stop struggling", said one man, "It'll hurt more if you keep going."

I kept struggling.

"I said don't struggle!" exclaimed the guard.

He pulled on my arm hard. I winced and the fire in my blood grew hotter. I put both my legs behind the two men's legs that were carrying me, and I swiftly pushed them down quickly. Once they let go of my arms, I kicked the two men that were in front of me and started to run.

"After her!" exclaimed one man.

I ran down the hallway trying to find an exit. There were many doors. I saw Gerald up ahead.

"Misaki", he started, "What are you-"


I zoomed past him, pushing him to the side of the wall.

"Misaki!" he exclaimed, "Where are you going?!"

"JUST GET USUI!" I yelled.

I ran to a room and shut the door. I heard shouts pass me. I sighed and leaned against the door. I was out of breath. I looked around the room. It was just a study hall. I waited and I opened the door. The coast was clear. I walked to the corner of the hall. A pair of strong arms was wrapped around me. I yelled, but my mouth was covered by a white cloth. I felt sleepy all of the sudden. With the energy I had left, I pushed the cloth away.

"USUI!" I screamed.

I blacked out. Usui….please...find me.

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