Chapter 8

Misaki's POV:

I opened my eyes slowly. The bright lights were coming from the window. The door was opened where the cool wind blew in the room. I got up slowly. I looked around. I was on a king sized bed. Suzuna was right next to me sleeping soundly. I walked downstairs rubbing my head. Where was the bathroom? I walked around rubbing my eyes. I bumped into something hard. I jumped back. It was a wall. I sighed. I thought it would be Usui. I found the bathroom and washed up. The house was very silent. Was this a hotel or a house? A good smell drifted to my nose. Where was that coming from? I walked to the smell. I saw Shintani and Usui cooking. I felt a very scary aura from them.

"I'll make the omelet!" Shintani exclaimed.

"Too late", Usui said.

Shintani complained. I walked in. Usui saw me.

"Make the pudding", Usui said.

Shintani saw me.

"Oh Misaki-chan!" He exclaimed, "Good morning!"

"Good morning", said Usui.

"Morning", I said softly.

Usui gave me a small smile and continued cooking.

"Oy start cooking", Usui said.

"Why do I have to listen to you?" Shintani mumbled.

They bickered while finishing up the cooking. I sat down at the table.

"Shintani", I said, "Is this a hotel or a house?"

"It's a hotel", said Shintani.

"Why does it look so much like a house?" I asked.

"Don't ask me", he called out.

I looked at the buffet of food on the table. Usui came and set the last dish on the table.

"Eat up, Ayuzawa", he said smiling.

I grabbed a plate and started filling my plate. Suzuna came down yawning.

"Oh", she said, "What a nice smell."

"Ah Suzuna!" Shintani exclaimed, "Sit down and eat!"

We all sat down and ate.

"I received a phone call from your dad", Usui said, "He wants you home right now."

"But I can't go home!" I exclaimed.

"I explained everything to him", he said.

I nodded. Suzuna ate quietly.

"Oneechan", she said.

"What?" I asked.

"How long will you run?" she asked.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"You're running away from the evil grandpa", she said.

"What can I do?" I asked.

"You gotta stand your ground and you have to be brave", she said, "If you keep running away you won't be able to be brave."

She was right. I was running away from him. I fear him. Usui looked at me not smiling. I gritted my teeth.

"Usui", I said.

"Yes?" Usui asked.

"Let's go back", I said.

"Why?" he asked.

"I want to talk with him", I said.

"But Ayuzawa we just got here", he said.

"So?" I asked.

"We gotta look around", he said smiling.

"W...what?!" I exclaimed, "We aren't on a vacation! We have more serious things to do!"

"Well we can rest while we're doing it", he said.

"Baka!" I exclaimed, "We don't have time to play!"

"Oneechan", Suzuna said, "We all need a break sometimes. Can we shop? This is a one time chance."

I sighed. I slumped down in my chair. Maybe I did need a break.

"Fine", I said, "How long are we staying?"

"A week", Usui said.

"A WEEK?!" I exclaimed.

Usui smiled.

"I wanna spend time with my maid", he said smiling.

"Don't talk to Misaki like that!" Shintani exclaimed.

"Why?" Usui said dangerously, "You aren't dating Miskai."

"Well, I wouldn't say those words!" Shintani complained.

Usui sighed and smiled. He flicked Shintani's forehead.

"Just eat your food", Usui said.

Shintani gave him a glare and set his attention on Suzuna. They were happily chatting away on something. Usui picked at his food.

"Why aren't you eating?" I asked.

"Not hungry", he said.

"You need energy", I said.

He came close to me.

"Feed me then', he said.

I blushed and pushed him back.

"Feed yourself!" I exclaimed.

Usui laughed and started eating.

"What are our plans for today?" Suzuna asked.

"Well I'm not sure of our surroundings just yet and I'm not sure if there are spies around here", Usui said.

"Well we can't go anywhere?" Suzuna asked sadly.

"Unless we stay undercover", Usui said.

"Then we can go right?" Suzuna asked.

"Yes, we can", Usui said.

Suzuna got up quickly and grabbed her plate and Shintani's arm.

"Thank you for the food!" Suzuna exclaimed.

She quickly left. I shot Usui a annoyed glance.

"What?" he asked, "She wanted to go."

"No we can't!" I exclaimed, "What if they capture Suzuna?!"

"Ayuzawa calm down", Usui said, "I'll protect you and we'll be separated from them. Shintani can protect her."

"How would I know if Shintani can protect her?!" I exclaimed.

Usui grabbed my shoulders gently.

"Trust him", he said.

I sighed and looked down. Usui smiled softly and let go of my shoulders.

"Get ready", he said smiling.

I nodded and walked to my room. Suzuna was already ready. She was busy tying her hair.

"Do you think we can buy things here?" Suzuna asked, "I would want to buy a souvenir."

I smiled.

"Of course Suzuna", I said.

She turned to me and grabbed my hands.

"Oneechan", she said, "Don't worry too much about me. Trust Shintani."

"I'm scared that what if I lose you too", I said sadly.

Suzuna smiled and hugged me.

"I'll be fine, Oneechan", she said, "I promise."

I hugged her back then pulled away.

"Then get going", I said smiling, "Come home by 8."

Suzuna beamed and ran out. I sat on the bed and put my hand on my forehead. I can't believe I'm allowing her to go. I got dressed. Usui knocked on my door and came in.

"Finally you knocked", I said.

"Well I didn't want a strong pillow thrown at me", he said plainly.

I smiled.

"Shall we get going?" Usui asked.

I nodded. I grabbed my straw hat and we went out. Usui handed me sunglasses to be in disguise. There were many people. There were many vendors and stalls where they sold many merchandise. Usui and I slowly walked enjoying the view. There was a flower shop with beautiful flowers. I glanced at it and started walking. Usui tapped my shoulder. I turned around and he handed me a white flower.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"A white flower for the beautiful maid", he said.

My eye twitched.

"Don't waste your money on things that aren't useful!" I exclaimed.

"I got it for free though", he said plainly.

"What?!" I exclaimed.

"I was passing by and a woman from the flower shop gave me one to give to-" he started.

He came close and whispered in mg ear.

"My girlfriend", he whispered.

I blushed. Usui held out the flower.

"Will you accept my heart by taking this flower?" I asked.

I looked at him and narrowed my eyes. I quickly turned around and started walking.

"Wah Ayuzawa", he said.

He bugged me saying to accept the flower. I grabbed the flower.

"FINE I'LL TAKE IT!" I exclaimed.

I pouted and looked at the flower. The soft petals were soft to my touch. The sun projected the light purple streaks in the flower.

"Isn't it beautiful?" Usui asked.

"Yes it is", I said.

Usui smiled and took my hand.

"Follow me Ayuzawa", he said.

I nodded and let him take me to a place. There was a stall with beautiful handmade jewelry.

"Pick one out", he said.

"Usui, save your money", I protested.

"Ayuzawa", he said, "I want to spoil you. You're my girlfriend. Please accept the fact that I want to treat you like a princess and I want to show you how much I love you."

I blushed and look at the jewelry on the table. Each one looked expensive. They were beautifully carved or made. My eyes wandered to one bracelet. There was a carved tiger on it that was hanging on the thin black string.

"Ayuzawa", Usui said.

He picked up the one I was looking at.

"Want this one?" he asked.

I nodded. Usui smiled and paid the vendor.

"You have a very beautiful girlfriend", she said.

"Why thank you", Usui said sweetly.

I blushed and pushed Usui gently.

"Stop it", I said.

Usui took my hand and put on the bracelet.

"There, now you'll remember me", he said smiling.

I blushed and looked at it. The wooden tiger laid against my wrist perfectly.

"Let's go walk some more", Usui said smiling.

I nodded. We walked through the crowds of people. I saw Shintani and Suzuna walking their way to the food stalls. I sighed. As usual. Shintani was a food killer.

"Want some food?" Usui asked.

I looked at Usui.

"Why are you suggesting to buy things when I look at them?" I asked.

"Cuz I know Ayuzawa wants it", Usui said slyly, "Plus you're hungry."

"No I'm not!" I exclaimed.

My belly started to growl loudly. Usui fought back his laugh and dragged me to a sweets sat down at a table. I looked around. I spotted men with suits and glasses. They looked familiar. I ducked down quickly.

"Usui", I said.

"I know", he said, "Keep calm. They haven't noticed us yet."

I nodded.

"Act natural", he said, "Just like the photo shoot."

I cringed a little.

"Would you like to order?" asked the waiter.

"I would like the sweet potato pie", Usui said.

"And for your lady?" he asked.

"I would like the ke-lime pie", I answered.

The waiter smiled.

"Anything to drink?" he asked.

"Some cranberry tea will be fine", Usui said.

He nodded and walked away. The men stood up and walked towards us.

Usui grabbed my hand and smiled.

"Act with me", he whispered.

I nodded. The men came close to our table.

"Oh honey I'm so glad we came here!" Usui exclaimed.

"Uh...yeah!" I exclaimed awkwardly

The men eyes us. The waiter came over with our food and tea.

"Please enjoy", he said.

"Thank you", I said.

He bowed and walked to attend to other customers. I took a cut of the pie along with the whipped cream. As it entered my mouth, I felt the sweetness spread against my tongue.

"This is amazing", I exclaimed.

The men walked closer to us. Usui got up suddenly. He reached over and put his hand under my chin.

"W...what are you-", I stuttered.

Usui kissed me gently licking my lips. The men walked quickly away.

"Get a room", muttered one.

After they left, Usui sat down. I was red in the face.

"W...what did you do that for?!" I exclaimed.

"You had cream on your lips", Usui said.

"I could've wiped it off with a napkin!" I exclaimed.

"I couldnt let the whipped cream go to waste", he said happily.

I gave him an angry blushing look. I ate the rest of my pie and drank some tea.

"When will we keep on running?" I asked.

"When my grandfather accepts you", Usui said.

When we left, we met up with Shintani and Suzuna and went home. When I was in my room with Suzuna, she sat next to me and poked my shoulder.

"Oneechan oneechan", she said plainly, "I got something for you."

"Oh?" I asked.

She handed me a stringed red bracelet with a bell in the middle.

"Thanks", I said.

"I have one too", she said, "It's good luck to keep us safe."

"How thoughtful of you", I said.

"Oneechan", she said, "I want you to know that you and I will never be separated and that we'll be safe."

I looked at her weirdly.

"Did Shintani feed you something?" I asked, "You're not like this at all."

She shook her head.

"Just wanted to say it out and all", she said.

She plopped down in her bed.

"I'm going to take a nap", she said.

"Alright", I said.

She snuggled up under the covers.

"You should treat Usui better", she said, "Acting more loving."

"I am loving!" I exclaimed.

Suzuna got up and stared at me for a long time. Her stare was stern.

"Ok fine", I said, "It's cuz I'm not used to showing affection!"

"Well try", she said.

She plopped back down and slept. She was right. I didn't really show affection to Usui. I got up and walked out of the room. I went to the balcony and looked out the scenery. Something flashed against my eyes. There was a car that pulled up to the house. Men with suits came and opened the door. Out of the car came the black raven. The grandfather. I saw Usui walk up to him. They talked a bit before walking in the house. My heart thumped. What was happening?

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