Chapter 9

Usui's POV:

I opened my eyes. I could see a vision of a woman with blonde hair and sharp green eyes. She looked worn out, yet she was still beautiful. Who was this woman? Did I know her?

"Takumi", she said, "His name will be Takumi, Usui."

The scene changed to a familiar room.

"Takumi", said a voice.

I walked out of my room. I saw my adopted parents.

"It's time for you to go to school", she said.

"I know", I said.

"Get dressed and let's eat", she said sweetly.

She smiled and went back to the kitchen.

"I heard you have a girlfriend?" she called out.

"Yeah", I replied.

"I would like to meet her soon", she said happily.

"I promise", I said.

I walked back to my room and got dressed and cleaned up. I came out.

"Mom", I said, "I would like to get my own place."

"Can you handle it?" she asked.

I nodded. She sighed and smiled.

"Alright", she said.

"Thank you", I said.

"Usui", she said.

I wasn't listening.

"Usui wake up", she said.

"But I am awake", I said.

"Usui", she said, "Pay attention."

"USUI!" exclaimed my grandfather.

I snapped back to reality.

"Hai", I answered.

"I want you to come back", he said.

"No", I answered.

"Why not?" he asked.

"I want you to understand that I don't want to be where you live because I feel pressured and I don't want you to take my life and control it", I said sternly.

My grandfather raised his eyebrows.

"It's that girl I tell you", he said.

"No", I said angrily, "Misaki has nothing to do with this. I dragged her in this. She is actually helping me and supporting me till the end. She has been there for me when I needed help. She has been my happiness and sunshine. I'm not going to let you take her and throw her around like a doll. I'm not letting you touch her or even talk with her because what you do is that you torture her and cause her to suffer."

"Now Usui-", started my grandfather.

"No!" I exclaimed angrily, "Just because she is like grandma doesn't mean you can treat her poorly. Sure she may be like grandma, but she isn't her. She's different and Misaki is unique. You take her away from me, I will kill anything in my path. I promised to save her. I promised to keep her safe. Ever since her mother died-."

"Wait her mother died?" he interrupted.

"Yes, yet you treat her poorly and cause her stress", I said, "She lost her mother for god's sake!"

I exhaled out an angry breath. Grandfather sat there surprised. His face softened and he had a very guilty look on his face.

"Will you accept her and stop causing her pain?" I asked.

My grandfather stayed silent.

"Grandfather", I said.

"I shall think about it, but until then", he said, "I want you two back soon. If you don't come back in a week, I will send someone after you."

He got up and walked out with the guards. I watched him as he left in the car. I sighed and rubbed my head. I walked back to the living room.

"You know you can come down now, Ayuzawa", I said sighing.

Misaki came down slowly.

"That was really brave of you to say that", she said softly.

"Well, I had to say what I had to say", I said, "I couldn't leave this on hold anymore."

Misaki came and sat down next to me on the couch.

"Thank you". she said, "For standing up for me."

I got closer to her and rested my head on her lap.

"U...Usui!" she exclaimed, "Get up!"

"Just let me do this", I said, "I wasted my energy and anger out."

Misaki let me rest my head on her lap. She started stroking my hair. I quickly grabbed her hand and rested it on my heart.

"Can you feel my heart?" I asked, "It's beating for you and it's all yours."

Misaki's hand twitched, yet it rested there for a while. I snuggled up against her and started to rest. I hope grandfather would accept her.

Misaki's POV:

I heard everything that Usui said to grandfather. Honestly, I feel bad that I couldn't stand up for myself. His hand gripped my hand tightly as he laid my hand on his heart. I felt bad that he had to go through this.

"Usui", I said softly, "I'm sorry that I caused you a lot."

Usui didn't answer, he was sleeping. I looked at him carefully. He had perfect skin. I leaned back on the couch. How long was I supposed to be here? What if my sister saw? Suzuna was sleeping and I don't know what Shintani was doing. I just rested there and waited for Usui to wake up. I was dozing off and I fell asleep.

When I woke up, it was night already. Suzuna wasn't sleeping in my bed. I got up and looked around. Where was everyone? Were they sleeping? There was a figure that was out on the balcony. I walked towards the figure. It was Usui.

"Usui", I said.

Usui turned around and smiled.

"You're finally up", he said smiling.

"What are you doing up so late?" I asked, "Where's Suzuna?"

"She's sleeping with Shintani", he answered, "Did you not want to sleep with me?"

"N...No!" I exclaimed, "I...I'm more used to sleeping with my sister!"

Usui laughed.

"Calm down", he said, "It's just me."

He looked out towards the sky.

"Misaki", he said suddenly.

"What?" I asked.

"Will you marry me when this is all over?" he asked/

"T...that's a sudden question to ask", I said suddenly.

"I know", he said, "But I want to be with you. I want to protect you. I don't want anyone but you."

"Usui", I said, "I have dreams to achieve."

"I can wait", he said, "I can wait as long as you like as long as you marry me."

I smiled.

"So then I can make you wait till we're old and grey?" I asked.

"Sure", he said, "As long as I'm with you always."

I smiled at his answer.

"Well", I said, "I will think about your offer."

"Awww Ayuzawa", he said, "I'm impatient."

"Well, I'll teach you to be patient", I said stubbornly.

He smiled and hugged me tightly.

"Usui", I said, "I can't breathe."

I tried pushing him away, but his grip tightened around me.

"Keep moving, and I'll keep hugging you tighter", Usui said smiling.

I stopped struggling and just let my hands drop to my side. He pulled back and smiled at me.

"Want to sleep?" he asked.

I nodded, then I rethought his question.

"Wait", I said, "You and me. On the same bed?"

He nodded and smirked. I pushed him away and ran to the bed. I pointed at him.

"Y...you pervert from outer space!" I exclaimed, "You're sleeping on the floor!"

"Awwww Misaki-chan", Usui teased, "I want to sleep with you. Not the hard cold floor."

"N...N..No!" I exclaimed, "I don't trust you in a bed with me!"

I tossed a pillow and a blanket.

"You sleep down there", I exclaimed, "If I see you on the bed in the morning, I will literally kill you with a pillow!"

"How scary Ayuzawa", he laughed.

He laid down on the floor and covered himself with the blanket. I settled down in my bed. My heart was beating fast. Why did Suzuna leave me all alone with the pervert alien! I leaned against the edge of the bed.

"Usui", I said.

"Hm?" he replied.

"Thank you again", I said.

"No need", he said, "Just repay me by just saying yes."

I slammed a pillow down on his face.

"Wahhh Ayuzawa", he complained, "That hurt!"

"Well, I warned you!" I exclaimed.

"No you didn't", he said, "You said that you would only kill me with a pillow if you caught me on the bed in the morning."

"W….well sush!" I exclaimed.

Usui laughed.

"Hai hai", he said, "Get some sleep. Tomorrow, your sister and Shintani are leaving."

"And leaving us alone?" I asked.

"Your father wants her back in Japan", he said.

I nodded.

"When will we go back to England?" I asked.

"Soon", he said, "Let grandfather think about it."

"Do I really remind him as your grandmother?" I asked.

"Yes", he said with a long pause.

"Why?" I asked.

"Well, she was just like you", Usui replied, "Hot tempered, pretty, serious, always protecting girls and etc."

"But what happened?" I asked.

"She passed away', he said, "Cancer, I think."

"Oh", I said, "I see."

"Yeah", Usui said, "It gets him sad that you remind him of his wife."

"Well, I'm sorry for his loss", I said softly, "I hope he just opens up and accepts me."

"You know he wasn't like this", Usui said, "When I was young he was very sweet, nice, and gentle."

"So he became cold hearted after she died?" I asked.

"Yup", he answered.

There was a long period of silence.

"Well, get some rest", he said.

"Good night", I said.

"Good night, my princess", he said.

"Usui", I said.

"Hm?" he asked.

"I….I…", I started, "I l...l..love you."

"I love you too Ayuzawa", he said happily, "Sweet dreams."

I smiled and snuggled up in my covers. I closed my eyes awaiting for the next day to come. When I opened my eyes, it was already sunny. I looked at the clock. It read 10:45 am. I looked down. Usui was no where to be seen. There was a note on the night stand. I picked it up and read it.

"I'm dropping off your sister and Shintani at the airport, they said bye when you were sleeping. I'll be back soon, so don't leave the house. Wait for me."

I put the letter back on the night stand. I got up and started towards the shower. I took a long shower. When I got out, I changed and plopped on the bed. Usui was taking a while to come back. The door opened and closed. I ran downstairs. Usui came in with shopping bags.

"Did you go shopping?" I asked.

"You're awake", he said smiling, "Yes I did."

"Are you making food?" I asked.

"Yes", he said, "Breakfast."

"Can't wait", I said.

Usui started to unpack the food and started cooking. After he finished cooking, we sat down and started eating.

"Usui", I said.

"Hm?" he responded.

"I want to go back", I said.

"To?" he asked.

"England", I said.

Usui put his fork down.

"Misaki", he said, "You sure you want to go back?"

I nodded.

"I want to go back", I said, "I must go back. I need to go back."

"Why so soon?" he asked.

"I just have this gut feeling that I should go back", I said, "I feel like something good might happen."

"You sure you can handle my grandfather?" he asked worriedly, "I don't want him to make you suffer again."

"I can handle it", I said, "Don't worry."

Usui sighed.

"Well, we can leave this afternoon if you want to", he said.

I smiled.

"Thank you", I said.

Usui nodded and finished up his meal. The whole day, we were outside looking around and playing around. When it was time to go, we drove to the private jet and we entered.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we will be departing soon", said the pilot.

"Are you sure you want to go back?" he asked.

"I'm sure", I said.

Usui leaned back in his seat and gave a small smile.

"You've gotten brave, Ayuzawa", he said.

"Well, let's just say that you inspired me", I said.

"Do I get a kiss for that?" he asked quickly.

"No", I said straight forward.

"Awee just one kiss", he pleaded.

"Nope", I said.

He kept asking me the whole way there to England. I looked out the window. I knew that once I stepped foot on England, there was no turning back. I would have to stand up to him and never take a no for an answer. This time, I will win.

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