Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 10

Fighting hard against my friends, I snorted and huffed like an angry bull while I watched helplessly as the brute beat Alex into a pulp in the ankle-deep snow. Only when the assailant pulled a blade out of his hoodie pocket, only then did I see a blend of orange and red as I broke free and pounced on the kid's back with a roar of rage.

Rolling him off Alex, I shoved him a good seven feet away as I glared savagely at him as he chuckled darkly before removing his hoodie, effectively causing every single kid: especially the boys to erupt in a blind panic. As my friends cowered against the fence, I snarled in defiance at my opponent: he was a tall, muscular brute of a kid with blonde hair, mean brown eyes, tattoos along his arms, a red plaid vest and black t-shirt with grey pants as well as a gold chain around his neck.

What made me want to murder him in the most creative ways I could come up with was the smug and prideful sneer spread across his face. "Well well, looks like I have a brand-new bitch to play with. I guess I can fuck around with you before those pansy-ass dykes behind you get what's coming to them." he cackled as he brandished his blade, trying to intimidate me as Alex was hauled to safety by Kyle.

"Calling me a bitch was mistake number one: especially after I was pissed off enough as it was already. Threatening my friends was mistake number two: I don't know who the FUCK you think you are, but if you think I'll let you go after any of them, you are sadly mistaken. And attacking my baby brother well…that's the straw that broke the camel's back!" I snarled as we charged each other, oblivious to the collective gasp and cries of the terrified kids.

Swinging a swift right hook, he tried to take my head off before I snatched his wrist in the same way I had done to Clyde: only this time, I used the momentum of his swing to flip over him and twist his shoulder out of its socket with a dull 'pop'. As he screamed in pain, I kicked him in the back before dashing at him as he stumbled: smashing a right hook of my own into his nose, shattering it on contact.

As blood poured from his face, he slashed wildly at me with the blade in his good hand, snarling in rage as I swooped and ducked around each strike. Seeing my chance, I spun around and rammed my elbow into his jaw, smirking in satisfaction at the loud 'crack' it made before I jumped up and twisted my body in a brutal roundhouse kick, hitting home on his ribs: sending him sprawling back-first into the jungle gym.

Ignoring the kids hunched in a huddle: I stormed over to the barely-conscious bully and grabbed him by the throat. "Now you listen here, if you EVER come near my family or friends again…you bet your ass you will be heading home in a body bag. Do you understand me you slimy piece of shit?!" I growled as he choked and sputtered on his own blood and lack of air as I squeezed. "I said, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!" I yelled: slamming his head into the ground, before letting him go as he rapidly nodded: but not before knocking him unconscious with a curb-stomp for good measure.

Once the trash was taken care of, I turned to the kids as they all stared fearfully at me: considering the whole fight lasted about a minute tops. Not giving a shit about any of them, I walked over to see how badly Alex was beaten: he had a broken nose, bruised face, a sprained wrist and a shiner that had already swollen shut. Taking my beanie off, I stuffed it full of snow before placing it on his face, holding him still as he tried to get away.

"Damnit Alex hold still, I'm not in the mood for your bullshit right now." I said, making him stare at me with his only good but bloodshot eye. "Saphira? What did you do?!" he whimpered as he held the makeshift icepack to his face. "I did my job little brother: I took care of it." I replied as the bell rang, causing all but my friends to dash as fast as their legs could carry them back inside the school. "He-He was gonna kill me Saphy! He j-just came up and started hitting me! I don't even know what I did wrong! What did I do sis?" he sobbed, making me clench my jaw as I fiercely glared over at the unconscious boy who lay in the blood-stained snow.

"You didn't do anything Little Bit: some people are just that way. And it's those kinds of people you always have to stay away from no matter what. Do you understand?" I asked as he nodded, crying and sniffling silent tears as I picked him up and let him ride on my back. "C'mon, I'm signing you out: then I'm taking you home." I said as I glanced at my friends: who all looked scared to death and amazed at what I had just done. Nodding once to them, I quickly carried Alex and our stuff to the principal's office: VERY aware how everyone in the hallways gave me a wide berth and pressed themselves flat against their lockers as I passed by, as well as my red-orange tinted vision.

Entering Principal Victoria's office without even bothering to knock, I quickly caught the blonde lady's attention as she stood from her desk and rushed over to us. "What on earth happened?!" she demanded as she called in the nurse, who started treating my brother immediately. Once she was done tending to him, I told her about what happened outside, watching her face change from angry, to shocked, to angry again.

"I should have known he would come back, I told them he would too. Young lady, do you know who this boy is?" she asked as the nurse wrapped my hand in gauze. "No and I don't care, serves him right for putting his hands on my brother." I said as she sighed before rubbing her temples in frustration. "His name is Trent Boyett: he was one of the meanest children to ever attend this school. Everyone, even adults were afraid of him until he was arrested and thrown in juvenile prison for five years after he caused a fire that permanently damaged a preschool teacher. I don't know how you managed to do what you did to him but you and your little friends can rest easy: after I call your parents, I'll call in the police to return him to prison for a longer sentence. He won't bother you again." she explained as she dialed my mom's number, and explained what happened and what I had done for the sake of Alex.

After about half an hour of waiting, mom showed up and took both of us home after fussing over what happened to Alex. As I sat on the couch and mom put Alex to bed with a couple Advil, I couldn't help the internal panic as it dawned on me that everyone had seen what happened to me and as I suspected: they are now all afraid of me. And now we will have to leave South Park because I couldn't keep my god-forsaken anger in check! My father was gonna kill me, not that it would be a bad thing to do at this point.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by my mom as she walked down the stairs and came to a stop in front of me. "I should thank you for what you did for Alex Saphira, by the sounds of this boy and what he did: Alex would be dead now if it weren't for you. But unfortunately I need to tell your father about this and he won't be happy to hear you got into a fight, so until this blows over with him…" she started with a shameful look on her face and I knew what she wanted me to do.

"Basement?" I asked, sighing heavily as she nodded before giving me a tight hug, letting go of me as I once again found myself walking down the creaky wooden steps of the basement, pausing as I heard the lock on the door click: trapping me down here once again. 'Maybe it's better for everyone if I just laid down and died, I'm clearing good for nothing but scaring people and a burden after all. Like dad said, those kids will probably never speak to me again after today, I mean: WHO would be crazy enough to be friends with a monster like me?' I thought bitterly as I sat on the cold, damp floor again as I waited for my dad to get home from work, and the inevitable job of packing up my things again, and never to see any of my friends ever again: that was the part that totally destroyed my already-damaged soul.

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