Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 13

When the bus had dropped the guys and I off at school the next day, I had expected everything to be okay again. But what I had expected and what was: were as different as a smile was from a punch to the gut. My mom had decided to keep Alex home for a few days so his injuries could heal, and the guys had branched off somewhere.

As I walked down the hallway, the other kids would either flatten themselves against their lockers, or whisper harsh comments behind my back as I passed by. 'Just brush it off Saphira. It will pass soon.' I told myself as I took my seat in Mr. Garrison's class before anyone else had even shown up. Once the bell had finally rung, I couldn't bear to look up from my homework as the guys walked through the door, chatting loudly about something I couldn't catch.

As soon as they spotted me, the entire class went silent: even going so far as to move their desks as far away from mine as possible. Oddly enough, the only one that hadn't done this was Kenny, who instead moved his desk closer to mine so that they connected. Smiling at him, I continued to finish up my homework before another desk slammed into mine from the other side. Looking to my right in confusion, I was greeted by the sight of Kyle as he patted my back in reassurance with a smile.

Before I could even register what was going on, Stan and reluctantly Eric had also pushed their desks over to mine until it created one large desk. "T-Thanks guys." I barely managed to say as I dried my watering eyes off with my beanie. Before any of them could reply, the bitch in purple decided this was the perfect moment to destroy what was left of my self-esteem. "Oh Stan, I was just chatting with Bebe and couldn't help but notice that you had accidentally decided to sit with the Freak, let's fix that shall we?" she said sweetly as she cuddled up next to the boy in question.

"Yeah! Get away from that monster before you end up like Trent." a blonde girl known as Bebe sneered as the rest of Wendy's posse joined in with similar insults of various degree. As Kyle and Kenny angrily defended me, I felt my stomach tighten and my ears redden: a clear sign that I was going to cry, something I REALLY didn't want to do, especially in front of the boys. Blinking rapidly, I raised my hand to answer an easy math question that Mr. Garrison asked when the unthinkable happened.

At Wendy's wink, her and all of her followers emitted screams and shrieks of 'agony' as they threw themselves from their desks and into walls, writhing on the floor while clutching their necks, scratching at their eyes, etc. No sooner that I had put my hand down, did they stop their act: not that it mattered because everyone was staring at me and trembling in fear. "W-What the fuck are you playing at you fucking monster?!" Wendy screeched as Mr. Garrison hurried from the chalkboard over to the 'fallen' students.

"Look everyone! Look at what this…this FREAK did to me!" Bebe wailed, keeping up the act as she showed the class a pair of clearly self-inflicted handprints on her neck. Clenching my jaw to the point where it hurt, I glared venomously at a very smug Wendy as I stood from my seat and bolted out of the classroom, completely ignoring the pleas of Kenny and Kyle to 'wait for them' or 'come back.' I didn't know how long I was running or where I was going but I had somehow found myself wedged in a secluded corner of the cafeteria.

Ripping the burnt-orange beanie from my head, I jammed it in my eyes as the tears started rolling, completely soaking my hat in less than a few minutes. 'How can I EVER show my face after what that skank has done?!' that was the question that plagued my mind ever since I left the classroom. Sure it was sweet of the boys to stick up for me, but there was only so much that they could do: and THIS wasn't part of that category, not by a long shot. As I sat curled up on the floor, I continued to cry silent tears and wish for nothing more than the floor to open up and swallow me whole.

If it were possible, I curled into a tighter ball at the sound of the cafeteria doors slamming shut and the pitter-patter of small feet walking towards my hiding spot. "W-What the? Saphira? What are ya doing on the floor?" the unmistakable stutter of Butters sounded, identifying the student that had been approaching me. Even though I was glad that someone decent had found me, I couldn't bring myself to reply: just hid my face in my arms and sniffed.

"H-Hey now don't cry, what happened?" he asked, concerned as he put something made out of wood: judging by the sound, on the floor and crouched next to me. Smiling through my tears, I glanced up at him for a second before unceremoniously dropping my head back on my arms. "You weren't there?" I mumbled through the fabric of my hoodie. "N-No, I was in the bathroom before c-class started." he replied as he sat next to me on the floor, as I fought to stop crying.

"Wendy and her posse of whores decided to frame me for 'beating them up' during class. It's like nothing I do can prove to anyone that I'm not a bad person, but I really shouldn't even BE surprised: I've been an outcast to society ever since I was five." I said as Butters suddenly stood up and held his hand out to me. "W-Well it looks l-like this is a job for Professor Chaos." he said as he helped me up and started walking over to the exit of the cafeteria. "Who?" I asked as I jogged to catch up with him as he began leading me off somewhere. "U-Um Professor Chaos i-is the most evil m-mastermind in South Park and is always trying to come up with evil plots to bring Chaos upon the world that shunned him. If there is anyone that could help you get back at them for d-doing that to you: it's him." he said as he led me towards the bathrooms, neither of us really caring that we were skipping class because this was more important apparently.

Stopping in front of the boy's bathroom, Butters looked down the hallways to make sure we weren't being followed before turning to me. "This is where Chaos hides, I'm-I'm gonna go tell him you're here, wait right there." he said as he slipped inside the bathroom before I could say anything. After the door shut I was beginning to get a bit worried for Butters, especially if he was confronting someone as dangerous sounding as this 'Professor Chaos'. Before I could break any more rules by storming in after him, the door creaked open: revealing something I did NOT expect at all.

Standing in the doorway…was none other than Butters dressed in a strange-looking costume. His helmet, gloves and shoulder plates were made from aluminum foil with a small red spot in the middle of his forehead. Across his chest was a pair of metal disks connected by a chain that held a dark-green cape across his back. As he stepped out of the bathroom, I saw that his boots were also made from aluminum foil, making him look a strange combination of Dr. Doom and Magneto.

'This is an all well and good costume, but how is this supposed to help me?' I wondered as Butters stared intently at me with his arms crossed over his chest. "So, this is the one in need of a little Chaos? Well, I hope I'm not wasting my time with some petty argument." he said in an evil-sounding voice without stuttering. "Uh Butters, what're you doing?" I asked confused as he narrowed his eyes at me. "No! Not Butters you incompetent fool! I am the mighty Professor Chaos: Master of all things Evil, King of Vengeance, and Lord of Chaos!" he suddenly shouted, slamming his fist angrily into the set of lockers next to him, and that's when it hit me: Butters had multiple personalities! And apparently I was speaking to the side of Butters that was born when the world shunned him: how ironic.

Deciding to humor him, I nodded before following him to a nearby empty classroom to discuss 'business'. As he jumped up on the teacher's desk, he stood firm: as if he expected me to bow before him or something of the like. "I have been framed for attacking Wendy and her pack of bitches during class." I said simply as Chao's face split into an evil sneer. "And so you sought out Chaos…how utterly delightful, but I am curious Saphira MacManus: why frame you?" he questioned as he glared down at me. "Let me make one thing clear: I don't trust you Chaos, but I DO trust Butters. Therefore I'm inclined to share this information with you, but only if you play by MY rules." I said with a glare of my own, causing him to let out a bark of laughter that I knew Butters wouldn't make, confirming the multiple-personality theory.

"Who are YOU to give demands of ME?! I should make you suffer for your foolishness, however, Butters seems quite fond of you: it's most irritating that he holds back the chaos I wish to reign on the world." he said with an annoyed scowl that instantly made me think of Mysterion. "You might think the world has shunned you, when in truth: you don't know the meaning of the word." I said as his eyes flashed in rage before he stomped down on the desk, not only making a loud noise, but also sending everything on it to the floor.

"How DARE you! You think I don't know what it feels like to be pushed around, to be bullied by everyone around without the smallest bit of sympathy, to be used in schemes that either gets me grounded, or sent to the hospital?! So don't you dare think you're so high and mighty just because of something as petty as this!" he snarled as I stared back at him fearlessly. "At least YOU aren't the result of scientists playing with something they couldn't control, at least YOU weren't locked up in a cage like some animal for four years of your life: forced to fight, and cursed with a power you never wanted." I snapped, causing Chaos to cease his rage and narrow his beady eyes at me.

"Oh?" he questioned from his perch, taking in the meaning of my stance before nodding once. "Why don't you…PROVE it? Prove to me that you deserve my help, then I'll decide whether or not to help you." he smirked, laughing harshly at the horrified look on my face. 'Is he INSANE?! There is no way in hell I'm proving my abilities to him: what if he betrays me, what if someone else sees?!' I panicked, amusing Chaos all the more. "Show my power?! Are you out of your mind?!" I hissed, causing him to shrug his shoulders before hopping down from the desk.

"Fine, then I guess you could help yourself: because I have bigger plans then to help some loser of a girl win a spat amongst her classmates." he stated as he grabbed hold of the doorknob, preparing himself to leave. "Fine!" I growled, making Chaos pause at the door before glance back at me with a victorious glint in his eye, making me question why the FUCK I decided to agree to this.

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