Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 14

'Why the hell am I doing this? Why me?!' I groaned internally as Chaos laughed maniacally before walking over to me, stopping a few feet away. "See? That wasn't so difficult now was it? Well, go on then: show me what you can do." he said, the smug look never leaving his face as I gulped nervously and checked to see if the door was shut good and tight.

"I'm warning you Chaos, you speak ONE word of this to anyone…and I will hunt you down and rip you apart in the most creative way possible: I don't care if you ARE Butters!" I snarled before raising my right elbow, so that my hand and forearm were level with my head. Even though I was killing myself inside, I couldn't help the slight smirk at Chaos' confused look as he stared at me. Giving my arm the slightest twitch, it suddenly became nothing but writhing, black-cherry and glowing red biomass: shifting and changing until my entire arm became nothing but a deep-red, glowing limb with twelve-inch long, razor-sharp curved blades for claws.

Up the length of my arm was hardened biomass that twitched and moved like muscle and was more than capable of just about anything: from ripping and tearing, to climbing and hanging. Up the rest of my arm was the same biomass, only blade-like spines and raised ridges grew from the already frightening image. As I stared Chaos in the eye, I saw raw fear and terror make itself known in every fiber of his being, causing me to twitch my arm again: rendering it back to normal, like it was never there.

"Are you satisfied?" I spat, bringing him out of his daze and caused him to stumble back away from me before regaining control of himself. "What power…!" he cried joyfully before instantly agreeing to help me in getting back at Wendy, to my cautious relief. "So you can change your form into anything?" he interrogated as we made our way back to the bathrooms, making me gulp before nodding. "If you were to change into someone, would they have a clone?" he asked as he suddenly started rubbing his hands together with an evil smile on his face, making me automatically shake my head.

"No, the only way I can change into someone is for me to consume them. If I were to consume you, you will die." I said, making him stare at me in shock for a second. "Very well, I shall begin planning for vengeance against Wendy and her little group. When it is complete, I will seek you out: pleasure doing business with you, Saphira MacManus." he said as he disappeared inside the bathroom, only to reemerge as Butters a few minutes later. Judging by the look on his face, he hadn't a clue as to what happened after he first entered the bathroom.

'Thank god, I don't know what I would've done if poor Butters had remembered seeing my power.' I thought as he nervously tapped his fingers together. "W-Well? What did he say Saphira?" he asked as we began walking down the hallway with no real destination in mind. "He said he would help me, and you were right Butters." I said, causing the poor kid to stumble in his step: as if he wasn't expecting me to agree with him on anything. "A-About what?" he asked nervously as we walked around the corner and past Mr. Garrison's classroom.

"That Professor Chaos is an evil mastermind, took me a while to get him to agree to help me. And just between you and me: he had a pretty badass costume, don't tell him I said that though." I said, watching as his face lit up like a Christmas tree at my compliments on his alter-ego and costume. I said that for two reasons: one, it was true: that costume was pretty cool and creative and two: I said it to help boost his self-esteem. Being used to abuse and mistreatment myself, I could easily read the same signs in others: and poor Butters just screamed 'save me' in everything he did and it made me sad and angry that I was the only one that could see it, especially when I had only known him for a few days.

"You-You really think so?" Butters said, snapping me out of my daze as I turned and smiled at him. "Hell yeah I do!" I replied as his face split into an ear-to-ear grin, making me happy that I had made his day. As I looked at the happy look on his face, I suddenly had an idea that would make both of our days better: I just hoped we wouldn't get in trouble for it. "Hey Butters." I said, catching the timid boy's attention. "Y-Yeah?" he asked as I checked for any eavesdroppers before continuing. "Do you just want to skip and go home? I really don't feel like going back in that classroom after what happened this morning." I said as Butters' eyes widened in fear before playing nervously with his shirt.

"Aw gee whiz Saphira: I don't wanna get grounded for leaving school. I-I mean, what if we get caught and my parents find out?" he stuttered, making me grin at him in reassurance. "Don't worry about that, nobodies gonna find out and we won't get in trouble." I said as I walked towards the side exit of the school, smirking to myself as I heard Butters run to catch up with me as we quietly slipped out of the building and jumped the fence. About halfway home I pulled out my phone and started texting my mom and asked her if she could have both Butters and I signed out of school, that way his parents wouldn't ground him.

"Eh th-that's okay, usually when people hang out with me for a while, they turn their attention to their phones instead." Butters said with his head down as he kicked a pebble down the snow-covered sidewalk. 'Oh Butters.' I thought sadly as I put my phone back in the pocket of my hoodie. "Don't worry Butters, I was just texting my mom and telling her I wasn't feeling well so I was going home." I said, leaving out the little white lie as we turned the corner of our street. "O-Oh alright then." he replied, breathing a sigh of relief when he saw that his parents weren't home, making me think that there was more to Butters' family than what would be expected.

Walking up the ice-covered driveway of my house, I smiled at Butters before unlocking the door and leading him inside and out of the cold. "You-you have a n-nice house Saphira." he complimented, placing his backpack next to the door as we removed our soaking wet boots and placed them next to the fireplace for them to dry. "Thank you Butters, you would have liked our other house too: it was right on the beach with islands that you could swim to. Alex and I had turned this one island into our own special place: we built a whole bunch of treehouses and turned them into a place similar to Kupa Keep. All of you guys would've loved it." I said, feeling a bit nostalgic as I told him about our island, but that went away as soon as I saw the look of awe on his face.

"That must have been real neat-o to live in a place like that, wish we could see what it looked like." Butters said as he rubbed his hands together as I lit the fireplace. "I can show you what it looked like through a video we made just before we moved. I don't know where it is though, but that's okay: there are plenty of other things we could do until Eric and the guys get out of school so feel free to stay until then Butters." I said with a grin, which turned into a smile as he looked at me in shock. "You- You really mean it?" he asked as his eyes filled with tears.

'Poor thing, so used to being rejected that he expects it now, it's like he doesn't have a single friend in the world.' I thought as I nodded, struggling to breathe and keep my power in check as Butters tackled me in a suffocating bear-hug while thanking me repeatedly. "N-Not to burst your b-bubble…but I kinda n-need air Butters!" I wheezed as he let go instantly. "Aw gee whiz, I'm sorry Saphira." he apologized while looking down at his socks. "That's alright, now enough of this cheesy-emotions crap: let's kick some people's asses on Xbox." I smirked as we basically raced each other up the steps and into Alex's and my room, more than ready to enjoy each other's company: as outcasts of society.

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