Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 15

I was astounded to say the least: not only had Butters taken an instant liking to Jake and Hershey, but he was actually kicking my ass in Halo 4. He even asked if he could play with Jake wrapped around his neck, and after showing him how to position the eight month old python, he quickly started laughing as Jake kept bumping Butters in the ear with his nose. Once everything was set up, I started a custom Halo game so Butters could learn the controls and how to use the weapons.

After about five minutes or so, I found that Butters was a natural sniper: even going so far as to get headshots on me from across the map and was able to ricochet the bullets so that they bounced off the walls and nailed me in the face from behind cover. At first I was going easy on him, but after the twelfth time well…let's just say that I showed him why I was called 'The Huntress' by my Xbox friends. Smirking evilly, I glanced at Butters as he scratched Jake under the chin before turning my attention back to the game as my character stalked his own from the platform above him.

I moved slowly enough so that I wouldn't show up on the radar, while Butters crept along the walkway, ready to snipe anything that moved. "Hey Butters, guess what?" I said, keeping my voice as ominous as possible so I could not only freak him out, but to get a better reaction out of him. "Wh-What?" he asked nervously as he saw my face split into a sinister smile. "Surprise!" I shouted as I made my Spartan jump from her hiding place and quickly held down B: causing the animation of my Spartan to tackle Butters' character to the ground and run him through with the Energy Sword she carried.

"AW WHAT!" he yelled in denial, making me laugh my ass off as I tried to run around a corner: only to run into one of Butters' Plasma Grenades, earning him the final kill of the game with a score of 50 to 45. "Good game Butters, I didn't expect you to kick my ass like that. You are terrifying with that damn Sniper, maybe we could have the guys join in: you'd get their respect for sure." I said, making him turn a brilliant shade of red as he held Jake, laughing at the image of Snoopy I had pointed out to him. Our fun was interrupted by a large snowball crashing into my window, causing both of us to nearly jump out of our skin.

Turning off the Xbox and the TV, I was finally able to hear the shouting outside clearly. "EY MacManus! Get your pansy-ass out here and get back to the god-damned game!" an all-to-familiar voice yelled from downstairs. "Well, looks like the boys are home, let's get back into costume and back to playing, Butters." I said with a sigh as I placed Jake back into his cage and locked the hatch so he couldn't escape. Nodding at my request, Butters ran down the stairs, gathered his things, and dashed next door so he could change into his costume. 'I guess I'm on my own since Alex is out with mom.' I thought as I put on my Fighters garb and sword, before heading out the door and over to Eric's house, where the rest of the residents of Kupa Keep were already waiting.

Bidding Mrs. Cartman a quick 'hello', I headed out to the backyard, where I was immediately greeted with nervous looks from Scott, a rather touchy-feely hug from Kenny, and a glare from Eric. "About damn time! Where the fuck were you?!" he snapped as he slammed his stick on the snowy ground, sending the slushy substance across the grass. "I was playing Halo with Butters while we waited for you guys if you must know." I replied with a glare as he stomped right up to me and stared me in the eye.

"Watch your tone bitch, or I will banish you from space and time: just like Clyde. I don't even know why you're still fucking playing with us when you can't even handle being called out by Testaburger." he growled, smirking as he hit the sensitive subject that was still raw in my mind. "Cartman!" Kenny exclaimed as I involuntarily flinched before fiercely glaring at him, reveling in his sudden nervousness as my vision turned orange: signaling my inner rage at the fat kid in front of me.

"If you were smart, you'd keep your comments to yourself: especially about matters you couldn't even BEGIN to understand. Now, let's continue this game shall we?" I questioned as my vision returned to normal and Eric regained control of himself. "Holy fuck dude!" Kenny whispered to Butters as I stepped back from Eric and waited for him to give me my objective. "As I was saying: the elves have stolen The Stick of Truth, and we must assemble our ENTIRE army in order to get it back." Eric said as he got back into character.

"But our three best warriors haven't reported for duty yet my King!" Butters protested, drawing our attention to him while Eric rubbed his double-chin in thought. "One of our newest members can take care of that! MacManus, I want you to venture out into the neighborhood and retrieve my three best warriors: Token, Tweek and Craig. I'm texting their profiles to your Facebook page now." he said as he sent the pictures over to my phone: which buzzed with each notification.

"But beware: the lands beyond are full of marauding Drow Elves, monsters and sixth graders. I have a feeling you will be well-equipped, but I will send Princess Kenny to accompany you so you could discuss girly shit, or whatever it is you do. Now go! And send my warriors here, while I send my carrier raven to deliver a pissed off message to your bailing brother!" he said as Kenny approached me while carrying a pink and white bow and arrows. "Alex is out with my mom, and you FORGOT to mention the 'Savior' part of the game you asshole!" I shouted to the Grand Wizard over my shoulder as Kenny and I reentered the house and exited out the front door.

Once we were out of sight of the others, Kenny suddenly pulled me aside with a concerned look on what part of his face I could see. "Are you alright Saphira? You worried us when you didn't come back to class." he said as he searched my gaze for any sign that I was still hooked on Wendy's plot. "To be honest: I'm getting REAL sick of people judging me for being different than them. I just want people to accept me for WHO I am, not what people make me out to be." I said as I looked down at my boots, hoping to get him to understand without having to give it away.

"You have friends with us, maybe not Cartman because he's always been a dick. But me, Kyle and Butters: we're your friends." he replied as he tilted my chin up so I could make eye contact with him, to show how serious he was. "You forgot someone Kenny." I said with a small smile as I thought about the vigilante that knew me better than anyone else ever could. "I did?" he asked, confusion in his ocean-blue eyes.

"The first night I moved here, I got punished and locked in the basement by my dad. After they went to bed without giving me any dinner, I snuck up on the roof to look at the sky and just for once feel like I was normal. That was when I met someone who knows me on a deeper level than anyone probably ever will: I met Mysterion." I said as Kenny's eyes widened before he gripped my arms in a firm grip. "You met Mysterion?! Wow Saphira, you must be a very special lady to get the attention of South Park's superhero! Not that I can blame him when there's a looker like you hangin' around." he flirted with a wink, causing my face to match the color of my hoodie: much to Kenny's amusement.

'God damnit WHY! Why must God torture me with someone who thinks he likes me: only to run and hide once my 'true self' comes clean?!' I thought as I angrily shook the blush from my face. "More like he met me, he scared the shit out of me to the point where I almost fell off the roof. I'm grateful he saved me when he didn't have to, and it turns out we are very similar in certain cases and I wish I could tell him that he's the main reason why I'm trying to make an effort to change my image." I said as his eyes crinkled in a smile. "I'm sure he would be very happy to hear that, especially from you, now c'mon: we've got a game to play." Kenny said as he let go of my arms and led me in the direction of our current destination, and towards what I hoped would be new friends as accepting and amazing as Kenny.

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