Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 16

Walking past my house, we came across a barricade that said 'no humans' on a cardboard sign sitting in the middle of the sidewalk. 'Seriously? They honestly think that THAT is going to stop me from getting to where I need to be?' I thought as I rolled my eyes before giving the barricade a good punch, leaving it in pieces on the ground. Even though that puny punch wasn't even scratching the surface of what my real power could do, I still couldn't help but smirk at Kenny's impressed whistle. Continuing on our way, we were suddenly ambushed by a group of four elves that were hiding inside a snowman.

"Halt! This is Drow Elf territory, get out of here!" one of them yelled as they brandished their weapons of choice. "How dare you?! You elves are speaking to the Savior of Zaron! You WILL let us pass, or else I know a group of elves that will be feeling the wrath of King Kyle." I shouted in defiance, making all four elves suddenly drop into the snow and apologize repeatedly. "Holy shit! Forgive us Savior: we didn't know it was you! Please…go right ahead." an elf dressed in red armor cried as they backed away, letting Kenny and I pass without a fuss.

"What was that about?" Kenny asked in confusion as we rounded a corner and continued down the block, passing the wooden welcome sign for the town as we did. "Apparently Eric forgot to mention that I was some kind of 'Savior' that will bring peace to both races while protecting the land from an Army of Darkness, or some shit like that. When the elves took The Stick, they also kidnapped me and brought me before their king. That's the story he told me while I was there." I explained as Kenny's eyebrows shot up to his hairline in surprise.

"Damn, that's quite a responsibility." Kenny said as he adjusted the extremely girly bow across his back. "I don't know if I could do it though: in case you didn't get the memo, I'm not normal Kenny." I griped, causing Kenny to put a gloved hand on my shoulder. "So? Nothing in this town is normal Saphira, doesn't mean anything here. And if you're not normal: then what are you?" he asked as quietly and as carefully as he could, as if he somehow KNEW this subject was a lot bigger than what I was letting on. "I'm less than human, but also something more." I said, leaving it at that as we continued on our way to recruit Eric's 'best warriors'.

"Who should we recruit first Kenny? You know South Park a lot better than I do." I asked as Kenny suddenly became thoughtful. "Well Craig's house is closest, so we should go to his house." he said as I nodded before following Kenny to the boy in question's house. The rest of the walk was pretty quiet, mainly because neither of us knew what to say: it wasn't an awkward or bad silence though and I was grateful for that. Following Kenny up the driveway of a tan-colored house, I made sure I had the letter addressed to Craig before knocking on the door.

After a minute, a middle-aged man with balding orange hair answered the door. "Ya looking for Craig?" he asked as I nodded. "Yes sir, is he home?" I asked, surprising the man with my politeness. "Sorry kids but he can't play. He's in detention, something about flippin' off the principle." he said before closing the door, leaving Kenny and I to try something else. "Now what? If Craig can't play with us, who should we go for next?" I asked as Kenny thought for a minute before answering.

"We could get Tweek, but…" he started before scratching the back of his neck. "But what? What's so bad about Tweek?" I asked as we turned around and began walking in the direction of where we would find him. "Tweek's addicted to coffee and is always spazzing and twitching. He is also extremely paranoid and will scream about the smallest things, he's a good friend but…" he explained as I turned to him in surprise.

"His parents give him coffee? Well that probably explains why he acts that way, don't worry Kenny: I won't judge you guys." I reassured as I gave his shoulder a pat before continuing down the icy sidewalk. Before he could reply, we heard a lot of shouting that sounded like a bunch of girls. Rolling my eyes as Kenny's became mischievous, we came across a group of girls who were tormenting a little blonde girl by keeping something of hers out of reach.

Growling to myself, I signaled Kenny to wait a minute before I stormed over to the bullying girls. "Hey!" I shouted, effectively catching their attention. "Beat it kid, if you know what's good for you." a girl in a grey hoodie threatened as she palmed her fist, making me laugh until I cried. "You think this is funny bitch?!" a girl in a light-blue sweater and really poofy hair snarled as all three of them approached me with their fists raised. "Actually I do, you should watch who you threaten: for they might just kick your ass." I replied nonchalantly as they circled me, not that I gave a shit.

"That's it, you're going down!" the one in grey shouted as she charged me. Ducking under her fist, I snatched her by the throat and shoved her into her friends, sending all of them to the pavement. Growling in anger, the one in blue tried her luck: only for me to snatch her by the hair and ram my knee into her face, giving her a bloody nose and making her fall into the snow. Slipping into the Tiger stance, I motioned for the one in red to try and attack me, and the stupid girl she was: fell for the taunt.

Snatching the girl's wrists, I jumped into the air and spun her around before slamming her into the ground. Smirking at the last girl, I laughed as she fearfully gathered her friends and took off running as fast as their legs could carry them. Once they were gone, I approached the little girl as she picked up the toy that had been kept from her. "Whew…thanks! I owe you one kid." she said as she held the toy to her. "No need to thank me, was just at the right place at the right time, that's all." I replied as she became confused for a second before smiling and dashing off somewhere.

Turning back to Kenny, I saw that he was staring at me with an emotion I couldn't place. "What?" I asked, snapping him out of whatever THAT was all about as he shook his head with a shrug of his shoulders and continued leading me down the sidewalk. At the pace we were going, it didn't take us long to reach the marketplace, why we were here I didn't know: and I really wasn't going to ask as Kenny stopped walking in front of a crosswalk, where I spotted a man hiding behind a bush. Cautiously approaching him, I saw that he had a fake mustache and glasses on his face as his gaze shifted from one direction to another.

Feeling my body suit shift and tense up, I stared intently at the man as he began talking in a hushed voice. "Don't worry kids: I'm not here to hurt you. It's me: Al Gore, you know? I'm super important. All right look- I've detected some VERY strange activity in this area." he said, instantly making me tense up in fear that he was talking about me. "I believe we are dealing with…ManBearPig." he continued, making me feel relieved that it wasn't me that he was referring to, but also confusing the shit out of me. 'The fuck is this guy smoking?' I wondered as I cleared my throat, making him stop ranting.

"What is ManBearPig?" I asked him, making him look at me as if I had grown three heads. "What is…? ManBearPig is a monster that is part man, part bear and part pig, he is notorious for gobbling up little kids like you." he explained, making a feeling of dread to settle in my gut. 'Sounds like something Blackwatch would send after me, if this thing is real: then I need to get rid of it before it kills anyone.' I thought as Al Gore continued his explanation.

"I know you're scared, but I need help. Take these sensors and place them in the specific locations on the ManBearPig map." he said as he handed me three solar-powered lights before disappearing behind one of the nearby buildings, leaving Kenny and I to continue on our quest for finding Tweek in a town that was proving to be weirder than I had originally thought.

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