Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 18

Walking over to the garage, I carefully navigated a pile of glass before effortlessly lifting the terribly rusted door, exposing a rat-infested mattress and a broken door. "You don't have to come in with me Kenny." I said as Kenny played with the hem of his dress before glancing over at me. "But who's gonna watch your back?" he asked as I sent a grin his way. "I'm good, besides: if we're both in there, who's going to protect us from those elves over there?" I replied, pointing at the same group of elves who had been challenging us earlier.

Following my finger, his gaze turned from worried to determined as he slung his bow from his back and notched an arrow. "I'd like to see those elves TRY to get in." he said as he glared at the elves who continued to throw taunts and insults at us. "I won't be long." I said as I pat his shoulder before cautiously walking inside the garage and over to the door. Glancing back at Kenny, I saw that he hadn't moved from his spot, making me sigh in relief. 'Good, now I can get to the bottom of this whole thing.' I thought as I placed my hand on the doorknob. Ever since I saw Tweek, I had been suspicious as to why he couldn't stop moving. I had also picked up a strange scent amongst the coffee ingredients that didn't fit with your typical blend. That, and the fact that people are living in Kenny's garage: it was time to get to the bottom of it, right now.

Stepping through the door, I immediately covered my sensitive nose as multiple toxic smells bombarded me all at once. Once I overcame the smell, I took in the area that USED to be a garage. What had been a place for cars is now a laboratory where three filthy people stood smoking and working with the equipment. The sight brought back so many flashbacks that I had to literally slap myself to keep from crying. Once I had control of myself, I approached the smoking man, grateful that Kenny hadn't come with me: just in case if I was forced to use defensive means.

"Yeah yeah we got the package for Tweak Coffee. You got the envelope?" he questioned me as he took a long drag from his cigarette. "Here." I said, tossing it to him with narrowed eyes. As he picked it up, the second man walked up next to him and glared at me. "Hey…that's not the usual kid that picks up the package." he said to the first one. 'No shit, whatever gave you THAT idea?' I thought sarcastically as the first man suddenly jumped in realization. "Huh? Oh shit! IT'S A COP!" he shouted as all three of them picked up weapons: the first man had a pipe, the second had a plunger and the woman had a broken bottle. "A cop? You guys SERIOUSLY think I'm a cop?" I said with a deadpanned look on my face at their absolute stupidity.

Dodging the man with the pipe, I brought my elbow back and rammed it into the base of his skull as he passed me, rendering him stumbling and tripping over his feet before running into the wall. Once he was down, the second man tried his luck, only to have me rip the plunger from his grasp and hit him in the stomach with the handle, knocking the wind out of him. As he knelt on the disgusting floor, I nailed him in the side of the head with a brutal roundhouse kick, sending him sprawling into a table, sending the contents everywhere in the process.

Before I had time to turn around, the woman suddenly snatched me by the hair and ran a knife across my throat, sending dark-red blood to follow the weapon's path. Thinking she killed me when I didn't move, I caught her off guard when I threw both my elbows back into her, sending her flying into the concrete of the wall that was about ten feet away. As she dropped to the floor, I saw that she left a dent in the wall and a red streak where she landed.

Gagging slightly as the veins, tendons and muscles put themselves back together and healed, I walked over to a set of uneven shelves: where Tweek's package sat. Looking up at the top shelf where the package was, I raised my left arm and let the virus do my bidding. As my arm changed into a bright-red and black glowing limb that I had come to call Whipfist: which was as long as I was tall, I was able to simply reach up and take the package without having to do some tedious climbing or any other bullshit. Backing out of the room, I discretely gave the bag a sniff: only to recoil at the intensity of the scent.

Wrinkling my nose in disgust, I approached Kenny, who was still standing guard at the entrance with three 'dead' elves at his feet. "You have it?" Kenny asked when he saw me walk up beside him. "Yup, now let's get back to Tweek so we can get this over with." I said as we both rather eagerly started walking away from Kenny's house and back to the coffee shop, leaving me to silently question where I have smelled this 'ingredient' before. One thing was for sure, it wasn't anything legal by any means…and that made me even more suspicious than I already was.

As we walked back into town I noticed that Kenny was acting a lot more like the boy I first saw in Kupa Keep. It seemed to me that the further we walked from his house the happier he got: it even came to the point where he was openly flirting with me. He wasn't even subtle at all and it was even obvious to a blind person what he wanted from me with how close he was walking and his 'accidental' touches. I was half-tempted to tell him where he could stick that bow, but on the other hand he hadn't really crossed any boundaries.

'This kid literally has no shame.' I thought embarrassed as Kenny skipped next to me and told me about all the perverted and disgusting things he had done with the rest of the boys. As we turned onto the street where Tweak Coffee was located, I suddenly remembered where I had smelled that ingredient before: and it hit me with such force that I had tripped over my own feet and face-planted the snow. "Uh Saphira…what the hell was that?" Kenny asked, causing me to flip him the bird as he started laughing. "Jesus Christ." I muttered in shock as Kenny turned to me when he heard the worried tone in my voice.

"What's wrong?" he asked as he tilted his head to the side in a manner that I would've found adorable if the situation wasn't as serious as it was. "Kenny….do you know what this ingredient is?" I asked slowly as I fearfully stared at the package in my hand. "It's the secret ingredient for Tweak Coffee." he answered as if it was the most obvious thing ever. "No Kenny, this is some VERY bad stuff that should've never seen the light of day. This is why Tweek acts the way he does, Kenny: they're drugging him!" I explained while trying not to lose my shit at the fact that I was CARRYING Crystal Meth, in PUBLIC no less. My reaction was having a negative effect on Kenny because his eyes widened as large as they could go before he started freaking out.

"What do we do?!" he yelped as he tugged harshly on his wig before rapidly checking to see if anyone was coming. "We calm down first of all." I said, taking a deep breath and tried to relax. "Okay, I have an idea: please don't hate me for it because it's necessary." I said as Kenny stopped bouncing around and stared at me with worried eyes. "What're you gonna do?" he asked suspiciously as he glanced down at the package in my hand. "I'm going to give the package to Tweek-" "NO! You can't do that!" he interrupted furiously as he tried to take the bag from me, only to have me hold it out of his reach. "Kenny! Let me finish damnit!" I yelled, causing him to back off and fiddle nervously with his hands.

"As I was saying: I'm going to give the package to Tweek so his dad doesn't suspect anything. Then I'm going to see if I can meet with Mysterion tonight so I could find a way to expose this. We can't do it now because it's a kind of test people like Tweek's dad pull, and we ESPECIALLY can't do it when I'm holding the fucking thing." I told him as I glared at the paper bag in my hand."How will you meet with Mysterion?" Kenny asked nervously as a couple people walked past us: they didn't double-glance at us, thank god. "He sometimes comes to visit me, but I don't want to keep him from his 'superhero' work by expecting him to take an early night. I'll just have to go looking for him instead, I already have a pretty good idea of where to find him anyway." I said.

"B-But South Park is dangerous at night! And what if you get lost?" he questioned, concerned. 'Not as dangerous as I am.' I thought bitterly as I gave Kenny a reassuring smile. "Don't worry, I can take care of myself and I won't get lost now c'mon: the sooner we get rid of THIS, the sooner we could get back to Kupa Keep." I said as I sped-walked over to the coffee shop with Kenny hurrying along behind me, both of us more than ready to be rid of the crystallized poison we were tricked into delivering.

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