Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 19

It took all I had not to glare at Mr. Tweak as Kenny and I reentered the coffee shop. Sensing my irritation, Kenny pulled me into the back room where I was immediately assaulted by Tweek. "You did it! YOU GOT THE PACKAGE! OH THANKS, MAN!" Tweek yelled as he suddenly had me in a tight bear hug, which shocked the hell out of me considering how skittish he was acting earlier. "It wasn't a problem Tweek, always happy to help." I said with a grin as Tweek took the 'package' from me and turned to Mr. Tweak as he entered the back room.

"Dad! I finished my work, can I go play?" he asked, twitching as Mr. Tweak took the bag from him, causing Kenny and I to share a look. Dipping his finger in the bag, I held back a grimace as Mr. Tweak tasted the contents before looking at the bag with a satisfied and slightly-glassy look. "Hm, yup that's good shit. Alright Tweek, you can go play for a little bit, but be back home before it gets dark or you'll be grounded. Grounded: like the fresh grinds of our All-Organic Tweak Blend, made from ingredients from local tweekers." he warned as Tweek twitched violently before turning to me.

"Thanks Saphira! I gotta go get changed, then I'll meet you at the kingdom!" he spazzed before dashing off out the door, leaving Kenny and I to calmly follow after him, but not before I narrowed my eyes in a hateful glare as Mr. Tweak began pouring the contents of the bag into the coffee grinder. Now that Tweek was able to play, Kenny began leading me to Token's house: which was all the way across town. It wasn't all bad though, I got to see some of the sights South Park had to offer: there was the movie theatre, where an obnoxious teenager was mocking us for our age. The playground, where multiple kids of various ages played and hung out. The Community Center, which to me looked like the perfect place for Mysterion to be, as well as the mall: which was huge for such a small town. Then, there was Stark's Pond, which I found to be the most peaceful of all.

The pond itself was the size of a small lake and even though frozen, I couldn't help but shudder at the thought of what was beneath that layer of ice. I was snapped out of my fearful state by a large ball of snow hitting me in the ear. "GAH! WHAT THE FUCK?!" I shrieked as the assailant started rolling in the snow and laughing their ass off. Wiping the frozen water from my field of vision, I found Kenny making another snowball with mischievous eyes, only to stop as I narrowed my eyes at him. "Kenny…you BASTARD!" I yelled as I suddenly pounced on the boy, holding him down as he yelped when I started stuffing his parka full of snow.

"Yeah! How do ya like THAT?! Karma's a bitch!" I cried with a laugh as he suddenly bucked me off in a burst of surprising strength before quickly ripping his parka off: releasing the multiple pounds of snow in the process. As he brushed the icy water from his body, I was finally able to see what he looked like: he was blonde, with his hair as messed up as I had expected. His face was kind, even though he was glaring at me with an irritated scowl on his face. But what really made me feel bad…was the fact that most of his bones were slightly visible from lack of food. Taking my gaze away before he noticed, I smirked cockily as he put his parka and dress back on with a huff.

"You're an asshole." he griped as I stuck my tongue out at him, only to get another face full of snow. "W-What? You didn't like my Whitewash, Kenny?" I asked innocently as I laughed when he crossed his arms in a pout. "I'll show YOU a Whitewash!" he yelled as he started towards me in a threatening manner. "Oh shit!" I squeaked as I started running away from Kenny as fast as a fourth grader could, that way he could keep up. He didn't get the chance to get his revenge as we arrived in front of a large gated community by the name of Dark Meadows, where a security guard stood glaring at us from inside his booth. Approaching the guard, he immediately stormed out of the booth and leered down at us.

"Sorry kids, but this is a gated community: no one's getting in under MY watch." he growled as I tried to pull the polite card. "We're just going to visit our friend Token, he lives here." I tried: hissing in pain as the guard suddenly pulled out a can of pepper spray and sprayed me right in the eyes. 'Shit shit shit this burns!' I thought as I forced myself to cry, forcing the burning mist out of my eyes. "Saphira, you okay?" Kenny asked, concerned as I nodded before glaring at the guard. "What the hell is WRONG with you?! You can't pepper spray people unless they are causing too much of a ruckus, while I just ASKED a simple question!" I shouted as the guard crossed his arms and smirked at me.

"I told you brat: no one's getting in under MY watch. Try that again, and I'll pepper spray you into next week." he threatened, causing my body suit to twitch and vibrate as I clenched my fists in anger. "I'll have you know my father works at the Pentagon, ONE word from me: and you can kiss your job and your life goodbye." I snarled as the guard's eyes widened the slightest bit before shaking the little can and made to spray me again. This time I was prepared for it, as I used just enough of my abilities to create an invisible shield over my eyes, rendering the offensive spray useless, as the guard soon found out. "What the fuck?! Oh shit!" he cried as I smirked evilly at him as Kenny unsheathed his bow and stood by me. 'Yeah that's right, fear me: for I'm your worst nightmare.' I thought as the guard jumped at us with his baton raised.

Blocking it with my sword, I quickly spun around and elbowed him below the belt, causing him to grunt in pain as Kenny laughed. Taking his turn, Kenny notched and shot not one, but three arrows: all of them hitting home right between the guard's eyes. 'Damn Kenny, nice shot.' I thought impressed as the guard tried to hit me, only to have me step to the side and whack him in the chest with the hilt of my sword. What surprised me, was the fact that Kenny pulled a pair of rats out of his parka and started singing a muffled song: calling in an entire swarm of rodents that lunged and attacked the guard at his command.

As he finished the song, the rats scurried away, leaving the guard to back away and hide inside his booth like a little wuss. "Holy shit Kenny! That was awesome." I cheered as the guard started crying like the little girl he was: I mean, who in their right mind pepper sprayed kids anyway? "Move…along…" the guard grunted as he started putting multiple bandages on his scrapes, leaving Kenny and I to pass through the gate without any more complaint. Walking up the cobblestone walkway, Kenny placed his bow back on his back before placing his hand on my shoulder to make me stop. "I didn't know your dad worked at the Pentagon, Saphira." he said as I placed my sword back in its place through my belt before looking at him.

"He doesn't." I replied, giggling at my friend's confused face. "But you said-oh!" he said, finally getting it as he saw the attempt I made not to laugh. Sharing a high-five, we walked up the driveway of an impressive-sized house that closely rivaled the ones commonly seen in Pinecrest: a rich district in Miami. 'Damn, Token has it nice.' I thought as Kenny motioned for me to ring the doorbell. Doing so, the door opened after a minute, revealing a dark-skinned boy in a light-purple sweater with a yellow T on the front. "Yeah?" he asked with a slightly-confused look on his face.

"Hi, I'm Saphira MacManus. Are you Token?" I asked as he slowly nodded. "Yeah I'm Token, can I help you?" he questioned as I pulled the letter addressed to him out of my pocket and handed it to him. "What's this? Oh…the elves took The Stick again? Hold on a minute." he said, closing the door before the sound of him running up stairs made itself known. After a few minutes the door reopened, making my eyebrows shoot up at the sight of Token. Instead of earlier, he was now dressed in a purple vest with a white jacket on underneath, brown gloves with gold snowflakes on them, orange pants with black boots and a belt that had plastic knives attached to it, with a red headband and a red cape down his back: all in all, he looked pretty badass to me.

"Thank you for thy message, traveler! I shall make haste to Kupa Keep! Mom! Can you drive me to Eric's house?" he called over his shoulder as Kenny and I hurried away from the house and back to Kupa Keep, taking as many shortcuts as possible. Dashing up Eric's driveway and inside the house, I once again said hello to Mrs. Cartman after I cleaned the dirt and snow from my boots before entering the backyard with Kenny in tow. Taking in the growing army, I saw that Tweek had made it and was dressed oddly: he had removed his jacket and had covered himself in black war paint in the form of tiger stripes with a sword at his side and a crossbow on his back.

Watching as Kenny left my side to stand with the others, I took my place next to Butters, sending Tweek a reassuring smile as he gave a startled jump at my sudden appearance. "All soldiers reporting for duty Grand Wizard!" Butters called towards the tent, where everyone present stood near. "Nice work MacManus, now all my men are here and ready to fight for the-hold on: where's Feldspar? Where the hell is my level twelve Thief?!" Eric questioned as he walked out of the tent and stood in front of us. "If you mean Craig, his dad said he was in detention for flipping off the principal." I said as Tweek twitched violently while Eric face-palmed at my information.

"Oh my god…if they've locked up our thief, then we have no hope of reclaiming The Stick of Truth. We have to break him out!" Eric said as Tweek started panicking something fierce as the others shared nervous looks. "AH! No way man! The last time we broke Craig out of detention we ALL got in trouble!" Tweek shouted while pulling his hair, calming down slightly after I placed a hand on his shoulder. "Not if they didn't know it was us." I said, catching everyone's attention. "What do you suggest MacManus?" Eric asked suspiciously as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Normally, I would offer my brother to replace Craig since he's a Thief too: but he isn't home right now. Besides, the people at school know all of you: they don't know me nearly as well. Here's my plan: you guys wait here while Butters waits outside the school and pretends to hang out and mind his own business, while I sneak inside and get Craig. Win win for all of us." I said as Eric rubbed his double-chin before glancing at me. "My god, MacManus you're a genius! Just for that, we'll be sure to break YOU out of detention." he said, clapping me hard on the back as everyone else quickly agreed, Tweek not so much.

"Can't punish what you can't catch." I said mysteriously with a sinister smile that was quickly copied by the Grand Wizard. "I'm starting to like how you think MacManus, now come with me: it's time you learned Dragonshout." Eric said before walking over to the training ground, once again leaving me to question just what the hell I got myself into.

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